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    Statistics up top today.

    Age group 12..17

    Pfizer:: (cases in DB: 8278 ) // Moderna:: (in DB: 714) // ASTRA (in DB: 240)

    917 cardiac disorders. // none in DB ??? // none in DB ??

    3252 nervous system disorders //1921 // 150

    863 reproductive system disorders //28 // none

    e.g Pfizer cardiac disorders are about 72% serious. Moderna 80%

    So we already have about 3000 vaccine damaged children and > 50 deaths.

    No vaccine works that way.

    I fully agree for vaccines. But we here have a monoclonal cancer antibody chemo. Pfizer/Astra/J&J are far from being similar to any vaccine! It's pure chemo gene therapy!

    They did cheat the public with fake papers pointing to an immune response where there is none at all! Of course a single type of B-cells shows up. but there should be at least 10 different ones. Even worse the Pfizer memory B-cells do harm you as these are for the wrong -Alpha spike...

    The goal of a vaccine is not to produce antibodies. This is a fake claim to make money only! If there are antibodies after a vaccination this only tells that it did work. The main protection comes from the memory cells that after re-infection ramp up the production of antibodies.

    All this is not the case for the Pfizer mono-clonal antibody producing cancer "gene chemo therapy".

    UK shows it. Age group 40..50 now has a rest protection of 50% for double vaxx people. 80+ has no protection left at all.

    It is not yet clear whether COVID will need a booster shot every year.

    Obviously some will need it every six months, then five months ,3,2,1 then daily - just the junky reality..

    Once get it (CoV-19) with Ziverdo and you get at least 4 years free. No damage no costs no more free Bordeaux wine for FM/R...

    One method of ensuring robust protection against fire would be to burn your house to ashes, leaving nothing combustible. That would work, but the disadvantages are clear.

    Much simpler :: A 2$ Ziverdo dragée is better than 2 100$ shots chemo (vaccine) and a follow up 1 mio. damage or a 10k funeral or a live long vacation in a care home...

    Following a contentious vote to expel a member for the first time in the Cochrane Collaboration’s 25-year history, the board of the Cochrane Collaboration was reduced from 13 to 6 members in September 2018.

    Sad to repeat but. This is the date of the big pharma take over of Cochrane. Revenue increase is most likely due to big pharma spending certainly not due to royalty ...Lets guess. The remaining 6 big pharma friendly got a large salary increase...

    As a result, OSHA will not enforce 29 CFR 1904’s recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination through May 2022.

    This has already been shown in the good "old" Cell paper. The second dose of the monoclonal Pfizer antibody chemo reduces the spectrum of B-cells = the immune memory...

    This is intended in cancer chemo!

    If this one comment from the surveilence report:"recent observations from UK Health Security Agency

    (UKHSA) surveillance data that N antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who acquire

    infection following 2 doses of vaccination" is confirmed in later reports, it will not be good.

    National FM/R/ :thumbdown: /B mafia at work! Damage yes, responsibility no, help not expected --> profit stable and high!

    In UK the pandemic of the vaccinated now starts with top gear!


    Now almost all age classes double vaxx have 4x more CoV-19 than unvaxx!!

    Keep in mind that > 50% so far had a CoV-19 infection and thus you must multiply teh rates by at least 2!

    This dirty trick so far did allow big pharma to blind people with a far to high vaccine protection.

    In Switzerland we see the same: Hospitalization rate among double vaxx doubled last month!!

    Welcome back on the Titanic! The music starts playing

    Data released by the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) in February and updated in April also sparked concern. They showed that 9.8% of children aged 2–11 years and 13% aged 12–16 years reported at least one lingering symptom five weeks after a positive diagnosis.

    This is silly. A broad study did show there is no long Covid among children. > 1000 no CoV-19 children have been interviewed to get a stable background result: Long CoV children had fewer symptoms...

    Long-term symptoms after SARS-CoV-2 infection in school children: population-based cohort with 6-months follow-up
    Although long COVID in children exists, it is still unclear to what extent children are affected. The Ciao Corona study is a longitudinal cohort investigating…

    After each infection you can have lasting symptoms. Ask your wive or a friend. (S)He always has at least two symptoms and if you ask in detail you will get 3-5!

    So stop the fear mongering please

    Corona has a lower death rate than flu/pneumonia in children.

    Here the graphics::

    Obviously death from CoV-19 can be neglected for children. Its around 1/100 of their normal risk.

    With a real CoV-19 death rate of 0.005% any vaccine damage risk is at least 10x larger than the death risk! These rates include the about 75% of children with severe underlying conditions!

    Swiss care home with 91% vaccinated has 22 infections with 2 deaths among vaccinated. All three with no vaccination have been infected too.

