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  • Anomalous craters arising from electrical breakdown spots

    Manuscript received on 23 September 2019, accepted 10 March 2020

    A last experiment was carried out using a Pd-electrode. After voltage application we find an approximately three to four times higher density of holes than in the case of a Cu-electrode ...

    Pd-electrodes can exhibit an electrochemical mechanical damage upon H2 evolution. Before electrochemistry the Pd cathode is uniform and after electrochemistry the Pd cathode is speckled because of high H flux and H2 evolution. When the solid electrolyte BZCY (ceria- and yttria-doped barium zirconate) is coated with a Pd film as electrode, the Pd film delaminates, and the ceramic grains are fractured and ejected.

    The energy required to form these holes is much higher than the electrostatic energy stored in the MIM structure. It is therefore concluded that the breakdown event with its high channel temperatures triggers a second process which delivers the required energy. Since the number of breakdown spots at structures with a Pd electrode is by a factor of three to four higher than at structures with Cu electrodes it is conjectured that hydrogen explosions on the microscale are involved in the breakdown process delivering the energy for the creation of the craters.

    It remains an open question if these processes are somehow related to the supposed cold fusion reported 30 years ago and recently discussed ...

    Edit to add: good find Ahlfors , I think this article can be further discussed in this thread: Electrical Breakdown Spots. LENR related phenomena?

  • About a year ago a company called Inductance Energy Corp was mentioned here. You may recall they claimed in youtube vids and on their website to have invented a magnet powered generator that appears to break the laws of physics.

    Today I found they are raising funds to build another factory..…ton-could-bring-200-jobs/

    "Inductance Energy Corp. of Cheyenne wants to manufacture wiring harnesses, flywheel components and other electrical generating equipment in Riverton, using a $10 million industrial revenue bond issued through the city."…r-manufacturing-facility/

    “We are moving as fast as we can,” Hawley explained. Everything is reliant on the tax-exempt revenue bond approval which is at the sole discretion of Governor Mark Gordon."

    Here is their video if you missed it first time..

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    • Official Post

    New Project Update for the NPP 2.0 project of Wyttenbach,…hysics-20-new-SO4-physics

    The proton and its resonances - NPP Version 2.3

    This updates contains the 6Li structure including the first gamma line. Also 12C is given including gamma lines. An interesting cubic equation for the electron g-factor is shown, that just contains only metric factors, derived from the proton strong force equation. More detailed explanations are given as the understanding of the model grows. In an Appendix we also explore the 7/4 --> 9/8 torus wave from compression that starts after nuclei containing more than 14 protons.

    Congratulations for the advances are in order.

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    Dr. Akito Takahashi just uploaded this paper published at JCF21 to the Researchgate page of project NEDO.

    It talks about more recent experiments and sustained excess heat of 200 W/g of Ni based composite nano powder. Looking better after each interaction.…_of_Nano-Metal_and_HD-Gas

    Summary and Conclusion Remarks:

    Repeated re-calcination is effective to enhance sustainable excess thermal power by the interaction of Ni-based binary nano-composite metal powder with H (or D)-gas. Baking treatment between elevated temperature runs is effective to enhance excess thermal power for the second re-calcination, but the enhancement has saturated for the third re-calcination. To eliminate the gas turbulence effect for calorimetry, condition of homogeneous temperature in sample region will be tested to enhance more AHE. Excess thermal power reached at the level of 200 W/kg-sample continuing for several weeks or more, by the elevated temperature interaction of either D-gas or H-gas and Ni-based binary nano-composite powders supported in zirconia flakes. Further extension study towards application of industrial clean portable primary thermal energy source is encouraging.

  • Взаимодействие с другими людьми

    Ниже приводится список статей и материалов по «физической химии микромира» Канарева Филиппа Михайловича. В своих статьях я анализирую ошибки физика Канарева. Его главная ошибка в том, что, доказывая нам, что в природе нет электрического поля и электрических зарядов, он продолжает использовать в формулах параметр «е» - «электростатический заряд» ... Следовательно, вы должны, читая его статьи , все время помню этот случай ...

    Черепанов Алексей Иванович - 1978 г. выпускник кафедры № 5 НИЯУ МИФИ.


    АКТУАЛЬНЫЕ ПРОБЛЕМЫ СОВРЕМЕННОЙ ФИЗИКИ, 1993-2020 -…krPt51mE/view?usp=sharing

    Физик Чарльз Кулон и Кавендиш, 15 сентября 2020 г. -

    Физик Чарльз Кулон и Кавендиш, 15 сентября 2020 г. -…65DWsrpu/view?usp=sharing

  • Взаимодействие с другими людьми

    Чтобы вы меня поняли, представляю вам свои статьи на эту тему -

    По следам записок Алексея Ивановича Лаптухова. 28 января 2020 г. -

    По следам записок Алексея Ивановича Лаптухова. 28 января 2020 г. -

    По следам записок Алексея Ивановича Лаптухова. 28 января 2020 г. -

    По итогам семинара В.Л. Бычков 12 декабря 2018 г. 1 -

    По итогам семинара В.Л. Бычков 12 декабря 2018 г. 1 -

    По итогам семинара В.Л. Бычков 12 декабря 2018 г. 1 -

    Рентген с магнитофонной ленты, 17 февраля 2019 г. -

    Рентген с магнитофонной ленты, 17 февраля 2019 г. -

    Рентген с магнитофонной ленты, 17 февраля 2019 г. -

  • I hesitate to post this (so moderators feel free to delete) but from BBC Radio 4 comes...

