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    Alan Smith i was kidding about small island nation size. And Reg is from down under but he did an experiment were he and his friend in UK were observing same pattern on tl2 detectors one in UK another in Australia with time shift.

    When you run out of all possible explanations I hope you that have met or have Vysotskiy contact and I also hope they they would not mind to assist you with the detection of such waves.

    axil interesting article. Judging by the reference list these guys are in the material engineering his business I.e. changing properties of metals by discharge.

    But what the article is a direct confirmation of Evo and strange radiation.

    Samples are still active after months.

    Wyttenbach on the sidelines of Sochi Russians aldo seem to be getting to the agreement that lenr is EM and not a nuclear process. Which is strange cause you attempt to classify real single world by the branches of abstract approximation theories.

    Alan Smith If Kornilova and Vysotskiy can stimulate TiD reaction using what they called 'undampted thermal waves' the way to rule out that factor is to build a detector for such.

    I have seen few publications in which a resitor with sensitive voltmeter were used. That is how Reg Cahill detected gravitational waves, how Kozyrev did his waves and Galaev detected seasonal ether wind changes.

    Reg claimed his setup was not exepensive there was one he send to UK to his friend in one of his experiments. UK is small mybe you can find him;)

    stefan this is good for pure phylosopical discussion or as a theme for ato explore in the novel but totally inappropriate for engineering. You can design reliable breaking system if you only right sometimes.

    Shane D. You are increasingly assuming ☮️ ing role of rhe elemantry school teacher or maybe it is nurse Rachel talking?

    If we want to get down to the point trying to grow organic garden of different options is not going to work. We already have that. It is called mainsteam physics.

    Zeus46 that is true. I am a product of Soviet system and totally agree with the article. In Canada friends of my kids think I am some kind of home tyran but when I visited Ukraine people were looking at me as if I was some kind of a weirdo when I was greeting passerbys with a slight smile.

    can Shishkin was saying he can produce tracks in multiple ways including fast spinning metal cone. Like you said, little I info is available let's keep eyes open for more info to come.

    On related note, in one of the conversations Shishin mentioned couple of interesting things. I tend to believe him since he is not a diletant in radiation spending entire career in dosimetry.

    First, he speculates that new heavy particles detected over the pole are indeed EVO or strange radiatiin. To support his point he did an experiment connecting oscillograph to the neutron detector. Some emanations from his SR sources are detected by the detector as say neutron but have different profile of the current on radiation detector seen on oscillograph.

    Secondly, he is certain that sharp wavefornt on square shape puse wave aka Q-waves is utterly portant for the effect. He had success triggering nuclear reactions when getting front below 300ns even with 10Hz frequency. Again no details on other parametres including how he fed the signal into reactor.

    Bruce__H funny I was trying to count how many time 'convincing' was used and then compare it to synonyms with respect to the ranking of most frequently used words.

    Definitely 'convincing' is most often used on jonp but on the other hand what would be a good synonym to use instead?

    Shane D. After Musk twittering it will be a common corporate policy - no direct posting anywhere allmist go through PR officer.

    Btw, what happened to UGC web site?

    I am not more the expert as you. I am using same sources of info. It is just that ST has an inconsistent story.

    Deneum so far hasn't done anything inconsistent. In fact when Mills was fantasizing about crypto it was like he is reading it off deneum web site.

    If it was indeed business reasons I would say Mills's lawyers freaked out again. He was kind of rampant recently compared to few posts before.

    bocijn if you call them creative marketers you call Rossi that as well.

    There are many results you can prroject from I want to see the results from the 'samovar' Karabanov was posing for a picture when they called ico.

    I like what Synteztech is trying to accomplish but also I do remember their sales pitch claiming that intensiver research culminating and they had something.

    The moral dilemma is , can I accept somebody lying to me if it is for a good cause? Maybe they should be in the Rossi club for that reason.

    Director ignore the majority and wait till.tje remaining few figure something out. Ingorance and loyality payed well if you are a scientists.

    Russians are looking a bit outside of rhe box do e to the fact that science does not pay there.

    Shane D. Shishkin was his name. And what Bob said is when Shishkin runs his cavitation device to generate strange radiation after a while it stops so he has to move the device to the different spot in the room to get it started. I would bring and analogy with the straw slumping slush. You create void, have to move the straw.

    That calls for something filling the space around like ether for instance.

    Shishkin generated strange radiation. By number of devices which iclude spinng cones.