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  • As I said, the Penon report uploaded by Rossi himself also destroys his claims, except with scientifically illiterate true believers such as yourself. You should have a look at it. Read it and weep.

    @JED: You should be more careful with your words. To call somebody illiterate, is a sign of desperation in the case all arguments are gone. I never believed Rossi anything. I'm just weighing evidence against other evidence.

    Your statements are in general the least well founded ones. I just repeat the worst ones: DN40, 101 degree's all day etc... All proven and agreed by IH to be wrong...

    IF you continue that way, you walk, step by step, aside ROSSI, with the same low level of arguments and truth. Just try to improve the quality of your statements.

    I hope for IH, that they will find some more skilled support. With that level of argumenting they will go down.

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  • Rossi is pretty classic con man, actually. You are viewing him from your own perspective and you forget that you and people like you, are not his targets. . . .

    . . . Read Lewan's book and you can see what a charmer Rossi can be much of the time with people he believes he's fooling. And con men are not trying to charm and persuade the average person. They focus on their marks/victims.

    You may be right about that. See this study from Microsoft:

    "Why Do Nigerian Scammers Say They are From Nigeria?

    ABSTRACT False positives cause many promising detection technologies to be unworkable in practice. Attackers, we show, face this problem too. In deciding who to attack true positives are targets successfully attacked, while false positives are those that are attacked but yield nothing. . . ."…016/02/WhyFromNigeria.pdf

  • , but I think his adhoms are lazy: he rarely backs them up with anything substantive.

    Yeah? Do you want to tell us anything specific or technical about the Penon report? Do you want to explain what 0.0 bar means? Can you identify the magic endothermic material that stores up more energy than a nuclear bomb? Or show us the invisible pipes going up to the mezzanine where there are no electrical connections?

    YOU have never backed up your claims with anything technical at all, never mind substantive.

    Also, you do not understand the meaning of "ad hominem." It does not mean "hurts my feelings." Pointing out that you do not what you are talking about is not ad hominem. You are the issue here; the facts speak for themselves.

  • Well, it makes sense. Rossi perhaps needs to test the ability of 20 e-cats to heat condos, for which of course he needs 20 condos. I bet they've been doing it for more than a year.

    And given the electric heater thing that RossiSays would be 100% true.

    Aside from Florida being the scam-capital of the country (particularly insurance and Medicare/Medicaid thieves), very generous bankruptcy/property laws, not much heat is required, so Rossi's inefficient hot-water heaters (patented) should be sufficient (although much more expensive than a heat-pump, as heating spaces with resistance-heat always is, and an absolute fire and electrical-shock-hazard). He should however, read the Florida bankruptcy laws; in order to keep one's "domicile" (no limit on the value) in bankruptcy, it must be a single residence on less than 0.5 acres if in a municipality, or less than 50 acres if not in a municipality. Well he has $10M to play with (till he loses in court), say 6 or so for real-estate, 3 or so for lawyers (dumb, dumber, and dumbest move ever), and another 1 or 2 for wine, women, cars and toupees--what a life, why work for a living.

  • An anonymous researcher LookingForHeat is collaborating with. They have just a little bit of data, so far, it's been extended to experts, some deemed it very interesting, others said with certainty it had no significant value at all. Alan Smith is receiving new data as we speak from a three day test-run that will be analysed by him in the days to follow, possible others.

    Alan it would be very interesting to have a comment from you here.

    I find your reactor very interesting but needs improvements on the waveform on my opinion.

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  • Alan it would be very interesting to have a comment from you here.

    I find your reactor very interesting but needs improvements on the waveform on my opinion.

    Hi ele. Thank you for your kind words. Actually you can feed it any waveform you desire or can create, we supply it with a standard 36V DC heater feed for safety reasons - but as it is an experimental tool we do encourage to mess with it as much as they desire.

    Our client with the 'interesting' results is unfortunately an erratic communicator. I have a couple of fuel tubes he has sent me, and just waiting to sort out some kind of a test protocol with him, so more news as and when available- - but after mid-month as I'm going to the conference at Asti on Monday

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  • In a spirit of thread, one could speculate that both US and Russia leaders are aware of coming LENR revolution.

    Listen carefully:

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  • Yes, there is not much more, thats why in this thread. But I think the message was 'Paris agreement will come to an effect 2021 so we still have time.' 'Don't worry be happy'.
    There is lots of headlines drawn on todays announcement by Mr Trump, while real effects of it might be smaller than may think at first look. Industry is anyway going down with Co2 emissions (especially California) and at 2021US could even have other thoughts. Some could think that they are already counting on LENR (I'm personally not that optimistic.)

  • Unfortunately, it did not work 100%, but this does not mean that you can not repeat this experiment, because what the data showed is that even a non-functioning reactor shows COP at a time equal to 10 and this MUST be investigated.

    If it doesn't work at 100% it means that it doesn't produce any excess heat or energy and the COP is 1.

    Data showed ... even a non-functioning reactor shows COP 10 (at time?), what? it's just your fantasy of believer, show a proof not another claim.

    It seems that you miss at all of any knowledge about thermal inertia of bodies.

    This post and the next 7 all moved from the Aura thread- too far off topic. Alan.

  • Quote

    If it doesn't work at 100% it means that it doesn't produce any excess heat or energy and the COP is 1

    The yields in semiconductor industry are often as low as 10% and yet the processors are commonly used. The people who are doing experiments know, that processes which depend on many factors aren't and cannot be fully reproducible. The people who never did any experiment cannot understand it. But what I can see there are too many people hoping in Me356, Andrea Rossi, etc. failure. The question is, what the people who are hoping in cold fusion failure have to do in just cold fusion forum? Whole the progress is about trying of things, which shouldn't officially work - this is the rule. Personally I'm not interested about the skeptic naysayers at all - their mindset will not move us further and it will only deter people from doing of another inquisitive experiments. Which may be finally the less or more hidden intention of all these people, after all. I don't trust these people.

    People with creative personalities see the world differently.  New studies find that the creative tendencies of people high in the personality trait 'openness to experience' may have fundamentally different visual experiences to the average person.

  • Quote

    what the people who are hoping in cold fusion failure have to do in just cold fusion forum?


    Because a lot of chatter are sold as Science and I like to defend Science from chatterers. You wrote only words, show a demo where something has worked in public under independent scientific control.

  • Zephir_AWT


    You wrote only words, just show a demo that Me356 technology cannot work.

    ROTFL. Really funny :-D :-D :-D

    Now I should demo that something not works?

    Probably you (being a fan) ignore that the Science requires that the claimer (YOU) DEMOs that something works, not me not works.

    Are you able to do?

  • Quote

    Probably you (being a fan) ignore that the Science requires that the claimer (YOU) DEMOs, not me.

    I'm not fan of anybody here. And I don't claim anything about validity of Me356 technology. We (You and me and everyone here) simply have no data - no less, no more. This is the only fact we have here.