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    Below are depicted three separate "building blocks" of ultra-dense hydrogen in various different spin states (s=1, 2, 3) that I tried to reproduce in a 3d program with correct relative orbit sizes and motion. Other features are drawn exaggerated for the sake of clarity. Note that in reality UDH atoms aren't supposed to be stable on their own.

    can : I'm working on it. But it's new ground. 4D matter looks quite different and the energies do certainly not correspond to a guessed 3D Bohr or QM like approximation.

    Thus what Holmlid measures and the conclusions thereof are two different things. As Julian mentioned: The explanation includes the reason for the Zitterbewegung, which is by far not obvious. I hope I can soon tell much more.

    But I can't find (free) lead and muon fission datas to study.


    You can also try at :

    Muons do have at least 105 MeV of energy, but what counts is what is on top of that 105 MeV and whether they are polarized. You will noticed that lead is very bad for stopping, as mostly neutrons are produced, what you really don't like. Any material with a low Z is preferred!!

    If you have a giger counter, then just use a copper plate between the reactor and the Giger. If counts increase, then you see muons if not, then they are not dominant.


    Muons are slowed then captured in the atomic K shell orbit of a nucleus. Various electromagnetic processes occur in this orbit such as Bremsstrahlung allowing the muon to drop down to the inner orbital 1s, then the muon either decays or undergoes nuclear capture. At low atomic number (Z < 11) the muon capture process dominates, whereas around (Z = 11), the probabilities of capture and decay are approximately equal, however, for high Z nuclei (e.g. Lead) the muon capture processes again dominate [48]. After capture the nucleus de-excites by the emission of a neutron and neutrino from the nucleus [18]. The resulting atom is known as a muonic atom.

    This process is the dominant source of tertiary neutron production at shallow to moderate rock depth. With a high Z material such as lead, the probability of muon capture is proportional to Z4 [13].

    The second process is direct muon induced spallation where a heavy nucleus ejects large numbers of nucleons (neutrons in this case) resulting from collisions by protons from cosmic rays. In addition there is photon induced spallation of muons whereby photons produced in muon showers cause the spallation of the neutron [49, 50].

    Incidentally, Holmlid calls the "building blocks" composing the long H(0) chain clusters "quasi-neutrons" (with protium) and "quasi-dineutrons" (with deuterium). In the processes (also spontaneous) that apparently eventually cause the production of mesons and muons, small picometer-scale fragments of the ultra-dense hydrogen/deuterium material can get ejected from it with MeV velocities, remaining neutral.

    Short excerpt from (open access) where they are cited:

    I just want to remind everybody that the famous Bohr coulomb formula for the potential is just OK for calculating the electric energy. All other Energies( kinetic & magnetic) of the electron are neglected. This is also the main reason why also the relativistic Dirac equation is wrong at the nuclear level.

    Further on the model for relativity used in mainstream physics breaks down in strongly curved (dense matter) space.

    The "strange" idea that a proton (deuteron) is orbiting a spinning electron can only be understood, when a new model for nuclear matter is used.

    I will not expand on this here, because people are mentally stressed, when I try to explain that there is no "free time variable" at small distances an the math looks quite different. But if you dig deep into Mills approach, then you will be able to understand, that there are different states (forms of) matter, which I call 2/3D matter 3/4D matter and 4D matter. At least the 4D matter behaves like a liquid! 3/4D is in between.

    Conclusion: There yet is no sound explanation for Holmlid's findings.

    Why not muons can't explain long range fission/transmutations? I have seen radiation increase from thick iron from ~5m reactor.

    eros : Muons do in fact explain the increase in radiation after a shield. But you see a decrease. Muons are stop by light nuclei. Polystyrene > Aluminum> iron > lead. But tables often listen values in densities where lead seems to work better...

    Muons pass any metallic foil, beta not. Neutrons pass too if they are not slowed down. Slow H* will be captured by a foil or any material.

    Thus please tell us whether you are interested in the bulk of the radiation (you are able to shield) or the remaining part that you cannot shield.

