Ken Shoulders ; The Man Who Made Black Holes

  • Good sleuthing. I suggest the next step is to email those addresses you found?

    BTW, I just spent the thick end of $100 on the Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge (PAGD) DVD from the Coreea's Aetherometry website, delivery around 2 weeks they say. Let's hope it is of some interest.

    Please let us know if it contains anything of worth.

  • Matsumoto was able to visually see plasmoids form and move. They moved slowly enough he could watch them through a his telescope. If people could attach a very fast camera, that would be good video.

    Ken Shoulders used his type of discharge apparatus to make his EVOs, but he understood that macroscopic ball lightning we can see and watch (sometimes they are stationary) are the same thing as his little EVOs (except bigger). Matsumoto used a difference kind of apparatus, and someone might want to try to replicate his experiments.

    I know that people seem to be thinking that these are necessarily very fast moving objects, but even various kinds of lightning move at different speeds, and lightning bolts are all led by big ball lightning. Plasmoids can change speed, change direction, accelerate, slow, stop. They have fascinating motions. I saw a ball lightning about 2 years ago. It moved slowly enough for me to see although it lasted only a second or less (from the time I saw it).


    I remember that in the 1990s, Matsumoto faxed me a report of slow moving plasmoids that left a hexagonal mark or plate on acrylite film he used to capture the tracts. In his fax, there was a blurry black hexagonal mark, blown up, and I was thinking it was the same picture that I posted on another thread last month and reposted above. That picture was published in the ICCF-5 proceedings, but maybe it wasn't the same picture.

    I think people focus too much on talking about models and plasmoid structure and not enough on experimental evidence that has already been published and not on actually doing experiments. More experiments are needed to gather the evidence that allows us to understand their structure and behavior. I think no model I've seen so far works, but I appreciate those such as Lutz Jaitner's that attempt to explain how atoms change state from regular matter to plasmoid matter.

    However, it is very important if anyone wants to make some kind of model or theory of plasmoids, to study all the available evidence. Parkomov's newly published research is very interesting. I would be interested in learning more about them.

    The key concept that people have to understand is that regular atoms that are dormant plasmoids can change state to be active plasmoids of the various range of states from black to white. I could say a lot about what I think about individual models and how they fail.

    Ed Lewis,

    I keep offering my book on the site as a good place to get information about the development of the CF field and this micro ball lightning field I started in the context of 80-year paradigm changes. That book contains the information I thought was pertinent and interesting that was published up until about 1995. Most of the book was written before1995 actually. But it explains how I realized that little ball lightning objects were being produced in Matsumoto's experiments and how they were responsible for transmuted matter. The book has four or five parts. These parts cover my theory about physics paradigm change and how the 3 paradigm changes from Franklin to Einstein each produced the industrial revolutions that happened at the 80 to 100 year intervals. One part is a history of science from before 1506 up to about 1996. Two sections cover the theory about how the industrial revolutions each have caused two types of economic depressions. This model that dates from the late 1980s worked for accurately predicting the 2008 to 2009 crash. If you are interested in plasmoids or the history of the field of plasmoids, you can read my book. There is a paypal button that will allow for automatic download of the book in html format. People have posted comments or questions about my theory of paradigm change and economic depressions, but if people are interested in this, they should read my writings. There are a lot of published articles about both topics (economics and physics theory) you can read on the site too.

  • "BTW, I just spent the thick end of $100 on the Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge (PAGD) DVD from the Correa's Aetherometry website, delivery around 2 weeks they say. Let's hope it is of some interest."

    IMHO - a complete waste of money. Flaky old low-rez video and rather gabbled speech.

  • Ed Lewis , you seem intelligent and coherent, and your remarks about needing more experimental evidence before getting into model building are apt. It seems to me that you would be more effective at communicating your ideas about plasmoids if you separated that discussion from the discussion of 80 year paradigm changes. I do not see how combining them (e.g., in your book) can help, as the 80-year-paradigm claim is a challenging one for people; i.e., it is tendentious. (I assume that your plasmoid claims are challenging as well, but I am not familiar enough with them to have more than an impression.)

