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    In 30 years Mills and other alternative world views have never seriously challenged SM or traditional QM. These "alternative" theories are viewed by the average person as irrelevant, no more credible than Alex Jones fake news

    There is no need to challenge SM as SM is unable to calculate anything of real value. SM can only balance potentials in the far region, what works fine for electronics (10e-7 eV range) and Chemistry where magnetic effects don't play "any" role.

    With SO(4) based physics we are able to calculate most properties of particles and it is easy to show how LENR works. Not fringe Gamov logic...

    Mills approach is also far more deep than SM, but mostly restricted to classical arguments of 3D,t. At least you can learn how magnetism works in dense space.

    Thus if you never studied Mills I would not repeat blind mice arguments.

    Standard Model is the only one widely accepted by scientific community!

    SM doomsday is close. If blind mice rule the world then the cat's soon will get ton's of food. Once you understand that any metric related to gravity is outraging nonsense to describe dense matter, you also understand why I already yet call large parts of SM fringe science.

    Even high-school students know that a mass at light-speed would have an infinite value

    This is SM argumentation that does not hold for dense matter. This logic was the base of the total SM fail. Already Randall Mills found the true metric for charge/mass in 4D space. But this was just a first step.

    In dense matter/space charge is generated dynamically by magnetic flux and aka it's a matter of taste whether we say charge is traveling at light speed or not. Every student learns in electrodynamics that mass =EM mass travels at light speed.

    Thus, what students learn is, that only gravitational mass cannot travel at light speed...(but GM mass is irelavant for modelling dense matter/ space).

    I hear many conspiracy/lobby theory against LENR by big oil, but from Amoco to Shell, from Toyota to MHI, from BARC to LANL, ENEA and CEA, I see the engineers have done the job, but were blocked by academic or political politics.

    Managers, investors and sometimes inventors are very simple minded as the believe: The winner takes all.

    This is prehistoric evolutionary tactics invented by brainless mammals or even goes back to bacteria.

    Is someone saying hot fusion doesn't work? Doesn't exist?…ontent&pa=showpage&pid=20

    SOT in French is a good descritption... The above mentionned nuclear process is the so called Lithium fusion/fission bomb. Has nothing to do with hydrogen fusion. As a consequence of this long time hidden knowledge the US still controlls all nuclear data related to LIthium. They also force IAEA to publish wrong data about e.g. Lithium nuclear radius.

    Thanks to Sachrow we know most details about the Lithium (aka hydrogen) bomb.

    I have no way of knowing, but it would not surprise me to learn that one or more of the authors deliberately set this up to be a hatchet job, to kill off cold fusion once and for all.

    If these guys are the so called enemies of the field, then we do not have to worry about their impact. The real problem is that the well organized oil, military.. - mafia is taking over all communication including wikipedia.


    Nobody can kill LENR as it is the true way nature works. Hot fusion is man made, fictional nonsense based on fringe SM science.

    LENR is a fringe science: we would all like it to become mainstream - but it ain't there yet.

    SM is 80 years true fringe science too and nobody stops it.

    SM is unable to:

    - give the proton radius

    - or to calculate any measured property (mechanical moment, mass, magentic moment,radius of a known particle...)

    - claimes to see particles (e.g. quarks) in contradiction to information theory - in fact they only measure resonances.

    - unable to calculate gamma radiation, halve live etc.. of a nucleus

    - invents fake forces like strong force...but never could measure it...

    Come on! You know that the most celebrated and best documented F&P experiment is the "1992 boil-off experiment" described in their ICCF3 paper (1). But, as already discussed in this forum (*), the conclusions of this paper are blatantly wrong, as everyone can see by analyzing the original lab videos (2,3).

    @Ascoli : As paid hot-fusion agent we can asumme that it's your job to spread fake news. But I will ask the forum team to perma ban you for beeing unable to accept the rules.

    Well, I got banned from there very fast. This guy is also engaged in pathoskeptic dismissals of many science breakthroughs.

    In fact it is the opposite way around. He published to many fringe claims in the first days of his forum and got attacked. So now he is very cautious.

