Demonstration of the E-Cat QX - 24 November - Summary thread

  • It gets absorbed and redistributed between many atom (nuclei) colliding along single line at the same moment. This dense line traps the released radiation like the optical filament so it has nowhere to escape.

    this would be true for a bose condensate, but this is not the case here.

    It struck me that Rossi is blowing smoke and inventing things just like Zephir likes to invent new physics to explain his word salid theories.

  • English version is now available too:…ous-potential-10899b.html

    I applaud any magazine that reports on alternative energy, no matter how remote the possibility of it being real. But when they do, they should include everything in their story so as not to give the public false hope. And in this case Aftenposten fails to do that.

    They start the article off as if Rossi just popped up on the scene last month with this neat little plasma machine, that if real could save the planet, but neglect to mention that he has been around 6 years now in the pubic eye. 10 if you count when he first approached Focardi. During which time, he has repeatedly lied about customers, factories, his Leonardo Corp, employees, salted fuel samples, screwed his licensees, and set up a sting operation in Doral to bilk his partner IH out of $89 million.

    Then, after settling with IH, proceeded to dismantle, and abandon an even better developed, planet saving 1MW device that had been "successfully" run for 1 year at COP80, was already "industrially certified"....declaring it "obsolete", because nobody wanted to but it. They also fail to note that at the DPS, the controller was very big, and that it consumed exactly, maybe even a little more, than the QX output.

    Yes, Rossi's QX sounds somewhat attractive the way they wrote it, but include "the rest of the story" as Paul Roberts used to say, and it does not look so good anymore. In fact, do that and it looks more like a con artist at work, rather than an honest inventor stumbling onto a great invention.

    On another note, they do interview Hoistad, and by the sounds of it, he does not appear very gung-ho Ecat anymore. He still has not been able to replicate, and urges Rossi to reveal more info so he and others can do so. With that, I am surprised he even attended the DPS.

  • Welcome back Siffer! And yes, we do want, and need hope. Probably all come here because we are seeking some glimmer of hope. Certainly I and you do. We hope LENR is real, and if so, be useful to mankind. But notice I said "false hope". That is where you get into trouble peddling that stuff. And sorry, but holding Rossi out as a savior of sorts, is giving false hope.

    Did you see how the author of the Aftenpost article threw in towards the end, the Petroldragon mess? Good of him to do that, and even though it was kind of downplayed, at least the reader is forewarned, and if so inclined, research a little further. They are informed at least by the author. But really, Rossi's LENR history is equally worthy -probably even more so since the QX is LENR related, of being added to the story...don't you think? Can the public make a sound judgement without being told it?

    Well, no they can not. So by leaving that part out, the readers are being given false hope. Should they take the trouble to read here, and inform themselves about Rossi, they will probably be turned off to anything LENR forever. Guilt by association. Rossi=LENR=false hope. That is not good for the science...if there is actually a science.

  • That is where you get into trouble peddling that stuff.

    Or maybe you because you are trying to stop it.

    You tell me what is worse at the end of the day; some false hope (hardly noticeable compared to the normal news flow from the same papers) among generally privileged people or the potential lives sacrificed from one single day of delay if you somehow got it wrong in your long distance amateur analysis?

  • Quotes are from the English version


    However, Rossi is not willing to show everything. He is afraid that competitors will copy the invention, even though he actually has a patent on it in the United States. On the table there is therefore a white box with unknown content. It is said to contain the electrical pulse control system that activates the reactor.

    Nobody wants Rossi to "show everything." But a proper measurement of input power and output power with calibration and done by someone other than Rossi would be nice and would not in any way compromise Rossi's IP. He has not done that with the current demo and he has in fact never succeeded in doing that. When done correctly, power measurements showed no power gain from Rossi's devices.


    But first, he must convince the world that what he claims is not just wishful thinking, measurement error or even fraud.

    Yah Shoore! Given Rossi's history with technology and the huge and damning data set about him contained in the Rossi vs IH transcripts, lots of luck with convincing anyone who has really studied Rossi, especially over time. Most of the adulating remarks in the article come seemingly from that one time exposure at this demo. No wonder Rossi gave this silly show in Sweden. In Florida, too many people already know about him.


    The external controller, senior engineer William S Hurley, says that for every 1 watt the device used, it produced an amazing 506 watts.

    Who TF is Hurley? How does he know that?

    Elizabeth Rachlew professor of physics emeritus:


    – I've never seen Rossi's work before, so I thought this was exciting to look at

    Believe me, Dr. Rachlew, had you seen his work before, you would not think that.


    She believes the main problem with LENR at the moment is that it is far from a commercial product, and that it may take many years before something is ready for use.

    She apparently doesn't realize that Rossi has been making the same claims and pushing the same lies for more than six years. Why would she? Good idea to go to Sweden. Most of the internet critique of Rossi is about his work here (USA) and in Italy and is in English.

    Dr. Höistad:


    – The potential of the technology is obviously tremendous. But: My task is to show that this experiment really works by repeating it. Replication is not possible because there is too much that is kept hidden. In order to awaken the interest of scientists, he must publish something that can be verified and repeated. There may be an unknown source of energy here, but the truth is that we do not know if that is the case, says Höistad. [my emphasis-MY]

    This is what the late Kullander, Essen, and the other Swedish professors have ALWAYS said. Somehow, Rosiphiles perver this into an unqualified endorsement of Rossi's claims. But really, all they have said is there MAY be an unknown source of energy. And that, IMHO, is only because they failed to do their testing job properly.

