• And here's another possibly relevant paper. - hydrogen chains.

    Ground-State Properties of the Hydrogen Chain: Dimerization, Insulator-to-Metal Transition, and Magnetic Phases

    (Received 17 March 2020; revised 14 June 2020; accepted 13 July 2020; published 14 September 2020)

    Accurate and predictive computations of the quantum-mechanical behavior of many interacting electrons in realistic atomic environments are critical for the theoretical design of materials with desired

    properties, and they require solving the grand-challenge problem of the many-electron Schrödinger equation. An infinite chain of equispaced hydrogen atoms is perhaps the simplest realistic model for a bulk

    material, embodying several central themes of modern condensed-matter physics and chemistry while retaining a connection to the paradigmatic Hubbard model. Here, we report a combined application of

    cutting-edge computational methods to determine the properties of the hydrogen chain in its quantummechanical ground state. Varying the separation between the nuclei leads to a rich phase diagram, including a Mott phase with quasi-long-range antiferromagnetic order, electron density dimerization with power-law correlations, an insulator-to-metal transition, and an intricate set of intertwined magnetic orders

    Hydrogen chains.pdf

  • Some new news at BrLP this video and a post about evidences of hydrino via gas chromatography. Starts to look solid and it is really close to test at customer or partner. Sure they can run for hours still I think there are more engineering to get it to work flawlessly for years 24/7. We do not have any performance measures of the final version 10X? or more? sure they act is that's the case. Anyway that's the news I'm waiting for now and I expect that to be ready when the product is ready. Maybe as a nice Christmas present to the world we will have a brake through of this technology and a world sensation. That would be fun to see how common academia would handle this, GUTCP real? what! is hell freezing over? is QM a hoax? WTF?