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    CERN courier update on the confused state of the church

    Who ordered that?

    Just around the corner in the new super-cooper LEP ring we would like to have.

    A new toy for man with a rare kind of brain defect. Or a simple charm violation of the political charge symmetry between IQ-of-rulers versus IQ of tax payers, what might explain the mass of Euros needed as in ITER +(-) 1000%...

    Once more the real nature of the strong force or what we can measure of it from Bernard Schaeffer.

    Electromagnetic Nuclear Physics

    Anomalous Rutherford Scattering discovered to be Magnetostatic

    Other mind cracking assumption of the standard model

    - In all decays the unknown rest energy (sometimes the bulk mass..) is assigned to a neutrino. Unluckily the current rest-mass balance for a neutrino is <=0.2eV.

    - Exchange particles have masses much greater than the particle and the exchange happens momentum/force free.

    - Consequence of such nonsense: The masses of quarks are unknown or we accept that we can have a precision of 5 bits...

    One the other side we must thank CERN that the measured sum of 2 down quarks and one up quark very closely delivers the expected mass of the proton perturbative mass (error 0.03%) . This is the only mass that interacts in medium energy collisions. This mass is invariant for protons/neutrons. This explains why SM fails as is tries to guess, what the remaining 98.8% of the mass does.

    This also shows that CERN measures useful stuff like the proton relativistic mass excitation they now call Higgs but is "explained by"/ "assigned to" a mind blowing model.

    This is also another interesting aspect of Searle device. Russians also reported the corona and ozone smell once their generator got "resonance frequency" (see above). If true, how such an effect could be created? The moving magnets devices without any coil can produce only low voltage induction even at high revolutions.

    Just give as the location where we can see a live demo and do our own measurements. I really would like to see and measure! a working device. But youtube is a terrible place for a demo as usually at least "101%" is fake...

    Just a simple example: A spinning wheel will walk up/down-wards if there is asymmetric axial friction this has nothing to with anti gravity just plain vanilla mechanics what simple minded folks might interpret the wrong way.

    The most important lesson here is that the range from I to J is NOT a true arc discharge. It has negative resistance.

    "negative resistance" is just the situation where you measure a back current - nothing else. This situation is usually misinterpreted if the ions do more complex rotations. May be you should ask AR how to do wrong measurements or wrong interpretations. Negative resistance in electronics is nothing unusual and usually is introduced by devices with a complex resistance like coils/condensers. And guess for what glow discharges have been used in the thirties...

    This seems higher than 10 Hz (reaction starts at 0:22).

    But with much less current as it looks like - as expected. And no SSM of course - something Mills physics does not cover...

    The discharge time of the old capacitors was 1,5ms. May be with newer super-caps he can go to somewhat higher frequencies. But just do the calculations to get 10'000 amps you have to load a similar amount. Not simple cabling...and.. if the resistance of the capacitor is not small enough you blow it up very fast even if you multiplex e.g. 6 capacitor banks.

    With the spark gap oscillator you also apply DC and depending on the characteristics of the circuit and the spark gap it automatically produces oscillations in the form of discharges at a rate which can go up tens-hundred kilohertz or more.

    Mills SUNCELL used at most a frequency of 10. Going higher f is difficult because of recharging or switching high currents under load.

    As said there is only one "symmetric" plasma regime that works for LENR. A one directional flux of ions is of no help it leads to classic cathode/anode erosive impact LENR. You need to find a steady state between +/- ion flux that finally generates the spiral shaped swirl flow of LENR.

    See picture from SUNCELL SS mode. Left you see the spiral of the heavier ions right the spiral of lighter ones (mostly electrons). The flux expands in the left middle as the sum of the charge there is around 0. The bright spots are from starting fusion at begin/end of the magnetic dominated 3 rotation flux zone.

    Russian replication of Searle generator (Google translation) as it had been patented and replicated by Roschin and Godin at large scale (translation) There's another startup, that is trying to produce a completely self-sustained magnetic device, similar to Searle generator.

    The patent is stone old and most likely expired. If there would be an open independent replication would be great as it would show a concrete macroscopic magnetic resonance of rotating matter with all matter around it. This is exactly what we see in LENR in the small scale!

    Unluckily all old replications were just fake. Let's wait!

    "Mankind" is a born as a hunter. The easiest victim to catch is your neighbor. 11'000 years ago mankind started to farm cattle. Today the bankers and investors have found the most clean working "animal husbandry". They construct large apartment buildings and attract families or even better "single nerds". Man live on man, its the easiest way to earn an income without doing real work.