  • Rossisays:


    In addition, consumption was only cyclical for three seconds at a time before it was turned off for 4 seconds - to avoid overheating. That's basically all I want to say. The numbers are the only thing that matter.

    Nonsense. Garbage. No proper measurement numbers were provided at all so if they are all that matters, Rossi failed. Again. As always.


    – It is still necessary to improve the control system and get a better cooling of it. Here in Scandinavia you have many central heating systems, and I see them as one of the first applications.

    Yes and the original ecat from 6 years ago would be just as good at it and you could have made millions of them and billions of dollars by now had the technology been remotely real.


    – In the 80's I shared some of my waste recycling patents. It was a big mistake, because the technology was not further developed. Nobody was interested in it.

    THAT was because none of it worked and it was a disastrous con scheme. Had it worked, big industry would have been all over it.

    From the article:


    Lewan points out that one of the men who lead the prosecution of Rossi was later imprisoned for co-operation with the mafia. Upon Aftenposten´s question, Rossi claims that the case ended with his complete acquittal afterwards. He claims to have posted all the documents of the case at

    The real articles aren't there. They are here:…al-Criminal-History.shtml and…iECat/RossiTimeline.shtml

    If you browse the articles Rossi posted, they don't exonerate him. They incriminate him. HE exonerates himself if you believe his replies. Why in the world would one do that?

  • sifferkoll


    You tell me what is worse at the end of the day; some false hope (hardly noticeable compared to the normal news flow from the same papers) among generally privileged people or the potential lives sacrificed from one single day of delay if you somehow got it wrong in your long distance amateur analysis?

    What's wrong is Rossi taking more than $11 Million from an investment company and delivering nothing after an entire year but non-working trash and lies from his friends and buddies as evidence of functioning. And now he is trying to do it again with an improperly measured collection of sprinkler parts junk covered in Radio Shack $1 a roll electrical tape. I actually liked him better when he used rusty toilet plumbing!

    One had to be incompetent and negligent at vetting to invest in Rossi when IH did but now you have to be completely stupid as well and unable to do a simple internet search (which reveals the pretrial depositions).

  • Since the QX and fluorescent lights are both plasma based systems, they might share the same lifetime shortening behavior of turning the systems off and on frequently. The QX life expectancy might be maximised is the QX is kept active continually without interruption.

    In light of this possible operational constraint, a stand alone cryptocurrency generation system can be supplied with the QX home power system whereby the homeowner could produce the QX user's own crypto-money when the power produced by the QX system was not night or when the QX user was at work. But do people need to work when they can produce their own money?

    This is more tangential than usual even for Axil.

    Perhaps, Axil, you could indicate how an quark-x, even as claimed by Rossi with no evidence and significant circumstantial evidence against, to be a device that generates heat and possibly electricity and multi-coloured light, could also mine cryptocurrency?

    I realise that the moderators here do not consider your posts OT on this thread, but I beg to disagree, and cite this as a prime example.

  • Quote

    Perhaps, Axil, you could indicate how an quark-x, even as claimed by Rossi with no evidence and significant circumstantial evidence against, to be a device that generates heat and possibly electricity and multi-coloured light, could also mine cryptocurrency?

    I think Axil meant that power from the device would be used for a computer system to generate cryptocurrency. Still hilarious. Begs the question of what happens to cryptocurrency if electrical power is almost free as Rossi's device would make possible. If only it worked of course.

  • Quote

    What is wrong is that IH/Darden should have paid another $89M according to the contract/ERV but didn't.

    What is wrong is that Rossi's devices don't work and never had and IH was the first to prove that independently. And conclusively, at least for what Rossi gave them and told them. The pretrial transcripts are crystal clear on that score and one has to be incredibly weirdly gullible and desirous not to understand and appreciate that.

  • sifferkoll

    What do you mean "market"? LOL. Wish SOMEBODY would pay me for it.

    And of course, my view of Rossi and his garbage devices is hardly an opinion without basis. It is consistent with essentially everything the man has said and done for the last twenty years! It is held to some degree or other, by virtually EVERYONE who has dealt with him in the past with the exception of ardent acolytes like you and Adrian. Now, even the Swedish professors are cautious. And previously incautious Levi is noticeably silent in public and has been for years on the subject of Rossi.

  • "What is wrong is that you do not have a clue what you are talking about. You have never even been close to it"

    But Siffer, you have been close to it. The action I mean. You are more an insider than any others here, yet you never communicate what you have seen, that we have not. Something convincing that may go a long way towards softening some of this anti-Rossi sentiment.

    Think about it; all we know is from what is publicly available, and maybe a few insider snippets from Mr. Tight Lips. The vast majority of which is damning to Rossi. So what would you have us do? We just follow the facts at our disposal, and those paint a very bad picture of Rossi.

    Now, there is something constructive you could do to change attitudes, and that is to talk, talk, and talk some more. You would be doing Rossi a great favor, and by so doing, increase the value of your Hydrofusion. Yet you refuse, choosing instead to attack, attack, attack, and that is not going to change a thing.