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    I think that Ni-H LENR does not work, I have said it as such very clearly

    It would be very interesting to read about what additional tests and methods they used to confirm

    This is the correct answer: If Ni-Li-H LENR wouldn't work, then IH wouldn't fight a battle in their and other names...

    In fact Ni-Li-H LENR is the most promizing one, because of the stabilty of the reaction centers and the moderate energy output!

    D-D fusion (inside Pd,Ti, Pt) and standalone Li-H have a far to high energy gain and some other constraints...

    In fact ARC-electrolysis (SUN-CELL) is even more promizing as it is the ITER on a table version of fusion.

    Alan, that is interesting, and bears out the "Rossi-style measurement error" reading here. Bright mathematicians and theoretical physicists can be a bit unwordly...

    @THH: Rossi is just a mirror of the LENR field. Mills told direct current produced - AR produces current. Current driven LENR works better --> AR uses current. In fact he has no clue about the underlying physics.

    But COP 3000 is no problem with current. Just read the Lipinsk patent. Certainly not with 0.1 Volt...

    Assume for the moment that the QuarkX is what has been claimed of it (which I do not assume). I believe it will at any rate fall under the terms of the license agreement under the category of future modifications and inventions. In which case IH's IP would not be worthless, because it would include the QuarkX. Is this reading of the license agreement too broad? That is a question for lawyers, but the wording of the agreement is broad indeed.

    Eric Walker : This claim possibly wrong and IH knows this.

    In classical Ni-Li-H LENR the stimulation happens over magnetic coupling (and phonon coupling). The new technology is based on coulomb coupling!

    "They debated new technologies, such as PCs, but the older executives who ran the company rarely dirtied their hands with the technologies enough to understand their potential and their problems. IBM had become like a music-publishing company run by deaf people."

    JedRothwell :

    During by practice work 1982 I visited many IBM groups later during research the IBM labs.

    In fact IBM (and DEC too) was a split world. Famous research, sectarian top management. The code of conduct Watson (the IBM founder) wrote down, is pretty close to scientology logic and they lived it.

    Usually IBM made all (relevant) deals over business (military, rotary, politics) connections, what helped them to survive even at the moment they completely lost the ground to DEC Alpha.

    Just one example. 1986 they developed horizontal recording for hard drives, but they only sold high-end disks until a company called Quantum (later seagate – a spin of of DEC) killed their marked... The same happened for other technologies they invented. One exception: Josephson junction has been kidnapped by NORAD.

    Check the periodic table. Pb,Pd are in the same column. And we are sure that some lead at least will get plated onto the carbon grains

    Alan Smith : There is some magic about Pb. It's the last stable element of the periodic table. (Bismuth decays, but very slowly..) Thus any LENR with Pb will produce unawanted output, except if Pb acts as a charge/mass donor or catalyst. I wouln't much gamble around.., without reliable gigers, neutron detectors etc..

    Panasonic claims its 2015 model achieves 95% combined heat and electrical efficiency. Earlier models were estimated at 80% to 90%, and manufacturers compare those efficiencies to grid efficiency of 35% to 40%.

    The best cascaded mulistep turbo generators have about 60% carnot efficieny!

    The long range grid in average dissipates 10% of the feed in current. The local grid adds an other 10%. If you move it into a storage lake like in Switzerland this adds an other 20% of waste.

    Now, if you plug in your vacuum cleaner with 2kW, then you waste 80%, because such cleaners are nonsense. The same holds if you run your grand-mothers frigo, tumbler etc.. until he dies...

    Fuel cells are great for grid stabilty and that is what we need together with the green energies. But everybody from the energy mafia is telling us we can't get grid stabilty without their old, dirty coal burners...

    Now this explains, why it is not discussed in main stream media. (PS: EON did just write off an other 15 Billion - or all their old power plants.....)

    .. I have to hand it to you reading the pdf.

    Muon behavior is quite complex. Muon live-time is a function of it's speed and polarization. A depolarized muon lives longer and that's the idea I think behind the measurement.

    The muon catching event is a two step process:

    1) The muon must have a low kinetic energy such that a H-field can bend and catch it. Thereafter the muon replaces an electron and emits Auger like photons. If you know the muon incident energy then you can calculate the expected spectrum.

    2) The second phase of the muon capture is the radial collapse, due to a nuclear-reaction between the muon and the nucleus. This second step only happens, if the muon lives long enough and enters a regular orbit.

    Now, if anybody believes that graphite will stop all muons, then this is bare nonsense. Slow muons are stopped by any material! These folks – writing the paper - use muons just to measure the magnetic field of the graphene defects.

    I'm wondering whether you post here as a believer - unable to process contrary information - or a troll.

    @THH: The only troll are you, a self made world class expert, not willing to read camera manuals & tech papers.

