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  • Great images. But as said. Sol1145 is a very blurred picture and cannot be used for comparing. The background of both pictures looks totally different. Further Funghi cannot grow at that speed on mars due to the lack of organic input material that is totally absent!

    Of course do I believe that there has been some form of live on mars. But this claimed 3 day growth is pure fantasy.

  • This is a delicate, and emotional issue. Certainly this years ICCF sponsor understands this, and would agree that censoring opinions might be counterproductive, and not in the spirit of scientific transparency. Perhaps a good middle ground would be to ask members to withhold their opinion, and if unable to bite their tongue, put it on the Playground or Clearance threads.

    I will move a few threads from here shortly. If you disagree, you can send us a message via the normal channels.

  • China is fascist terror state. I will not even read papers from this conference.

    Not even the ones by authors from Europe, the U.S. or Japan? What are you suggesting, anyway? Do you think the Chinese could change the contents of these papers by people from other countries, and the authors would not notice it, or would not complain?

    Nearly every previous ICCF conference has had Chinese participants. So, if you are going to reject conferences that have any connection to China, you should reject the whole field. Which, frankly, would be a blessing to cold fusion.

  • Not even the ones by authors from Europe, the U.S. or Japan?

    As a free mason - the master of mind control - you of course have deep relations with other same minded people.

    I will read the Japanese papers as soon as they are on Researchgate. I will not contribute to anything that justifies the existence of a criminal (Chinese) government. There currently are no European researchers that are worth to be read...

  • I don't have access to the paper but the one linked above by Ahlfors looks like a plasma electrolysis study.

    Experimental studies on cold fusion nuclear reaction process using different electrodes

    Temperature results appear to be KOH > NaOH > Na2CO3 which is a bit worrying since it seems to reflect the difference in boiling point of the respective concentrated solutions. A high alkali concentration is attained close to the cathode during these experiments, which allows the plasma to form in the first place, which is also possibly a reason why the electrolyte appears to be aerosolized (= wet steam) in large amounts. So if the calorimetry is based on electrolyte mass loss and the cell is open to the atmosphere, that's not good either.

  • John Hutchison (The Hutchison effect) Japan Nostalgia.

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