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  • Like kids every year believe in Santa Claus.

    But, for Shane, and for almost everyone else who believes in the reality of the Ecat, Santa Claus is not Rossi, but any professor, or similar, who supports, or supported, this tale. As he admits:

    Kullander/Essen really caught my attention. Essen was the Swedish Skeptics Society president, and for him to say in spring 2011 the Ecat may actually work, separated this from other CF high power claims in my mind. My interest went up even more after the 6 Oct 2011 demo. It plummeted spring 2012 when it became obvious that Rossi lied about every aspect of the 28 Oct 2011 "Military Customer Acceptance" test.

    My interest went up again with the release of the Penon Hotcat report Oct 2012, followed 8 months alter by Levi's Ferrara report. IH sealed the deal. i figured if they bought into the Ecat, they had done a good DD...which as it turned out, they did not. I stayed a Rossi believer until the court documents became available. especially so when I read the depositions.

    Rossi is only a reindeer, the most driving one, which pull the LENR sleigh over the skies of the world, while the Santa Clauses on board spread foamy dreams of imaginary future wealth and collect (or ask for) concrete presents for their immediate needings.

    Look at the photos in the recent post of Mats Lewan: https://animpossibleinvention.…h-launch-on-january-31st/ .

    Well, Santa Clauses are those who are believed by the people, the others are the reindeers.

  • Oh poor us, an interest for a Report containing noticeable errors and never written by him.

    Penon signed it, but we only found out years later it was not his doing. That was most likely Rossi's handiwork, which explains the many errors. He told everyone it was an independent report, and it was not of course. It was also probably the first time he discovered the wonders of manipulating the E value of his new toy...the Optris Thermal Camera.

    Another one of those examples of the Rossi duality, where he exists in the science world as an inventor with an overunity Ecat, at the same time he exists in the criminal world as a con man. I never know which Rossi I will see, until I log onto LF.

  • I am concerned about the future of this young Swede who does the science for Rossi.

    Thinking of what kind of data Rossi was giving to him. On one hand Gullström has that beautiful tool called QM which can pretty much explain everything ( you just fiddle with the variables) , on the other hand it can be hard to come to the realization that you actually build a sand castle theory based on fake numbers.

  • I give you a big news:

    Santa Claus does not exist. You can continue to believe in fakes and tales chatting about paraphrasing Bohr and Pauli.

    OT but....... I believe in Santa Claus - I am one. He is not a single entity but the term is a "mass noun" representing a non countable group but a single term representing a large array of individuals, items, ideas,.....

  • OT but....... I believe in Santa Claus - I am one. He is not a single entity but the term is a "mass noun" representing a non countable group but a single term representing a large array of individuals, items, ideas,.....

    OK, if you like you can write a letter to them asking for something next Christmas... starting from Orbo hoax breakthrough.

    The address is:

    Santa Claus Main Post Office

    Arctic Circle

    96930 Arctic Circle


  • In Lewan's post he also has a photo of Fabiani, and some comments of his working with Rossi. Word I have is that he no longer works with Rossi. He still firmly believes in the Ecat, but feels Rossi will never let go of the tech.

    I don't know what is his current role and I don't care. My comment was about the persons who are believed by common people because of their public role. The photos included in the last Lewan's post are a clear appeal to scientific authority and this authority is not represented by Rossi, nor Fabiani.

    The echo of this appeal is also present where Lewan reminds that "LENR is a physical phenomenon which has been confirmed in scientific experiments and reported in over a hundred peer-reviewed papers over the last decades, albeit with low repeatability." This is another myth. The list of the "over a hundred peer-reviewed papers" begins with those published by scientists who mistook foam with boiling water and continues with others who claimed to have replicated the former.

    The critics of LENR who blame Rossi keep on criticizing the wrong person. Santa Claus is anyone else who claimed to have measured some excess heat from a CF/LENR device and was believed by people, thanks to his scientific authority. The name Ecat-SK is a due homage to all these Santa Klauses.

  • Interesting comment from a fellow Canadian from ECW.

    • Exactly.

      While I remain cautious? For me, I think the Dorel reactor is VERY much in favor of Rossi.


      Well, Rossi's early demo was a single unit with a garden hose run into a janitors bucket. Rather lame.

      Then Rossi showed his 1 MW reactor in a container. (outside with some diesel gen sets to run it). While the reactor kind of looked cool, it was also RATHER a cobbled together reactor. Certainly FAR MORE impressive then the single reactor with that garden hose demo.

      However that first 1MW reactor did look crude. You could say that the reactor looked like a bunch of frozen turkeys wrapped in aluminon foil with pipes coming out. It was still rather VERY crude looking on the inside.


      Just take a look at the pictures of the Doreal reactor. VERY VERY impressive design. Absolute first rate job/ Absolute first rate engineering and design. If that reactor was a hoax, it sure was one impressive dam incredible reactor layout.

      I mean really, that last unit was a work of art. Beyond impressive the design was.

      So, to me, this progression from a box with a garden hose, to the 1 MW reactor, to the next gen reactor has been a rather impressive progression.

      I don't think we are ready to go out and tell our boss (or me being a technology consultant) am ready to tell people that some new energy reactor is just around the corner.

      Healthy caution is STILL required here. But Rossi has shown a continues progression here. As I stated many times here, eventually Rossi's chickens will come home to roost - for better or for worse.

