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  • I look at the effects in the Correa device as a whole. There are many signs of excess energy output. I don't think that the production of excess heat was a major goal. My understanding is that he was able to input one pulse of energy and get two pulses in different directions out. By harnessing both he was able to produce more electrical output than input. The same claim of more electrical output was made by Chernetsky (feel free to call Harold Puthoff a nutcase if you think his device was a total hoax), Tesla (the spark gap was the source of the apparent excess energy in my opinion), Kenneth Shoulders (although I don't have proof I believe that Eric Davis built a replica of a unit in an Air Force base and produced excess energy), and a series of others. I think Rossi added copious lithium and other elements to maximize heat production (probably from alpha particle production) rather than electrical output.

    George Egely did a great job of describing all these systems at ICCF 21. Is he a crackpot too as far as you are concerned?


    Anyone who wants to understand the connection between LENR and the work of Papp, Chernetsky, Tesla, Correa, and several others should read the above documents.

    Rossi is simply taking this tech to the next level by finding a more optimum fuel mixture.

    I urge those who utterly hate Andrea Rossi to suspend their anger if he manages to prove the QX works. Not matter what Andrea Rossi has done in the past this technology must be allowed to proliferate. To try and stop the QX technology from emerging because of the character flaws of it's inventor is a travesty against all humanity.

  • I look at the effects in the Correa device as a whole. There are many signs of excess energy output. I don't think that the production of excess heat was a major goal.

    I used the word "calorimetry" because I use it all the time. What I meant was: the energy balance. The method of measuring input and output power. It was atrocious. It proved nothing. If you deliberately set out to make the worst demonstration you could come up with, that would be Correa. He made Rossi look reasonable. I don't recall many details but one test that comes to mind -- like a recurring nightmare from eating too much lasagna -- was a gadget tied in with a PV device and placed in bright intermittent sunlight in a way that made it impossible to determine which was producing how much power. It was insane. It was on the level of an orgone box, which is basically energy from plywood. I seem to recall that Correa was an orgone enthusiast but perhaps I am mistakenly ascribing nutty beliefs to a nutty person.

  • I agree that Correa had some odd devices. However, the one that George Egely and I are interested in is the Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge device. It utilized two large metal plates (usually aluminum) and an argon atmosphere. After repeatedly firings, small micro-protrusions would form on the cathode and the device was alleged to produce more power out than in. The whole key was keeping the device in the abnormal glow discharge regime. According to Egely who claims to have attempted to replicate the device with a group of ten other researchers, the problem was that the tiny protrusions would eventually erode away and the excess power would go away. He also expects that there was only a tiny amount of hydrogen at play and the hydrogen was critically important for the effect. Interestingly, the same protrusions would form on the plates of Chernetsky's device. He used a pure hydrogen atmosphere which I also don't think is optimal.

    My guess is that Rossi is using a more optimum fuel mixture and that somehow he is using a method to constantly regenerate the small micro-tip on his cathode. Also, Rossi seems to be producing the same back spikes of power that are requiring him to apply active cooling to his power supply. Chernetsky, Correa, and Tesla all produced these back spikes from their spark gaps.

    I think one of Correa's failures is that he reached to far with his overall aether theory. In my opinion, technology trumps theory. If he had put all of his effort into the PAGD instead of a list of other technologies and his theory, then he may have been able to get the funding to build a practical device. One problem that George Edgely points out is that he thought he was mainly tapping energy from the ZPE and because of this did not consider nuclear reactions.

  • Obviously you only read the Rossi threads. LENR-Forum is a multi-dimensional discussion area, with a number of interesting, engaging topics to explore. Limit yourself to only one, and you miss out on so many others. Your loss, not mine.

    What in the world does your comment have to do with what I said? I was in no way, shape or form disparaging the work of Russ and Alan. What I was saying is that I am skeptical that their efforts are inspired by Rossi. Do you disagree? Are you saying that all the interesting, engaging topics on LENR-Forum are inspired by Rossi? If so, that is truly sad.

  • Director,

    I have heard that lame bs. argument for years. A grand total of no one “hates” Rossi, the overwhelming majority, (99%), of us have never met him and know no one who has, so to say we hate him is foolish.

    A grand total of zero people want the Ecat or whatever he calls it to fail, if it works it will change the world only for the good, that is obvious to most sane people.

    It’s like the skeptics are the cause of Rossi’s failure, not the fact that he has had 8 years to have his tech properly tested and vetted and continues to stall.

    Face it Director, the Ecat has never worked, Rossi is nothing more than a con man with a new con.

    1. Italo R. November 30, 2018 at 12:50 AM

      Dear Dr. Rossi,

      I believe you have already made a preliminary calculation of the COP of the plant to heat your client’s factory. Without a doubt there are longstanding records for heating the rooms in this location. And no doubt, you are already measuring the total electric power in input. May I only ask if you and your customer are satisfied after these first days?

      Kind Regards,

      Italo R.

    2. Andrea Rossi November 30, 2018 at 7:43 AM

      Italo R.:

      Yes, he surely is.

      We count only on the satisfaction of our Clients, since we do not sell plants, do not look for public funding: our profit comes only from the sales of heat.

      This fact is troubling our enemies, that lately are getting nervous and are squeezing their trolls, physicists, engineers or simply imbeciles as they might be. Ohh, by the way: they are again pulling back events of my past, that happened about 30 years ago: to know how things have gone and evidence of this, please go to

      Strange that this happens as the presentation of our industrialized product is so close…what a strange coincidence! Somebody is worried to lose funds for some stuff that never worked and never will work? Mah! ” Ai posteri l’ardua sentenza”.