    Here for all some optris detail specs:

    In almost all worldwide used thermographic systems the heart of those cameras is a focal plane array (FPA), an in- tegrated image sensor with 20.000 to 1 million pixel. Each pixel itself is a 17 x 17 μm2 to 35 x 35 μm2 big micro bolometer. Those 150 mm thick thermal detectors are heated up by the heat radiation within 10 ms to about a fifth of the temperature difference between object and chip temperature. This extremely high sensitivity is achieved by a very low thermal capacity in connection with a superb insulation to the silicon circuit and to the evacuated environment. The absorption of the semitransparent receiver area is improved by the interference of the transmitted and on the surface of the read out circuit reflected light wave with the succeeding light wave. [2]

    To use this effect of self interference the bolometer area has to be positioned in about 2 μm distance from the read out circuit. Special etching techniques have to be used to structure the applied vanadium oxide or amorphous silicon materials. The specific detectivity of the described FPA’s is achieving values of 109 cm Hz1/2 / W. It is therefore one magnitude better than other thermal detectors which are for example used in pyrometers.

    So clearly this is not fake news, or alternate fact.

    It has strong predictive power

    @PGM: I know that your work is fine & correct!

    But if you have no clue about the effective composition (+ thickness of the layer) of the original material used, then all results are mere speculations = fake news.

    Already a 10% difference in emissivity leads to a huge COP error.

    We all should accept that discussing about a fake test (as Lugano was form a scientific point of view) is just a waste of time!

    So as I understand it you suppose that the bolometer includes a complex MEMS device (one for each pixel) to modify the planck function expected measurement behaviour into something that is T^3? Have you anywhere seen something like that work? And, in this case, what advantage would that give you for the large extra cost?

    @THH: I suggest that you once read the technical manual and talk to Optris tech-support.

    I only object to useless exercises (by PGM) like estimating (manually integrating) the emissivity from a given measurement of an aluminum xy table. We have seen enough fake news so far!

    May be once upon a time also AR (and others) will understand that measuring a temperature is just one parameter in a successful calorimetry setup. If you have no clue about the delta energy --> delta T function any discussion is fruitless.

    ele ,

    For your benefit

    @PM: May be you once should explain how you integrate the spectrum to get e=.95? And second how this should correlate with an unknown material composition...

    As I already told: The Optris Bolometer is feed by resonance micro-mirrors (each pixel!!), that average the whole measured spectrum, what finally leads to T3 dependent measurement behavior.

    If you don't have access to the exact material and the exact application of the material, then any reasoning about the color of the underpants makes no sense...

    Either AR has produced steam or not. We all will see soon.

    And 25,000 TWh is still just one sixth of the total world energy consumption

    Insulation of buildings - yeah also in the south where air-condition is used... - can cut down energy used by a factor 5. Using heat pumps gives an other factor of five. Conclusion: As about 50% of the energy is wasted for building heating/cooling that part can be put away an this cuts the 25000 down to halve. electric cars need in average 1/5 of the energy because of the high efficiency of the e-motor. And please also count in the fuel needed to refuel the tank stops...

    But mankind will find other means to spoil energy. Look at the LED's - ten times more light-lumen/watt but I now have 3 times more lumen...

    The alternative looks surprising, even suppose we have something that performs nuclear transformation, because for all of the Ni to be so completely converted exceeds the excess heat emitted by a factor of more than 10X given that to get so much N-62 we have to fuse p with Ni-58 (not enough Li) and the mass balance tells us the emitted energy. You can fit it by supposing complete conversion of some part of the fuel, of course, but the highly pure Ni-62 is characteristic of bought material and not expected from some LENR reaction product. Near complete conversion would normally result in reaction rate decrease, there is no sign of that. Given an unknown mechanism any facts can be fitted, but in this case the fit looks very poor.

    THHuxleynew : You still try to hunt light-green unicorns. May be you have no clue of LENR or are a professional cheater!

    In LENR, the reaction only happens on the surface, in a layer some 100 atoms deep ... The analysis was made by dissolving just the surface. A total conversion is impossible!!

    Try to improve, or stop your FUD.

    "Also, I am still struggling to understand, really understand mechanically, why the polarization of nuclear spin axes with static magnetic field does not affect nuclear beta" decay "rates, but the addition of a perpendicular high frequency alternating field at the Larmor frequency, Does. "

    Elisha : There are many more secretes concerning the nuclear spin axes. Near future will show it!

    To see why their interpretation of Court documents is so false have a look at Abd's thoughtful summary

    An important notice for everybody. ABD is a member of a large think-tank with focus on opinion making. His vita is well constructed: Building up ties to important people in the field, acting like a LENR supporter, but working for...

    Your view here has no supporting evidence, and is directly contradicted by Darden's e-mail.

    I looks like you and IH have something in common: Absolute no knowledge how real business (by using hands and logic thinking) is made...

    IH made the Lugano reactor: If they now make everybody claim .. we don't know what we used... But do you really know who is IH ??, - a company consisting of one drawer, containing legal documents only, and no employees?

    Skilled people at I.H. spent a year looking for it, and found nothing, so I doubt there is anything to be found.

    JED: IH has no employees!! What do mean? Skilled contractors under NDA??

    Ni-Li-H LENR is an at least 6 dimensional optimization problem and if you have no dust of the physics behind the successfull process, then even if you get a COP of 6 or more you will not be able to reproduce it one day later!!! I can understand that this drives people into madness!