    Foil wrapped SBM20 taped to glass plate 58c/min. (plate have got some fission products. Normal clean readings should be ~20c/min BG).

    And on reactor with wet towel 10min average 127c/min.

    After test plate give ~60c/min.

    Glass plate have low uranium content maybe 0.5-1%.

    eros : Muons can be excluded, at least for the main effect. Uranium is a very good gamma shield and the decay of U238 gives a well defined spectrum. In a first step I would measure the energy of the U238 decay reaction, what should give a hint of the induced process.

    Because the foil shields most of the radiation, it must be Beta or much less likely alpha. Neutrons will not be significantly shielded with a thin layer of water.

    If you produce "strange matter" like H* this would also be shielded by a foil and could be an explanation for activating U238.

    They mistakenly believed they had ‘the recipe’ for Pd/D anomalous heat effects on demand. Turned out they didn’t. And to make things worse, when everybody in the world tried to replicate their claims, failed, and came back at F&P for ‘all the info’, F&P clammed up (or were forced to) to protect that supposed IP. That really killed their rep in the science community.

    kirkshanahan : Luckily it was not everybody! The lucky ones with the right Pd-Alloy were successful as P&F later were again with a better batch of Pd!

    But, you being a member of military research, we can apologize your comments, as acting along the orders...

    The energy of grand unification is not associated with a single particle but is marshaled as a shared resource of an aggregation of coherent identical particles.

    axil : The grand unification energy is the Plank mass - see and read Mills.

    Standard pyhsicists should first learn to handle homogenous curved 4D space, before they invent new crummy theories. The first thing they will learn is that is such a 4D space there is no symmetry as we/they understand it.

    The only thing I'm interested in is the coupling constant of the external field to the condensed 4D/3D field in the nucleus. As soon as we know which quanta can be stored (reasonably long) in a specific "nuclear" orbit, we have the key to LENR!

    1) What purpose would serve to tell (or hint) someone that an experiment he's doing could be dangerous if he is not also made aware of what exactly can make it dangerous? It would not be a credible claim unless it can be substantiated, nor would deter most who can from trying anyway.

    can : W,Ti,V and others are extremely dangerous for amateurs because they mostly consist of a mixture of isotopes which behave completely different.

    There is ample literature about W/Ti and dangerous radiation/ byproducts not only in LENR... We here only warn the amateurs. As you might know, there are no bad chemists/experimental physicists by the law of Darwin.

    This matters less than 2 dead flies.

    What matters is did the Ecat produce

    Energy Out > Energy In?

    And after 7 years, no one except Rossi KNOWS this for sure, no one, nobody.

    Most of the involved people know it. It was very hot inside Doral except the last day, where the nice Mr. Murray visited after the system (restart) run only for 1/2 hour - in Winter!!

    IH's friends decided to walk on the down play road, trying to delay others as much as possible. The only thing we don't know is the exact COP of AR's machine.

    To downplay/question the existence LENR is even worth less than two dead flies...

    Jarek : In homogenous 4D the ratio 6:10= 0.6 is a magic figure representing the number of rotations needed to reach the "opposite" position. Or more clearly: Our view of symmetry does no longer exist in 4D, as different (in length) paths lead to the same position.

    In fact 50kW is several times larger than the total FPL power draw ignoring the e-cats.

    THHuxleynew : This is a fall-back to FUD level. Just one example the Ochsner heatpump vent is rated about 200 watt for 30kW. Thus you need about 1kW for the dissipation of 150kW.

    What we all agree: If AR produced between 2-400kW, it is still a lot of power needed to vent the critical surplus of 1-200kW...

    FLOW : 36.0871 l/hr at 0,15 bar

    NOTE : for 24 pumps this is 0.65 of Penon's reported 32,000 Kg (aka Liters) / day

    Alan Fletcher : Thanks for the hard work!