      The demo will not make that big of splash. I mean, Rossi' invited the press, media, and had a big outdoor event with the first 1MW reactor - it really was a "cool" demo, but as noted, a big box with some lights and pumps is NOT going to change anyone's mind.

      I don't think the upcoming demo will change a lot of peoples minds. However, for us who been following Rossi for 8 years? Well, it just another step. in the right direction.

      Over time, we can only gather little bits and pieces of Rossi's work. Eventually we WILL be able to determine if Rossi has the goods or not.

      And because we been following Rossi for SO LONG, then we will be the FIRST people able to make such a judgement call with greater confidence then everyone else.

      This is much why I am still around on ECW - we are following this story - for better or worse.

      We are all full of hope, and this is such a huge deal, that I'll follow this story until it becomes the largest story of our life times, or just another horrible flop!

      This story is worth following - just like it would have been worth to follow the Wright Brothers.

      Jan 31 is still a part of history in the making. Fingers crossed!


      Albert D. Kallal

      Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • I do believe there is some kind of Logic to this insane story.

    If someone where to discover a real LENR phenomenon with high COP, then many would dream to make a Company and become the king of energy production similar to Gates became the king of PC's (Windows).

    But If the invention contained some phenomenon that does not conform to present understanding of the laws of physics, the inventor has a problem. The inventor has no theory to explain what he found, and do not want to reveal (of course) all the practical secret sauce to make it work.

    He is left with two choices;

    1. Forget about the Company, just reveal the secret and become famous of discovery of a practical way of achieving high COP from a previously discovered new phenomenon (by F&P). The whole thing would create a big stir in the Scientific community, where most physisists would still not believe until much more research could find the theory. (Theory First is the mantra in the physics community).

    2. Form the Company, Keep the secret, ignore the Scientific community (they won't listen anyway), fight the sceptisism (the market) and try to sell some services at no risk for customer to slowly convince the marketplace.

    The Scientific community would still believe it to be a big HOAX until the "new fire" where widely spread around the world. Then a real big CRISIS grow in the Scientific community, when they realise that the phenomen must be real and there are no models to explain what the hell is going on.

  • Can someone write some novel to limit the time Rossi fans spend reading his blog?

    In which

    Dr. Red takes a crystall ball and turns it into free energy reactor. At the beginning it only makes 50w but, if you turn the page, you will see that he made it into 1GW FCAT. Named after Feyman's contribution to the QM.

  • I'm concerned that the QX/SK likely works but that Rossi will not do what is required to allow it to be broadly utilized around the world. What makes me sick is that his fear of someone stealing his technology is greater than his desire to see it have the maximum impact. In the best case scenario, utilizing his current plan, I imagine Rossi acquiring a very few small, private clients over a period of years. Such a small number of clients means that his technology will have next to zero impact on this planet. Now, he may think that he'll be able to continue working until he is a hundred years old. But realistically his health is getting worse. If he wants the technology to have a chance at making a big impact, he needs to find the right partner with billions of dollars to invest and an existing manufacturing facilities to produce and market the technology. Literally, a deal with the right company could mean millions of home heating or water heating units on the shelves of Home Depot within a few years. His current plan means that within ten years only a very few clients (optimistically let's say twenty) will be utilizing his technology. That's probably a ten thousandth of the heat produced.

    Simple logic dictates that even if you end up making less total income from a technology per unit sold, ten thousand more units being utilized would more than compensate. But apparently Rossi doesn't see the situation this way. The cynics would argue that he has nothing and that the technology is a hoax. I'd argue that more likely the technology is real, but he is suffering from the same disease that strikes virtually every single new inventor with a breakthrough technology. They see the technology as being such a enormous breakthrough it has to be handled and brought to the market differently: this means sharing less information, restricting access to the IP, playing games in patents rather than honestly disclose knowledge, and only pursue paths they feel will guarantee themselves a monopoly. I think the truth is that when it comes to revolutionary technologies MORE openness is required. Yes, this does open up the technology for copycats who would make their own versions. However, I feel that the ability to get the technology accepted by the world (no chance of suppression) and the ability to convince larger companies of it's reality so as to start mass manufacturing ASAP is worth this risk. To be blunt, for a technology as revolutionary as the SK, Rossi could literally become as famous as Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison. If financial profit is a desire, then the fame from such name recognition would allow the opportunity to make millions of dollars from book sales, movie deals, and speeches. But the person stricken with inventor's syndrome does not see these opportunities. They only see opportunities for their technology to be stolen everywhere they look. Protecting their know how becomes the top priority beyond actually getting the technology on the market. Some inventors, like Patterson, will even take the technology to their graves rather than risk having anything less than total marketshare.

    Andrea Rossi has the opportunity to become wealthy and famous if he decides to take the risks required to get the E-Cat mass produced. But I fear he is beyond hope. I predict that the presentation will be a flop, attract very few if any new clients, and he'll continue working quietly for years.

  • The UK is facing a huge energy crisis with the planned new fission reactors apart from Hinckley being cancelled (probably because all our politicians have turned into decerebrate Brexit morons and couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.) So there's a big opportunity for fusion reactors if we can knock something together with LENR quickly - let's see if AR will be willing to donate a few shipping containers full of SK's and plonk them down on the sites planned for reactors (which are half-finished) in Cumbria. Would the UK government be a suitable customer for AR? We could always front it through EDF. Alternatively, could Brillouin Energy supply enough hot tubes to keep our lights on? Time to stop pissing about and USE this tech for f''''s sake!