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    is personal, meant to cause insult and ripe with simple meanness. Much of the same thing many here state that mainstream media spouses!

    Like when THH says things like "evidenced by some of the 'don't raise questions - it makes you evil' crowd here," for example? That kind of insult and meanness? No, of course not, because in your mind pseudo skeptics are always nice, even if mean.

    Jed, just wanted to commend you. I feel like the "old" Jed is back. IHFB

    So it looks as though Rossi has spent the last month and a half in Europe. Probably resting. Do you have something against the poor guy getting a little rest after all of his exertions? Is that what is troubling you?

    I don't think anyone here believes that. The guy was back at work a day after having throat surgery.

    Bruce - since you asked so politely, here is some additional communication from Mr. Weigelt on said subject:

    "The IVA Conference Centre is an independent business unit that sells its services on the open market. Even though the Conference Centre shares our name, the majority of its clients are not connected with IVA .The organizations using our centre are responsible for their own content. That said, we are aware of the risk that some customers may try to exploit our brand for supporting their events and gain credibility by association. This is obviously extra important when it comes to issues as science fraud. Therefore, the policies of our Conference Centre clearly guides to exclude events in conflict with the Academy statutes (to promote technical and economical sciences) and we always perform background checks on new customers.

    This time, the venue was booked by Mats Lewan for a “technical presentation by a US company with international guests”. Our Conference Centre staff did not have knowledge in advance of the conference that that Mr Rossi was among the speakers, and the background check on Mr Lewan himself did not reveal anything suspicious. Directly after the event we were made aware of what had happened and took actions to mitigate any potential damages. We contacted media to make it clear that the claims made by Rossi are in no way endorsed by the Academy. Mats Lewan is red-flagged for future reservations in our Conference Centre, and would not have had access of our conference centre had we known the content of the event. It is clear that we need to review our procedures to avoid similar incidents in the future."

    This isn't new information. This is from way back when it happened. And it just goes to show how fragile the feelings of institutions still are when it comes to anything cold fusion related.

    Does it mean the IVA was deceived when approached about the Nov 24, 2017 conference?

    Why yes........ it says just that.

    I wonder how if feels to be banished from the Academy in Sweden after purveying such a deception? (or to the contrary - a mention of the unannounced dangers and potential exposures with a live cancerous result in the house)

    It means that some overzealous person (probably Frank Z., Krivit, or maybe even Dewey) hounded and perhaps even threatened to damage the reputation of IVA by linking them to, gasp, cold fuzion!

    This is a claim that Rossi himself was making on his blog a while ago (i.e., more than a year ago). I get the feeling that quite a bit of what we see in Menichella's article comes pretty directly from Rossi.

    As you can see by Para's post above, Rossi only hinted at the Uppsalla professors building a replication device and running an experiment with non-phase-change water calorimetry. Rossi didn't claim that the results were positive. So it seems unlikely that the physicist Mario Menichella's claim that the Uppsalla scientists have replicated (without publishing the results) the Rossi effect came from Rossi himself.

    KevMo needs as an inductive touchpoint the fact that despite all the PR no-one, anywhere, has ever got their hands on a working Rossi device.

    And THH needs some more unknown unknowns so that he can feel that real science is being done here.


    Not even one of the 1st generation now outdated tech devices. Why would that be?

    Because Rossi has not released them to anyone else, perhaps?


    And why would Rossi be putting his efforts into direct electricity conversion when there is a very large commercial market for a device that can generate reliable free heat - and perfectly good systems to convert this heat into electricity already converted when that is needed.

    Because maybe he is doing both? Wouldn't you pursue both if you had a working effect?

    Ah yes... a very satisfying asymptote to nothing for the Rossifarian remnant of Planet Rossi. First we have the analog to the chemistry of fire then we move on to an Edison safety lesson. This has become more entertaining that I could have ever imagined. They work hard those Rossifarians - got to hand them that.

    It has been predicted here (and on ECW) for quite some time that once LENR products were even threatened to be placed into the marketplace, the next line of attack would be that of safety. And so it is.

    And just to throw more branches on the fire, if anyone gave a safety certificate for the Doral plant, they should be fired. Barry had to set up that yellow chain fence in front of the Big Frankies each time the visitors arrived to prevent the visitors from touching the reactors and being electrocuted. (Document 207-61)


    Thomas Edison probably didn't have a safety certificate either when he shocked an elephant to death with AC electricity in an attempt to demonstrate that it was dangerous. And just look at what we have and enjoy today, which enhances all of our lives, all to the credit of that man.

    There are quite a few LENR experiments that have shown many, many multiples beyond what is chemically capable. A 5% error in calorimetry is not a very good unknown unknown.

    LENR experimental results need to be written up in a way that is ultra-skeptical, considering all possible loopholes and reckoning that there can always be unknown unknowns and therefore creatively finding unexpected and testable predictions that would validate an LENR interpretation of some replicable but not definite results is the way to go.

    Okay Mr. Rumsfeld. The thing is, it is easy to calculate how much chemical energy is able to be expressed in a given experiment. If you go multiple times beyond that, there aren't too many loopholes to consider.

    The SK must be nuclear of course, why in hell Rossi should put there radiation detectors prominently on top of the Blue box if radiation and nuclear processes are not involved? This move to admit to have radiation and nuclear processes and the claim that his 7 year old „certificate“ still covers all his later gadgets are huge nails in the cofffin of his „industrial certified product“, ...

    LENR doesn't exist according to the officials. So no prob.

    Spam - we walked away and had to circle back when the Rossifarians started trying to rewrite history. That appears to have restarted in earnest after his catastrophic Jan 31 video train wreck. We can refight that war all day and night long. Facts are facts. Rossi is an eco and business fraud criminal who has faked everything in his latest endeavor.

    It's now about reputations. If Rossi's SK works, IH's rep and those involved with IH will suffer. If friends of IH (or maybe even IH agents themselves) can disrupt the entry of the SK into the marketplace, they save their rep. This is an all-out war greater than the litigation itself. IH isn't going to go down without more fight. And neither is Rossi. All tools available will be used including trying to sic gov agents on Rossi, threatening more legal action, instilling safety fears, and the list goes on. IH does not want a working SK in the marketplace, even if it will save the world.