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    The Higg's boson is a fakeon.. Is this physicist for real?

    Because the standard model (StDM) made the most severe wrong decision at the very beginning everything (theory of course!) done in particle physics the last 80 years is more or less waste. The base of all STDM gauging are potentials. But we know today that potentials are only perturbations and not the source of any object.

    The even more deep failure was to model the missing link (that occurs naturally with coupled B fields) between particles by so called exchange particles. If you name an egg by pointing to an other egg you are a dumb egghead...

    The STDM will die soon but it's like a big whale. If you cut his tale it a takes a long time until the brain notices it.

    For example, researchers at the LHC claim they discovered evidence for the Higgs boson.

    Jed you are completely right. The so claimed Higgs boson is an exact (= all measured digits and easy to predict...) resonance of the proton magnetic mass. Or let's sum up: The standard model is outraging nonsense or just fringe science. I wouldn't give any physicist more than a few dollars until they give a model that is really able to predict the measured data of the last 40 years....................

    How about using alpha-MnO2 as a substrate for hosting LENR - its crystal lattice structure looks ideal for rotatoral H species as described in Wyttenbach's patent (about 0.5 nm vacancies)

    Mn is a potent host for LENR as it has two different magnetic states in the low energy spectrum. I do suspect if LENR happens in Bacteria Mn is one key player.

    "But Mills’s cosmological work was based on an entirely new theory of quantum gravity, based in turn on his entirely new theory of atomic and particle physics.

    Due to this language barrier, his work remains largely unknown in the scientific community, but the 1995 edition of his treatise in the Library of Congress will be a patent reminder of his prediction."

    Unluckily Mills stopped his work to early, after the important - exciting - first insight he got. So he failed to discover the universal laws of mass energy production given by the transport of magnetism from 3D,t to SO(4). But this does in no way invalidate his findings about the cosmos. But definitely his writing about the strong force is wrong.

    Mills is the only physicist in the last 40 years that made/brought real progress in the large. So he is the grandfather of NPP2.0.

    So there's the challenge for Rossi-Replicators. Crowd fund whatever arc lamp and power supply you deem fit, and you will easily get an arc maintained by a few watts of power, which you will be able to show by Rossi's calculations to have a temperature of 6-8,000 K

    Nigel Appleton You make some simple mistakes:

    Modern arc lamps have an current/light conversion efficiency above 50%. Thus 50% -the light! - passes the quartz without heating it. If somebody claims the peek of the radiation is in the UV range then even more passes without directly heating the quartz device. Such (street-) lamps are rated a some 100 Watts and need no active cooling if the surface is large enough.

    But as we know AR being an Italian that always multiplies his real device output/size by a factor of 2-4... With much much goodwill may be 4-5 keV could work out for a plasma tube of his tubes size.

    I made a very quick test with the electrodes as shown previously, but outside the jar.

    Why are you not trying to electroplate some Pd or Rh on one electrode? It's not very complicated but this would protect them of erosion.

    Pd can be run at low PH Rh at high PH!

    Two pages filled in 4 hours for an indisputable subject!

    Why not just wait for the first 10 AR customers that will use 1000's of SK's?

    But waiting is boring. Working even more, but I prefer the later one.

    Just for fun I sometimes hope to get some news about the unbelievable... But this thread smells like the bad air of "Trumpy Twitterage" of testosterone driven, under ground, flat ... Or just no info!

    I know, you believe all their claims and this is why we can't agree on the reality of CF/LENR:

    Flat earthers are welcome! If you cannot believe in the subject of this forum then your presence (in this forum) is a waste of time. On our side there is no need to believe in LENR. We see it daily, we measure the extended and specific radiation of just temperature driven reactions.

    Your claims are based on hope. I think your statement should be the last in this foam epos. As you truly confirm you don't believe in LENR physics reality.

    The errors made by F&P are really blatant.....

    The error made by Ascoli is even more outrageous, than the one he claims to see. Without doing any confirming experiment that proves his hypothesis he invents fake facts and tries to flood the forum with his sloppy derivations.

    Inventing experimental facts without doing an experiment is fraud! Or might be just to much foam (beer)...

    You are by now the last L-F member who is still trying to affirm the reality of the F&P claims by using scientific arguments.

    Ascoli65 : This is your miss interpretation of the reality. We the knowledgable prefer the foam of beer and no longer discuss with an avatar that claims to see pink unicorns - usually offspring of foam too...

    Now where a new area of physics is just starting, where more and more people can reproduce the way (LENR) nature produce all elements and seismic relevant energy, there are still many people that believe in an old religion based on the so called standard model.

    This evolving schism is a natural phenom that does accompany mankind since culture was introduced.

    But if we know that such persons believing in the old religion want to tell us the new one (LENR) is not existing.., then we the knowledgeable, simply name such people unskilled in the art. People that never saw an elephant have no right to say elephants don't exist. It's a matter of taste to call them idiots, ignorants, fools or just simple minded.

    Unluckily for the "old believers" we can prove that LENR exists, what for religions is a hard task.., that only can be completed by inquisition.

    Pons & Fleischmann had the guts to out themselves as the first ones "believing" in the data (LENR) they measured for years long. They were not the first ones that measured anomalous heat - this happened already at least half a century earlier - but as said they, P&F, had the courage to tell the world that old physics is wrong, what has, in the last 30 years, been privately confirmed by many great physicists, that.., didn't want to risk their pension.

    That's why I always will reference P&F in first place in a paper about LENR!

    OT and ad hominem.

    Science is made by named persons. "OT and ad hominem" can only be made against named persons.

    You are an avatar that uses "professional fake new speeding" techniques. Thus serious people long time ago stopped reading your nonsense.

    If you want to proceed on a more serious basis given us just your background and affiliation.

    The mix of nuclear isomers is not part of the 'chemical conditions' but are nuclear conditions.

    Whether there is Pd106 v Pd107 or Ni52 v Ni53 is a nuclear condition.

    There is typo in there: Ni62/63 might be more correct!

    But the rest of the post got confirmed by recent experiment...

    Thank you. I rapidly went through the article and didn't find any reference to proton decay with 50MeV.

    The "50" MeV's are from StephenC's paper and are also found by the 4D model.

    The general question is whether you can add any amount of magnetic energy to a rotating flux. What Holmlid does is basically overloading the space with photon = EM mass/energy that finally couples with the proton magnetic moment.

    But the classical assumption that these masses are spin 0 (no "orbital momentum" in Holmlids case) is nonsense as in 4(6)D space mass is only spinning. But you can show that the average mechanical moment is zero!