    In German inside news::

    Thailand erlässt vollständig geimpften Schweizern die Quarantäne
    Die Einreise aus Bahrain und den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten (VAE) ist ab Montag nur noch eingeschränkt möglich. Das Staatssekretariat für Migration (SEM)…

    We have about 6 months left to protect all vaccinated from CoV-19 by organizing antivirals (ziverdo kit). After this phase vaccinated will die at a much higher rate than we have seen in prior CoV-19 waves.

    Only clowns can’t read this, eh?

    Obviously you are a clown. I linked the infection data you cheat with unfounded base data.

    The vaccine terror mafia still claims vaccines do protect from an infection. Reality::

    Vaccines promote CoV-19 infections!

    You also do not account for the 55..60% natural immunity in UK. So you have to divide all your linked figures by about 2.5!! Then you get the basic vaccines protection.

    But it looks like cheating and clown is a synonym.

    Thursday, October 21, 2021 - 06:45am

    First results from any randomized, controlled COVID-19 vaccine booster trial demonstrate a relative vaccine efficacy of 95.6% against disease during a period when Delta was the prevalent strain

    This is a plain vanilla marketing fake claim only with zero underlined data. Real Israel data shows each day at least 3-4 booster deaths among age >64. Death reporting was 2 weeks late -- as said for Pfizer marketing....

    In reality the number of vaccinated deaths (age >60) and unvaccinated death are narrowing. At best we have a 25% death risk for vaccinated if 100% is unvaccinated. So at best a factor 4 in favor of all types of vaccination.

    The boosters also have a predating effect with promoting COV-19. Still about 200 booster victims in hospital. So the true figure will shine up in 3 months!

    We do not even calculate in natural immunity after CoV-19. With this - as UK shows - you can see that vaccine are already crap - for most people.

    Only recovered people are protected. At least 25x !

    Should we force vaccination with adverse events in under 40s to “protect” above 70s?

    Never heard greater nonsense:: CoV-19 chemo - Vaccinated people spread 2-4 more often CoV-19 than unvaccinated.


    This is rate data!! Only clowns can't read this.

    (This article belongs to the Special Issue Vitamins C and D: Global and Population Health Perspectives)

    Among those receiving a daily or weekly dose, they observed a 25% reduction for those with baseline 25(OH)D levels 25nmol/L(12 ng/mL) and a 70% reduction for those with baseline levels <25 nmol/L [23]. They concluded that daily or weekly vitamin D supplementation protected against ARI overall and that it was safe.

    Recommended: Daily 2000IU's of V-D! even for children. So 5000IU's for older (age > 70) ones does make sense. Even Fauci uses it...

    One hundred percent orange juice (OJ) has no added sugar, naturally contains flavonoids and ascorbic acid, and can modulate the body's oxidative and inflammatory systems.

    Here the old paper from early CoV-19 days:: (June 2020:: Hesperidin and SARS-CoV-2 New Light on the.pdf

    Hesperidin is in the orange skin. So press them violently.

    I wonder W, is it a burden to always being right and having to defend it? Thanks for your contributions !!!

    Its a burden. You can loose many friends. So from time to time you have to give them a chance by talking bullshit....

    Look, I will be happy to see my 11-year-old get vaccinated, and will arrange it first thing when it is made available. But mostly that’s about putting him in the position to be free of the behavioral and social burdens that have been improperly placed on him by the one-size-fits-all regulatory madness of the public-health bureaucracy that is now trying to generate a panic around childhood vaccinations to try to save their own — and Joe Biden’s — diminishing credibility.

    This explains everything. Its the Rhinoceros effect (stage play by Ionescu) . People join the fascists and even sacrifice the beloved children just to be conform.

    Only idiots kill themselves by a CoV-19 cancer chemo therapy called vaccine.

    Or may be clowns do the same as they do not understand the base rate effect...This is how far a chronic reading disability can bring you. Just listen to their buddies seems to be all clowns can do ...

    Some 724,000 Americans are dead of COVID. The number under the age of 18: 542.

    That’s seven one-hundredths of one percent.

    This is a fraction of the flu death in a medium year. And most of these kids have been on chemo. So really bad luck ! Biden did not give them Ivermectin+doxy,zinc,V-D, V-C.

    How can happy kids live in a state run by fascist killers ?? Ask the Boston kids...

    LONDON, Oct 20 (Reuters) - Britain said on Wednesday it had secured deals for two COVID-19 antivirals, one developed by Merck (MRK.N) and the other by Pfizer (PFE.N), which it said could be used to treat patients by the end of the year if regulatory approval is granted.

    This is how states run by criminals (FM/R/J <3 B- mafia) do act. They will buy all crap just on good news.

    The Merck drug has failed in all hospital studies also in an India out patient study and does not reduce death. Now they try the same trick as Gillead fake the end point and show it works a little fro some days.... The Merck drug for 1000% sure will cause cancer but slowly. Such a drug should only be allow after a 10 years observation period.

    So we wait for the next Auschwitz II trial!