    Here a refresh for the less knowledgeables - from Ex 235-10:

    Each BF unit has six identical small pumps to feed water into the reactor / boiler section of each unit. A closeup of the six pumps for a single reactor is shown below. Also shown is the nameplate for one of the pumps.

    The BF's (Big frankies) were run 98% of the time according to AR. 65% of reported flow rate is a much better match with the doable Doral heat dissipation of max 4-500k Watt.

    There is still a possiblilty that the two spare units just run a "cold" water flow...

    You may think what theyb do a waste of resources, but it is transparent and honest.

    Unlike the people on my list who are the opposite of transparent and make claims for experiments they have done that are unsubstantiated.

    @THH: Spoiling 50 Billions of public money is honest, if you write a report how it has been vaporized ???

    (Even if there is known proof that Deuterium/Tritium hot-fusion never will work in costs, because the Neutron shield cannot be payed for!??)

    And you express deep concerns for a money laundry company, that spoiled 11.5 (+5.5 AEG) millions?

    So again my question quite simple.... why do you believe Rossi and support him?

    Bob : You completely miss the point: We do not believe AR, as he always did hide some crucial part of the evidence. But believing the truth of money hungry, blind investors is outlandish, as such people would sell anything for the sake of their success.

    We also believe that most of the people in LENR-forum, that seem acting like "IH-trolls" in reality do not fight against AR. They only try to downplay the importance of Nixyz-H LENR. We know that Ni..-H LENR works, there is more than enough knowledge to declare it a truth. I want just remind you, that in the early 90ies the US military research run their famous solid-state simulation code and concluded, that the Pd-D environment and the Ni-H environment both have the same potential for the LENR reaction.

    Thus: Nobody will stop us to further develop and refine Nixyz-H LENR.

    Wyttenbach, consider yourself warned.

    Eric Walker : You may have overlooked, that I found the WW post extremely disgusting. I only related my post to the disgusting part. Leaving such a (WW) text unedited can only be explained, if the target is to somehow downwind the official level of this forum...

    Disregarding that he's using nanosecond pulse lasers of specifications not too different than those of the lasers used for example for tattoo removal, in his lapsed patent application he's suggested that other kinds of irradiation or impulses, as long as they have sufficiently energy, can trigger the effects he's observing.

    can : Holmlid additionally uses a focussing lens to concentrate the light on a very small spot (some square microns) . Usually an electron absorbing a photon is more or less immediately releasing it again, based on the transition rate formula - proportional to the power/energy - of the state.

    The amount of photons sent to the area under discussion is much larger than the electrons that can consume it, which results in an unnatural saturated state. The physics of such an excited state must be strange, because in a coupled system it should be forbidden to multiply populate the same orbits(m,l,s).

    The only guess I can made is, that the overloaded orbits cannot deliver the excess energy to a neighbor electron and thus the orbit degenerates to a cyclotron like pattern commonly associated with a higher J quantum number. This could explain, that the energy finally couples with the nucleus, that causes the seen reaction results.

    woodworker wrote:

    Further, as you are not willing to identify these brave souls, I would give it the same weight I give to the astrology predictions from "qualified, expert psychics" I see advertised on the internet. And, lastly, I will raise your two experts by the four, count them, Nobel Prize winners I spoke to, but whom I can't identify for obvious reasons, all of whom say Rossi is full of excrement (ELE: sarcasm alert).

    @WW: For a lawyer, specialized in mediation, you talk to much about bullshit...

    It seems that Eric likes your style and leaves your excrements at the original place...

    Moved from the Rossi v. Darden aftermath thread. Eric

    Further, as you are not willing to identify these brave souls, I would give it the same weight I give to the astrology predictions from "qualified, expert psychics" I see advertised on the internet. And, lastly, I will raise your two experts by the four, count them, Nobel Prize winners I spoke to, but whom I can't identify for obvious reasons, all of whom say Rossi is full of excrement (ELE: sarcasm alert).

    @WW: For a lawyer, specialized in mediation, you talk to much about bullshit...

    Is this Yankee slang or just bad habit after two months reading in an old man's forum??