    Yes, that is a point that shocked me in the interpretaion of the Lugano testers. When someone say you may have made a big mistake, you say , thanks, or sorry, or "WTF I have to check",and if the guy Dewey give you a sample to check, you say "thanks, that was just I would have asked you".

    You are brain-washed Alain. If a researcher gets a phonecall of technological dilettant, which by mere look is an investor and has an overwhelming legal interest to claim you made a mistake, then may be you would say: OK: How much? And yes then I will tell I made a mistake????

    If I was responsible for a test, convinced that it was well made, and someone propose me a report raising serious issues, and chances to check if I screwed up, I'll take the chance, privately to avoid shaming, to have time to swallow the crow calmly.

    The Lugano game is over: IH orchestrated everything of Lugano by contracting a bunch of dilettantes! If and when somebody made a mistake, then it was IH that made the mistake!

    If I (not you) make a test, then I write a protocol, long before any test runs and let it be signed off by all parties. Further on there must always be three parties. The third party beeing a supervisor independent of the test-team and the equipment provider.

    bdw: Any sample taken after a test is void!

    Combustion of hydrogen in oxygen yields energy ~1.4 eV/atom of hydrogen

    27.2 eV is twenty times this chemical reaction

    not a million times as might be expected with H nuclear fusion

    Most likely Mills gets H*(1/5) - in his terminology - delivering about 340eV/Hydrogen.

    But at that level it's a small step to 4He. But he will never tell you this, because this would "void" his IP...

    After a cold fusion experiment of any duration, the palladium is still all there.

    @JED: This is simply wrong. Pd gets transmuted and can undergo fission etc. If you are lucky then you get silver. Just read the old Mizuno 1996 papers - he already knew this. There is a literature summary in JCF14 (2014) written by Kozima about transmutations etc..

    Certainly, with some research efforts, it is possible to minimize these Pd-losses.

    Basically, it seems to explain how not only to produce atomic hydrogen (H1) but to ionize the hydrogen into protons that can then slam onto a cathode (nickel or palladium) to induce nuclear reactions.

    I can only recommend to study again the famous Lipinski Patent ( WO2014189799) about Li-H+ fusion.

    It's a landmark and has been referenced here many times. Their explanation of the effect may be wrong, but compare it with glow-discharge!

    The link: Lipinski Li-H(+) fusion

    The narrative is "My absolute faith is that the eCAT MUST work! Therefore any evidence, data or theory contrary to that is untrue, baseless, wrong and even immoral. Any theory that supports the eCat working is plausible, good and moral regardless how implausible it is. You have NO evidence to accuse IH of subverting NI-H research. They say the eCat does not work, therefore, you must demonize them in any way possible.

    Bob : This is dark empire IH-slang. Try once to put in negations in what you write and then re-read: You will immediately note how silly such comments are.

    Nobody serious "believes" that something works. We, in science need a proof.

    The proofs of "dark empire IH" are repetitions like DN40 steam pipe - which are (Trumpism's)2 fake news. (See known!! photos)

    I sit in my chair and watch the game. If AR presents the court a working e-cat (COP>6) , then I will believe the court far more than anybody else!

    But .. understandably, write & hate is far more satisfying!

    BDW: Judges don't like peoples, such as Murray, telling easy veryfiable nonsense like DN40! Parties that obviously are lieing, need very, very strong main arguments!

    I should mention that invoking solitons has a big implication - that the electromagnetics have become distinctly nonlinear.

    BobHiggins : Also Le-Clair worked with soliton waves. In cavitation fusion we also see highly non-linear behavior. Physics can't teach nature to behave in a way that models become simple...

    Ken Shoulders style EVO is not quite a plasmoid

    The only known physical structure allowed for "electron only" EVO's are anapoles, where electrons are confined by their own fields!

    See: Nonradiating anapole modes in dielectric nanoparticles


    Shoulders used ceramics (Si) for his experiments, what could explain certain side-effects. Silicium is the best laboratory element to produce EVO's. I "guess" that a more rigid and higher charged center (Si) is the base of the EVO structure. The second benefit would be a much smaller overall radius for the EVO's.

    Hmmm... I would like to see a poll on this! Like much of your thinking in the Rossi matter, it seems to be somewhat clouded and sees things that are not there.

    I would state that of the regular posters here, it is the opposite of what you state. It is a minority of people who think the pipe size claim is fake.

    Amazing what spin can be done.

    Bob : It's now up to you to explain wyh the internal insulation of the main steam pipe is about 35cm. PMGR now thinks it could be at least DN80 inside. Just use your brain and don't listen to the FUD'ers...

    Of course we have been here before.

    Below, the pipes without insulation going to the radiators (probably mostly full of water, s

    @PRMG: Sad to see you are now affected by serious time-lags. Your 2011 pictures are nice, but the above is AR's post for the second version used in Doral...

    Next time: Try a better trick.

    None of those small reactors were used. But yes, lots of insulation is useful. The below pipe (insulation) is even bigger I think.

    (Note the Tigers are in the background)

    @PRMG: Completely right. I see only desperate people working on never to be used e-cats....

    May be you can calculate the pipe diameter from the thickness...

    And of course inside DN100 and outside DN40, that's what you propose...