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    Thanks to several wise individuals, I had the money to buy the parts. Cold fusion makes heat, which requires a sensitive calorimeter that costs in excess of $25,000 even when it is self-made. Helium and tritium are even more difficult and expensive to detect. Radiation detection requires special skill because it can be detected mainly within the apparatus.

    Russ George told me hat his MS he built around 1990 for the ultra sound target mass 4+/- delta analysis did cost > 300'000$. At least he could show 10 > background 4-He in his Pd foil.

    I personally think that this is a waste of time and money one better should use for improving experiments. The best way to follow CF is to make the reaction gamma active. A good spectrometer costs about 3000$. You can order some at https://www.gammaspectacular.com Steve is ready to build special configurations - NaI or CsI - that are sensitiv down to 5keV!

    I'm not a chemist nor a mathematician this is why i often asked myself to know what generate inside nuclei this electronegativy behavior, do you have an idea a proposal ?

    In SOP potentials are equivalent to EM wave masses/structures. Basically charge - charge interaction is joining EM flux that settles on a new minimum. Obviously all 1+ nuclei have a different potential... In Lanthanides even 4+ can be less than 1+ in Hydorgen...

    They found that in an aqueous solution, negatively charged particles attracted each other and formed clusters, while positively charged particles repelled. However, in solvents that have an inverted dipole at an interface – such as alcohols – the opposite was true: positively charged particles attracted each other and negatively charged particles repelled.

    Charge is a magnetic effect and in chemistry reactions are classified according minimal electronegativity. So a change in Ion structure leads to a stronger ion bond..., hence more flux that binds the charge.

    Charge is only a good model e.g. for particles or very simple atoms. In all other cases charge plays more or less no direct role.

    Since we are talking about flows on closed manifolds, I suggest you take a closer look at flows along (2,3)-toric knots (homeomorphic to a trefoil) on a torus, on a pretzel and on a manifold of genus 3

    I'm using Octonions for higher Z nuclei. The problem is that you must be conform with the 2:1 action principle. Further, all flux must in average be constant at least around one 4D node. A tree foil has no higher order symmetry, but in 2D open systems, e.g. for photons, it looks pretty close to the possible solution.

    It's difficult to gives pictures as we map 6(8)D to 3D and then talk about projections that can have quite different 3D behavior.

    As said, currently I have no time left for deep theoretical work as this will need weeks or months.

    On the other hand, the topology of a closed manifold is given by a feature of the vector field of the flow, which is locally minimal outside the feature of the vector field.

    This is a good question! There are oscillations that perturb the flux globally and some only in restricted dimension. So the problem does change from regular torus to mixed angle torus. But everything is just a rotation only flux field where your outside is the "inside"/area of the flux manifold. There is no outside action unless you produce some change in a projection like the potential.

    May be one day I will find some minutes to reason about the math structure needed for 4:1=5 rotation coupling with oscillation given by the potentially elliptic nature of the 5th rotation.

    Congress is waking up to the scam they created with net metering and subsides passing the cost on to taxpayers not receiving any benefits from them

    Worst was Germany that did bribe the conservative voters with a net margin of 10..20% for PV current delivered to the state.

    OK Germany anyway is the most systemic corrupt country in West Europe as they do the same thing for the car mafia too...and did implement a destruction plan for the railway system...

    But rural Germany still misses mobile access points not even talking of www...

    In Switzerland PV current delivery is honored with about 8..10 cents at least! Why? Local current does not block the global grid. They can re-sell it for almost no additional cost.

    The local minimality of flows is provided by differential equations, and the global minimality is established by integral variational equations.

    This is the general method! But on particle internal level this simplistic approach no longer works as the metric locally is no longer linear (=> curvature of tangent can't vanish!). So you have to find a flux topology that globally satisfies the differential equation, what means for all points on a manifold.

    Further particles have 0 degree of freedom what means F(X,t) = F(X,t+P) P the period time. So variation is reduced to harmonic functions that themself again follow F(X,t) = F(X,t+P') P' e.g. equal an internal oscillation of an axes.

    If you once study the SOP charge function you can see this oscillation!

    You can only solve this problem with topology!

    net metering is an unfair advantage to solar panals owners as rates go up for non panel households. A lot of states are trying to do away with net metering

    If you live south of 34 degree north you don't need the grid anymore if you have a suitable battery. You could also produce Hydrogen with excess current or charge EV's for others...

    So we must fully understand that the grid for many regions will be an outdated technology, but once CF produces dirty cheap current the grid is in again.

    As long as power companies are not state owned it's ridiculous to discuss rate increases that are simply pirate methods to get higher bonus....

    Structure shows that on a localized point there is for example an excess amount of negative charge

    The SOP Nickel model shows that most isotopes have internal - not reduced - electron masses, what explains that Ni+H fusion works very well (looks like adding a neutron) - as seen in the Brillouin process.

    Of course some dumbheads like Widom believe that real neutrons are at work....

    And please stop discussing with our forum clown (THH) that ignores the reality we see from diverse companies also from Mills research.

    And once more H+H do never fully fuse. The result is spin matter H*-H* or UDH as Holmlid calls it or Dihydrino as Mills not so exact calculation alludes...

    there flows should be locally minimal, and not globally as for a vacuum.

    No: This locally is standard model nonsense. The whole flux must be globally minimal, else its instable. That's why SM people have no clue of physics at all and do not understand that you need minimal Lagrangian surfaces/manifolds for physics. Gauging is engineering physics only!