    Just to give you a clue. If a magnetic motor would work, you could buy it already as the production costs are neglishable.

    'If the hydrino were real, it is extremely improbable that in the more than twenty years that Mills has been pushing the idea, nobody in a position of prestige and prominence and credibility would have picked it up, run with it, and changed the world. '

    As said many time ago: Santilli first detected "Hydrinos" and did sue Mills for using some aspects of it. The lab proof is out for more than 20 years, but there are othe players interested in the stuff...

    In fact there are no "Hydrinos". Mills just gets one state (H1/4), the same as Holmlids sees too. Santilli always talked about magnetic bonds!

    According to Frank Znidarsic's theory the electron orbitals get widespread and entangled toward center of atoms and they can oscillate as a single body.

    single body oscillation is only possible if no perturbation exists. This is used at close to 0K or if the containing force/pressure is much larger than the perturbation and induces an order.

    I do not remember that Frank Znidarsic's theory is able to explain the 4-He spin pairing the first "entangled" state of 2 electrons, that in fact are coupled on two (2x-) orthogonal SO(4) orbits and thus feel no repulsion. The attractive force is given by the toroidal second radius coulomb force.

    "Do particles and anti-particles really annihilate each other?"

    This is one of the biggest mental gaps in SM: Matter/antimatter... If we would use the same logic for electron/proton then the proton has an anti charge or contains anti matter.

    The discussion is simply strange. The charge forming magnetic flux can have a right or left winding - nothing else. If an electron/positron pair meet, then the binding forces are exactly opposite and the energy gets freed. This does not happen when an electron hits a proton because the metric of the charge, ergo the forces are different.

    Annihilation is the wrong term for such a phenomenon.

    A simple argument that small hydrogen may exist

    The only halve valid classical approach for "small hydrogen" is quite old and has been made by Aringazin(Santilli);

    The new paper is just repeating vaporware that has been presented dozens of times already.

    The electrons in atomic orbits do not behave as particles, they are bound EM mass. The usage of the viral theorem is thus nonsense and did never work for 90 years now.

    So the research should go in the direction of fission (induced fission of stable elements), and this is good. I am still wondering why it is so difficult to except that there is no Cold fusion reaction producing heat ?

    This is exactly what the aim of the nature paper is... Divert people from doing the right thing.

    The military of all big countries knows that LENR works and would really like to delay or to make it disappear. The US oil industry expresses the same wishes first selling shell oil and then, may be later, take over the LENR market.

    Thus for all clear minded people, knowing how the political mafia works, it is even more clear know! The establishment fears sudden breakthroughs and the latest actions (clearing wiki!!) are a first sign of their desperation.

    The next possible step they will undertake is producing movie for main stream TV telling people that LENR/cold-fusion is fringe science and a conspiracy...

    The really bad thing about the google LENR project is the "careless" selection of people they did. Or said the other way round. The establishment could staff the project and simply prevent that 10 mio.$ could be used for useful science... The methods we see here in action are well known and exactly performed according the free mason order of action to undermine the "dangerous" parts of society.

    Are you speculating? Or do you know this for a fact? That's a serious question.

    I assume your question is about LENR theory. The other point I will not answer in this forum as it is fact too.

    The answer is very simple: If we mix our LENR fuel(s) we know which gamma radiation we will see. This is all forbidden if you follow SM physics.

    The new SO(4) model tells us the internal structure of the electron, proton, neutron and some of the possible resonances have been published and of course measured. The proton internal force equation is a challenge but close to be ready.

    Most assumption we made the last two years could be confirmed by experiments with radiation measurements! We know the differences of H/D LENR and what products are produced.

    In my view we can explain "everything" we see in LENR and if we could find the right equipment, people and lab, it would be a short path to success.

    I have no idea whether the authors put these loaded words into the paper, or whether the reviewers and editors insisted they be included.

    Key players know that we are close to decode LENR physics. In such a moment they will use all possible ways to keep some interested people out of the field.

    This already happened close to day one when one MIT prof intentionally reported failed to replicate F&P, while he behind the scene did herald for a military contract to further develop F&P work...

    Thus, it's all political and that's a good sign, that we are again very close!