      Warm Regards,


    Rossi makes a point. Why fund LENR reactor projects that never have worked and will never work when Rossi is already in the marketplace.

  • Rossi makes a point. Why fund LENR reactor projects that never have worked and will never work when Rossi is already in the marketplace.

    Yes, why fund Rossi for more projects that have never have worked and will never work when Rossi already has non-functional items like that in the market place.

    What happened to the warehouse that was heated 11 years ago, and why not use his famous thermoelectric generators he worked on for the Navy to make a self sustaining device?

    1. TheFutureIsNow November 30, 2018 at 10:24 PM

      Dear Andrea,

      1) How much does the entire 27kW module weigh (both with and without the power supply)?

      2) What is the maximum surface temperature produced that water could be exposed to if steam was being produced rather than hot air?

      3) Have you applied vibration to the module to make sure it would keep working during a situation like the recent Alaska earthquake?

      4) How much electrical output from the device are you thermalizing back into heat? For example, of the 27 kilowatts how many kilowatts were originally anomalous electrical output that you didn’t want to bother harnessing?

    2. Andrea Rossi December 1, 2018 at 9:08 AM


      1- Without the boiler the Ecat weights 1 kg, the Control Panel 10 kg

      2- during the presentation will be seen the T

      3- no, but you made a point: to foresee annti-sismic applications in sismic areas can be a good idea

      4- confidential

      Warm Regards,


    3. Steven N. Karels December 1, 2018 at 7:27 AM

      Dear Andrea Rossi,

      Please confirm or modify.

      1. I understand that at the Jan 2019 event you will demonstration a 26kW thermal output eCat which will be powered from a standard 120VAC, 60Hz single phase wall outlet, of the typical type found in the USA?

      2. In the Jan 2019 demonstration, that no phase change to the heated medium will occur, at least in an external sense?

      3. That the heated medium will use city water as the medium to be heated?

      4. That will you have computer-based sensors measuring the temperatures and flow rate of the medium and this data will be recorded and made available?

      5. In addition to the computer-based sensors, some means of temperature and flow rate indications will be provided for observation purposes?

    4. Andrea Rossi December 1, 2018 at 9:04 AM

      Steven N. Karels:

      1- yes

      2- no phase changes

      3- yes

      4- yes

      5- no. Again: this is not a validation test, this is the presentation of the product by which we will supply our heating service

      Warm Regards,


    5. Martyn Aubrey December 1, 2018 at 8:26 AM

      Dear Dr Rossi,

      It is very good news that you have a production grade Ecat generating commercial levels of heat at your customer’s factory.

      Please can you tell us the dimensions of the newly installed 27kW Ecat, and the size of the associated control unit.

      I am really looking forward to watching the product launch online on Thursday 31st January. It will be a very important World changing event.

      Well Done and Good Luck!

      Kind Regards,

      Martyn Aubrey

    6. Andrea Rossi December 1, 2018 at 8:58 AM

      Martyn Aubrey:

      During thpresentation we will detail also the dimensions.

      Anyway, the Ecat is very small, the boiler it is applied to has the same dimensions of a normal boiler with the same rating.

      Thank you for your attention to our work,

      Warm Regards,


  • Rose67 - there is nothing new in the R'ster's latest gig except form factor. Its the same old tired re-purposed spin. For such a unique genius - you'd think he would be a little more creative with this iteration but why stretch yourself when it is so easy to lead his little posse around by their collars. It is interesting that he has had to "move" this episodic fairytale from Florida - I think he has generated a different kind of heat for himself there - perhaps as an exit strategy. Couldn't be happening to a more deserving person.

  • there is nothing new in the R'ster's latest gig except form factor. Its the same old tired re-purposed spin. For such a unique genius - you'd think he would be a little more creative with this iteration but why stretch yourself when it is so easy to lead his little posse around by their collars.

    Yes, this is playing out like the same act, scene 3. The first scene being the 2011 military customer, followed by IH, and now this. IMO, he is working this one harder than the others. Not sure if that means anything though. He teased us in the first two scenes, whereas this one he is bombarding us with quite a bit of information. Nothing of much substance, which may indicate he is trying to create a lot of smoke, so we think there is a fire?

    Then never know with this guy.

  • No, there are not. [two sides to the story] The statements and the papers provided by I.H. made Rossi look guilty,

    You are joined at the hip to IH and constantly lie about what I have read. So why should I believe anything you say?

    You show no sign of reading about the other side of the story, such as what MAts Lewan wrote and say you have not viewed the video of the QX demo. But you are certain it doesn't work.

  • This hate and desire for Ross to fail is stupid. If Rossi is sucessful. there will be an avalanche of capital into all kinds of LENR, IH and Dewey will see more investment than they could ever dream of. R. Mills will be up to his eyeballs is money. The desire for Rossi's failure is illogical and rooted in the stupidity of emotion..

  • Axil, LENR to become true is probably everybody’s wish here. But most people here think or are sure that Rossi has noting but a dream, and I personally want him to be either the next Nobel price winner because he brought the Working ECat to the world or being caught in the act of con or a fake LENR device...I do not hate him, but I hate to wait and see always the same pattern...useless demos, no customer and no product on the market. And always a new and better toy when he gets close to start manufacturing the final product...