    Science is the same. Once you earned enough credits you are allowed to hold "credit makers" also called master students or phd's... This is one reason why I left academics science to many profs were illiterates, even unable to master a bachelor examen, but with a lot of credits. But this primitive animal behavior usually only works in fields that are either new or not well defined. In 1989 LENR was new & undefined and most worse, a promise for the millennium check-pot.

    Unluckily most people in LENR research even if skilled in physics/math do not even understand a beginners course in system design or simple are unable to answer the question: How do I have to define "my" successful research? The problem is "my". In a fields with no theory background you end up like once upon time in the west. Except that in LENR nobody knows how the nuggets look alike - but - crazy enough they all dig for them like the famous Japanese Shogun treasure hunter, that for halve of its live time manually turned over a small hill in the hunt for gold or what ever his rotten brain imagined. He infected his son too, who still is digging.

    This only to say that most LENR researchers are no grain brighter than these lost Japanese... Success will only come if they exchange their beloved secretes that most of the time have no other value than: " I already did try this and saw a reaction...", what to many already did.

    To make it short: If you have a clear written "how to do LENR" receipt that you can follow with material everybody can buy on the free market and you know how to prepare the fuel, to start and control the LENR reaction for at least a month with a "constant" COP above 5 then this is worth a secrete if you did it 10 times and it fully worked out 5 times out of 10. Before you reach this state a secrete is a mental distortion and may be needs medical treatment, especially when this secrete phase last longer than 2 years...

    So you can imagine I got a mailing about an inch and 1/2 thick against "cold fusion" concept set forth by Pons and Fleischmann. Which is non relevant but was send as weight of the evident against "cold fusion"

    Yes they send you the Widom Larson nonsense and IH sponsored anti Rossi propaganda publication.

    But they soon will have a problem with our next application, as we will send them a ton of gamma spectra of classically inactive powders...

    USPTO will face hundreds of lawsuits and the state of US will have to pay billions of damage...

    that works well only when the environmental conditions help, in more adverse conditions the COP of heat pumps can also be closer to 2 than to 5

    Switzerland is a good median place. Ground water heat pups deliver a COP of 6. The problem are air/water heat pumps that work well down to -15C air T with still above COP 2. In warmer places you get even more than a COP of 6. In more sunny regions hot water can me made free all year with the latest solar converters that heat well above 200C.

    Regarding a comparison with heat pumps: COP of 4 - 5 is not a fair claim. There is (thermal) energy taken from surrounding air which is not included in the COP calculations.

    COP simply paid energy input versus input/paid + free energy!

    Nobody is interested in LENR below a COP of at least 4-5.

    A quick word, as said before I believe Mill might be seeing both H2* pico-chemical reactions and deep hydrogen bonds with available metals in the same system. It may be opposite what a few people here think, that one super chemical reaction is mistaken LENR reactions. Maybe a lot of LENR is due to a massive selection of super and/or pico-chemical reactions with slightly above trace amounts of true nuclear reactions.

    There is some solid indication that all LENR below a COP of 1.3 or is just H*-H* condensation and thus not yet LENR.

    The device on the left generates 200W of heat for a heating input of 100W.

    (Higher output devices are under development)

    To repeat it on more time: My heat-pump delivers delivers 5 fold output from input = 1 and about 3.8 for heating water.

    Nobody will by a COP 2 heater....except it is dirt cheap...

    I agree, and in more general terms too. Anyone's pet theory, is just that, and by acknowledging this, their credibility improves. In my opinion...

    Yes their maths may work out nicely, or its a nice story that makes logical sense to them, but the burden of proof is firmly upon them, and until they, or others, have provided that evidence, and it's been assessed by suitably qualified people. I reckon (for their own sake) they'd be better off being far more humble.

    This is a very good description of what standard model physicists/mathematicians do in dense matter papers. Without any experimental proof they claim a never measured strong force or (CERN) claims the quarks being particles albeit they are only resonances. Even the math in these cases does nowhere fit.

    Just for more modesty we should ask these folks to correct all the papers and add the words fiction/never measured/ virtual or, simply that they retract these nonsensical claims...

    Anybody that is educated in math and want's to contribute to the future physics theory can join the SO(4) physics seminar in April (6-8). We will also show how fusion in "reality" works.. as we have experimental facts = spectra.

    Storage problems limit wind to around 40%, as in Iowa. Decades ago, experts thought that 20% was the limit. Hydrogen can be used to store wind or solar energy.

    A Swiss company just doing a proof of concept with the construction of the first wind energy storage tower. Elements of used building debris. Up to 90% conversion rate expected. Even 80% would be great.