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    Unsubstantiated statements are what Wyttenbach always does

    Did you ever read N&P standard physics papers ?? Mostly unsubstantiated stuff. Theory in average never matching experiment better that 98..99% or as much as a standard woodworker needs...

    If you like to get better information, then start to work and present your ideas on a level where it will be taken as serious. Nobody will disclose something for people just writing tons of forums legends.

    How can Li7 be a neutron doner without any neutrons detected in any LENR reaction?

    axil : The reaction is 2 7Li --> 2 4He + 6Li. For short: 7Li has enough free 3D/4D flux to form out one more 4D Quanta. But the 8Be configuration is electrically unstable.

    All LENR reactions are introduced by spin coupling. Not the kind of spin you know from the standard model! It is the momentum from the magnetic mass waves that couple and finally redistribute!

    As said: This is a short cut from a new theory, that is very exact. Just forget anything about the standards model. It is a graveyard for 10'000's of physicists.

    Amateurs have greater challenges than professional, in a domain where everybody is challenged.

    The biggest advantage of an amateur, was the missing training in wrong theories/models and that lack of respect he owns to the godfathers!

    What we already can say today: Thanks to LENR nuclear and particle physics will reappear, with a completely different face and only very few connections to old models. Stay tuned!

    I just got dust binned for proposing how LENR in a plasma might function.

    axil : Lipinskis use a proton beam to excite the nuclear magnetic moments. The process can be modeled classically by Alvén wave physics. They switched from stable Lithium disks to plasma because then the process is long time sustainable and removing heat is well understood. Their experiments are absolutely in line with the new LENR theory as they measured the maximum of particle generation, where the theory predicts the maximum to be!

    The problem with Lipinskis is the same as with Mills: They developed their own theory and incorporated it into the patents. Both theories are not conclusive and both Mills/Lipinski do no longer comment their failures.

    The Lipinski process is simple: 7Li+H* trigger the nuclear reaction. H* is the toroidal state of hydrogen that also correspond to Holmlid's spin matter. This mechanism has ample prove as Lipinskis published the spectra with the matching energies.

    This is why I recommend that the fuel pellet be vaporized into a plasma state to expose the LENR active agent floating in a plasma.

    axil : Now you reached Nirwana state. Can you stop to flood us with your foolish ideas? Either you try to understand LENR theory or you will risk that we start to laugh at you! Mixing ideas without any model is just crazy ITER talk.

    Did you ever bake a cake? And how did it taste?

    And you know this how? You know their routes to work and the accident probabilities of their paths how? You know the probabilities of their apparati exploding how? Did you find the supposed supplemental information associated with the paper that supposedly gave more info on their setup (and presumably how to operate it safely)?

    kirkshanahan : Pointing at potential danger in LENR experiments could be well worth a separate thread. All nuclear processes are capable of gamma/neutron radiation. Even the sunburn(s) (XUV) reported from different labs were impressive. Pamelas lab produces neutrons and alphas and she believes they will be contained.

    For amateurs the story looks quote different:

    The good thing is: Most amateurs only see very low level of activity, what is still enough for research. But people that want to go for the money are at risk without proper shielding and measurement. I believe that far more than one LENR researcher has already, unintentionally, shortened his live.

    Students are protected by law and the responsibility is on the university side. Thus I assume Pamela did her homework.

    Regarding explosions is a very serious issue and one point not to tell everybody anything you know.

    Just recently his observations were confirmed: Lattice Energy LLC - LENR experiment conducted by The Aerospace Corporation repeated Japanese NEDO projects reported excess heat results - June 6 2018

    Zephir_AWT : LL is just selling others work. He never had something nor has he ever understood anything. This is just a sales pitch of a widely overestimated poster.

    By the way, have you had your yearly dementia test yet this year?

    If you read my posts you would have seen that the Bose condensate that the ultra dense hydrogen supports has three output energy formats, light, heat and muons.

    axil : That's a boomerang! You wrote about input = pumping not output....

    it is now common knowledge that the fuel must be pumped with energy in order to be activated. Just using heat pumping is limiting. Holmlid for example does not use heat pumping. Holmlid is using light and more recently he found that spark discharge also seems to work.

    Just try harder to improve your writing.

    Holmlid for example does not use heat pumping. Holmlid is using light and more recently he found that spark discharge also seems to work.

    axil : If you would read papers and remember their content, then you could have noticed that Holmlid's experiments emit also mesons without any external stimulation!

