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    IMO renewables are both economically both environmentally unsustainable, just the fear from nuclear power and dependence on East Asia and Russian fossil fuels makes it palatable for rich economies like the Germany (which can afford even the import of soyabean biofuels from Argentina

    If you buy an US Diesel car with blue motion then with one tank refill you possibly burn a one year ration of Corn (bio fuel) that a man in Africa will miss. Further on, for cleaning the waste gases you add fertilizer that the poor African guy will miss too.

    Just to say craziness has no limits...

    From memory, Palladium Hydride has a transition temperature of 9K. I don't know where you live, but I keep my room warmer than that! Don't mistake very low resistance for superconductivity -they are completely different things.

    There are papers (which Axil linked many times) claiming that the D filled cracks in Pd show SC like behavior. But, just like...

    T (what you quote I think) by something around 2.

    @THH : What is obviously wrong: Bdw: I did dot read the manual: I asked Optris tech support... Something you never did and as a 'serious' expert should have done first hand...

    Don't start a new trolling discussion. With the correct formula everything is in line with Levi and Foccardi results, something you ( and PMGN) don't like to see...

    (And what also clearly shows that Rossi had never more than the others had before he started..)

    Edited once again. You've repeatedly failed to respect forum participants' wishes to remain anonymous and been corrected several times. You're now on a two-day vacation. Eric

    Or, if we are just playing PR word games let me point out that you have repeated your view on here many times and patiently by various posters been led through what are your misconceptions. each time when we get to the nub of it you vanish. Only to pop up a few weeks later making the same statements. That is the behaviour of a propagandist, and I have no sympathy with it.

    @THH: Did you correct your report using the correct Optris formula with T3 emissivity? Or do you still base it on your wierd assumptions - like T2.. ??

    Fixed the name for you. Eric

    The liberals in Europe can keep laughing about Trump all they want. Sadly, they might keep on laughing when their wife or daughter is being attacked in the other room by a migrant who views women as nothing more than objects.

    @MSS: Calm down: If Trump would start reconstruction work as fast as discrimination of birth control, then we would applause. I agree that Hillary would have been the worse choice and that's the Crux: Why could the US-citizens just make the choice between two different opponents of the modern finance Oligarchy?

    The other point is the fundamental lack in cultural knowledge among US citizens. Most of the refuges (I'm not talking about the African high society boys just seeking a lazy live in Europe...) which went to Germany, are better educated, than the average US citizen. Only very few of them have screwed up (some call it hard core religious) minds.

    But even these few people will in average kill far less Europeans than any US citizen kills all year (total over 30000!!)

    Take a close watch at Turkey and Russia - now two dictatorship countries - and how Trump will communicate with them. Especially in central Turkey live more hard core religious people than anywhere (except Pakistan an other US allied..) else in the world.

    Conclusion: The world has always been changed by economy. Invent a better LENR process - or support R.Mills - and forget about what Trump should/could do!

    The problem with solar and wind is that they are not real solutions; for example, there is no way to put enough solar panels on an ordinary vehicle to get the same performance and range (even at night) as a typical vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine. What we need is a compact, power dense, and portable energy source that continually operates regardless of time of day or weather conditions. The solution is cold fusion.

    Samsung will not go the Trump way. They anounced a new battery technolgy that doubles the range of E-cars. Toyota and other use fuel cells, which are also more efficient than fuel burning cars. Even Google (US) is testing a natural gas fuel cell which gives a 50% efficiecy (electric!!).

    Wind and solar energy are ideal to remotely/distributed load car batteries. By the way: An electro motor is 5-7 times more efficient than any fuel driven motor because it is efficient under all load conditions!

    Trump just missed his time! 1984 would have been his year... We at Europe just laugh at him!

    Watch (partly in german English interviews) Inauguration interviews

    is there a definitive position whether nm particle or µm particle work ?

    There is far more work needed to decide about this. Small particles no longer have all phonon-wave modes availlable. There are myriads of papers in all fields investigating the benefits (dangers) of nano-particles.

    Here an internal Forum pointer to actual, relating work in a different field: Wave multiplication! = frequency division.

    After reading this paper, you may be understand that nano particles could radiate in the XUV region! Instead of IR!

    Wyttenbach I'm more in tune with R.C. Jennison phase locked cavities as a model for the electron.

