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    I had the same thought. That is why I displayed Frank Acland's message times. We know that Frank is a real person. If you look at his posts their pattern does not shift when Rossi travels to Europe. I conclude that the timestamps of messages from real people are assigned when the system receives them and have not, so far, been under Rossi's control. Of course anything could happen in the future.

    Just for the records/archieve:

    Either the JONP Blog software is buggy or something else is STRANGE, look at the time stamps:

    Question from Andrew at 8:15, answer from It Dottore at 8:14 :-)

    • Andrew December 10, 2018 at 8:15 AM

      Dear Andrea Rossi,

      Have you completed the series of tests for the theory and for the presentation of the Ecat SK?



    • Andrea Rossi December 10, 2018 at 8:14 AM


      This cycle of tests has been completed, but:

      1- Tests never end because evolution never stops

      2- The experiments for the theory have been extremely important to us and we have already scheduled a new series of experiments to go through the things we learnt so far. Still the hypothesis of the annihilation of virtual fermions at low energy resists.

      We’ll see.

      Warm Regards,


    There are also postings where there is a mismatch between the poster's name putting a question and the name Rossi is responding to.
    But, for all AA knows, I'm just an annonymous babbler on the internet.

    Adrian Ashfield : 31th of January will come and go (next DPS). Let's talk about Rossi again on First of April, 2019 (Fools Day).

    So many Pro-Rossi's have gone (e.g. IH Fanboy of Eng48) without further comment after IMPORTANT tests/demos (aka DPS).
    Sam12? Make a mark in your calendar :-)

    I will be here in April. :-)

    From JONP (emphasis added)

    • Mihail December 8, 2018 at 10:05 PM

      Dr Rossi:

      During the presentation of January 31st the COP will be calculated also considering the electricity consumed by the control panel, or only the electricity consumed by the Ecat SK?

      Thanks if you can answer,


    • Andrea Rossi December 8, 2018 at 10:33 PM Mihail:
      We will give also the data related to the consume of the control panel that, by the way, is completely recovered.
      Warm Regards,

    So, let's talk about that:

    The control panel consumes electric energy (that a potential difference and a current) and for what I've learned at school, a fraction of voltage drops when it hit's a resistance and is transformed to heat. That's why you have to add some cooling device to e.g. power supply units or CPU's.

    To spread the heat to another medium, air or some liquid, to "put it away" from your prescious device.

    And now Dott. Rossie is able to recover this COMPLETY?! Turn heat 100% to WHAT?!

    Can somebody please enlighten me?

    Nobody asked. So, sockpuppet "Kelly" was activated.

    bang99 I am surprised to see the description of his ecat still up on Rossi's site given the cease and desist order the Florida Board of Professional Engineers (FBPE) issued him last summer. The material that you have copied and posted actually formed part of the evidence the FBPE used to find that Rossi was practicing engineering without a license.

    Yes, Bruce, and it is also to see on / Products

    Since years ...

    And, last but not least, the famous ERV-Report for the 1MW Doral incident, with the short summary:

    "The Expert Responsible for Validation certifies that for a period of 350 days the ECAT 1MW plant consistently produced energy exceeding six times the energy consumed. Thus the guaranteed performance was accordingly achieved.
    From the annexes of the report one can read of daily Coefficient Of Performance (COP) factors ranging from 63 to 139 with an average of around COP 80 for the whole 350 day period

    So, doing advertisement /take pre-orders for a product that, as Rossi says, is abandoned.

    Okay, the solution is as simple as it could be:

    Someone just forgot to update the sites :-)

    Someone was too busy to blog about exiting new E-Skat thingies ...

    The Doral plant, even if it did produce some level of excess heat, was no where close to a commercialized product. Moreover, Rossi is never going to allow other parties to have hardware that is out of his control. He is market adverse because he will NEVER flat out sell an E-Cat. He wants to have an empire where he can sell billions of dollars worth of heat to his customers without risking his IP.


    this is from the up to date, offical Rossi/Leonardo Corporation web site "", 2018-11-09 21:16 MEZ

    Products ->

    Products/ 1 MW Plant

    This is Rossi himselft offering this, right now for anybody to pre-order..

    QX's? SK's?

    ECAT 1MW Plant

    Sign up and pre-order, and secure your place on a waiting list with the right to priority treatment and faster product delivery. All pre-orders will be followed by a proposal from Leonardo Corporation, when the timing is right.

    The ECAT 1MW plant contains 4 ECAT modules of 250kW each mounted in a shipping container. Warranty for functionality is two years with a guaranteed COP of 6, and the plant has an expected life span of 20 years.

