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    That ivermectin + HCQ + AZT + Zn anecdote is useless, hence I liked SOT's post.

    The issue with ivermectin is that the level of the drug that kills COVID (IC50 = 2uM) is some 35X higher than that it which it is normally used killing parasite. It is very safe, and has safety studies in humans at 10X this level. But we are still 4X away from the IC50 in vitro level.

    The paper you linked has a very low rating and they already corrected the title - read the end of the story. The best US evidence (New York I remember) is with intravenous Ivermectin. Most doctors do not use high doses as it works excellent because it stays long time in body!! Further the main action is not what you claim - killing/binding the virus like HCQ and others - its man action is inhibition of the virus replication path. For this the standard doses is enough.

    Your conclusion is just based on very limited pharmacological knowledge. For direct virus inhibition Heparin and even HCQ are better, but once the virus is in the cell only Ivermectin is helping.

    In vitro tests sometimes are helpful. But 9 out of 10 substances that show such an effect do not work in a human body. Here we had the inverse situation because doctors (world wide) could see that it works they did ask for an explanation why it works.

    It's an anecdote. Story telling. It proves nothing. It could (and probably is) observation and reasoning errors. Ah, some people never learn. Correcting them is wasted time.

    If you are curious then I would just call my fellow in Miami and ask what he did.

    As said above: It's not a single story and the Japanese made a broad report about Ivermectin 3 weeks ago. You can also find plenty of evidence in Africa with "endemic use" of Ivermectin.

    Zephir is not able to learn and change his reasoning.

    Can somebody try to explain him once more that insulation and heat pump together will reduce the amount of energy used for heating by a factor of 15-30. That electric cars use at most 1/3 of the fuel !! In stop and go 1/7 compared to carbon. (city traffic..).

    Traffic and heating is more than 50% of the world energy consumption. After 3 years of primary school yo should be able to do these calculations...

    Can you eleborate on your process steps a bit more?

    All particles finally decay to electrons or positrons and the kinetic energy gets attached to collisions or is converted into a gamma quantum. SM believe always energy disappear as neutrinos... Just an excuse for not being able to measure it. The cited Homlids equations are just guesswork.

    This is the experimental frontline. Needs a lot of better experiments & measurements.

    Now, the number of cases reported by vaccine are higher than the left hand-side of that chart and we are acting like that can be ignored.

    The biggest problem with vaccines is caused by adjuvants.

    5-10% of the population has a genetic aluminum intolerance and can develop long time problems stemming from the adjuvant.

    The worst case in history stems from the US military:

    Soldiers going to Irak had to take up to 30 vaccinations and experimental drugs - some for protection against US nervous gas/ bio weapons ?! (Sounds interesting..)

    The worst these soldiers got was a shark oil extract named squalene : See patent:

    Thus my advice. For each vaccination ask your doctor for an adjuvants free version. And do only single vaccinations.

    There cannot be 20x asymptomatic cases.

    In central London is bigger than 20x , in Spain, Swiss south > 10x.

    It is just the opposite! With case tracking, you don't need a lock-down. China ended theirs weeks ago.

    This is nonsense! China is still in lock down in most places. The north has just jailed 100'000'000 people again. You may be should start to understand the facts. I have friends married too Chinese so may be you can give us your sources??

    Japan is also still in lock-down (but with fewer restrictions) and if they stay with their rules it will never end.

    FYI a bad flue season 1000 dies. now we are at 4000 and lands before 6000. if we could protect the one in elderly care we would have had 1000-1500 deaths. Possibly you have the same situation in Switzerland but hopefulle less problem in elderly care

    We too had 50% of all deaths in car homes but this is average. The souths was hit like Italy. So this figure is dominated by the south.

    But during the bird flu we had about 50 deaths in one care home only within a few weeks. So people talking about the flue being harmless should should shut up. It was far more deadly than todays CoV-9. Tests did show that at least 50% of all inhabitants of care homes did not show Symptoms albeit they had antibodies.

    CoV-9 more closely looks like a "social disease" - amplified by bad live style staying to close together having no medical support/knowledge.

    It turns out there is case tracking in Georgia. The Atlanta Journal reported today that the government now has about 250 people doing that, and they want to expand that to about 1,000 people.

    Case tracking for ever ?? What is the idea behind this? Do it for the flue too ? It has always been done for AIDS, or Hepatitis C but they are a fraction as contagious as CoV-9 is.

    Why not using simple medication in case somebody shines up with symptoms? How do you track 20x asymptotic cases that infect other 20x asymptotic cases and just 1 of 20 will be visible. You will loose all traces!! Case tracking is dead stupid nonsense as a general measure as it simply does not work as soon as 1 single asymptotic case occurs.

    Countries like Japan, China will just face a never ending lock-down if they do not start to understand what really happens.

    Further below in the text he writes, in reference also to past experiments:

    To test the possibility of local heat generation despite this, an experiment was designed with an enclosure (copper cylinder) around the laser target with H(0)

    According to the SO(4) physics calculations almost all heat (fusion excess energy) is transported by the Kaon Pions otherwise the reaction would immediately stop.