    Jennisons reasoning is close to R. Mills one. The difference is that Jennison looks at a mass-distribution and Mills at the charge distribution.

    The reasoning about mass - in the case of the electron - can be missleading, because depending on it's speed, EM-mass can be higher than the rest mass. Mills did elaborate the relativistic equivalance relations for all elementary particles, which seem to fit very well. He treats all particles as cavities (like Jenisson does) and all kind of electron behavior can be explained, based on the non-radiation condition.

    No, what I am coming to understand is that your habit of doubling down on your ignorance still is not helping your cause.

    sigmoidal : It seems that you are tightly involved into the case and your writing is driven by obvious animosity.

    For me the story is over because the picture - of a headless acting, greedy investor doing everything (tax evasion, dubious test contract, ..) much better, than verifying the grade of his investment - now is complete.

    The only thing we can hope for is, that IH hires (not just contracts.., but this would be more expensive..) some crack, who really understands LENR. If they can't change their attitude they will compromise the whole Ni-H-LENR field, with just pouring in at lot of money and issuing gag orders to formerly independent researchers...

    Any prolongation of the trial is just driven by the same emotions, as you seem to feel...

    24 MeV could melt some 10 million atoms (assuming no heat loss), far too few to cause any visible hot spot. I repeat, you need tens of thousands of reactions, all occurring in the same vicinity to cause visible hot spots. Any model needs to take this into account.

    Hermes : Just wanted to remind you that a cubic nanoparticle of 40nm contains only about 4 mio Ni atoms. Most experimenters use smaller particles and not cubic ones...

    Stop spreading FUD. Your responses and conclusions are incorrect, non-sensical and incoherent.

    May be you didn't notice the wrong numbers on the document header and the title inside...

    Here the citation of IH's claims of doc. 124.01

    57. Defendants admit that from April 30 to May 1, 2013, Penon conducted measurements in connection with the Validation test of certain E-Cat reactors operated by Plaintiffs. Defendants deny the remaining allegations in Paragraph 57. The Validation test did not follow the Validation protocol as set forth in the License Agreement and the First Amendment (the “Validation Protocol”). For example, the Validation Protocol required 30 E- Cat reactors to be operated as a unit (“Unit A”) for twenty-four consecutive hours. However, only 18 E-Cat reactors were operated as Unit A during the testing period. In addition, the Validation Protocol required the flow of heated fluid from the E-Cat reactors to be measured during the Validation test. However, these measurements were not taken during the Validation test. Furthermore, the Validation Protocol required that twenty-four consecutive hours of testing be done on Unit A. However, less than twenty-four consecutive hours of testing was done on Unit A. There are various other examples of the Validation Protocol not being followed during the Validation test.

    The rest can be read in the following (..58..) paragraphs where IH confesses that they have been fooled...

    I guess, that after reading this, you understand something more about business and how it should not be done... Paying for an invalid test...

    Here is what metallized water looks like when compressed inside

    axil : One more try: If physicists talk about metalized water they mean - water that somehow behaves like a metal. But please remind, that water is a molecule that consists of two times two orbiting elementary particles and Oxygen, which is condensed matter. There is no reason to ever think that something like a band-structure will occur in "metalized hydrogen or water".

    What we know from the sono-fusion experiments is, that hydrogen gets stripped of the oxygen and thus oxygen forms "strings". Thus water and metalized hydrogen are two different matters. Le Clair as far is I know did look at water ...

    The closest form of metalized hydrogen, we could discuss about, is Holmilds H(0) cluster. But here again, H(0) is surface bound, not anything that can be viewed at in an isolated form, excect for a short time, when Holmlid is banging it away.

    If he could manage to accumulate H(0) then this would certainly become a different story.

    Anyway, for keV quantum of possible energy, Edmund Storms have studied how to avoid melting.

    AlainCo : The classical timeframe of a nuclear reaction is to short to break it up into keV events and thereafter to explain heat dissipation. You must be able to show that these events last much, much longer than in the classical case!! or that EM radiation is emitted!

    Both cases are not physically modelled yet. Thus, per definition, there is no model, just Storms assumptions.

    Wyttenbach had to work hard to come up with this and his posting well represents the degree of desperation that has broken out among the remaining Rossi

    Dewey Weaver : My interest in AR is as high as in BB, J.F.K or Trump to name some other shills...