    The ECAT 1MW plant is constructed inside an international standardized 20ft container which can easily be transferred between different modes of transportation (e.g. ships, air cargo, trains, and trucks).

    The plant consumes small amounts of treated Nickel powder and Lithium aluminum hydride (LiAlH₄) The plant is recharged by specially trained and certified personnel.

    Pre-orders are accepted from all over the world and require a routine due-diligence process. Customers must comply with several criteria set by Leonardo Corporation in order to qualify for a purchase of an ECAT 1MW plant.


    1MW Plant Features

    Water/Steam Outlet

    ECAT 1 MW Plant is a Heat Plant with 1 MW of thermal output through a normal pressure warm water/steam outlet. It can easily be coupled to a secondary high pressure loop for local or district heating


    ECAT 1 MW Plant is made up of 4 modules. These modules produce 250 kWh/h of heat each and are built into a 20′ container.

    Vast amount of Energy

    ECAT 1 MW Plant produces energy through a so-called LENR process. No combustion takes place; instead the Rossi Effect is responsible for the release of vast amounts of energy

    High Mobility

    Due to its structure, the ECAT 1MW plant is extremely easy to use. It is delivered in a standard container which can be stacked if your solution requires multiple ECAT 1MW plants. It also has a convenient plug’n’serve design that makes installation straightforward.


    Of course the Convinced are really nothing but Rossi sending congratulations to himself while posing as someone else. This is proof. Rossi was especially active on Christmas day when he sent himself 2 messages of support and congratulations. A special present! That is both manipulative and sad.

    Thanks for the work, Bruce.

    Please correct me someone, I've lost the source, but:

    IMHO on Rossis's blog, the (non-Rossi) messages do not appear in "realtime", they are put on queue, sorted out by AR, made online (or get deleted) and then are answered.

    This may lead to false correlations (time stamps).

    But for Rossi (himself) and sockpuppets-posts the correlations are very interessting.

    BTW: It must not always be Rossi himself as a sockpuppet, it is also possible that we read his wife Maddalena Pascucci or someone from his "italien/english speaking inner circle".

    Just my two cents ....


    That will proof everything!

    • Mark Saker November 3, 2018 at 7:22 AM

      Dr. Rossi,

      For the presentation in January you have said that you will show the Ecat SK in operation.

      Do you mean

      a) A single Ecat SK heating some water with digital display of the water temperature on both ends

      b) Multiple ecat SK heating some water with temperature readouts

      c) Multiple Ecat SK driving a turbine?

      Something else?

      Many Thanks and I wish you success

      Mark Saker

    • Andrea Rossi
      November 3, 2018 at 9:14 AM
      Mark Saker: a
      Warm Regards, A.R.

    Bisher genaueste Messung des elektrischen Dipolmoments spricht gegen "neue Physik"
    The most accurate measurement of electric dipole moment so far speaks against "new physics"

    -> Google translation

    -> (pay walled)

    Rückschlag für "alternative Physik": Die bisher genaueste Vermessung des Elektrons spricht gegen die Existenz einer Physik jenseits des Standardmodells. Denn die Ladung des Elektrons ist fast exakt kugelförmig – wie vom Standardmodell vorhergesagt. Dieses Messergebnis widerspricht damit alternativen Theorien wie der Supersymmetrie, nach der es noch unentdeckte schwere Elementarteilchen geben muss. "Offenbar müssen wir nun ernstlich umdenken", konstatieren die Forscher im Fachmagazin "Nature".

    Sollte es Teilchen und Prozesse jenseits des Standardmodells geben, müsste sich dies in der Form der Elektrons widerspiegeln.

    Sollte es Teilchen und Prozesse jenseits des Standardmodells geben, müsste sich dies in der Form der Elektrons widerspiegeln.

    © Nicolle R. Fuller/ NSF Zoom

    Es ist wie verhext: Einerseits beschreibt das Standardmodell der Teilchenphysik viele Phänomene des Kosmos und der Physik verblüffend gut – und immer wieder wird es durch Experimente und Messungen bestätigt. Andererseits jedoch klaffen in diesem Modell gewaltige Lücken. So kann es beispielsweise nicht erklären, woraus die Dunkle Materie besteht, warum die Materie nach dem Urknall über die Antimaterie dominierte oder wie die Gravitation ins Teilchenschema passt.

