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    My Brother In Law works for Google X in the commercialization of automated drone delivery services,

    This is a very important technology especially for remote place like Swiss alps or "desert homes" in the USA. This in fact can completely change some business limitations.

    Self driving cars are easy to cheat. I just wait for the first people that manipulate a scene to kill a Tesla....

    To get back to Figure 1 of your ResearchGate paper once again, what direction does the magnetic field point for the current loop in the x,y plane? Is it in the u direction? The v direction?

    Just think about the induced Lorenz action. Only the charge flux orthogonal to the field vector is forced on a cricle like orbit (3D space!).

    Of course there is no strict right hand rule if you can have 3 right hands...I can also start with any two dimensions with a ring current and the irony is. There in reality = proton is no ring current at all...

    But in mathematics you just define an order relation and then stick to it. As we here see a ring structure it is clear what happens. The complete ring as said is shown for the 3D/4D flux.

    European countries such as France and Germany are also currently experiencing large outbreaks relative to their size,

    This is wrong. Both countries just live in a fake lock-down period steered by "expert idiots". Both countries are rule by FM/R and completely block the use of alternate treatments. Worst is Germany that in it's thinking and action is close to a fascist state now again. We here (Switzerland) have more infections and will stop the lock down.

    We, Switzerland just found the first P1 mutation... I have to shake my ivermectin now...

    In a circle the current basically always flows in two directions. So the above is OK.

    The rest is not straight forward as you did see we cannot predict which direction the flux will turn. This is somehow given by the total energy/trajectory length that fits the CT and the charge induced 5th rotation orbit. The complete rotation matrix for the 3D/4D flux shows that we can have 2,3,5 wave coupling points. (3D/4D means 3 rotations of a 3D mass in 4D space)

    This is further complicated by the fact that excess flux flowing outside of the CT changes its shape to a 9:8 torus ratio. This is why the proton (a 3D/4D particle) has 1/9 excess mass hence you can break it. For larger nuclei this gets even more complex with the torus 7:4 ration being active too.

    As said: The model is a starting point and very complex but fits. To get the first two gamma lines of 12-C it took more than 3 years. As long as only one person works on SO(4) physics, its progress and understanding will grow slowly and in my case it will follow my LENR work. What sometimes delays the publishing due to other interests.

    But how do you get a magnetic field vector from a current loop in 4 dimensions when the right hand rule doesn't apply?

    Who says this? Just replace right by (Xi-1, Xi) --> Xi+1 of course circular.

    Once more: This is not Euclidian 4D its 4 rotation space! Just a projection to 4D. You don't get 4 independent 4D rotations in 4D unless you restrict the rotations to 3D sub-structures, what is one possible solution you see with the 3D/4D mass. (See rotation matrix/Sequence)

    The virus has been doing this, activating latent bacteria, it would be interesting to see if they are also finding latent TB bacteria activation after vaccination.

    In India people have a high passive TB load...

    Out of 491 patients, six people or 1.2 percent experienced the infection, researchers said

    This is way to many. If the RNA vaccines unlock herpes then good night! Everybody has dormant herpes virus.

    The intent of the paper is to explore what happens to the Biot-Savart operator in a curved space (hence the embedding in a 4D space) but the action of the operator still takes 2D->1D.

    As I said: Basic math field operators must always be 2:1. But the important fact is to notice that each added dimension ads left/right transport of the field. If you add more dimensions you can only go on by "right->right->" or left-> left->" all along new great circles you define with each added dimension (3--> 6). What you finally get is an infinite (time less) flux along the 4 great circles, because the Biot Savart force and then rotation speed in the equilibrium end up in the static Lorenz action.

    The final picture is a 2D (1 added rotation) flux tube that produces the self induced charge mutually enwinded by a 4 rotation flux layer.

    You obviously cannot use classic field math to describe the final static situation given e.g. by an alpha particle. The alpha is the first full symmetric 4 rotation particle (always + 1 rotation for charge). The modelling shows that it is composed by 4 symmetric protons that seem to go on with their own rotations. What produces the 4-He quadrupole field. To make this a bit more complex we still have the external charge flux-tube that is responsible for a "potential mass".

    The final problems - to find a perturbative model are:

    - Lorenz interaction and Biot Savart effects could coexist. Do we need 4:1 or 5:1 Operators?

    - We know from experiments that only 2 "synchronous" rotations can stimulate the strong force binding. Thus perturbations must be 2D rotations at least. So again we we have 2:4 actions in 6D what could be reduced.. to 1:2 eventually.

    - The Golden ratio is the fixpoint operator for the mass forming waves so with 5 rotations you get 72 degrees also know as golden angle...But this gives no correlation so far. You cannot break it down to 5 plain (photon like) rotations.

    It took 10 years to settle down a first consistent math description for GR. Mostly done by Grossmann not Einstein and many others (Hilbert) did help discussing.

    We here still even miss the starting line for any discussion. But contrary to GR we have the exact experimental proof that the model reproduces nature. So it should take less time, at the end, to enhance it.

    And last: Larger nuclei potentially need octonions to complete the structure equations...

    An international team of researchers has found evidence suggesting that the P.1 coronavirus variant that was first seen in parts of Brazil may be up to twice as transmissible as prior strains.

