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    It is meant to take in idiots the same way a ‘Nigerian Scam email’ works. It is grooming for a scam.

    You should be elated that we are at the final scam stage. You can once and for all put a nail in Rossi's coffin, and prove with certainty that his evolution of product was not an incremental Edisonian phenomena, but rather, a single grand 12 year deception. You should be wishing and praying that he hits the 1M orders.

    From which between 1 and 3 are watching the live stream. When I check it's often just 1, me. I don't know how this can generate preorders in considerable numbers.

    I don't know whether Rossi will generate the number of orders that he needs for the economy of scale that he is aiming for, but I do suppose that most people will watch the live stream for at most 10-20 seconds. I mean, how interesting is it to watch a 0 go to a 1 every now and again? There were considerably more viewing in the first days of its launch. So you would have to know the cumulative number of people that have watched to know the impact it is having, and Youtube livestream doesn't reveal that data.

    It is not meant for preorders.

    Yes it is


    Rossi is not personally keeping track of a million preorders.

    He may or may not be, but likely has help. It's not tough to record preorders into a spreadsheet or simple database.


    It is only him reading the few hundred or so on his website.

    Hundreds of thousands of people are following or have followed Rossi over the years. You are in dream land if you think it is a few hundred.


    He has no team.

    *citation needed


    The whole preorder concept is bunk.

    To the contrary, it makes imminent sense. The USPTO rarely ever grants patents covering LENR or similar fields. He already tried to partner up with a company with sufficient means to fund product development and manufacturing costs, and we all know how that ended. The ONLY way to get this kind of tech out and preserve a financial reward to yourself and your investors is to take pre-orders, manufacture parts at scale, and send the orders out as close to a single grouping in time as possible. Once the products ship, there will immediately be reverse engineering, and no more secrets. Rossi know that well.

    Measure power to the PSU set at 10 V no load using the meter Rossi used last time.

    Measure the power to the PSU set at 10 V with the SKlep plus light connected.

    Elegant and won’t happen.

    You would simply claim that there was trickery in the meter. THIS DEMO IS NOT MEANT TO CONVINCE YOU. No demo provided in a live stream will ever provide enough evidence for proof of operation. It is meant to tickle the curiosity in people and nudge them to put down a pre-order. That's it. Obviously, you weren't nudged. I believe that many people will be, and that is what Rossi is counting on as well.

    This means you can pre- order the non-existing product in exchange for your unnecessary pledge of potentially $25, and the megawatt plant is a fantasy on stilts.

    It means that you can too! And what do you have to lose? You can send 25 bucks in and then either 1) claim that you were scammed and that Rossi is a fraud, or 2) test the SKLEP mini and see for yourself. See? Win win. If you haven't put in your pre-order, I lose a little respect for you, given your massive efforts here over the years.

    I am really amused by all the fuzz around a video that provides nothing in the sense of properly estimating the output, no matter how low the input seems to be properly estimated.

    In some respect, I agree with you. I think the demo could have been better in any number of ways. But Rossi has never intended to prove his claims by demo, and has always maintained that the market can be the only ultimate proof. The purpose of the demo is to generate orders, so that he has the economy of scale needed to produce products. That's it. If he generates more orders, the demo is a success.

    Also, try powering ANY bulb of ANY kind with < 0.0008 W, and observe the result.

    Since the maestro lured you out of retirement, that leaves me no other choice but to pay more attention to what he is up to this time. It must be good, or you would not be here. Oh, and welcome back.

    I check in every now and again, and you've always been one of my favs here. I have respect for fence sitters, and disdain for those who profess absolute knowledge one way or the other. I know you have probably fallen off the Rossi fence, but when it comes to this space, including Rossi (although he has distanced himself from LENR) fence sitting is about the only rational place to be. When a product is available and can be tested widely, my disdain for absolutists will disappear, as it should.

    Rossi has now published the exact equipment used in the 1 year demo:

    Live Streaming

    Equipment used; COBO Spa 05.685 H4 LED headlamp, running at 5 Watt and a ToAuto NPS3010W power supply (30 Volt 6A/10A DC Lab Variable Adjustable regulated DC Bench Switching)

    1) Purchase a 05.685 H4 LED

    2) Run 5W into it

    3) Compare to live stream visual

    After that, the only remaining question would be whether the PS display is somehow being manipulated by the load to show a lower reading. Otherwise: 1M orders and world changes.

    Cobo Halogen bulb H4 55W

    NEW Code: 1029800

    PS is known (purchased by Frank in US and taken to Italy)

    1) Buy the bulb

    2) Buy the PS

    3) Test bulb at 0.006 W (See Alan F.'s measurement)

    4) Test bulb at 10 W

    5) Compare to live stream

    6) Wait long enough to confirm that any internal/hidden battery can be ruled out

    Alan F, I'm looking at you :|

    The notion that "some within the scientific community" are responsible for preventing a meaningful test of Rossi's devices is truly laughable. There is absolutely zero chance that Rossi would allow anyone independent and competent to touch his precious junk. If you believe otherwise, you are delusional :(and Rossi loves you for it.)

    Please post the name/contact info of a credentialed scientist (PhD in the pertinent field, well-published and respected among his/her peers, and perhaps a professor of science) who has agreed with you to test Rossi's ep. Then, we can go from there.

    The market IS the final arbiter, in the sense that once devices are in the market, the crowd will come to a conclusion on its veracity. The problem with your argument is that some within the scientific community have worked extremely hard to erect a reputation trap for anyone who dare test a device that might threaten their funding and sacrosanct theories.