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  • From what Rossi says about the tests it boils down to this.

    If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

    But Sam, Rossi himself stated he had achieved "Sigma 5" reliability! That means he states that his reactor works 99.99999% of the time!

    I am truly interested in your logic of how you selectively list Rossi's "positive" posts but seem to simply forget the myriad of posts in which he not only contradicts himself, but effectively proves he lies.

    Such as:

    1) The many satisfied customers, all to be replaced by a "new" customer with the "new" reactor. Yet none are never made known. (Except the one where Rossi was the customer, caught in a big lie)

    2) Tests all come to a point where everyone is very satisfied, but then a "new" reactor design pops up and never is mentioned again, the previous working reactor installations. Does Rossi simply abandon these installations?

    3) These "new" and "better" reactors, never have a definitive advantage over the previous ones? Can you give specific information on how the SK is better than the QuarkX? The SK Leonardo is better than the SK? Yet his believers swallow this without question. I am truly interested on what these "improvements" are specifically. Actual data to show that a customer is willing to give up a "Sigma 5" certified reactor (ha!) for one that is not reliable.

    4) His "fabulous team" is touted, but proven to be non-existent. During the Doral fiasco, we saw tax records and the people involved. Rossi had two people working with him... a long time family associate and a puppet, acting as "Chief Engineer" but actually doing nothing but repeating words dictated to him by Rossi.

    ... and the list could go on much longer...

    Seriously... what logic do you (or any other Rossi believing posters here) use to turn a blind eye to the above (and much more) yet still cling to the belief he is truthful and has a working reactor? I am not being pretentious here. You often post support of Rossi, so you are publicly showing your belief in him, so I am not trying to paint an erroneous picture of you (or others). I really want to know what logic or data you have to erase the mountains of proven lies, deceit and fraud to keep holding on to his repetitive standard operating procedure...... make big claims, milk it for a while, announce tests, perform horrible tests, then start all over again and again and again... I do not understand your thinking and am truly interested in it.

    It reminds me a bit of a certain people and the lottery. They purchase lottery tickets because they are sure they are going to win. When in reality, they almost certainly will not.... yet they are convinced the "next" drawing will be theirs! It appears to some, their belief in Rossi is similar.... the "next" big eCAt reactor announcement will be the "Real One"!

    (Reference Charlie Brown and Lucy holding the football)

  • Bob#2 you are totally wrong about Rossi. You missed recent update that he improves the reactor to go into permanent SSM.

    I am guessing since he stopped all efforts with Strling, turbines, MHD he figured out how to extract pure energy form matter directly. What we should really worry about, that he might accidentally create some kind of device converting matter into energy directly which, once in SSM, will consume the Earth and the world as we know it;)

  • Ro

    I believe that is the number of Miami condominiums he owns.

    In theory A.R owns 6 Condos.

    1. Giorgio Cerrina August 6, 2019 at 1:27 PM

      Dear Dott. Rossi according to your studies, at what point you are in explaining the lenr reaction on a scale of one to ten.

      Thank you for your reply and my best wishes to you and your staff.

    2. Andrea Rossi August 6, 2019 at 2:10 PM

      Giorgio Cerrina:

      I prefer to suffocate my optimism and respect what always suggests to me one of the most important members of our Team: “Andrea, better be humble”. OK, I will be humble: 6.

      Warm Regards,


  • As usual good points Bob.


    I am not attempting to persuade you against Rossi.... I am unsure that is possible.

    I am truly interested in attempting to understand your logic or thought process.

    Again, would you please respond as to why you still believe Rossi?

    Is it based upon hard evidence, if so can you provide some examples?

    Is it based purely on a strong desire for a working CF device to become real and thus, anyone claiming such will have your support regardless of hard facts? Similar to those who "know" the next lottery will be the numbers they picked. Regardless of the statistics, their desire to win overcomes the common sense. This is commonly seen here. ME356 makes claims and several jump on board. Orbo had their supporters. BLP still has supporters. All regardless of the known facts..... and so on.

    Are you inclined to believe that people simply do not lie and defraud to the extent Rossi has been accused of? So therefore, if he says something is true, it must be as no one would be that audacious to tell such blatant lies? ('Even though this has been proven by his own words that he does this very thing)

    Early on, I supported Rossi and posted on the old ECN site that support. Part of my belief was a bit of a mixture of all three above. Being new to the story, I did not think someone likely to be so bold to tell such major lies, so there must be some credence. There were others posting support and a few demos, while very weak, added some factual support..... and I REALLY hoped that a CF reactor was in the near future!

    However, those beliefs could only hold water for so long. Soon, Rossi's own lying proved he was a liar and a major one! That removed that line of thinking.

    As the demos were looked at, they quickly became seen for what they were. Bad and each one getting worse! That removed the evidence.