    Released On: 24 Oct 2020
    Available for 28 days

    Fusion Confidential

    A young physicist makes a discovery that might change the world. A nuclear LENR science comedy.

    "It works! A fusion reaction with consistent and significant indications of excess heat and repeated evidence of the presence of Neutrons within a nanosecond of sonoluminescence"

  • I don’t know if this video has been

    posted before.

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    Higgs Boson is shown to decay into a combination of unexpected particles

    For the first time, the particle believed to grant mass to other elementary particles broke down into a pair of muons.…ed-particles-48c0fc45d6d6

    Discovered by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the Higgs boson or the infamous “God particle” has been one of the biggest discoveries of our time. CERN has been striving to conduct experiments that can offer insights about the unexplained forces of nature in space — namely dark energy & dark matter which make up more than 95% of the known universe.

    While Higgs boson has given us some valuable insights into understanding the standard particle theory of Physics at the sub-atomic level, the particle itself is somewhat of an enigma. Scientists have been hard at work ever since this groundbreaking discovery in 2012 to better understand the particle, its possible interactions with other forces of nature, and whether and how it breaks up into other particles.

    The standard model of Physics has long been challenged due to the discovery of new particles but a recent observation by the CERN team has reinforced the traditional scientific model. According to the results announced at the 40th ICHEP conference,

  • gbgoblenote- this slideshow posted at NRC .gov

    eVinci™ Micro Reactor
    Licensing Modernization Program Pilot

    32nd Annual Regulatory Information Conference, March 2020
    Andrea Maioli, Fellow Engineer, Risk Analysis
    Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, Power Point Presentation


    This material is based upon work supported by the Department of Energy under Award Number DE-NE0008853.


    Great in depth leads on eVinci and other small modular reactors for further review are found here at the Science for Sustainability .org Wikipedia site... This site is new to me... Just found it while researching the history of the eVinci. Time to see and learn more...

    Quote from About Science for Sustainability


    Wikis and 'pedias

    Science for Sustainability isn't trying to be some sort of Wikipedia. It looks like Wikipedia because it runs on the same MediaWiki software that Wikipedia uses. Like Wikipedia it tries to present its content with a "Neutral Point Of View" and base it on "Reliable Sources", but it is different in that whilst Wikipedia prohibits "Original Research" SfS does not, provided it is transparent.

    Who is behind SfS?

    The project is the creation of an old, cishet, white, man living in the Thames Valley area of England, whose ambition is for his kids to get old too.

    It is run on a shoe-string: all expenses come out of SfS's pocket: no shill bucks have been solicited or forthcoming, and the project has no financial interest in anything except the continuation of global human civilisation.

    SFSWIKI Small Modular Reactors



    EVINCI™ MICRO REACTOR Westinghouse flysheet

    uses heat pipes to extract heat energy from core

    Bagging DOE Support, Westinghouse Eyes Demonstration for Nuclear Micro-reactor by 2022 Sonal Patel; Power magazine; 28 Mar 2019

    The Department of Energy (DOE) is funding a project that would prepare Westinghouse’s 25-MWe eVinci micro-reactor for nuclear demonstration readiness by 2022.The agency on March 27 said it will provide $12.9 million of the estimated $28.6 million Westinghouse needs for a project to prepare the micro-reactor for a demonstration, including for design, analysis, licensing to manufacture, siting, and testing. eVinci is one of three small modular reactors (SMRs) and the first micro-reactor whose first-of-a-kind development the DOE is subsidizing under a December 2017–issued “U.S. Industry Opportunities for Advanced Nuclear Technology Development” funding opportunity announcement (FOA).According to Westinghouse, the eVinci reactor is an innovative combination of nuclear fission and space reactor technologies that integrates the company’s long-standing experience in commercial nuclear systems design, engineering, and innovation. The small size of the generator allows for easier transportation and rapid, on-site installation in contrast to large, centralized stations, the company says. And because the reactor core is designed to run for more than 10 years, eliminating the need for frequent refueling, Westinghouse is marketing it as an off-grid or microgrid solution.But according to some experts, eVinci’s technological simplicity is what makes it unique. The reactor is envisioned to operate autonomously. Its reactor core is a solid-steel monolith that features channels for fuel pellets, the moderator (metal hydride), and heat pipes, which are arranged in a hexagonal pattern. The monolith will serve as the second fission product barrier (the fuel pellet is the first barrier) as well as the thermal medium between the fuel channels and heat pipes. The heat pipes will extract heat from the core using a technology based on thermal conductivity and fluid phase transition.

  • Time to start a LENR Forum .com wiki-media site?

    Somewhat along this SfS model:

    " present its content with a 'Neutral Point Of View' and base it on 'Reliable Sources', but it is different in that whilst Wikipedia prohibits 'Original Research' SfS does not, provided it is transparent."

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