  • Everybody, please see my new post about the current depressionary or deep recessionary era under the Plasmoid Paradigm thread.

    Eric, the credit for these ideas go to the Creator because when I was in my 20s I asked the LORD for the knowledge about this Plasmoid paradigm and also how scientific revolutions in physics causes the Kondratiev wave. He answered my prayer I think. Thank God.

    I could relate how God led me to the right book to understand this whole cycle: Paul Waters' TECHNOLOGICAL ACCELERATION AND THE GREAT DEPRESSION and how one night while reading Matsumoto describe how he found circular marks on his acrylate sheets after his electrolysis transmutation experiments, I had a vision sort of or could imagine how microscopic ball lightning were inside his electrodes causing the transmutation and the voids in his electrode.

    Of course, I usually separate the two sciences, but sometimes I want to tell people I have a coherent model that explains the paradigm shifts in physics and that the timing of this plasmoid paradigm, if it develops, falls in the timing rightly.

  • Those wanting to know about plasmoid theory, micro ball lighting, physics paradigm shifts and Kondtratiev waves should read my book that was written in thte early 1980s. If you have questions about micro ball lightning, what it has to do with transmutation, the plasmoid paradigm theory, the plasmoid state of matter and how Kondratiev waves arise due to the technological impulses due to paradigm shifts in physics at 80 year intervals, read my book ( that was written in the 1990s about these things. That does a good job explaining these ideas, and then if people have questions or comments or want me to teach you about it, ask me and I'll explain and try to teach the ideas to you as I can.

    To me, it is a simple to understand that physics develops through basic theory paradigm shifts and scientific revolutions. I understood this since I was a kid.

    If you don't believe this idea, read The Structure of Scienctific Revolutions. Many of the basic ideas are basically his ideas. Thomas Kuhn explained what a paradigm shift is in physics and how they necessarily arise through the work of successive generations (since a formulator has to be young or inexperienced to formulate a theory for a paradigm) and his ideas arise through the experimental discoveries of other more experienced and older people. His book, The Structure of Scienctific Revolutions, was widely read and accepted, so that is a good source of information.

    Kuhn defined which the paradigm shifts in physics were and when they occurred, but he didn't realize that they happen at a periodic rate.

    In my study of the history of science, I found the paradigm shifts he identified happened at about 73 to 87 years or 80 years on average. Then I started to describe the model of how the paradigm shifts tie to economic depressions. It is simple and intuitive.

    The physics paradigm shifts Kuhn describes, Copernican, Galilean, Newtonian, Franklin (with electrical theory and experiments, he did seem to know about Franklin's fundamental ideas about magnetism and his theory of heat (caloric)), Faraday (electromagnetism and the development of Field Theory), and Einstein (QM and Relativity theory), actually occurred in regular approximately 80-year intervals. See the charts I've posted on this blog.

    Some key evidence that the theory I'm proposing is accurate is that decades before I wrote that this decade would be a depressionary era similar to the 1930s with a crash about 2009. A valid theory has provable predictions. It is obvious this is a depressionary era; witness the substantial debt creation.

    I think that these original ideas from the early 1990s about micro ball lightning and plasmoids and their effects have been borne out. I first had the idea of micro ball lightning in 1992. As far as I am aware, no one ever wrote about micrometer-sized and smaller ball lightning before I did. I introduced the ideas that micro ball lightning exists and that they are plasmoids, that micro plasmoids are what caused the voids, pits, tunnels and traces (tracks) in Matsumoto's electrode and nuclear emulsion particle detection films, and tried to explain how these processes happened. I also first proposed that these same processes and effects occur in natural macro ball lightning.

    Another key conception I introduced is the idea of the plasmoid state of matter as another state of matter different from the regular dormant state or the plasma state of matter. No one published this idea before me either.

    I also better defined how ball lightning is able to do things such as pass through glass windows and other materials without making holes. They do this by state shifting between dark and white states. Shoulders explained this too.

