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  • I found the ground of your discussion that Why E-Cat Is a Hoax. by Sadri Hassani

    Calling something energy catalysis (E-Cat), low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR), or condensed matter nuclear science (CMNS) cannot hide the fact that the idea is simply the same cold fusion announced to the press in March 1989. As cold fusion was notoriously debunked by the scientific community in the 1990s (Close 1991; Huizenga 1994; Taubes 1993; see also David W. Ball’s article in this issue), new names such as these popped up to conceal the true identity of the idea. The underlying physics on which all these processes are based is nuclear fusion. (To grasp the absurdity of the claims, it helps to have a nodding familiarity with the basics of nuclear interactions; I discuss those in the sidebar accompanying this article.)

    From this discussion and discussion in LENR forum, I think that most researchers have not understood the difference between FPE and Cold Fusion. Cold Fusion is a science based on the mechanism of Cold Fusion

    but FPE just happened under the electrolysis condition in D2O.…6756_Kodama-LENR-20210412

    So I insist that E-CAT is real but it is based on FPE and need to be improved with the proper mechanism of Cold Fusion.

    But most reactor is based on FPE for now, so all of the researcher must think on the mechanism of Cold fusion by themselves. I insist that Ross-E-CAT is not an fake but it is not the cold fusion but FPE.

    I sent this information to Sadri Hassani who is professor emeritus of physics at Illinois State University.

  • So I insist that E-CAT is real but it is based on FPE and need to be improved with the proper mechanism of Cold Fusion.

    But most reactor is based on FPE for now,

    Your argument does not mention anything about evidence, results, just "logic".

    Do you realize the logic error here?

    What you are saying is:

    A requires B (A: Ecat real requires B: FPE to be real).

    B (which you claim, FPE is real. Assume true for now)

    therefore A.

    False conclusion.

  • Rossi/Leonardo's dispositions have been pushed back the 24/25th. The delays get shorter each time; expect him to try and delay from 9:00am to 1300 next.

    I bet Rossi responses and sock puppets slow down on JONP the next few days. Can someone not blocked post the deposition news on ECW? I'm sure the minions want to know the truth.

  • Ever wonder when a wonder is a wonder?

    It's when the wonder is a wonderful question.

    How many SKLeds needed to light the exterior of the Empire State Building?


    The Empire State Building’s tower first lit up in November 1932. As New Yorkers watched the sky, they saw a white beam of light. This told everyone in a 50-mile radius that Franklin Delano Roosevelt had been elected President of the United States.

    Since then, the tower’s lights have been a symbol of New York City. Many staring up at the building might WONDER just how many lights it takes to light up the Empire State Building. Originally, the tower used a single searchlight. Later, it upgraded to revolving beacons. In 1977, a new lighting system was installed with 500 lamps. Another renovation in 2012 installed 68,000 LED bulbs to light up the tower!

    Today, the tower’s light also changes colors. This happened for the first time in 1976. That year, colored floodlights shone red, white, and blue in celebration of America’s bicentennial.

    Those floodlights allowed the tower to shine in nine different colors. With the installation of the new LED bulbs, the tower can now light up in over 16 million colors!

    - end quotes

    Source - Today's Wonder…the-empire-state-building


    3,194,547 light bulbs

    The Empire State Building contains 3,194,547 light bulbs, 50 miles of radiator pipe, 70 miles of water pipe, 1,060 miles of telephone cable, and 7,450 tons of refrigeration equipment. › structure › e...

    BUILDING BIG: Databank: Empire State Building - PBS

  • and Andrea Rossi still has yet to produce a single energy out > energy in device

  • Tomorrow, and Friday, 9:00 AM Eastern Time. Fun in the summer sun!

    Who is the supposed Leonardo representative who knows the most about the case, other than Rossi? His wife?

    I wish I could watch, with popcorn and a candy bar in hand.

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