    Switzerland today joined the mafia by buying a Roche crap antibody mixture instead of Ivermectin. USA/EU, already a long time ago, did buy useless Gielead crap Remdesivir for billions and many other useless drugs.

    All states/governments are self service instituitions for "service clubs" ... (Also called FM/R/J mafia) See Hungria/Russia for the worst examples and how it will look in the near future...

    P1! Not yet in Switzerland! But Ivermectin will stop it too!

    How does the Biot-Savart law work in 4-dimensions where there is no standard cross product available?

    All basic action in physics (Momentum-Operator) goes from 2D->1D in total 3D. In higher D space this is a cyclic action. Start with the Parsely Paper Robert once linked for you!

    The problem with Physics in > 3D is your brain/ visualization needs extra training!

    Same for basic pyhsic rules:

    What is the center of mass/action in 3D,t physics in SO(4) is the whole Clifford torus surface. This can be logically derived as the topological order just gets extended with each tangent space (3-->6) you add. Point --> circle --> ball (Sphere surface area) --> manifold.

    This step is basic and difficult to grasp as you will find no paper/book that shows this.

    Unless my math is wrong the United States should have reached herd immunity

    All is wrong: There is and never will be herd immunity against corona as no antibodies live on the outer skin (mucosa). But there will be herd protection! No more people will be seriously ill, but as usual a few can't escape as the vaccine only work 89%...and Pfizer/Moderna do not cover the Brazil mutation...

    To many dreams.

    Fauci spreading more bullshit, says republicans are not taking vaccine overlooking only 20% of blacks and 35% hispanic have taken a jab. They vote democrat!!!

    Nobody younger than 45 needs a vaccine! Why?? Flu is much deadlier for them.

    Only 15% (at most) of all people in Europe die from CoV-19, 85% die with CoV-19. So medicine has to find the vulnerable. Take a vaccine for obesity this will, helps much more...

    PCR tests are not fraudulent, and deliver accurate results. Do I need to unearth the papers for this? i will, if it is challenged seriously.

    As the viral load increases, however, knowing Ct values becomes more helpful. These can be another piece of data that a physician can use to manage a patient's care.

    Patients with symptoms who come to the hospital and have a high Ct number (meaning less viral load) and few comorbidities might be best triaged to outpatient treatments. Home oxygen saturation monitoring, daily contact with home health nurses to determine extent of new symptoms, or, if indicated, some of the new outpatient monoclonal antibodies or remdesivir, might be best given outpatient. This would save valuable resources for those symptomatic patients with comorbidities with lower Ct values (indicating higher viral loads) who need more elaborate inpatient treatment and monitoring.

    All the above is dangerous as it only shows the total confusion among experts and scientists. It should be mandatory to tell the doctors & patients the cycle number, when the positive signal did occur. Low numbers need immediate treatment certainly not with the crap (monoclonal antibodies or Gilead poison) mentioned above. The only proven drug that stops RNA virus replication we have is Ivermectin. So the ivermectin dose (1x,2x,4x) should depend on the initial load "Cycle number!!"

    The study ema did use was fabricated by big pharma. The setup was more than fake and despite this it still did show the exact same good result (2 days shorter recovery) as all the other studies among high PCR cycle positive...

    But: Ivermectin should only be used after symptoms or by health care - as a preventive - personal that has high risk.

    And of course the same happened as with the fake recovery trial HCQ stories. No zinc, no high dose V-D3 not anti anticoagulant...

    This is how the FM/R/J mafia blocks useful drugs. See also fake news about dangerous blood cloths in lesser mafia members vaccines vs. more blood cloths in RNA vaccines.

    At least we now already see fights inside the mafia...What shows we are close to the show down.

    Nonetheless governments around the world have resorted to lockdowns which everyone agrees are very expensive and carry their own physical and psychological costs.

    Presumably governments are willing to take this desperate measure because the best advice they have is that lockdowns will be beneficial to controlling the spread.

    It's all about the goal.

    Lockdowns do not reduce deaths they just delay it for some weeks/months.

    Switzerland from this Monday on has relaxed the Lockdown (despite double the cases within 4 weeks) . Gyms are open again and outdoor restaurant seats too, groups sport allowed for smaller groups.

    Main argument for a lock down originally was gain of live time. But now analysis shows this is a no argument as it it reality is marginal. We now have (again) the second excess negative mortality phase. So at least here CoV-19 kills almost only people that would die for an other reason too. The same has been reported for UK where an analysis did show that only about 13% did die from CoV-19. This was clear from day on, because live expectance did not go down and was the same for CoV-19 victims.

    So why did we do it?? Ask the FM/R/J mafia!

    some thoughts on vaccines, interesting

    He exactly repeats my findings: The Big pharma mafia (Pfizer..) is trying to cheat away the well working vaccines (J&J, Astra Zeneca) with false claims in reality RNA vaccine produce 40x more thromboses that (J&J, Astra Zeneca).

    This is the old free mason trick they use since centuries. As soon as you know you fail attack the others for the failure even if only the slightest evidence is there that supports you.

    So a clear recommendation Do not use an RNA vaccine.

    The risk you die or get live long damage from a complication is 40 x higher with a Pfizer RNA vaccine!

    Use J&J or Astra Zeneca in case you will get a jab!