    I'm basically interested in physics and bringing this distracting AR-IH plague to an end. If you ever interpreted some AR support into my posts, then I recommend you to carefully read the full post history. My tactics is to bring in some momentum. As we know from physics, thats the only way to bring a story/findings forward. I guess, my posts, were in the end, far more damaging for AR than for IH.

    Finally you have to live with the facts that NiH LENR works very well, but the cash-in receipt is not on the table yet.

    You also have to accept, that 10 mio and the expenses have gone down the gully, not only because layers are more clever than investors...

    My only advise is: Stop the money drain to law consulting and start to enjoy the AR muppet show...(and may be ask some 'real' experts for advise..)

    Note that this energy ( 23.6MeV particle) cannot be freed in one quantum as it would be detected.

    Anyway, for keV quantum of possible energy, Edmund Storms have studied how to avoid melting.

    Phonons are impossible, but x-rays or charged particles can be vectors.

    AlainCo : This is obvious as you at least need a two body reaction, which already halves the amount. But the exact heat equivalent is 23.6MeV. Just remind, that room - temperature is about 40m(milli)eV. Thus you can heat over 100 million atoms... That's also the reason why storms theory doesn't work. You dont have more than some millions of atoms in a nano particle! But it could work in bulk electrodes!

    PS: In sono fusion alphas are directly ejected!

    " The Russian plasma physicist, Chernetskii, from his observations of anomalous energetic plasma activity explains that under appropriate conditions a plasma interacts directly with the ZPE .

    He has recently claimed to have created a plasma device that absorbs energy from the vacuum fluctuations when the plasma's particles undergo cycloid motion."

    MikeFid : Do you have some references to papers? (You can send me some privately, if they are CR protected..) Did you read the

    Aringazin paper about toroidal electron structure?

    I'm working on explaining some LENR mechanism and any input is wellcome.

    For those interested in wave-stimulation: There are many papers in the ICCF14 proceedings : ICCF14a

    Squarewave interfere with the electron cloud and lead to a highly deformed shape which looks like opening one side of the coulumb cloud...

    But I still miss an indepth paper that calculates all details (direction, homogenity of field applied, strength needed, amount of cloud deformation - in eV - etc..)

    In a flight over the documents the following might be a quick summary sorted according to importance!

    (most of the exhibits are duplicates)

    1 IH now claims that the original 24h validation test for the 10 mio. Payment has been done incorrectly.


    This has serious implications: If you could have noticed fraud with a reasonable amount of investigation (just reading the test report..), then any complaint there after is void! This does not mean that AR is not a fraudster. This only means that IH can't get anything out of this (10 mio.) by a (counter-) complaint.

    2 Tax evasion: IH confirms that they shifted all patents in a Netherlands company...

    3 Many crucial points of Rossi patents were denied, because R.Mills patented most of it years ago...


    4 IH did never pay (missing consulting contract) for the final report and thus all E-cat data (if it existed ever..) is now in the hand of IH, - was never handed over to Fabiani/Penon.

    5 Only one IH counter complaint survived (but shaky ..)

    Final conclusion: Unless AR is able to present real evidence of a customer-manufacturing process, he will never get 89 mio..

    On the other side: IH will never get back any money, because intentionally doing business with fraudsters excludes the right of any refunds... The only chance for IH to get money back is very cumbersome; The can sue individuals, which just helped the fraudsters, but that are peas they will pick up...

    Thus: There is only one reasonable outcome of this dooms day party: Stopping the money squandering for layers and settle in an honest way...

    And what interests us most: Unless an older Penon report appears, we will never see any result of test runs of the 1MW machine, because IH owns the data!

    The speed of individual nuclear reactions is not relevant because you need tens of thousands of reactions just to create a microscopic hot spot. The conclusion is obvious: there can be a major source of heat in molten metal.

    Hermes : The energy of one alpha 23.6MeV particle is enough to create a hotspot and a new cavity. Heat can also be counter productive for LENR as it disturbs the coherence of the involved hydrogen.

    axil : The only LENR reaction that "runs" (seems to run is a more exact description..) in a liquid is ARC-electrolysis. All other reactions are (near/inside ) surface bound!

