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    Are you serious? Gosh, we can discuss his SK puppet show video going viral, and his research paper being read by over 20,000 people! Everyone on JONP is talking about it, so it must be a big deal.


    No, Shane you got me wrong! [TM] Jed R. :-)

    You missed the smiley's and the "SCNR!"

    There was some kind of sacrasm in my text, didn't make it clear enough, I see now.

    Sam is just "mirroring" JoNP messages into this thread. Why?

    He does not make comments about it.

    He could add/say do something like Adrian (BTW: where are Adrian and IH Fanboy?)

    Would add some more fun :-)


    It's the "Rossi Blog Comment Discussion " thread, not the Rossi JoNP mirror thread 8)

    So, what's your comment?
    What's up to discuss? :/


    • Andrea Rossi May 5, 2019 at 8:42 AM

      Marco, Chuck Davis, all Readers:

      I am delighted to read the comments of our Readers that discuss between themselves: this blog is not just where I answer to questions, I’d like to read more comments of Readers that ask each other help, information, opinions…mind, this blog is also a tool of yours.

      Warm Regards,


    Hmm, seems that there is a change on JoNP.

    No more sockpuppet's posts?

    Less Rossi answers?

    From the statistic view, it's to early to make a final conclusion :-)

    But, I see a change ...

    • Rita May 2, 2019 at 4:57 AM

      Dr Rossi,

      What is your position about the possibility that the Casimir force is a possible explication of the Rossi effect?

    • Andrea Rossi
      May 2, 2019 at 7:31 AM Rita: The Casimir force is weak, but, as explained in my paper, in par. 1, it is not impossible that in certain conditions the Casimir force can balance the Coulombian force. It is not my first choice, but cannot be ignored. Warm Regards, A.R.

    Thousands of downloads of Dott. Rossi's paper, but only the sockpuppets on JONP talk about it :-)

    Has anybody found a discussion about the paper on the net? (Not ECW or the usual suspects).

    In the serious german science blogs, it is not mentioned. Nothing. Even not his 2019 demo. (What a surprise).

    Hey, something in my language.

    Yes, hot air, done by the famous E-Cat!

    I find it interessting, that at the end of the clip, there is a "... for LEONARDO Corporation /"

    IMHO, in due time, Dott. Rossi will post something in CAPITAL LETTERS on JONP, again ....

    After some googling, I found some links to this Ulrich W. A. Kranz.

    Obscure networking with "free energy" aka LENR, CF, the usual stuff.

    One site is linking to LENR forum :-)

    The rest is outdated or "obscure".

    Again, it's the usual stuff.



    ->LF, 25.08.2018

    There he is already.

    Rossi's nasty mental problems don't explain why IH team left full money ?

    People like Dewey Weaver are very very very clever and know how to juggle with business.

    I conclude that inevitably Rossi has proven them significant XH a day.

    Rossi has not proven real XH.

    He used his tricky setups and maybe there was some help from reports, made by real scientists.

    But I don't want to reactivate that case.

    Another point of view, sometimes truth is less far than we think..

    Rossi simply has cancer, because of his work, so who knows what psychological state would be in his case ?

    He would seek to hide it because bad to his business.

    How do you know that he has cancer?

    From his own blog, where he is talking with himself?

    1. Andrea Rossi November 25, 2017 at 2:23 PM

      Rodney Nicholson:

      1- yes

      2- miracle (I had months ago cancer surgery to the head and have to wear a special wig designed to protect from radiations).

      Warm Regards,


    In criminal psychology there is something called the "dark triad" which is a trio of personality disorders -- narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy --that often cluster together. Of these, Rossi strongly displays both narcissism (grandiose, self-centred behaviour) and Machiavellianism (manipulation, callous disregard of others), and seems pretty high in one of the dimensions of psychopathy (boldness and impetuosity). These are personality disorders, and as such are core items of psychological structure that someone cannot simply turn on and off at will.

