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    Andrea Rossi has the opportunity to become wealthy and famous if he decides to take the risks required to get the E-Cat mass produced. But I fear he is beyond hope. I predict that the presentation will be a flop, attract very few if any new clients, and he'll continue working quietly for years.

    Nonsense. All Rossi has had to do all along is to demonstrate a working ecat tested by a credible institution, government or renown testing lab. He can protect himself by teaming up with a wealthy entrepreneur after obtaining ironclad patents which would be readily possible if he could show the patent agencies a machine which worked. Claims to the contrary are paranoid BS. This isn't the time of Edison. Ever hear of the television series for inventors called "Shark Tank?" I can just see Rossi on there offering an ecat! He'd be laughed off the stage!

    Of course Rossi's demo will be a flop. All his demos ever, properly dissected and analyzed have been resounding flops or simply "insufficient information to rule out cheating." Rossi has never done anything else. Why/how would he start now?

  • oystla, can you name an example from history where something like scenario 2 has ever happened? Where something became widely spread, then creating a scientific crisis? Sounds like fantasty to me.

    What I propose in scenario 2 is fully in compliance with the normal interpretations of Scientific history.

    The crisis would be phase 3 in Thomas Kuhn "Strucure of Scientific Revolutions".…of_Scientific_Revolutions

    Rossi-Blog Comment Discussion

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    I don't see it makes any difference. How can power out > power in possibly be determined from a video? It is absurd: given Rossi's proven unreliability (being kind) at measuring either input or output power, and the lack of any independent validation of whatever measurement setup (if any) is claimed?

    1. MS January 20, 2019 at 7:35 PM

      Dear Dr Andrea Rossi

      During the presentation that we will watch on http://www.ecatskdemo.comwill you will show us the plasma. Obviously the dimensions we will see will depend on the dimension of the computer’s screen. Do you know many inches of screen will be necessary to see the plasma in its real dimension?

      Thank you if you can answer.


    2. Andrea Rossi January 20, 2019 at 9:41 PM


      Good question.

      With a screen of 16″ the view of the plasma will be in real dimensions.

      Warm Regards,


  • The demo isn't going to prove anything whatsoever unless Rossi surprises us with a third party being present. However, if we can see the electrode arrangement and the color of the plasma (which could help indicate what gases he is using) it could help with replication. I just hope he is not going to obscure or modify the color of the plasma.

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    The demo isn't going to prove anything whatsoever unless Rossi surprises us with a third party being present.

    A third party present adds nothing. Rossi has done all sorts of past tests with third parties (Lewan, Swedish scientists, Darden and IH etc.) and he fooled or partly fooled them all. A third party present is emphatically not equivalent to a well done test by a renown testing lab or government lab. All Rossi demos ever prove is that people who should know better are often negligent and/or incompetent when testing scam artists. It's understandable. Most people are not wary about being scammed.

  • Unbelievable BS...Rossi beats himself every other day.

  • I'll introduce myself briefly to this ongoing discussion by saying I've been watching this debacle for some number of years, in the background and not interacting with anyone on this, (or any other), forum.

    I have an interest in this subject and claim no qualification(s) in this field. I do however have a few qualifications in relation to Electrical engineering and Electronics.

    The continual sparring between the 'believers' and the 'sane' is fascinating so I thought I'd contribute? to the ongoing discussion !

    There is a continual reference to 'Power' which is the real reason I decided to type anything here.

    To me, 'POWER', is merely the rate at which energy is converted, (usually measured in Joules.....). It gets under my skin when I see the use of the word being applied to measurements which can be quantified as units of ENERGY.

    This misnomer is annoying, whereby, parties wanting to see 'Power input Vs Power output' are really looking for ENERGY input/output data.

    For instance, if gasseous Hydrogen is being applied at pressure, the applied pressure would add to the final resultant output energy, thus, providing the illusion of gain when only comparing electrical values, (resistance, potential difference and current (sink/source))/TIME Vs thermal output.

    Yes, I could be deemed as nit-picking but I do believe that if those involved in arguments applied the correct terminology they would certainly appear to be a bit more 'clued-up' regarding the fundamentals.
    Flouting the laws of Thermodynamics with the apparatus A.R. has developed seems like a long shot to me as, when looking at previous attempts by A.R. to 'measure' anything, the methods used are comical !

    Meanwhile, there are even those who will go to the lengths of 'disassembling water pumps to ensure no hidden thermally active components' are present....

