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  • After trying out Chat GPT and see the reaction from insiders I think that the step to a get consciousness is just about creating a recursive machine e.g. the output is in some more or less clever way put to the input side and it will be able to simulate things an develop dynamically. We really got enough training material to do this after myself evaluating Chat Gpt. Currently this is not something that is done, but when people start playing with that for these powerful networks I'm sure that in the end it will develop conciusness. You are right that the goal is not to do this when we create tools today. But sooner or later the missing connection will be connected and I bet that in some server hall in some defense building real life can take it's first breath maybe even today. Hmm maybe that's' why I started to follow Arnold Schwarzenegger on facebook and not because my body is in sore need of training.

  • From the BBC:


    Videos said to show that rocks found in Africa can produce electricity have been viewed millions of times online.

    Some social media users are claiming they could be the answer to the continent's energy problems.

    That's a big claim, so we've shown the footage to experts who've explained to us why such properties are highly unlikely.

    The usual excuse - it must be fraud. No real "investigation" at all.

    Can these rocks really power light bulbs? No, say the experts
    Viral videos of minerals with apparent electrical properties are not what they seem.

    "The most misleading assumptions are the ones you don't even know you're making" - Douglas Adams

  • From the BBC:

    The usual excuse - it must be fraud. No real "investigation" at all.

    Do you know how many fraud videos are posted on the internet?

    Should "they" investigate every one of them?

    I guess you could set up a Go Fund Me account to pay for a flight to Africa, somewhere. Not really sure where though, to look around.

    Moracco, the Congo, Zimbabwe, Wakanda?

    It's not really that big of a continent so you should find something.

    Nigeria is always promising for these types of things, rich princes and all.

  • Do you know how many fraud videos are posted on the internet?

    Should "they" investigate every one of them?

    Exactly - they would do better to just ignore them all. But if they do decide to spend some of my license fee money on an "investigation" of any kind - then just chatting to someone at a university, who hasn't got any more information than that shown in the video, is just "speculation".

    The BBC "Reality Check" series is meant to dig deeper and examine verifiable background data - and is certainly not supposed to resort to simply quoting someone's opinion.

    "The most misleading assumptions are the ones you don't even know you're making" - Douglas Adams

  • Sock puppet Weleda, with the tell-tale spaces before final punctuation, strongly supports Rossi against Wilfried. Then many minions subsequently complement Weleda and Wilfried squeamishly responds apologetically.

    One issue though is Weleda misspelled her name in her signature a few posts back. I don't remember ever misspelling my own name.

    2023-01-29 11:35 Weleda

    @Wilfried Babelotzky

    About your today’s comment, I have some answers to your 3 bullets:



    About your question to Dr Rossi concerning why he does not certify the number of pre-orders he received: how do you dare to ask him this ? Nobody of us has paid him a single cent to make the pre-orders he is the only one who spends his money in the Ecat enterprise, and you spread the doubt that he hiddens the number of pre-orders he got ? Did you read his comment of yesterday ? He continues to receive, among honest ones, pre-orders from fraudsters that have companies that, after vetting, turn out to be empty boxes with no funds at all, and place orders for thousands of Ecats knowing that they will never be able to pay.

    Rossi is struggling with the enormous difficulties of the Ecat operation and the best thing we can do is let him work in peace.

    Earlier "Waleda"

    2022-11-25 10:55 Weleda

    @Steven Nicholes Karels:

    Assuming your math is right, which I doubt, you forgot the environmental costs of the other energy sources.



  • Dissociative identity disorder.


    What is the mental disorder where people are so stupid or irrational they cannot detect obvious sock puppets and fraudsters?

    Dysrationalia - Wikipedia

    I think this is a misdiagnosis. There is a disease with similar symptoms caught (amazingly) by people who:

    (1) have a genetic disposition to it

    (2) frequent a certain web site which against all odds still seems to continue its operations

  • Combining Chat GPT and Wolfram Alpha

    There is some talk about how Chat GPT and Wolfram Alpha could complement each other.

    So this guy (JoeStrout) decided to have a play.

    It is interesting to see how Chat GPT can in fact give some very wrong answers and even stick to its guns when the error is presented to it.

    But it does look like combining the two would eventually provide a very powerful utility.

  • Rossi, the future Nobel prize in physics winner, tells us to divide by zero to calculate COP.

    Or is he secretly working on a quantum renormalization approach?

    2023-02-04 10:05 Martin

    Dear Andrea ,

    The SKLep 100 W. SSM needs 0 W. input !

    Is the COP then infinite ?

    If not ? How much is the COP then ?



    2023-02-04 10:48 Andrea Rossi


    Coefficient Of Performance of the Ecat SKLep SSM:

    COP = x/0 with x>0

    Warm Regards,


  • I think of this AI generated image when I see people asking Chat GPT how to solve Rossi’s riddles.

    r/mildlyamusing - An AI-generated image of "salmon swimming down a river".
    579 votes and 15 comments so far on Reddit

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