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    covid_19/COVID19_Fallzahlen_Kanton_ZH_total.csv at master · openZH/covid_19
    COVID19 case numbers of Cantons of Switzerland and Principality of Liechtenstein (FL). The data is updated at best once a day (times of collection and update…

    > 90 days no Covid death in Zürich. region covers about 1.4 mio. people. What is wrong with the data from other places?

    Why is USA still vaxx fascist country that urges you to damage your healthy for a visit....?

    Over 77.8 million COVID vaccine doses dumped in Japan, worth an estimate $1.6 billion - The Mainichi
    TOKYO -- At least 77.83 million unused coronavirus vaccine doses had apparently been discarded in Japan by February this year, mostly because they wer

    About 80 million RNA gene therapies dumped in Japan alone. How man lives could be saved by this dumping?

    Dumping a useless drug is better than to go on with Dr. Mengele trials...

    This is question i often asked myself, so comfirm me Frogfall a wavelength shifter can only do that from high frequencies to the lowest never the reverse even by some kind of resonance harmonics ?

    Of course it works both ways!

    The US CDC indicates that 92% of adults have taken one or more COVID-19 vaccine injections.

    USA on the self extinction trip? The whole army on a fake vaxxine?...

    Three years on, Covid lab-leak theories aren’t going away. This is why

    Why. Because the natural path is 10000000000000000000000000000% impossible. May be not for creatonists.. they can do it...

    And Good found the Pangolin he could place his most recent virus that then has been eaten by 1000 Chinese people in a religious ceremony...

    The virus contains at least 4 features that are unknown in all existing virus and cannot be added by a natural mutation. And we have....

    Fort Detrick had some kind of viral-related potential incident the summer before the pandemic,

    an email from A Detrick guy where he explains to Fauci how they added the AIDS extensions to SARS-COV-2...

    Fauci email about HIV add ons.pdf

    I guess they can always resort to using a "wavelength shifter" - such as a phosphor coating (like the inside of fluorescent tubes), or some other kind of scintillator - followed by a UV filter layer.

    The original company name was black (now brilliant) light power. May this name change did trouble Mills mind.

    From day one on it was clear that you will need a photo window but no such window exists for his frequency range... Further the reaction will fog the window quickly.

    Thus his latest try was to use IR like cells that convert the thermal radiation...

    Such things happen if a fantastic mind also becomes chief engineer...

    High concentration PV cells work in the solar UV range not in the XUV range...


    He was found dead three hours later. :rolleyes: Moderators on the forum where he pushed his daft ideas onto other dupes, made light of the situation with this weird quote:

    The brown leather jacket boy again posts what he believes is happy news for his Dr. Mengele friends.

    Today NZZ made it clear. This poor guy did suffer from a serious gene defect? induces illness following a Borrelia infection . He took Ivermectin since 11 years. So it was never Covid related.

    What makes it more serious is the believe of our child that we should feed our most precious medicament to all animals we make money of. Today cows and horses eat more Ivermectin and Praziqauntel than ever. Unluckily with the same consequences as we see for antibiotics.

    Can you believe it!!!

    USA is still a Big Pharma Covid Mafia state!!

    Keine Impfung gegen Corona, keine Teilnahme: Tennisstar Novak Djoković verzichtet auf Start bei US Open
    Der serbische Tennisstar Novak Djoković hat wieder Einreiseprobleme aufgrund seines Impfstatus. Seine Teilnahme am Turnier in Miami zog er deshalb zurück. Der…

    No VAX no Visa. USA requires you to damage your immune system with a gene therapy and make you more vulnerable to CoV-19 to enter USA...

    Full vaccination—preventing asymptomatic infections

    76.5% (69·8–81·7)

    One more garbage study entirely based on other garbage studies. Real data of UK, Switzerland,AUS tells very clear:: Vaccines - RNA gene therapy - makes you between 4-10 more vulnerable to get CoV-19. So the protection is totally negative.

    Why could Pifzer publish 95% protection after 3!! months of a fake phase III test? They did not run PCR tests on > 1000 infected in the vaccine group. This was possible because all vaccinated have been unblinded to a second company that did instruct doctors....

    Why is trialsite talking about this garbage work?

    This letter is emblematic of the FDA’s caliber of analysis

    FDA is no longer a serious organization,. It has been fully taken over by the US states finance mafia. FDA advise directly comes from e.g. Pfizer marketing and of course is never based on science. FDA is the puffer to sell garbage at gold price level.

    Take a viox or an opioide to calm down...

    Maxwell confused everything in this matter with his fatal mistakes, which none of you seriously look at...

    I think your arguments show a great confusion. Maxwells original claims a totally different from what you claim Maxwell did claim. May be once study the history.

    Science is a process. The folks after Maxwell are to blame. The biggest blunder was the introduction of the 4 potential that is a nice vehicle to model fields with one differential operator but has nothing to do with e.g. the reality of the field sources. The very real garbage is the Dirac equation and the relativistic Klein-Gorodon equation.

    I doubt that you are able to give us the charge function from just the B field as seen in SOP (SO(4) physics) ... Charge is a real effect in physics else you never could have used a CRT.

    Why needs fission thermal neutrons? because then the magnetic interaction is maximal. Neutrons only interact=couple via magnetic moment or on decay.