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  • Another subtle for Rossi!

    The assertion... intimation,,, sly dig that supporting Physics is supporting Rossi

    ignores the fact that the intersection of Physics and Rossi is but a small region of multidimensional reality.

    This small intersection includes.. the electrical double layer , edl

    and Kwhr/hr.

    However in the grand scheme of things the small circle R is relatively unimportant

    there are more things on heaven and earth than are dreamt of in this thread's philosophy/sophistry/banality

  • Quote

    It is time to simply admit.... you will support him no matter what he says or does! That at least would be honest with yourself as you are not going to let ANY facts sway you!

    Bob#2, he never will admit this because he loves to keep ever the role of supporter against any evidence. He will invent ever fantasy tales to cover this farce.

  • And now you still believe? You actually think Rossi will give data, show a viable demo, show anything real at all? I have asked several times .... why? What evidence do you have that we do not? What make you believe Rossi at all? Surely you can point to some hard facts! If not, then you should wake up to the realization it is a pipe dream led on by a convicted felon and scammer.

    There are NO people you can say "I believe because they have seen it." (Remember, Focardi did not see anything other than an original prototype) and none others are making any support for Rossi. If so, please identify them!

    Sincerely, aside from wishful thinking, what argument can you make against the repeated lies and misleadings of this convicted conman? (Yes, indeed he was actually convicted and spent jail time)

    You are helping continue to give LENR a black eye by supporting him!

    I believe that Rossi will deliver something, and that yes he will give data and show a demo, possibly in September. The demo will then probably be lambasted for this or that reason, perhaps justifiably so, we'll see.

    To make on thing clear. Personally I find it very difficult to believe Rossi actually has what he is describing now: A reactor with a volume smaller than a tennis ball, producing 4 kW of electricity and 1 kW of heat. That is well nigh unbelievable power density, making my former guess of about 200 watts coming from a reactor of 1L volume downright boring. If he has one tenth of what he thinks I will be overjoyed. I predict that the September results will be a significant tone down of the results he reported yesterday.

    People who follow LENR are presumably smart enough to realize that the LENR community is very diverse, and would not judge an entire field by one individual researcher. But the zeitgeist these days is to busy oneself with blaming and 'cancelling' others while neglecting individual positive output and responsibility. One of the reasons I hold Rossi in high esteem is that he just keeps to his work and is single minded and relentless on improving his craft. This is also another reason (more than wishful thinking) why I think he has something. If the Ecat was entirely a dud, why the intense effort, over years, in tweaking the thing. But those days are now about over, in that it's hard to imagine it could be tweaked much further now. So it appears we are in the endgame. It ain't over til the Ecat lady sings.

  • It is time to simply admit.... you will support him no matter what he says or does! That at least would be honest with yourself as you are not going to let ANY facts sway you!

    Bob 2
    I have been Swaying Back and Forth
    Between the Believers and Skeptics

    for years seeing both sides

    I think as good as anybody.

    I think you have the best arguments

    that I should not believe in Rossi.

    I guess I am like Rossi 50 50 sitting

    on the fence about the test Yesterday.

    I think I

    stay with him

    because I like Rossi warts and all.

    It helps that he reply’s to my simple

    comments.He even replied to the

    comment PFD asked me to post

    for him.

    1. Sam August 1, 2020 at 11:24 AM

      Hello DR Rossi

      Was the controller running directly from power from the ecat, and not plugged into the mains? And even if it was running “closed loop” for some period, how much of that 4 kW was it using for that time?



    2. Andrea Rossi August 1, 2020 at 2:38 PM


      I learnt in the USA years ago. Not all the connections are made by soldering.

      Warm Regards,


    3. Sam August 1, 2020 at 11:02 AM

      Hello DR Rossi

      Can you say where how

      you learned the skill of


      Was it 10000 connections

      you had to solder?



    4. Andrea Rossi August 1, 2020 at 2:36 PM


      1- yes

      2- the 4 kW are net, after the self-fueling

      Warm Regards,


  • Quote

    But those days are now about over, in that it's hard to imagine it could be tweaked much further now. So it appears we are in the endgame.

    Each six months/one year and each "masterpiece" ready that the illusionist sells to his believers I read words like these but believers and accomplices never put a date, a time limit to avoid the umpteenth farce repeating so these remain just empty words from who supports this hoax.

  • Unbelievable! Rossi can't even multiply 10×10×10. He was corrected and still insists it is 100 instead of 1000. I thought the Celsius vs Kelvin calculation was bad enough. This guy is a complete moron.

    1. Gerard McEk August 1, 2020 at 2:53 AM

      Dear Andrea,

      some questions if I may:

      1. Is the mentioned 100 cm^3 indeed the volume of the reactor or is it 1000 cm^3 (10x10x10 cm) being 1 liter?

      2. Based on your assumption that the Zero point energy may be used, there should be no ‘fuel’ (something that’s being used) needed. So the E-cat can run theoretically forever without refueling? Obviously I understand that some parts may deteriorate.