    A narcissist treats all those around him as but bit players on the glittering stage that is his (or her) life. The adulation is important and whether he is wealthy or poor doesn't matter. So I wouldn't expect Rossi to stop his charades just because he has made some money at them. It goes a lot deeper than that.

    I remember the case of Mr. Jan Hendrik Schön, a "real" scientist.

    On the way to the Nobel prize.

    Not really comparable to A. Rossi, because Rossi isn't a scientist, but some things match.


    Entanglement occurs between photons, which are massless, etc.

    Quantenverschränkung auf den Kopf gestellt

    Quantum entanglement turned upside down…/presse/archiv/2018/1002/

    University of Insbruck (22.5.2018)

    "Die Verschränkung einzelner Teilchen - seien es Photonen, Atome oder Moleküle - gehört heute im Labor zum Alltag."

    "The entanglement of individual particles - be they photons, atoms or molecules - is part of everyday life in the laboratory today."

    Ein Photon mit einer Billionen Atome verschränkt

    A photon with a trillion atoms crossed…ionen-atome-verschraenkt/

    University of Warschau (03.03.2017)

    "Forscher haben erstmals ein Photon mit einem makroskopischen Objekt verschränkt – einem Klumpen aus einer Billion Atome."

    "Researchers have for the first time entangled a photon with a macroscopic object - a lump of one billion atoms"

    What is it with Germans, and their heavy metal music? :)

    Shane, I'm in the mood, but this is getting too much off topic:

    Here we go:

    Germany has a lot of different music to offer.

    Rammstein for e.g. is a mayor act from Germany, famous and sold out concerts all over the world, including the USA.

    What's your question, again? :-)

    Nice Bang. Could you turn this into a song with singing Muppets?

    Hmm, "I BELIEVE IN THE ECAT" was already done by T. Florek ...

    This is something for everybody! :-)

    (Celvin Rotane - I Believe! - Music video on YT)

    And, of course, the really REAL E-CAT ENERGY SOURCE

    (A comercial for an energy drink)

    What I'm wating for, in regard of LENR:


    (Rammstein - Feuer Frei! - xXx - Triple X - Original Soundtrack on YT)

    Off topic?!

    Of course!

    This post was made with assitance of "Jameson - Caskmates".

    Thank you!

    Rossi's overall history, Petroldragon, DoD deal, the thing with the gold trafficing.

    Rossi's degree from a titel mill.

    No peer reviewed papers.

    No independant testing of his devices.

    Best summary on Krivit's site.

    It's also the videos by S. Krivit and the other one by M. Lewan.

    There you can see Rossi and his machinery and his "tricking".

    The Doral incident.

    Next, the QX dog and pony show.

    Next, the SK freak show.

    The above things are not "Rossi says".

    That are the real things for ME!


    His ridiculous blog, where the sockpuppets are acting around.

    His claims, to have invented new electronic devices and new materials.

    His claims of robot factories and automated factories.

    His claims to be in contact with highest echelons in industry all over continents.

    His claims of serving heat to client(s).

    His claim of patents protecting his E-Cat in most countries.

    His claims of having industrial safety certifications.

    The above things are all "Rossi says".

    What is that worth?

    IMHO, he has no reputation to be on a LENR Who is Who list.

    That's all my opinion.

    That are my points of view.

    There is little chance, that I will change my mind :-)

    ... and I will not "defend" nor "justify" or will "discuss" this here.

    The only news on Rossi‘s blog are the usual ones...

    As I predicted, he is about to add A.I.


    • Andrea Rossi April 4, 2019 at 8:39 AM


      Well, I think that part of the control system could be defined A.I., but a full application of A.I. will have to be developed and I already am in contact with a Swedish engineer to develop this part of R&D. For sure this is an issue we are following with great attention.

      Warm Regards,


    BEST BOY (T. P. Florek) explaining the high tech power stuff ...

    Look at the scope screen, it has also signed a NDA and is hiding the secret behind the control...

    White noise!