    Since I first started writing about this model of plasmoids and matter in the early 1990s, two other states of matter were discovered: BE condensates and Fermi condensates. I think the idea of the plasmoid state of matter merges into these two other states.

    One criticism or question about micro plasmoids and their role in transmutation/energy effects discovered in our field is whether they are responsible for all energy creation and transmutation in various experiments. Even some scientists who acknowledge their existence and association with transmutation due to the fact that so many different people have discovered the characteristic micro plasmoid markings in their experimental setups don't believe that plasmoids are responsible for all the energy produced and transmuted species in many experiments.

    I think the plasmoid state of matter explains this. Atoms in material can convert to a plasmoid state without flying off the material or causing much noticeable morphological change and then revert back to the dormant state. So people won't find the pits, tunnels and plasmoid markings, but the atoms in a plasmoid state due transmute to other elemental species and isotopes.

    Dash's filaments from his research in the 1990s are a good example. The morphological change of the filaments growing on a used electrode as it sat for weeks happened very slowly. Only by using a microscope and performing chemical analysis did they notice the chemical and morphological changes over time as they took successive photographs. That material was in a plasmoid state, and the effects would have gone unnoticed except for their sharp perception. (see my article:

    Others have described similar "heat after death" effects. In the 1990s, Indian researchers were reporting that their electrodes continued to be radioactive and radiate energy long after their experiments were over. It was because the atoms were still in the plasmoid state. It would be interesting to know how long the materials continued in the state or when they became dormant. Could people tell me? It has been two decades since those experiments. Are the anomalous morphological changes and radiation continuing?

    If you are interested in studying transmutation but haven't read Matsumoto's transmutation articles from his research in 1990 and 1991, you're missing a lot of important information. He was one of the leaders in the transmutation field.

    The micro ball lightning-like plasmoids have been discovered in all kinds of experiments as I predicted people would discover them in my earliest papers. After Matsumoto and Shoulders, Urutskoev and other Russian groups detected their markings. A few years ago, Priem performed good analysis on plasmoid markings following up on Urutskoev's research. Among the latest reports are by Parkhomov who says he is studying Rossi type experiments and obtained good photographs of the plasmoid markings.

    To see what I mean, see Alan Smith's quote here. (For some reason, I can't just cut and paste the link itself.) I think btw that this recent powerpoint from Aleksandr Parkhomov is very relevant to the topic of 'strange radiation'.…dyvV00iA/edit#slide=id.p5

    It is obvious to me that these microplasmoids are found everywhere. If they are not detected, people should be able to detect the atoms in a plasmoid state in various ways. These active plasmoid-state atoms can be produced from sparking and electrical discharge. It is telling that many of the purported energy creation/transmutation methods either involve discharge or electrical input directly or are composed of key parts that were manufactured by electrical discharge such as Miley's thin-film coated microspheres from the 1990s. As I've shown, both the microspheres and the lexan casings as well as the electrodes showed lots and lots of plasmoid marks (see the articles from the middle 1990s on my site: "Photographs of Some Components of an Electrolysis Cell" and "Additional Plasmoid Marks on Electrolysis Cells" to see the pictures and more information.) I suspect that plasmoid state atoms were loaded onto the microspheres during the thin film deposition by sputtering.

    A scientific revolution regarding plasmoids is happening (if the development continues), but most researchers and experimenters seem oblivious or ignorant about it. Lutz Jaitner is doing good research investigating and modeling the plasmoid state atoms from the standpoint of QM, and Henry-Couannier F. (The Dark side of Gravity and LENR, J. Condensed Matter Nucl. Sci. 21, (2016), p 59 is doing a good job investigating their relativistic effects and understanding them from a relativistic viewpoint.

    If you want to understand about plasmoids, get my book, and I can teach you about it and answer questions personally if you contact me. My email is on my site. Edward Lewis

  • As the years go by and people keep finding the microplasmoids as I predicted they would in the early 1990s and find they have the transmutation effects and ball lightning-like activity but call them "strange radiation" and other names, I want to try to help people understand what they are.