    Dellen im Ladungsfeld

    "Das Standardmodell kann so eigentlich nicht richtig sein", sagt Gerald Gabrielse von der Northwestern University. "Denn es kann beispielsweise nicht erklären, warum unser Universum existiert – das ist eine ziemlich große Lücke." Deshalb vermuten viele Forscher, dass es eine "neue Physik" jenseits des Standardmodells geben muss. Verschiedene alternative Theorien versuchen diese zu beschreiben, darunter die Supersymmetrie, die für jedes bekannte Teilchen einen noch unentdeckten schwereren Partner postuliert.

    Ein Indiz für die Existenz noch unentdeckter schwerer Teilchen könnte sich im Elektron verbergen – in der Form seiner Elementarladung. "Fast alle alternativen Modelle besagen, dass die Elektronenladung gequetscht sein könnte", sagt Gabrielse. Statt kugelrund müsste die Elementarladung dann leicht in eine Richtung verschoben sein - ein Effekt, der als elektrisches Dipolmoment (EDM) des Elektrons bezeichnet wird.

    "Wenn wir entdeckt hätten, dass die Form der Elektronenladung nicht rund ist, dann wäre das die größte Physik-Schlagzeile der letzten Jahrzehnte gewesen", sagt Gabrielse. "Bisher konnten wir dies aber nicht genau genug nachmessen."

    Nach der Theorie der Supersymmestrie gibt es für jedes Elemtarteilchen des Standardmodells ein schwereres

    Nach der Theorie der Supersymmestrie gibt es für jedes Elemtarteilchen des Standardmodells ein schwereres "Superteilchen".

    © DESY Zoom

    Fluoreszenz verrät Form der Elektronenladung

    Jetzt jedoch haben die Physiker der "Advanced Cold Molecule Electron" (ACME) -Kollaboration eine Methode entwickelt, die die Ladung des Elektrons zehnfach präziser als bisher vermessen kann. "Wenn ein Elektron die Größe der Erde hätte, dann könnten wir im Erdkern noch Abweichungen Millionen Mal kleiner als die Dicke eines menschlichen Haares erkennen – so sensitiv ist unsere Apparatur", erklärt Gabrielse.

    Für ihr Experiment schossen die Forscher einen Strahl ultrakalten Thoriummonoxiods (ThO) in eine magnetisch abgeschirmte Messkammer. Der Strahl enthielt rund eine Millionen Moleküle pro Puls, die zwischen zwei elektrisch geladenen Glasplatten hindurchflogen und deren Elektronen-Spins dabei durch einen Laser ausgerichtet wurden. Ein zweiter Laserstrahl regte die Moleküle an, Fluoreszenzlicht abzugeben.

    Der Clou: An den Merkmalen dieses Lichts konnten die Physiker ablesen, wie rund die Elektronenladung ist. Denn gäbe es ein messbares Dipolmoment, dann müssten einige Elektronen leicht anders ausgerichtet sein als der Rest.

    Das Standardmodell behält recht

    Das Ergebnis: Das Elektron ist doch rund. Bei ihren Messungen fanden die Physiker keine Hinweise auf das von den alternativen Modellen postulierte elektrische Dipolmoment. Stattdessen bestätigen die ermittelten Werte das Standardmodell der Teilchenphysik, wie die Forscher betonen. Sollte es dennoch irgendwo unentdeckte exotische Teilchen geben, müssten sie demnach andere Eigenschaften haben als von den Hypothesen der neuen Physik postuliert.

    "Unser Resultat sagt uns Wissenschaftlern, dass wir nun einige dieser alternativen Theorien ernstlich überdenken müssen", sagt Koautor David DeMille von der Yale University. Er und seine Kollegen wollen nun ihr Experiment weiter optimieren, um die Messungen noch präziser zu machen. Doch solange nicht das Gegenteil bewiesen wird, bleibt das Elektron rund – und das Standardmodell trotz all seiner Lücken gültig. (Nature, 1018; doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0599-8)

    (National Science Foundation, Northwestern University, Yale University, 18.10.2018 - NPO)

    For the Rossi horsepowers and Usain Bolt topic, the Wikipedia reports:

    The physical analysis of Bolts World Record Run 2009 took place in 2013 in the European Journal of Physics, Vol. 34, p. 1227. [47] After Bolts body needed an average power of 815.8 Newton, the maximum force was reached shortly after the start with 1000 Newton. Peak power was achieved at 2620 watts 0.89 s after launch. 81.6 kilojoules of energy were consumed by Bolt during this run. [48]


    [48] (German)

    And for those, who just want to have some fun:
    Finally: horse with 2 HP comes on the market!


    For this kWh/h issue:

    From the Norwegian Wikipedia:
    (Google translation link)

    Also, for me here in Germany, this not uncommon. When there is talk about power plant, consumption and energy bills and such topics.

