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  • OK.

    I'm tired of all the repetitive, out of context jokes about Rossi that seem plain nasty and unfunny.

    You have never seen what I just copied from Andrearossi. com before, so it can not be "repetitive" to you. It also was not "out of context", as I provided the applicable two his own words. How about you Adrian, try and put it in the context you like, and see if it comes out better for your man Rossi? I am open.

    And finally, you are right in that I made it into a joke. Why not? It is. You just can not filter silver and gold from biologic waste. At least not enough to open a frigging Jewelry Store with.

  • Edited: Something got scrambled so I took the whole post out. Sorry-- I ran out of time and will do this post again later. (about Petroldragon) or just look at and translate the Italian Wikipedia article about it.

    The Petroldragon is long dead. Why don't you let it fossilize in peace like the dinosaurs. Maybe it will finally produce a drop of oil. :)

  • The problem with forgetting Petroldragon along with Rossi's other scams (like what he did with early "distributors" and with the Army's contract to make thermoelectric generators) is that without the background, people believe Rossi. Because a con is old doesn't make the perpetrator any less a con man.

    The famous million dollars Rossi supposedly invested is only "Rossy-said." Same with his vegetable oil engine sales. Same with Petroldragon. Same with everything noteworthy Rossi claims all the way up to now. But yeah, sure. I'll forget about it until someone brings it by once more with a story about how poor sad Rossi got wrongly charged.

  • OK.

    I'm tired of all the repetitive, out of context jokes about Rossi that seem plain nasty and unfunny.

    A.R will have the last laugh if he is succesful with the EcatQX or SK.

    1. Nadira May 23, 2018 at 2:39 AM

      Dr Andrea Rossi,

      At this point we are close to half year: do you still think it is possible you will start the industrial production of the Ecat within the end of 2018?



    2. Andrea Rossi May 23, 2018 at 7:21 AM


      Yes.I still hope. This weekend we will also know if the SK will enter in production too, pending a terribly important test.

      Warm Regards,


  • Sam,

    I would prefer not to even look at JONP anymore, but my Moderator contract requires me to. I have to produce Rossisays, says my boss, or no food on the table for my starving family. While it is increasingly difficult for me to lower my standards, I ventured there after reading your post, and this is what I found:

    1. EDGAR 182 May 22, 2018 at 2:16 PM

      Dear Andrea Rossi:

      I saw the Wikipedia page about you and I got stunned:

      1- they write that your US patent has been rejected, but it is obviously false, because your patent US 9,115,913 B1 has been granted in the USA and in all the Countries of Europe, plus in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, South Africa… I tried many times to make this correction, but Wikipedia cancelled my correction!

      2- they write that you have been convicted, but they do not write that you have been acquitted, hiding the article of the Corriere Della sera in which is published that you have been acquitted in the middle of all the references, to make it invisible! I tried to make also this correction, but again it has been deleted by the “editor” im matter of seconds, even if the source is certain and neutral, along what is supposed to be Wikipedia’s protocol

      3- they write that you are married with Ms Pascucci, but I know you and I know this is false! This is not per se important, but gives a clear evidence that, beyond any possible doubt, Wikipedia lies compulsorily even upon things that have nothing to do with the core of the issue,

      4- they report libeling themes against you citing as “neutral sources” publications of your competitors ! For examplr thay deleted my correction related to your thermoelectric Seebeck Effect modules: they totally ignored the publications in which has been explained that the prototype, made by you, worked well, but when has been made a more massive direct fusion the efficiency decreased down to 10%, but the DOD considered interesting the experiment: there is a document produced in the litigation against IH that proves it, and it is a document written by the DOD! They also omit to say that you did not receive any money from the DOD for this R&D, therefore it is false write that you had a contract.

      I tried to correct, correct correct things absolutely false, but always my corrections have been deleted. After my umpth correction finally I succeeded to receive an answer from the gentlemen of Wikipedia: THEY BANNED ME !!!! And maintained all the blatant falsities. I REPEAT: I DID NOT CORRECT TO MAKE CONSIDERATIONS OR INNUENDOS, OR JUST OPINIONS, I JUST TRIED TO CORRECT BLATANT FALSITIES WITH EVIDENCE BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT!!!

      I am writing this comment just to inform you and the readers of this blog that Wikipedia is not that correct media that they pretend to be. They are liars, independently from the reason of this lurid behavior.

      Fortunately your product in the market will spoil the damage they could generate toward you and will put them in a ridiculous situation.


      Edgar 182

    2. Andrea Rossi May 22, 2018 at 4:27 PM

      Edgar 182:

      I know the feeling. You are not the first to say this. Wikipedia is like the moon: there is a clear side and there is a dark side of it.

      Thank you for your attention to our work,

      Warm Regards,



      Your comment is the N. 42 000 of this blog

  • Sound like Rossi English with CAPS and all. Be not mislead by the correct spelling of 'independently', I know that he eventually mastered it.

    This quote is from a German author that runs his own forum. It is not from Rossi.

    It's a fact that persons (= their wiki-entry) - like Mills & Rossi are faked by the Wiki-Troll mafia. The same mafia is faking Homeopathy or in a positive form vaccination, happy cancer pills and most large companies, just to name the most obvious ones.

    The best sign that the troll mafia is active: Changes are reverted in less than 1 minute...