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    Now the big problem is that, in this single example of HAD documented by F&P, the input power has not ceased! So the cell was not "Death", and we can only talk of "Heat After Something", where the "Something" has not been highlighted and explained by the authors of the article.

    I just skipped over the papers. As Mc Kubre already said a remaining voltage is to be expected! Decaying 4He from D-D fusion is strongly ordered due to magnetic momenta from excess flux. Thus the magnetic flux produces - expected by Maxwell source law - charge, what is equal to a certain voltage.

    Additionally I checked (F&P) the ramp-up time of the heat and the timing of the heat after death. Both are absolutely conform with the current D-D fusion model we use. It's sad he left us that early!

    What we have here (and more generally in LENR work) is some work that indicates marginal high energy particles,

    High energy particles = high momentum. That only happens in asymmetric decay (alpha, beta) or in kinetic experiments.

    Usual LENR reactions as D-D fusion, have no (or sometimes - Lipinski - very low) kinetic input. If you see particles from LENR reactions, then there are asymmetric fusions happening (e.g. 7Li + H*) or the total energy produced is over (Holmlid) the Kaon barrier being around 50MeV (= twice the alpha core binding energy - needed for magnetic binding reversal).

    Once more I remind you that all low Z (<=6) "particle like nuclei" have no gamma levels except (6Li) the exact binding energy of sub-particle "bonds".

    Thus it is absolutely clear, why we rarely see particles and mostly no gamma radiation.

    Any chance of putting a rough lower limit on the level of gamma radiation expected for the rate of excess heat generation claimed (~ 25 Watts)?

    A rough estimate is gammas contribution is way below 10-6!

    Is the assumption that LENR "excess heat" is only generated by the thermalization of gammas?

    In our case gammas are just the information of failures and do contribute virtually nothing to the LENR energy. Energy is transported by magnetism otherwise the fuel would melt.

    New piece out from Russ. Good read...all science, nothing personal in nature. Looks like Androcles is on track, and picking up steam.

    Only a few things: We measured several backgrounds of different durations and it's as expected, in an old English building there is no common background. Difference ( in total counts) of 100 % are easy to get, simply by looking at a stone wall or a cabinet.

    The interesting part is looking at the "breathing tube" and to only following how the important region of the spectrum changes with temperature. Classically gamma radiation should not follow heat, but we live in LENR world, where new physics starts to evolve.

    jip. See comment of sept. 5 video in "videos" section on the BLP homepage. I think the problem is with the continuous supply of the H2 and inhomogenuous spread of H2 in argon. I asked a question regarding the control possibilities of reaction rate on SCP forum, but Mills said he is not going to answer the question due to IP issues.

    The problem is very simple: Mills should start to understand the role of silver and may be ask somebody that knows how LENR works...

    With the currents setup he will only destroy money and most goodwill.

    Of course it is, that’s why we all have dc circuits in our homes.

    Only (some exceptions..) motors need AC.

    The problem is that state & society power organizations don't like autonomous people. Even the communists, after 1910 did dislike the called anarchists. Huge central power stations are a first mean of control and generate dependency!

    Soon electric cars will consume most electricity. They also need DC. Thus it is just a matter of time and place how much dc lines there will be in a future home. Of course short and midrange transmission will always be AC, where as for long range (> 1000 km) only works decently with DC.

    Sorry, but you have not been the official librarian of CF/LENR for nearly 3 decades. JR is a much more representative and informed figure in the field and has decided that Icarus 9 from F&P is the best experiment on record. Lipinski&Lipinski have to wait their turn.

    Ascoli65 : You just jumped over the troll barrier. In one thread you fight JED and here JED serves as your shield to avoid a loosing discussion.

    It is too late to find errors in old experiments, as it is to late to stop LENR.

    Your attitude is very close to ABD's. Just trying to produce noise to distract people by referencing "low value" old experiments.

    All well informed people (reading this forum) doing experiments know about the Lipinski findings, thus it's up to you be informed too.

    Unless you plan to have ac AND dc powered devices, with both type of outlets,

    Which NO ONE EVER in Any situation will ever want, EVER

    This just will not happen.

    I have an extensive 12VDC ring main for lighting in my house, laid alongside the 230V grid circuit.

    The main reason to use a dc-line is the live time of the cheap rectifier built into the socked of new LED lamps. LED's driven by dc live forever >30000h whereas the other live between 50 and 15000h. The later figure is very optimistic the first is Chinese rubbish.

    I too changed many lamps to dc especially all with more expensive LED's. Even cheap Chinese bulbs get long lives...

    I think that just as Ken Shoulders discovered, the addition of a heavy noble gas aids the formation of spheromaks in a plasma where free electrons are present.

    Nobel gases form a chemical complex with H3+! This introduces a stable "+" charge needed for symmetric currents!

    Actually, there is a much shorter way to do this: identify the most representative document in the LENR field, and disprove its findings, or, even better, let some recognized LENR expert do it.

    As said and many times repeated in this forum: The best documented and radiation measured LENR experiment is Lipinski's Lithium H* fusion.

    search for: WO 2014/189799 A9 or US 2016/0118144 A1 Patents!! 100eV is the input energy with the highest COP (>1000).

    We would be very pleased if you can refute these claims...

    I just followed the appeal launched by JR in this same thread. He strongly urged those who are not persuaded by the reality of the CF/LENR phenomena to look at the technical details of the boil-off experiments performed by F&P and by their replicators, in particular Lonchampt.

