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    Do any of you teardown artist, naysayers and haters put your resources to work for change when loss is more likely than gain?

    I would venture to guess that most here have devoted resources to one degree or another, whether it was a donation to MFMP, time and money spent performing experiments in association with the MFMP, time spent scrutinizing experiments and providing feedback, time spent trying to decipher the unwieldy dispute between Rossi/IH, and all of the associated opportunity costs. So yes, we have devoted resources to something we all have a keen interest in, probably not in the realm of millions of dollars individually, but when viewed collectively, it might be in that range.

    That doesn't appear to have any positive value right now.

    Maybe if you didn't box everything up right after the lawsuit filing Murray could have had more time to incorporate Dameron's experience into his own modified e-Cat. Dameron was still running an IH-built reactor in your same building, according to Murray. Why the hasty reaction? Were you afraid of what your further findings might be: that maybe Murray would eventually confirm Dameron's findings?

    This notion that somehow critics of Rossi really want failure just shows you really misunderstand us.

    We want success. And that comes from doing good research, not 'sloppy and wrong' research


    I would exclude you, because I think you are sincere. I've been around for awhile. I know the play book. "Oh, we would be the first to be so very happy and relieved if LENR is true"--and then go about discrediting and attacking everything and anything related to LENR, attempting to obstruct and block funding, assassinating the character of researchers, trying to obfuscate and confuse the issues. And for LENR+, the effect is amplified by at least an order of magnitude. Insincere skepticism is easy to spot. Many people have reputations on the line with the Rossi affair. And they intend to protect them, possibly at very high costs--especially those with the means to do so.

    My point was simply that Rossi sending them an ash sample, no matter how small, and no matter who thought they 'owned' it, would be conveying important IP information to Uppsala.

    This notion that IH can somehow control the Leonardo IP on a worldwide basis is, in my opinion, laughable. Rossi is free to take the e-Cat to market in the other half of the non-licensed territories, even if IH goes kicking and screaming about it. And to do that, others will be made aware of the fuel and catalysts, as a necessary function of going to market. Besides, it's all a big scam in IH's eyes, so they shouldn't care about the scam fuel being known to the rest of the world.

    Not too much of a mess. An unsigned agreement by itself is not enforceable. Now you may have verbal agreements, but ....

    I have several unsigned agreements from people in my files, but I did not agree with the "agreement" You just need to renegotiate.

    One of the biggest legal messes I've ever seen. And even with an unsigned agreement, if the parties move forward and act as if the agreement was in effect, then course of business, estoppel, and all that.

    Indeed, I find it much more likely that they did not convey confidence in Rossi's tech to Woodford and others.

    There are always risk disclosures in these kinds of deals: always. So yes, IH would have disclosed many risks, especially given that LENR is a nascent field.

    Nevertheless, it remains that Woodford stated in no uncertain terms that Rossi's technology was core to their investment. And the valuation documents that are now on the docket confirm that (as it is split out based on LENR tech, with Rossi's accounting for most of it).

    According to the the term sheet (Doc 29 - Exh 17) the 1MW plant was build in Italy:…11/0029.17_Exhibit_17.pdf

    We are told that a new 1MW was built using some parts from the original. The shell of the original 1 MW plant was seen in the parking lot. We have heard from Dewey that IH was involved in building the new 1 MW plant, and even built in extra security features to make it difficult to access the fuel/ash.

    So many assumptions there...

    In any case, who says they did not first build some small ones which (according to Rossi's test methods) worked?

    You don't think that IH, in two years time, would have ever thought to place a thermocouple on their prototype reactors to back up the thermal camera measurements? You really think that Darden said "yes sir" to Rossi who allegedly said (according to Darden's testimony) not to ever place a thermocouple on the reactor--for two years or more? And that they would not double check their prototype with a thermocouple before building four new shiny complex Big Frankies? Rossi's control over IH is astounding. He must be a hypnotist.


    IH would not have built four shiny brand new cars (i.e., the four Big Frankies) without first having built a simpler prototype vehicle (a simple reactor with some controls), and would not have proceeded with building the four big impressive ones without having high confidence that the simpler prototype worked. Would they?

    We just had several posts from Cassarini's hand written notes, along with THH's excellent summary, pointing this out clearly. But also we know that Darden specifically pushed Rossi for a 'big independent validator' in an email he sent, and Rossi wrote back IN ALL CAPS refusing to allow that to happen saying that it would create 'big troubles'.

    The original validation test was apparently extended to two days so that IH could use whichever 'big independent validator' they wanted to provide further validation on the second day of the test. Rossi's concern was that the agreed-to ERV not be changed last minute, because that could cause a contractual issue. I think you might be exploiting Rossi's lack of command of the English language a little here when you harp on his inelegant phrase 'big troubles.'