    I would like to issue an other warning about Lithium.

    ETF of Li raised about 100% over the last year and since - also in this forum - heavy advertising is running, the Li ETF is growing strongly!

    Li Adds.pdf

    But as usual in finance industry you only advertize, when you face a big loss and can make money with short shelling. Thus be careful!

    Many big companies (Toyota, Honda also a spin-off of Swatch Switzerland) currently field tests in cars prototypes of Mg (Magnesium) batteries, which have two huge advantages: Mg is dirt cheap and Mg stores double the amount of energy it the same volume as Li but only 2/3 regarding weight.

    Good news for LENR: Li will be availlable in huge quantities, dirt cheap soon!

    Metallic hydrogen, once theory, becomes reality

    Physicists succeed in creating 'the holy grail of high-pressure physics

    axil : All other scientists relevant for this field, call this claim a fraud. Further on: Hydrogen is not a condensed matter atom like 4Helium (the first real atom) . It's a special case of two orbiting elementary particles.

    Looking for metallic hydrogen is just dreamwork physics...

    This effect expels all the electrons and photons from the positive core of the hydrogen and forms a electron spin wave on the surface of the hydrogen crystal.

    axil : There is just one electron (in average) orbiting a proton. The further it stays away from the proton the less momentum (E-kin) it carries away... (The energy - E-pot - goes back to the central field)

    Try at least to understand some physical facts!

    Secondly Sifferkol is the most unreliable reporter that exists in this saga, up to his eyebrow in unproven and unlikely conspiracy theories, for example basing a speculation that TC as used to post here was a paid promoter of "fossil fuel" interests engaged to destroy Rossi on the fact that some academic's open web page mentioned consultancy for British Gas (a UK commercial gas supplier) more than 20 years ago, and in spite of their being no other of subsequent link.

    And [snip]...

    All these Socks are completley independent - just telling their truth...

    Siffercol never was a reporter! He is a speculative investment consultant - just making money with his 'trendy' statements... as other socks too...

    Please respect forum participants' wishes for anonymity and do not attempt to disclose their identities. Eric

    Average Joe Sixpack works his entire life to pay federal and state taxes and if he is lucky and frugal, he will have a small nest egg made worthless by inflation.

    Under Ronald Reagan (8 years acting as US- president.. the longest Hollywood movie ever scripted ) the transformation of the tax-system started from balanced (total income) to just taxing working salaries.

    Today working salaries are overall taxed between 40 and 50% - worldwide. Income generated by property is taxed between 0 and 10% world wide...Thus from pure mathematical laws it is clear that the imbalance will increase!

    What can we expect for LENR?

    - Rich people (regarding to outside their circle) in average are greedy, parsimonious, mostly avariciously too, - most important they are under educated and depend on secondary advice.

    - Rich people like the investors in IH try to bind talented researchers with spending tuna-sandwich amount of money for a deal in of all intellectual outcome of their work...

    Thus: Look out for philantropists - there are a few among the rich - which at least are willing to share profits...

    - Try to resist the money makes happy mantra - just look at Rossi live.. can it be worse?

    --> Share your knowledge with the public before it's burried into a patent!!!!


    While I respect your opinion, I do not always agree with it. But I have looked at it (Mills hydrinos) but not studied it. One thing about me (how I think) is that I never accept one concept as absolute. I think of things/theories/experimental evidence as being either primary likely, or secondary likely but needing to be verified. But since I do not know of it, I will spend some more time.

    That's the general notion of Mills = hydrino. Just tear these pages out and read the rest!! Then make up your mind again!

    As a small tasty starter, look at the few pages (starting at p.258 - chapt 7) covering the H- ion. Very impressive and simple!

    You have to use at least five-dimensional general relativity for to predict at least the cold dark matter effects (filaments) consistently (the equivalence principle will get violated in 4D space-time but still preserved in 5D space-time).

    Why not directly moving to 6D and getting rid of time? In 6D time is just the quotient of two 3D spaces...Worth a try!

    A Japanese team managed to calculate and construct a semiconductor that can convert low energy light to high energy light -> infrared to UV!

    This has implications for many fields! also for the isolation of buildings! The best news is that in designs (Sun Cell) like Mills uses, you can decouple the electric's part from the reaction containment!

    Full paper