Andrea Rossi's REVOLUTION!

  • Это сообщение самого Андреа Росси на сайте его журнала Ядерная физика ( JoNP.
    Andrea Rossi
    November 23, 2019 at 9:43 PM

    Dear Readers of the JoNP:

    We did it.

    Obtained permanent self sustaining mode with production of strong excess of electricity, generating more excess of electricity than of heat.

    It is a revolution.

    We did not violate unity, we just discovered an energy that had not been exploited before.

    I am very tired.

    Independent parties tests will follow, eventually we will make a presentation.

    I think we made something that will make a revolution.

    My team colleagues are saying to me ” Andrea, stay calm, be humble”. They are right. Now I am tired, must reorganize the ideas. The work in these last 2 weeks has been very hard, but we did it. This morning, late, we got more electric energy that the electric energy necessary to make the Cat work. The increase is strong.

    Too big to be true, but it is true.

    If you are reading this message, means I am not dreaming: our Readers are independent parties that can convince me I am not sleeping and I am really writing this.

    The merit is of my fantastic Team, without them this could not have been done.

    Warm Regards,


  • Although we have zero proof, I strongly believe that Andrea Rossi's E-Cat SK works in a similar manner to how he describes. However, I'm not optimistic at all he will allow a third party team to replicate the technology and report his results. And this will be critical if he wants the world to accept his technology as real after the last FARCE of a demonstration in his kitchen.

  • Unconcerned, at last.

    I'm less unconcerned than they may be, as after the article in asiantimes, I had hope of positive coverage, and now the dotore is out for the show, and I will have to say, the phenomenon is real, but...

    Sometime I imagine he is paid by hot fusion scientist to maintain their budgets.

  • Andrea Rossi
    November 25, 2019 at 12:48 AM

    Delso Meslager:

    Now we are going to make independent tests before the official presentation.

    Thank you for your attention,

    Warm Regards,


    1. Steven N. Karels November 25, 2019 at 12:28 AM

      Dear Andrea Rossi,

      Can you now reveal the parameters of the eCat SK Leonardo? Specifically:

      Output Electrical Power (W)

      Output Thermal Power (W)

      Total system consumed electrical power (W)

      Size (cc)

      Dimension – H x L x D (cm)

      Weight or Mass of the entire unit

      Turn on/Off time (sec)

      Start-up power (external) needed (W) and type of signal (AC or DC, Volts)

    2. Translate Andrea Rossi November 25, 2019 at 12:37 AM

      Steven N. Karels:

      No, the data of the Ecat SK leonardo will be published after the tests of an independent party.

      Warm regards,


  • There will be an NDA....and to protect his IP AR will never disclose anything beyond the blurry videos and the ugly blue box we could see last time. He can and must do better tghis time, if ever...

    How in hell can it be possible in these modern times, that not the smallest little detail of this revolution in the energy landscape could make it into social media or the public? It is quite hard to imagine that none of Rossis many employees and none of his many customers have ever owned and used smartphones...

    But a simple explanation could be indeed, that Rossi is mostly sitting in his condo typing questions and answers on his Laptop on his famous blog, and there is no robotic factory, no lab, no team, no customers, nothing. His blogging on his famous JONP is the only source of information available at the eve of a new world, without fusion, fission etc.......Go Leonardo! We are eagerly waiting!

  • lets hope we are at the final stage - of either seeing this thing work to benefit humanity

    or discovering Rossi to be pathological who's grand finale will be to disappear off all media & change identity in another location , leaving us all with an even bigger unexplained puzzle.

    ( i.e. giving us the impression the government got him)

  • We have to be careful about our position because to date AR has never promised to allow an independent test and then distribute it worldwide. It is also important that he understands the importance of spreading his invention in the present state of the world.

  • What is wrong with religion, everybody does it.

    There isn't, I my self have a faith based relationship with the Creator. But when it comes to new technology based on real physics and science, something more than blind faith is required. Repeatable results, lack of shifty behavior and logical consistency are required.