    • The handwritten notes that are now released give a lot of insight into their real motives. They were very interested in Rossi IP because of the apparently independent evidence it worked, and their own replications initially seeming to work reliably. Obviously they could not trust Rossi an inch, and the negative evidence (COP=9 dummy, Boeing failed to replicate) was a worry. In that situation keeping Rossi sweet to help them get things to work - maybe all the failures were missing some magic step - was an imperative for Darden. He must now regret it!

    To be clear, Darden never said the dummy had a COP of 9. He was not that specific with his language. Nevertheless, the very fact that Darden shared the dummy story and that he knew in Jan. 2014 that it didn't work is not going to bode well for him, I'm afraid.

    The requirement of all 3 needing to approve the GPT will likely become very important. If you assume estoppel, then you need to show it by all 3.

    Maybe you are right, but Darden will have to explain his email to Ampenergo where he seems to attempt to influence their decision whether to sign.

    IHFB - wrong on all points again laddie - you are one of the most prolific assumptive fabricating spinsters in this entire saga. Attorneys are not ordering anybody except on Planet Rossi where the R'Ster cannot comment by orders of the attorneys except where comments can be made under the guise of the no comment monicker ( gets me every time he does that - so damn funny....).

    The R'ster is not going to be able to spin his way out of being caught in the lie of a high COP from an empty reactor anywhere except Sweden from here on out.

    Well, here is what Murray said:

    215-3, p. 103

    ·8· · · · Q.· · Okay.· And where is the device that you

    ·9· ·tested now, if you know?

    10· · · · A.· · I can't say today, but I know before we

    11· ·closed up shop we took everything related to the

    12· ·litigation under the direction of Jones Day and we put

    13· ·it all together, and we boxed it up and we put it into

    14· ·the locked facility in the back of the building.· So I'm

    15· ·sure it's all in there.

    Maybe Murray was referring just to boxing everything up under the direction of Jones Day. In any case, the Jones Day lawyers were quite involved at this point. Hard to say whether they suggested closing up shop. But given that everything was shut down and closed up right after the lawsuit, the timing of it all seems to suggest a causal relationship.

    PIH ,

    Someone posted something awhile back suggesting that IH has already clawed back some of the money. I don't have a link and don't know how good the source was. But at the end of the day, I tend to think Darden was exaggerating the dummy reactor story in a self-serving after-the-fact sort of way, without thinking about the implications.

    You are convinced of this despite the fact that if they had replicated, they would have been happy to pay and they would presently be spending hundreds of millions of dollars developing the technology. Instead of firing their technical staff and closing down the R&D, as Murray testified.

    IH closed up shop and boxed everything up on order of their lawyers in response to the lawsuit. Murray had only about a few months to test his modified version of the e-Cat, while Dameron was still running the IH-built reactor in the same building.

    Recall that finding a customer was not a requirement of the GPT, and that the terms of the GPT made no reference to a customer. With this in mind, your suggestion that the JMP ruse was a way to kick IH into gear with the GPT would raise as many questions as it does answers for someone just coming up to speed on the story.

    It is the only reason for the JMP ruse. What other purpose would it have had? Rossi had to manufacture an inducement for IH because the original contract was so poorly drafted. This whole deal was bound to fail from the moment pen met paper.

    What is more likely: that the lies extend from the known lies to the technology itself, or that he has lied about many things, but told the truth about the technology? Can you really believe that one man, with a long history of deceptive practice, has solved problems that the worlds (no apostrophe) best scientists have never solved, or is it more likely that it doesn't work and is a scam?

    I'm glad you distilled it to this. Because I agree, this is the central and most important unanswered enigma of all. And I don't think it can be resolved by this lawsuit, unfortunately. Originally, I thought it was a possibility, but with time and thousands of pages of Rossi/IH documents, I don't think it can or will be resolved in this manner, nor do I think that Rossi or IH want it to be.

    I think at this point we will need to look to external references. MFMP/me356 black box test. Parkhomov. Chinese replicators. BLP. Brillouin. Heterogeneous LENR+ using a transition metal and H. Nobody will trust a Rossi demo from here on out. He shouldn't even hold one. If Rossi wants to regain any credibility that he might of once had (and if you are reading this Mr. Rossi, I suggest that you take this to heart): Provide a Quark X to the MFMP for black box verification test just as me356 has purportedly agreed to do. You can retain your trade secrets on the catalyst.


    As I recall, NI was working with Rossi. And their modus operendi is to initially provide the equipment without payment for initial testing to LENR outfits. The NI reveal was big news at the time. NI would even talk about it openly at first, for example, in conferences. I remember watching NI's CEO do this on more than one occasion. NI eventually got cold feet and backed out. They have their reasons I'm sure, but most publicly traded companies are wusses when it comes to LENR. Anything that rocks the apple cart must usually be pursued by startups and outsiders.