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    Director are you serious about majority of people could be convinced by scientific data when so many people can't even calculate sales tax?

    If somebody like Drake twitts that he embraces GUTCP it will have larger impact than dozen Mills lectures at Princeton.

    Nope. It has a novelty. Not sure how they feed the current in the arch before bit this time liquid loop serves as secondary inductor. They are spreading effort all over the place inventing many interesting things in the way.

    Makes me thinking why such a smart bunch can't deliver a simple thermal heater.

    A: it doesn't work

    B; waiting for Santili patent to expire

    C: something else

    Fee years back there was a company in Russia claiming same thing. They showed state of the art manufacturing and even industrial hydrolysis reactors ready for shipping. The claimed that if you loop in hydrolyzer into big genset it gives you to 40 percent fuel reduction. When a group of free energy activist came to validate the numbers didn't add up

    LeBob maybe you can help me here and being an example of two either joining efforts of one of them giving up in.favor of another one. Like, we just realized than NAE and phonon theory are the same ....

    LeBob it is not hard that the field physics is expanding instead of converging. The single universe. Yet more explanations emerge.

    With Mills and Holmid the situation is even more dire. They have lawyers behind them saying that any discussion productive or not is reducing the good will.

    You are working with Russ George on various LENR reactors that all use fuel prepared by Russ. Have you ever looked at that fuel with a SEM? Have you ever got a reactor to work without using LENR fuel? What is in that fuel that makes it LENR active? Have you ever researched that question? Have you ever seen tracks in the structure of the reactor?





    This may require a totally new generation of materials for the reactor. That can take years to develop, if ever. Take Space Elevator - theoretically proven but need to wait till we can manufacture a rope able to hold at least own weight.

    sam12 how the believers explain end of next year coming out date? What do they think should happen within almost a year from now which could not had happened already? I have my own explanation, it came to replace '1 year test' and 'reaching 5 sigma' to give 'an inventor' enough time to work another fraud target.

    I think that is roughly what has been happening repeatedly since Mills first released his theory:

    1) Mills releases theory

    2) Somebody 'smart' starts asking questions (sometimes stupid and sometimes not)

    3) Mills refers to a particular page in his GUT-CP book to answer

    4) Smart guy continues questioning

    5) Mills now refers to whole free book for an answer

    6) Stakeholders complain that even a productive discussion leading to a division is hurting BRLP reputation

    7) Discussion is terminated

    I don't think any of you would continue the discussion for decades if it is not leading anywhere unless you paid for continuing research/discussions as many scientists do these days.