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  • Why do you so wildly assume that all money raised by IH was to go to Rossi? It is clear that the Woodward group visited many other researchers funded or to be funded by IH on the same tour that at the end included Fl. Of course IH would allow Woodford to visit Doral. Your assumptions are laughable. It sounds like Rossi who assumes he is the only "game in town" and the millions in the world only look at him.

    Well, at least he was not unwilling to raise money from Woodford in Doral before turning against Rossi ... Isn't that fascinating?

  • Oh I should correct the record- Woodford did not visit Doral but it was Paul Lamacraft and Henry from the Woodford group that visited the various researchers and Rossi. My sources (wouldn't you like to know) said that Paul was dreading having to go there (Aug. trip not Feb) and found the American style of openness by the various researchers so much more refreshing.

  • Well, at least he was not unwilling to raise money from Woodford in Doral before turning against Rossi ... Isn't that fascinating?

    What is fascinating is that some present fiction as fact! And they do not provide links or evidence to support claims.

    Here is a link to the entire court docket. One that Adb so graciously applied outlines to, so one can search for the truth. (Of course some do not really care about getting to the truth)…en-docket-and-case-files/

    If you read the real story, Darden funded Rossi out of his own pocket, not Woodford.

    Now, IH is STILL funding valid LENR research with this investment.

    What did Rossi do with his $11 million he scammed from IH? Did he invest it into LENR? No, he bought condos! Did Rossi start selling the 1MW eCat after suing IH for $11 million dollars for it?

    No, he dropped it like a hot potato! So even ROSSI does not think the 1MW eCat was worth anything as he is not pursuing it himself! Remember, he sued stating it ran for 300+ days at 1MW output! Yet he drops it.

    Read the court transcripts and you will find out what really happened. Not simple forum fodder. IF you want the truth.:thumbup:

  • Agreed. Nonsense indeed, Dewey is the only one getting paid here. And he still can't spell user names properly.

    Alan, what do you mean by this? We all (well most) have day jobs.

    Do you mean that you have information that Dewey's posts here are paid, rather than being off his own bat? Or what? Unless Dewey says that, or you have evidence, that would be against site policy. @moderators.


  • But only one of us is working for IH.

    I have admittedly not read 100% of the court documents. I have read probably 90%.

    I ask what "working for IH" implies?

    I have seen no ill intent by IH or employees in evidence presented by the court documents. Just the opposite. I saw IH give Rossi as much rope as he would take and Rossi simply hanged himself with it.

    Provided under oath, evidence was presented that IH would be willing to pay Rossi if he could present anything real, even AFTER the contract expired and was void. What did Rossi do... lie and deceive.

    I challenge anyone to provide factual evidence that IH acted out of ill intent. Not forum fodder, not "well they are a venture capital firm", but facts. I have found nothing but the opposite.

    On the other hand, under oath, there is documented lie after lie. Deceit after deceit. Falsified document after falsified document. All from Rossi, none from IH. Zero!

    Based upon your logic then..... Penon worked for Rossi.... the test data MUST be a lie, false and nothing but deceit. Since Dewey is "guilty by association" with IH, then Penon SURELY must be guilty by his paid loyalty to Rossi?!?

    I truly do not understand your reasoning. Have you read the court documents? Have you read Rossi's OWN memos, dispositions and statements? Where is the negativity towards IH coming from with you? What are the facts? Simply that they are a venture firm? I ask sincerely.

    Simply put... there is no comparison between the two! One party (IH) continues in good relations with legitimate LENR researchers. Continues in legitimate business deals. The other party (Rossi) presents the "Stockholm" demo! :rolleyes: Has NO public endorsements other than Penon and the socks on his own JONP. :/ He continues to make ridiculous claims such as 11,000 degree heat now. With ZERO supporting evidence.

    And yet, by implication Rossi is the victim in this drama? IH is the big bad venture firm. As Spock (and now THH) puts it... "fascinating indeed!"

    The "Stockholm" demo MUST have really impressed you! I truly wish you would give a report of your technical opinion of it, so the rest of us good share in your knowledge! :thumbup:

  • Agreed. Nonsense indeed, Dewey is the only one getting paid here. And he still can't spell user names properly.

    Mods informed:

    Alan is saying that Dewey is paid to post here; which he has no evidence for. True, Dewey is employed by IH. That is far from saying that his posting here is part of his job.

    It might be so, or more likely not. Saying that it is so is inflammatory, just as it would be if I said Alan's posts here were paid. That is just as justified, since Alan is connected to LFH and appears to have a relationship with Rossi supporters that could well involve money.

    Moderators should be above reproach and personally I find continual unsubstantiated hints from Alan do not contribute to the debate here in a positive way.

    When as here they impugn other posters a line should be drawn.

    :) THH

  • No hard feelings Alan: and this is a fight I may not win, but I will argue here for what I consider proper standards of conduct.

    Dewey gets leeway, as one of the principals. You do not, unless you admit openly to being connected in some way with the Rossi circus.