    All you need is hydrogen (or 2H) and a very low pressure.

    Please do as I said: First understand what you read, before giving advises.

    We know all ignition methods, but its not like going in a drugstore, next shelve and go to cashier! It takes weeks or months to change a setup. But if you have a setup that works, then you can walk in many directions.

    As I have implored you before, use light as a pump to excite the fuel, instead of heat. Illuminate the fuel with a laser in the viable frequency range, and see if any energy output results,

    axil : There are many methods to pump energy into a LENR ready fuel. The Holmlid (light= Laser) version is the strongest possible energy pump you can build today. It is even stronger than the Livermore laser ignition factory.

    If you ever did work in a physics lab, then latest by now you should know what that means.

    Please go on, collect ideas and present them as ideas only, what can be very fruitful for all of us. Everybody will listen to ideas and may be pick some from the fitting ones...

    But nobody will listen to advises without any sound background theory/model and more important a test plan!

    Shanahan has a theory. He has presented it.

    Now, LENR in general is weak in replications. Very weak.

    Bob : If you would read papers and may be understand them, the you could notice that during the last year some major LENR claims (Parkhomov, Mizuno, Takahashi) have been replicated with high success and with an error margin where "Shanahan's" theory cannot be applied to downscale the result.

    I hope that some noisy people here soon switch to a flat earth forum.

    Fuel cannot give up its energy without combustion, which includes the mass of the oxidizer.

    Dan21 : Such comments, bare of any knowledge, are very displaced. Oxygen, usually the most active/energetic combustion partner does not deliver any extra energy. People usually calculate the energy content based on a full oxidation of the base material.

    LENR will soon change the world. For some people here it will take a bit longer...

    Why does radioactive decay stop in the LENR reaction?

    Why do only left handed particles decay and right handed particles don't?

    axil : You are confusing facts and ask the wrong questions! Nobody never did prove that "radioactive decay stops in the LENR reaction".

    The second question must be asked in a different way: Why can we only see "left handed particles decay"!...may be all are left handed...

    There is so much surpressed information in the spectrum it is hard to make any meaningful comparisons.

    @Alan: You are absolutely right. We can only speculate. E.g. the 4.5 MeV peak of Holmlid is matching the charge removal of the Pi+ --> Pi0 recombining to a proton, but could also be a simple element peak...

    The width and shape of the 4.5 MeV peak is also matching what we exactly expect from 4D physics formulas...

    you don't want overly smart people in border security either.

    Max Nozin : The people staying at the US border (airports) usually are smart. They are very well educated & instructed! What Gennadiy faced was a back-office guy that never will go to any border...

    What brand of modern physics do you think of? String theory...

    It might or might not be similar to what you're observing relatively to background with the Androcles cells at a close distance.

    The light blue part above is the same as mfp. Glowstick did see. May be we will soon have an explanation.

    Don't forget the air...

    kirkshanahan : Oxigen (not Fe) was the missing part in the reaction you link. They wrote:

    In the second series of experiments, which were done with the water trough fully covered, the amount of iron in the carbon residue decreased significantly (20 to 100 ppm). Here also there were large variations in the iron concentration in the residue, although the experiments were performed under identical conditions.

    12C+16O --> 28Si is a nice supposed LENR reaction. 28Si is the nucleus with the highest 4(6)D symmetry and absolutely compliant with the advanced NPP model. But this equation is to simple. In reality there is an intermediate step that involves the 14N and 14C structure that finally combine to iron. So for me it could also be the missing Nitrogen.

    Yes: what I'm wondering is how putting/removing the barrier that decreases the radiation count at the Geiger at a close distance affect the signal at another Geiger counter at a (relatively) large distance in line of sight of the same reactor. Ideally the distant detector would be equipped with a silver foil, which has been suggested by your group to enhance detection in earlier experiments.

    can : Muons are produced by decaying Kaon's. The correct distance where you can start to measure them can be seen in Holmlid's paper. To find muons a very careful experimental measurement is needed, if we assume that the flow of Kaons is very small. This is due to the decrease in intensity that goes down with 1/r2 !

    Holmlids initial delay is 6 ns (2-12 ns decay kaon) what gives about 1.8m if the Kaon is at 0.4c, as Holmild assumes, then the closest distance is 0.72 meters. I would just slowly extend the range of measurement from 0.7 to 4.5 meters and check if there is a sweet spot with increasing noise.