    Moved from the Rossi v. Darden aftermath thread. Eric

    The Russians and Chinese have this type of cavitation driven torpedoes on their subs right now.

    @ (Axil2) The torpedos use compressed air --> bubbles to reduce the water resistance in front of the torpedo.

    By the way, at may home I have a cavitation driven frigo - it's self emptying somehow...

    Even very recently, Rossi has confirmed that the QuarkX is producing a proportion of its COP as direct electric current but not enough to commercialize that format for energy production.

    axil : Rossi made his claims a few days after R.Mills made public his SUN-CELL direct current conversion of XUV radiation (which needs much more technical knowledge than Mills thought/had at that time ...).

    Recently also Trump has confirmed, that he had no contact to Russia... If you like, you can believe anything!

    Any LENR system that is producing excess electrons is also producing muons.

    The universe is charge neutral. Thus what about the counterpart of the electrons?? Who/what produces them???

    If you have a nuclear process with about 1MeV excess energy that is available as a photon, then in the right environment a pair of electron/positron can be produced. If this happens inside a nucleus, then potentially a neutron will be converted into a proton and you get your excess electron. But so far no unusual (High energetic) beta-decays have been reported in LENR experiments.

    Axil: It is time that you show us a concrete LENR reaction that produces muons. Holmlid is high energy physics! on a small space.

    Are you telling me that ITER researchers are not performing any sanity checks on their experimentation?

    In the early eighties they made a sanity check with the follwoing result:

    Even if we use the best neutron shield, with single isoptope material, it will soon get activated and has to be replaced latest after 8 years. The cost of building such a single isotope screen can not be estimated as no method is known to produce it...

    ITER uses the most idiotic form of hydrogen fusion 3H + 2H in a purely kinetic & stochastic environment. LENR, LENR - like (Holmlid) fusion types use structured matter with lower degree of freedom, that allows to burn Deuterium only, with virtually "no" radiation (neutrons).

    Even worse, classic physicists believe that they understand fusion... That is true: They know how to ignite a hydrogen bomb... Except that they never understood the Lithium reaction. (Seen in Lipinski.)

    The posted operating point of the QuarkX reactor is about 2700 degC. This above the melting point of almost all metals. How does one heat the QuarkX and sustain that temperature?

    Shane D. : Most glow/discharge lamps have even higher temps. Halogen bulbs profit from convection. The wire is much, much hotter than the surrounding glass. But without Tungsten nothing goes...

    the press release talks about a new generation of "nuclear super carriers", with a more effective engine that can run with the initial "nuclear fueling" for ca. 20...25 years - but it is still a conventional nuclear reactor, nothing else.

    zorud : Show us a paper or a company statement that shows a conventional reactor that runs 25 years without refueling.

    (In the orignal release - you may have missed it - some year(s) ago the wrote - needs no conventional refueling...)

    Mills blabla physics is an least in terms of transmutation which Mills totally discounts.

    You mix Mills physics and his SUN-CELL experiment - which obviously has nothing to do with his physics... (Except some lucky coincidence..)

    I thought that Mills rejected quantum mechanics. ℏ/2 cames from quantum mechanics. How does ℏ/2 come from the laws of thermodynamics?

    axil : Time to study Mills. Nobody can reject the quantization of nature...(Just study rigid rotators..)

    Mills is accepting the value for the intrinsic spin of an elementary particle which is a foundational assumption of quantum mechanics. Mills seems to be picking and choosing what he likes about QM and what he does not like so that the numbers that he gets works out to what he likes.

    This value is given by nature - not by thermodynamics or Mills or Axil or...

    Rossi is applying a high voltage potential to the nickel electrode of the QuarkX. There is a non conducting gas(hydrogen) inside that tube. There is a tunneling effect where electrons pass through the gas to the tune of milliwatts which happens to be the power consumption factor that the COP is reconed on.

    Axil's blabla: Hydrogen is highly conducting under an arc discharge as it discomposes into H- and H3+!, something most people did not notice until recently!