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    When is that expected, folks? Oh... and competitive to what? In what way? "Competitive " is so lacking in meaning when you are referring to solid accomplishments in getting practical power and energy out of LENR.

    I'm confused why you sound gleeful when you attack LENR. If/when it is definitively proved successful as a mechanism for power generation, wouldn't it benefit everyone? (Other than hot fusion researchers of course)

    Im sorry. Ascoli65 started this thread under false assumptions and it all went downhill from there. Please note that I didn't swear or make any reference to male bovine excrement. Damn. Now I did.

    Here's the difference with my work. It speaks for itself to my employers. I don't have to go to a public forum and crave adulation for it. If I don't do good work my employers have the option of firing me - because they can see my work and the results of it. I sincerely hope that you have something worthwhile - not for your sake ( I personally think you're an odious egoist based on your posts). But for the sake of the planet and my daughter's future on it.

    No what you do is make insulting insinuations about people who actually work for life and look after their family and the family of man. You are simply a troll.

    Wow. You certainly put me in my place. Or made yourself look like a complete jackass. Either-or.

    I was expecting the "armchair critic" attack. As for "do-nothing" - what I actually do is work for a living to look after my family. If you don't want any criticism then don't post wild claims with no evidence.

    I used to be somewhat hopeful that "AtomEcology" was actually real and going somewhere. Then Russ says the assembly melted and it becomes more hopeful. Then he gives vague reasons why he wouldn't be able to show this happening and doesn't reply to "why not?" questions. I'm not terribly excited for the future of this planet.

    Yeah. I blocked km. His posts have no value. In replying to Dewey's insult he insulted everybody on this thread. Then 3 or 4 posts later he accused Dewey of blanket insults (something he had just done). Then his spurious and ridiculous attacks against Woodworker... His every post just exhausts me.

    I was getting to the point where I was going to block him... But then he at least learned how to use the quote function correctly. After that I figured he might be able to learn other things.

    Oh, how does my speculation differ from other speculations using patterns to evaluate the state of things in this saga?

    Not quite sure how to parse that. You attack and criticize people for criticizing Rossi. However, their criticisms of him are based on his proven (by himself) lying and obviously deceitful practices. Your staunch support of him is based on *what* evidence? Don't bother answering. There is none. He has never had any independent replication or verification and never allowed any measurements but his own (flawed) ones.

    I guess you know better than I the reasons for your actions (I can only speculate). I can see that you try hard to paint your speculation as "technical issues" and "facts" even though you obviously have no idea about them since you are still sitting in the armchair far far away... You are probably becoming delusional; deceiving yourself into believing that the patterns you see are facts.

    Perhaps you could educate yourself more by reading the court documents and Rossi's own contradictory comments rather than the baseless assertions and veiled insults?

    I disagree completely. Lately Ascoli has been arguing "you're right - I'm wrong" and trying to say that he has won the argument (because he says he has) or based on twisting the replies of others asking him questions.