    Any LENR researcher ought to be concerned about this stuff which is pseudo-science (very publicly) asking for money from investors, and claiming to be LENR research.

    THHuxleynew : This definitely is LENR research. But I agree that it is of no value concerning a verification of LENR. Under high temperature/fields we always see sedimentation effects/ solid state ion transport. Thus a change in isotopes concentration proves nothing. More relevant are analysis of isotope compositions like the one Biberian made of the famous Fleischmann Platinum electrode. There we clearly can see that LENR happened, because of a strong change in isotope composition of the base Pd and the follow up Ag!

    Also absolutely convincing for LENR are results of high concentrations of new isotopes, that were not present prior to the experiment. But here too sedimentation/aggregation must be taken into account, respectively must be excluded.

    Thus it is absolutely necessary to define a base standard for LENR certification. It is time to stop listen to everybody that is noisy enough and not willing to improve his presentation. But I believe subtle atomic will deliver more details if they get asked to do so.

    But now, comparing this with the caption, I wonder if Mr George is just speaking in a sort of poetic fashion and doesn't mean physical heat.

    Bruce__H , Forty-Two . There are many forums for desperate housewives, where you could discuss the various forms of heat we can feel... Why don't you switch? The level of your comments might just be a little bit to elevated for the mentioned forum(s).

    We here talk of heat that may trigger gammas. Something the standard model of nuclear and particle physics can't explain, ergo doesn't exist.

    We here are interested in new physics. We know that the standard model of nuclear and particle physics is not adequate to describe LENR phenomena because it is based on wrong assumptions...

    Sometimes I like to talk to housewives, but here they seem to be very boring.

    You are so amazingly smart. I want to know what spin is and how it can be right handed or left handed if a particle like the electron or the neutrino does not actually spin.

    axil : All magnetic mass spins. If you classically (standard model) speak of spin 0 then in the correct 4D model the "vector sum" of all spinning inertias is "0". Example if you have two spheres one spinning right handed the other left handed then the net "amount" of spin = moment of mass rotating mass is 0. But the energy in this movements is just twice that of a single sphere.

    But the story is much more complicated. Magnetic mass and charge have their own spin, which have much more complex inter relations than the standard model knows!

    For dense matter the classical model of a simple +-1(/2) spin is far to simple to describe the reality.

    I also knew cold fusion could not be a miniature version of plasma fusion. I figured that out 5 seconds into reading the Wall Street Journal article. F&P were still alive, so that was ruled out. I did not know much about plasma fusion -- honestly, I still don't -- but I used to hang around in the Cornell plasma fusion lab, so I knew that much! I was amazed that any scientist said: "This can't be fusion because plasma fusion would produce a deadly flux of neutrons, so it must be a mistake." How illogical! Yes, of course it can't be that kind of fusion. So if it isn't a mistake, it has to be something else.

    JedRothwell : After the master/phd study the mind of most scientists is formed. Most of them anyway never had the ability to question the models they learnt. The remaining ones, that have to teach the new generation cannot be blamed for not committing they might teach the wrong story.

    Up to now nuclear & particle physics was based on kinetic experiments. Unluckily people only use the nice Pauli/Dirac formalism (that by the way can be expressed with one quaternion equation) to understand the results, where charges are points or densities and the result are waves or densities.

    Even worse: Most physicists still believe that there is a "coulomb style" strong force potential, what is blatantly wrong. We only have magnetic flux/mass that is rotating.

    Nevertheless, in the limit, the behavior of a particle collision must be conform (momentum) to Newtons laws.

    Now we go back to LENR. In LENR the reacting particles/isotopes have no (or a very small) linear(kinetic) momentum. Even more severe, the reacting partners retain their symmetry = no stimulus for asymmetric decay.

    Radiation needs either an excess momentum or a nuclear gamma level that is triggered by the reaction. Only the second may be the case. But most elements have gamma levels that are out of reach for the gained energy. Especially 4-He has no way to either radiate or decay under LENR conditions.

    Unluckily the early PD experiments were the 4-He production experiments, that need a new physical model of dense matter for a complete understanding. But which physicist is able to accept, that he learned, taught etc. outlandish rubbish? And that this state of failure happens since about 100 years!

    LENR is the tomb stone of the standard model!