    I'll not even begin to touch on, 'robotised production lines' and such like as it just gets too funny !

    That type of mindset is very reminiscent of other energy crackpots like Searl, (it took off and flew through the roof!), McCarthy & Orbo etc.

    It just beggars belief that there are apparently some people out there with, (apparent), qualifications that buy into this charade and even believe in it.

    I'll eat my hat if there is any quantifiable, meaningful measurements at/in this upcoming 'demo', or any future ones !

  • Nice first post NLM. Many of the qualified people that still believe in Rossi, do so even after having seen the old videos where the measurements look sloppy, amateurish, or possibly rigged, have read the court documents, etc. Some know a guy, who knows a guy, who is close to Rossi, and are even more convinced. I mean, they have absolutely no doubt he has something. And these people are very intelligent, and spent careers working in the energy, or related sciences.

    Not siding with the court documents alone are so clearly damning, but because of their belief, and a few Rossi demos that have still held up to scrutiny, I leave the door cracked open just in case. Should it turn out he has something, he is still a very flawed, and dishonest person. I still read the court documents for fun, and it is hard to believe the lengths he went to at Doral to deceive. Even went so far as to lie to his most loyal fiend Cassarino (AmpEnergo), who had worked with him since 1996. He uses people without a thought.

  • Thx Sam. Interesting new development:

    Monday, January 21, 2019

    Leonardo Corporation to Introduce Revolutionary New E-Cat SK Heating Technology in Worldwide Broadcast

    The E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) is a newly-developed heating technology with an extremely high power density that will provide industrial-grade heat at costs well below those of conventional heating sources. In a live online broadcast on January 31, 2019, the E-Cat's inventor, Dr. Andrea Rossi, will introduce the first commercial E-Cat product, show a demonstration of the technology, and answer questions from interested viewers.

    MIAMI (PRWEB) January 21, 2019

    Leonardo Corporation is pleased to announce that it will be presenting the worldwide introduction of its E-Cat SK product, a revolutionary cost-efficient clean energy technology, in a live streaming broadcast on January 31, 2019.

    The E-Cat operates on the basis of physical principles which allow for energy production at power densities far higher than with fossil fuels. No radioactive fuels are used, and no radioactive waste is produced. The E-Cat SK produces kilowatts of energy while consuming only grams of inexpensive and abundant fuel (hydrogen, nickel, lithium) over a period of six months. E-Cat reactions do not involve any chemical combustion, so no greenhouse gas emissions are produced.

    The E-Cat's inventor, Andrea Rossi states, "I am delighted to have arrived at the point where I can introduce an industrial product to the world. My goal has always been not only to demonstrate an important discovery in a laboratory, but also to implement it into useful products that can have important benefits for mankind. E-Cat technology will allow businesses to become more profitable through the reduction of their thermal energy costs, and at the same time they will be reducing negative environmental impacts." Dr. Rossi has patented the E-Cat in the United States (US patent no. US 9,115,913 B1) and the patent has also been granted in all of Europe, China, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Australia, South Africa, and is pending in other countries.

    The E-Cat SK is a product designed to be used in industrial settings where heat is required, ranging from simple space heating to applications where high temperatures are needed, including electricity generation.

    Leonardo's business model is based on delivering heat as a service. Leonardo retains ownership of the E-Cats and will install and remotely operate them. Customers pay for heat delivered at costs that will always be significantly lower (at least 20 percent lower) than the cost of any other energy source the customer may use.

    The live broadcast will begin on January 31st at 9:00 a.m. US Eastern time at Live participants will be able to submit questions to Dr. Rossi who will answer them live during the presentation. Instructions on how to submit questions will be provided at the website above at the commencement of the presentation. The event will be recorded and be made available for later viewing.

    Companies interested in discussing possible incorporation of E-Cat technology in their industrial operations are invited to contact Leonardo Corporation at [email protected]

  • From the Leonardo/Rossi news release:

    "Dr. Rossi has patented the E-Cat in the United States (US patent no. US 9,115,913 B1) and the patent has also been granted in all of Europe, China, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Australia, South Africa, and is pending in other countries"

    Not trying to be a spoil sport, but that is not true. He does not have a USPTO patent on the E-Cat. He does have one on a "Fluid Heater", where the "Energy Catalyzer" wafer could theoretically provide heat to the fluid, along with any of the other heat sources. He did have a legitimate E-Cat patent in Europe, which he allowed to lapse.