    It would be really helpful to understand that atoms can shift to a plasmoid state, transmute and give off radiation and radioactivity, and change position, and then convert back again to the normal dormant state. It would solve a lot of people's questions and problems.

  • As the years go by and people keep finding the microplasmoids as I predicted they would in the early 1990s and find they have the transmutation effects and ball lightning-like activity but call them "strange radiation" and other names, I want to try to help people understand what they are.

    It would be really helpful to understand that atoms can shift to a plasmoid state, transmute and give off radiation and radioactivity, and change position, and then convert back again to the normal dormant state. It would solve a lot of people's questions and problems.

    Atoms and sub-atomic particles are already in a plasmoid state if they truly are spheromaks. I think what's happening is that all these EVOs could be considered pseudo-atoms and pseudo-particles of different densities, sizes, and configurations.

  • I did the same thing four months or so ago and a whole new world has opened up to me.

  • Ed Lewis

    I like the way you think.

    "It would be really helpful to understand that atoms can shift to a plasmoid state, transmute and give off radiation and radioactivity, and change position, and then convert back again to the normal dormant state. It would solve a lot of people's questions and problems."

  • I decided to stop trying to communicate with people who hide their names and identities. I never saw any good come out of trying to write to them or saw they did any good for the field over the last three decades though since I started trying to write publicly in the 1980s, anonymous people have been dogging, trolling, commenting and trying to steer opinion and the work in the field for 3 decades.

    It is much better and helps also much in understanding and not getting side tracked, to try to understand the work of people who put their identities to what they are saying. When people publish good articles where the writers cite their sources, try to prove their assertions, and show credible evidence, this is good. People who have a paper trail can show that they have the background and understanding to try to teach something new.

    So as I was trying to say before, I don't understand why people write on here anonymously. I never got a answer. What really takes me aback is some of the anonymous writers try to say that they understand plasmoids more than anyone. They act like they understand all the science involved with plasmoids and transmutations discussed on this forum. I would like to see evidence for these claims. But I've never seen any. So again, I posted earlier in the year and anonymous people made claims and comments. Who are you and why won't you show your identities. Do you think people will take you seriously or can you expect them to. I don't think so.

  • Ed,

    If we restrict membership to only those using their real names, many here would go away, leaving only a handful for you to talk with. Leaving it the way it is though, discourages a few people like you, McKubre and Russ George. Unfortunately, there is no in between that satisfies everyone, so it comes down to picking one way, over the other. With the bulk of our 2904 members wanting to stay anonymous, I do not see anything changing.

    Hopefully our moderation is good enough, so that you can feel free to communicate without being trolled, or harassed? I have seen little of that, and when we do it is quickly dealt with. So I would encourage you to overcome your distaste for pseudonyms, and jump back in the fray. We are the only place in the solar system, where you can voice your opinion 24/7, and compare notes with other players in the field.

  • I'm only new to Ken's fantastic work on EVO's and charge clusters after a few chats at ICCF-21 - thanks Bob G.!!!

    One thing came up for me. Where do all these electrons that form EVO's come from? One idea presented was that they come from a nucleon to electron transition. A possibility, but just doesn't seem right (and violates QM). Generally in the part of the universe that we know about, positive and negative charges tend to exist in pretty balanced ratios. So where are all the "positive" bits that balance all the electrons in EVO's? A fair guess would be that they are inside (in the same way that protons are inside atoms). If you are still working on non-directional Rutherford electrostatics, the "positive bit" is obviously going to need to be held together by nuclear not electrostatic forces, so the required configuration would be a "super-nuclei" similar to the type of structure proposed by A. Gulko for blackholes. Refer to:

    With directional nuclear electrostatics (refer to:, there may also be potential for a semi-stable moderately dense positive cluster type structures.

    Regardless of the model you are using, perhaps the most exciting thing about EVO's is that they are perhaps the first terrestrial evidence of the formation of both completely new "super-massive" nuclear structures. Shoulderonium??? The expected rapid collapse of these super nuclear structures would be consistent with some types of LENR experimental observations such as metal pitting, "spiky" excess heat and broad spectrum elemental transitions.