      3. Did’n even your wife witnessed the ECat in operation? (That’s something you can beat her with).

      4. What did you use to dissipate the electrical energy?

      Thank you, kind regards, Gerard

    2. Andrea Rossi August 1, 2020 at 8:59 AM

      Gerard McEk:

      1. it is 100 cm^3; 10 x 10 x 10 was the former configuration, while 20 x 20 x 20 cm is the volume of the heat dissipator containing the reactor.

      2. we still need the charge

      3. he,he,he

      4. a resistance

      Warm Regards,


  • 10x10x10 was the former configuration of part of the fantasy Stefan-Boltzmann and Kirchhoff circuit law-bending machine.

    100 cm3 is the volume of part of the new, order-of-magnitude-more-fantasy machine.

  • Your ignorance is showing badly. This is basic plasma physics.

    " A double layer is a structure in a plasma and consists of two parallel layers with opposite electrical charge. The sheets of charge cause a strong electric field and a correspondingly sharp change in voltage (electrical potential) across the double layer. Ions and electrons which enter the double layer are accelerated, decelerated, or reflected by the electric field. In general, double layers (which may be curved rather than flat) separate regions of plasma with quite different characteristics. Double layers are found in a wide variety of plasmas, from discharge tubes to space plasmas to the Birkeland currents supplying the Earth’s aurora, and are especially common in current-carrying plasmas. Compared to the sizes of the plasmas which contain them, double layers are very thin (typically ten Debye lengths), with widths ranging from a few millimeters for laboratory plasmas to thousands of kilometres for astrophysical plasmas.

    Other names for a double layer are: electrostatic double layer, electric double layer, plasma double layers, electrostatic shock (a type of double layer which is oriented at an oblique angle to the magnetic field in such a way that the perpendicular electric field is much larger than the parallel electric field),[6] space charge layer,[7] and “potential ramp”.[8] In laser physics, a double layer is sometimes called an ambipolar electric field.[9] Double layers are conceptually related to the concept of a ‘sheath’ (see Debye sheath)."


    Perhaps you are missing the obvious?

    Rossi is doing nothing of the sort,

    He has trouble multiplying and distinguishing temperature measurements.

    Do you really believe that Andrea Rossi is harvesting voltage differences between plasma layers of his “E whatever”?

    Hopefully not.

  • . This is also another reason (more than wishful thinking) why I think he has something. If the Ecat was entirely a dud, why the intense effort, over years, in tweaking the thing.

    Mark, where is your memory....! It is well known why he keeps at it!...

    10 MILLION DOLLARS in his pocket and he thought he could get 100 MILLION MORE!


    why he done PetroDragon

    why he did the gold laundering

    why he did the DOD electronics scam

    It is how he makes money, he is a professional scam artist.

    He found his mark once and now he is fishing for another.....

    plus he seems addicted to the worship his web fans lay at his feet! Yes I state worship because you and Sam12 both KNOW that if you ask a couple of heretic (logical) questions, you will be excommunicated. So what do you do..... you only post that which feeds Rossi's ego. That is the action of only praise and no accountability.

    Do you deny that you cannot post "hard" questions to Rossi? Sincerely! This is a trait of a cult! One never questions the leader! One never questions Rossi or you get kicked out. Is this not true? :/

  • Quote from an old ascoli65 postt:

    "Since this first time, you kept repeating this mantra many times till now.

    I never used the word "conspiracy", nor it is my intention to suggest anything of that kind. I have not enough information to do that, and, in any case, it's not my scope. I just would like to know something more about the Ecat story.

    Almost everyone who writes on the web belongs to one of these two parties: either (A) those who think that the Ecat works [as claimed]* , or (B) those who think that this affair is a big scam conceived and carried out mainly by Rossi. I personally cannot believe neither of these two options. So I'm looking around for finding a complementary explanation (C). In doing this, it is inevitable to review all the many relationships which Rossi had with several important and expert people of so many public institutions that incomprehensibly gave him a strong support all along the Ecat decennial saga, and reflect on them.

    Strangely, this effort is considered by someone the same thing as postulating a conspiracy. It isn't, of course, but the insistent insinuations toward this erroneous interpretation could be considered "per se" a strong indication in that direction.

    Anyway if you deem that either (A) or (B) option already provides a satisfactorily explanation of the Ecat affair, I have no reason to convince you to change your opinion. I find more useful discussing with someone, if any, who is looking for a third option (C), or has useful information, and sincerely wants to share some of them."

    *added, not in the original post

  • I am very interested in the truth of

    a Legtimate ECat-SKL third party


    I know the skeptics will say that is

    not going to happen.

    And a lot of believers wondering if

    they are going to be legitimate.

    If I could I would have Bob 2 present

    to report on the 3rd party tests.

    It would be good for everyone.

    Enjoy your Sunday everyone.