    LENR is far more than just demonstrating successful excess heat. May be you should spend some time with reading papers and attending meetings. Jaque Ruer (presented this spring in Paris) recently analyzed ( in a professional lab) one of the famous Fleischmann electrodes, that produced a lot of excess-heat, to look for transmutations. The seen isotope shift can only be explained by a nuclear reaction between palladium and deuterium.

    But we need not to convince you that LENR is real. It's your turn to explain why one silver isotope is seen in a much higher, than the natural ratio.

    If you don't understand that it is your turn to disprove all the LENR findings, then may be, you don't understand how science works.

    Because CF/LENR is the most interesting socio-psychological phenomenon in the last decades. Nothing better than LENR shows to what extent humans are capable of self-delusion. It has been a privilege to have had the possibility to examine its technical details and to exchange opinions with some of its main protagonists. I learned a lot discussing about the Ecat, and LENR in general. LENR touches almost every aspect of the reality of our world: science, politics, finance, psychology, rhetoric, global emergencies such as depletion of resources and climate change, and even … religion, why not? After all, science and technology - especially their pseudo-versions - operate nowadays as the new universal religions of the humankind.

    It's is OK to debunk Rossi, who simply has no clue about the physics, that is underplayed to his experiments.

    But unluckily for you, soon people will call today standard model physics being pseudo science. Hot fusion, the offspring of a military lie, will be named the most unsuccessful project ever, burning megatons of money, we would need to educate, e.g. 90% of the undereducated US population.

    The sect of standard model physicists is worse than the catholic church, but the successful explanation of LENR physics will "push them over the cliff".

    Cold fusion researcher Tadahiko Mizuno is in Sapporo, which was hit by a large earthquake last week. He reports that the building his lab is in was severely damaged by last week's earthquake. The whole building appears to be leaning somewhat, about 5 cm by the 7th floor. The emergency exit staircase is severely damaged.

    His equipment was damaged as well. Two PCs are broken, and the electron microscope is probably beyond repair.

    My wive just came back from Japan. She explained that people in Hokkaido are quite a bit sloppy and mostly ignoring the dangers of nature. Thus it's no surprise that their (Mizuno's) building did not follow the actual standard for earthquake protection.

    Let's hope he can at least recover his experiments and get a new location!

    (There should be enough space, as Japans population is shrinking rapidly!!)

    Replication right now. Replication in 10 years. At some point you would have to hand a recipe or a fuel tube to someone wouldn't you? And you could face the same reactions in either case. I don't see your arguments here as addressing the time issue.

    Bruce__H : For the first time in history we see a chance to underline new LENR (basic physics) theory with experiments. Something we had to wait for 30 years. Is it to much to ask you to be patient until we can definitively say what is real and what is just lucky coincidence?

    On the other side: Did you ever ask FORD motors for a receipt to build a car?

    a) CF/LENR is a practically impossible physical phenomenon subject to the well-known reaction rate limitation explained, for example, in the Rossi-Focardi paper (1): "The tunneling probability becomes, as a consequence, P=4.7x10-1059, so small to make the capture of a single proton by a Nickel nucleus impossible. …"

    Ascoli65 : It is well known that there exists no formula in nuclear physics to calculate any reaction rate of any possible reaction. Physical engineering allows it to extrapolate some reaction rates from a given base. That's all.

    Current nuclear physics theory is completely outdated and not even able to calculate the correct ionization energy of Hydrogen, because they do not understand how to handle magnetism!

    Thus any comment of an old guard standard model physicist is not worth more than gossip.

    Thus we now understand that you are an adept of a passed physics world, that once believed they know how it works. Unlucky for you we just now know how LENR works. All rules are base on magnetism almost no potentials, just "the contrary" of the standard model.

    Volcanoes emit Tritium at times. A product with such a short half-life that it must have been freshly made. How do they do that?

    Initially geologists assumed that the water on earth cannot be of comets origin, because comets water contains far more deuterium, than the earths average. But today some of them take LENR as a serious option, that might have changed the balance over the billion of years that have passed. Especially after they saw the surface of Pluto, that shows clear signs of recent volcanic activity, which is impossible without LENR. (OK Pluto is a hidden space craft of the Sirius warriors...)

    Volcanos are clearly driven by LENR. May be the folks should once check some slight seasonal agreements with Russ muon booster effect.

    These Japanese Geigers are IMHO better and cheaper than anything else below $500 - and they will take almost any kind of Pancake or Alpha detector and are easy to connect to a data logger and stream data in a number of formats.

    They were developed by Safecast to monitor whole Japan. The first thing what they detected was, that all nuclear plants did dump tritium during night hours... They still had the technology of "year one" after construction with no hydrogen absorbers...

    Also, I have a mental image of pellets of fuel packed into the reactor tube with some sort of fill between them. Maybe I am wrong, but on the half chance that I am right ... have you tried to make the heat capacity of the fill material either particularly high? Or particularly low? Or is it just what it is?

    As mentioned once before: The LENR heat transport of D-D fusion is mostly magnetic. That implies that there is only a little heat conduction in the pellet.

    What is very intriguing is that there is Half Life that appear to be very consistent with each measurement.

    This reveal that it is not only a random error. Especially that everything returns slowly back to background is what is very hard to consider as an artifact.

    If there is something wrong with the radiation measurement how it can be fixed with zero physical motion just by time?

    So the only thing that is not fully examined is that irradiated objects have some charge stored inside.

    If you want an answer (half live) from one of us, then do measure a more detailed and unperturbed spectrum.

    The nuclei that are undergoing a LENR transmutation may carry a large magnetic charge that, locally can produce a very strong field. The main problem with this field is its ultra high frequency, that can penetrate everything.