    I still want there to be a reactor, but a desire should not cloud my eyes to truth. For me, hanging onto false promises actually does far more damage than good. It soon became clear what my thoughts toward Rossi were.

    You have been supporting Rossi for some time now and have seen the same fraudulent actions everyone has seen..... I am very curious as to why you still support.

    Thank you.

  • As the demos were looked at, they quickly became seen for what they were. Bad and each one getting worse! That removed the evidence.

    This is one of the telling aspects here. Shared by Rossi and BLP.

    In any normal world, with working technology, even if it stayed flakey, the demos would over time get more convincing, or at least stay the same.

    In Rossi's case the get less convincing is because those observing become familiar with all the easy false positive tricks.

  • Quote

    I am truly interested in attempting to understand your logic or thought process.

    The thought process is faith. Faith specifically abhors logic. Persinger made extensive study of this. There is a specific area of the brain which mediates faith. It's prominence and influence varies under genetic and environmental factors. This idea has very sound, profound and important roots in evolution and natural selection. I can go on about this with links if anyone really cares. The point is that folks like Adrian and Sam don't need facts, don't want facts, and won't look at facts once they develop faith in a person or an idea.

    Over the past ten years, I have come to understand this. It still fascinates me, however, to observe it. Sam is not the only individual to show this trait here on the forum. He is just the most florid example currently.

    ETA: What THHuxleynew wrote above is actually part of hallmarks of high tech scams. The characteristics are mainly a failure of the demonstrations to improve significantly with time and constant changing of the methods and goals, usually before the earlier claims are properly tested. A certain vagueness, defensive posture and evasion are some of the other parts of this story. And in outright scams rather than errors, there is always a failure to allow proper independent testing by widely recognized authorities along with failure to follow recommended test protocols in the company's own demonstrations and experiments. Rossi, BLP and to a less complete extent, Brillouin and GEC, Miley, Swartz and many other LENR proponents fit this mold. Mizuno, most spectacularly does not! Mizuno may be wrong and it is remotely possible that he is gaming people but he is not a classical example of fraud. Folks who fail to understand the distinction will repeat the same errors time and again.

  • What we should really worry about, that he might accidentally create some kind of device converting matter into energy directly which, once in SSM, will consume the Earth and the world as we know it;)

    Forget storming Area 51, storm his Miami Beach condo/manufacturing and research hub. The fate of the entire world hangs in the balance! Is James Bond available? Maybe they can make another James Bond documentary, "A View to an Annihilation, Quantum of Destruction".

  • As the demos were looked at, they quickly became seen for what they were. Bad and each one getting worse! That removed the evidence.

    The last "ballerina demo" was the worst thing I've ever seen from Rossi.

    After he got $10 mio from IH, it would have needed less than $1000 to pay a media/video undergraduate to produce a high quality live stream.

    Instead he used a "1990s webcam" paired with bad lighting and voice quality.

    Where is his "team" he is talking about all the time?

    This last demo should have vanished away even the last remaining bit of confidence in Rossi...

    And please don't give me that crap about this was intended...:sleeping:

    This would only be another indicator that Rossi only targets the remaining "goofs" hollowing him.

  • Could not have summarized it better.

    It is worth to conduct a study about how those "i still support Rossi" people think. If at all.

  • The last "ballerina demo" was the worst thing I've ever seen from Rossi.

    Hi barty ,

    Below again my thoughts on the "ballerina demo";

    His "Puppet Demo" was one the smartest things i have ever encountered. And it baffles me that so little people see the brilliance of it. His objectives were;

    1. Do not wake any sleeping dogs;
    2. Have fun while making fun of your enemies;
    3. Convince the more knowledgable of progress.

    His build-up, with the help of "you guys", made sure quite a few people saw his presentation. Yet, only the people with in-depth knowledge of Rossi picked-up the confirmation of their ideas on him. People that did not know Rossi probably thought he was pretty weird and an amateur and therefore harmless. But the presentation was not aimed at them anyway. Let the dogs sleep for a while.

    "The Haters", well aware of the Rossi story and impossible to convince anyhow, laughed and made fun of him. They did this in such a rigorous way that the biggest loser of the whole demo was Industrial Heat / Woodford. "How on earth was it possible that these self proclaimed pro's invested in this lunatic?" I can still not suppress a smile when i think of the face of Dewey Weaver / Thomas Darden / Woodford while watching the Rossi presentation. One of the biggest objectives of the demo was to make fun of them. And that objective was clearly met!

    The third objective was to let the more positive, more informed parties know that Rossi made important progress. This group saw through the form and focussed on the content. I am not sure how things worked out, but i have the feeling this objective was also met.

    So i do not agree with you that his demo's do not work. I think they work just fine and i am looking forward to another Rossi event.



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