    The "bad" parts of Europe have had their epidemic peaks and are down at 10X lower or more infection level than at the peak.…ahlen_Kanton_ZH_total.csv look at cumulated cases fist visible row

    ZH: The research & finance center of Switzerland now for two weeks is below 6 new cases/day (1.4 mio. people) despite almost no lockdown is happening. Shops stopped counting people only restaurants have to place tables at 2 meters and Saunas !! & universities are still closed... We have 50 critical ICU cases remaining in whole Switzerland... (4 in ZH)

    It will be exciting to see what happens during the next easing steps. Mask prices are still criminal. 6 months ago you could buy 10 masks in the Japanese 100-Yen shop ! That is 10 cents/piece. Just to give you an impression how much money some criminals do draw.

    Nevertheless I'm happy to go on hoping for now, but won't take horse worming pills!

    That's the shame! Horses and cattle do get it every year at least. In Egypts they get it quite often/year if they work with contaminated water (river blindness). In the US the victims of Lemblia/Giardina (endemic in some regions are very good patients - a lot of money to generate ... Of course they don't get it. (The old Indians used golden seal as a cure!)

    If one of the test subjects dies, it will be tragic, but it will be a necessary sacrifice for the good of humanity.

    The rotary folks will like you: They save about 5'000$/person if volunteers can be found: I would ask for kick-back....

    Breakthrough Drug: Ivermectin Shows 'Astounding' Results Against Coronavirus

    some 250 coronavirus patients were involved in the Broward trial. The results were dramatic, with “statistically significant improvement in mortality,” according to the source.

    The blood oxygen level of the first patient treated in early April was 70%, and dropped to just 50% within hours. After receiving the invermectin, the patient stabilized within 24 hours and was discharged from the hospital in one week.

    We know it since more than a month ! But believe me this will not bother an US hospital doctor as these first need a convincing phone call from a mafia daddy (CDC,FDA,deep state...)

    Half of Fox News viewers believe Bill Gates is trying to use the virus outbreak to inject you with a microchip:

    The fact is: Microsoft promotes this chip for advanced security like personal ID (=legally valid etc.). May be you should be alert that not a single company makes this mandatory!

    It shows how easy it is to suggest causal relationships between drugs and effects, but also how easy it is for such suggestions to be wrong.

    This also happened for Statins (for high blood LDL) in a self deception way. After one year 30% success, but after 5 years no success after 10 years widespread damage.

    Note to those reading: the arguments do not prove that no causal links between vaccination and development of mitochondrial disorders that trigger Autism. Causal links can never be disproven. They can only be shown to look unlikely.

    Exactly true: The truth is dependent on when you know what. See Statin case. Thus a todays conspiracy (e.g. 9/11) can be the accepted truth of tomorrow as historian can not be bought a 100 years in advance. Other way round see Statin story. And the same can happen to a vaccine. It can save your live today but may be kill you in 10 years due to a new weakness. We just don't know!

    Of course, after TAX used to subsidize the "renewables". One could make these money by burning or selling fossil fuels instead - this amount of coal corresponds the carbon footprint of renewables.

    How they could be better, if they get more expensive than coal, i.e. when they consume more (coal) energy on background, than they save?

    How much crack did you consume before writing the blue line ??

    I think you live in a conspiracy world and due to your low education you are unable to properly relate facts and finally to draw your own conclusion.

    Times have change. Solar had the break through about 5 years ago in average but oh surprise it depends on the geographical, political and economic environment. I would say in North Norway it will never be a success...

    The same for Wind, but with much more political foul play involved. Sad to note: Germany is ruled by an industrial mafia and they only try to make the most money possible. If the citizens accept this then they should not complain.

    Just one example: The Siemens family had no ready solution to connect off shore wind parks. But they got the $$$ business anyway. As a consequence 3 wind parks were offline for more that 2 years and you had to pay for the total production that never happened ... May be you should start to understand...…-6736(20)31180-6/fulltext

    This pretty well ends the bullsh*t about hydroxychloroquine with or without a macrolide antibiotic like azithromycin being effective. 96,000 patients reviewed. Across several levels of severity. vs non-treated controls. Results suggest the drugs may make things worse and have no overall benefit.

    I suggest you go back to the ICU and just go on to treat you patients. If the "thelancet" goes to underground level communication, then the whole medical information system is just now going down the titanic way.

    Already on the first page you can see that the assumptions are simply said nuts. Mention of chloroquine, only hospital patient and no zinc and no add-on of other effective medication...

    If they include all this rubbish data then of course you can, in average, even find worse outcomes. Most patient that took the mixture of course never did see the hospital. Thus they excluded all successful ones!!

    Navid, perhaps you could make your point a bit more clearly and explicitly? preferably identifying any embedded COVID conspiracy theories that are necessary for your argument to work.

    Why did Novartis had to ship about 30'000'000 dose of HCQ to the US just for one trial with 1000 people!!! (May be you ask the US army..)