    I see this term from time to time.

    Maybe it's not used/common outside Europe.…uene-Energie-4177496.html

    ->Englisch Google translation

    Geothermie, Fusionsreaktoren und Akkuspeicher stehen auf der Finanzierungsliste von Bill Gates' Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

    Bill Gates will eine Milliarde US-Dollar in grüne Energie investieren. Die ersten Unternehmen, die Geld sehen von dem Microsoft-Begründer, sind Cleantech-Start-ups unter anderem aus dem Bereich der Erdwärme, berichtet Technology Review in seiner Online-Ausgabe ("Bill Gates setzt auf Geothermie").

    Fervo Energy hat seinen Sitz im kalifornischen Berkeley. Das Unternehmen will Fracking-Verfahren, wie man sie derzeit aus dem Öl- und Gasbereich kennt, nutzen, um Erdwärme abzuzapfen. Damit soll es gelingen, eine große, saubere Energiequelle zu erschließen. Bislang kann man Geothermie nur in bestimmten Weltregionen sinnvoll nutzen.

    Erdwärme mit Fracking nutzen

    Sollte die Technik so funktionieren, wie sich die Jungunternehmer das vorstellen, könnten bestehende Geothermieanlagen deutlich mehr Energie erzeugen – sowie gänzlich neue Gebiete für die Technik erschlossen werden, bei der die Wärme innerhalb der Erdkruste angezapft wird. Mehr Geothermiestrom könnte die gesamte Energiewende vereinfachen, weil die Technik im Gegensatz zu Wind- und Sonnenenergie ständig bereitsteht und daher keine Speicher- oder Puffersysteme benötigt werden.

    Die anderen Firmen auf der ersten Finanzierungsliste von Breakthrough sind ebenfalls interessant. Dazu gehören Form Energy, eine Firma, die Zwischenspeicher fürs Stromnetz baut, der Solid-State-Akkuhersteller QuantumScape, das MIT-Fusionsenergie-Spin-off Commonwealth Fusion Systems, die Biotreibstofffirma DMC Biotechnologies, die Ersatzstoffe für Stickstoffdünger entwickelt, CarbonCure, ein Start-up, das CO2 in Beton "versteinern" will, Quidnet, Entwickler eines Wasserkraftspeichers sowie Zero Mass Water, wo man versucht, Wasser aus der Luft zu gewinnen. Wie viel Geld die Gates-Firma in die Hand nimmt, ist bislang nicht durchgesickert.

    Sorry folks, LENR is not mentioned.

    Rossi did not block Lewans view. Lewan was

    talking to Hurley about the test calculations

    Sam, it seems you have had a look at the famous Stockholm video.

    What is, in your own personal view, the purpose of Mr. Hurley in this demo?

    If you need asssitance, I can link you the full, entire 3 hours video without audio mute, just the full DPS...

    in addtion, you could spent some time with rossilivecat, in your favourite browser, use CTRL-F (search) for "hurley" and read the comments by "hurley".

    Warning, consumes a lot of CPU-time and RAM, but it is worth it!

    In my opinion, Mr. Hurley is just another Mr. James A. Bass or an ERV (genious word invention, by the way!) aka Penon.

    Some may call "Hurley" another sockpuppet...

    What's your opinion about "Hurley"?

    The sketchy evidence alone, after 7 years of claimed working in-situ long-term devices, would be enough for a logical mind.

    But we have all that court evidence as well of Rossi being a bare-faced liar and cheat and admitting it under oath.

    Don't forget the famous ERV-Report!

    The data from Rossi for Penon's report.

    "Penon, who visited the site four times during the course of the test, writes in conclusion:

    Consequently the ERV certifies that for a period of 350 days, not consecutives, the temperature of the steam produced by the plant was greater than 100 C, and the plant consistently produced energy that is at least six times greater than the energy consumed by the Plant.

    Definitely the guaranteed performances standards have been achieved for the test period”

    ... power out > power in, even at (partitonal) shutdown times ...

    is one thing, the other thing, well, read it :-)

    This is Rossisays!

    @AA: Your comment, as an experienced engineer?

    True or scam?!

    THH - that combined with the fact that the Feds (and State guys for that matter) concentrate on financial crimes beyond the "chump change levels" of >$100M. (although they did nab the R'ster's goldbug off a plane at MIA and sent him to a German prison by way of an Interpol warrant)

    Dewey, when did that happen?

    What year, if you can answer? Do you have the name of the goldbug? I would like to do some Internet search.

    May be the German media has something to say to this. I'm German.