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  • I suppose, there is no reason to wonder anymore...

  • Simply amazing...the next fabulous perpetuum mobile is on the horizon: all will work without any external power source... it seems not even his fly-by-wire operation of the controller box from his head quarter does need any electricity...what a magnificent piece of technology.

    1. Frank Acland July 18, 2019 at 7:32 PM

      Dear Andrea,

      Interesting that you say a permanently self-sustaining heat-producing E-Cat is very close. Can you help me understand what exactly you mean?

      1. Will you need an external power source to start the E-Cat reaction?

      2. Will the control system need to be connected to an external power source continuously?

      3. Do you need to have access to grid electricity for this?

      Thank you very much,

      Frank Acland

    2. Translate Andrea Rossi July 18, 2019 at 8:44 PM

      Frank Acland:

      1- no

      2- no

      3- no

      But be careful: ” very close ” does not mean ” done ” ( so far ).

      Warm Regards,


  • Rossi doubles up when in trouble.

    A self-sustaining heat source is what many have requested, and of course what looks not difficult if Rossi's claims are correct.

    So what is not to like?

    The fact that what he claimed he had 5 years ago, claimed he successfully tested for continuous large-scale 1 year operation 2 years ago, what he could have been paid $100M for, if IH could replicate it, is now sitting on the shelf no longer used.

    No need to double up - just show your 2 years old stupendously good hand. The question is why does Rossi not do this? The answer, from Poker, is pretty clear.

    1. Gerard McEk July 19, 2019 at 2:53 PM

      Dear Andrea,

      You said you can start the electrical E-cat in development with a small rechargeable AA battery. Is the heat output still 20 kW?

      Thank you for answering our questions.

      Kind regards, Gerard

    2. Andrea Rossi July 19, 2019 at 4:19 PM

      Gerard McEk:

      We do not have yet a data sheet consolidated, much work has still to be done. The order of magnitude wouldn’t change, though. We are working under strong pressure. We are close.

      Warm Regards,


  • Whenever Rossi talks about electricity, energy and power, I wonder what the hell he is talking about..

    There are primary cells (not designed to be recharged -> battery) and secondary cells (rechargeable -> accumulators).

    Super CAPs are of cource rechareable!

    Why should a super capacitor can not handle the task, that Rossi says, a AA type secondary cell can handle?

    • Andrea Rossi July 19, 2019 at 1:41 PM

      Rick Meisinger:

      0- warning: it is not ready yet

      1- a small battery, for example AA rechargeable type, will be enough to start it

      2- not necessarily. It can be Off or On depending on the duty

      3- n.a.

      Warm Regards,


    • Hello A. Rossi

      The electric E-Cat seems to be in a very good development path and requires a battery with very low energy capacity for start-up.

      Could this boot also be obtained with a super capacitor that would be automatically recharged by the E-Cat?

      All my support for your job.

      Congratulations on the (1-6) tennis.

      I hope that progress is real and that it is not a small weakness of Ms. Rossi.

      Best regards


    • Andrea Rossi July 20, 2019 at 9:33 AM

      Raffaele Bongo:

      The progress is real !!! ( How can you doubt about it ? )

      No, because a battery grants us the voltage and the amperage we need when we start up the Ecat. The battery is necessary only when we start and when we start the capacitor could be not charged.

      Warm Regards,


    A) "[...] a small battery, for example AA rechargeable type, will be enough to start it"

    B) "[...] and when we start the capacitor could be not charged."

    My synapses knotted...

  • Ha! Seems Rossi does not understand that a super capacitor can act like a battery and hold charge for quite a long time. Could be charged in his factory and would still be charged when it gets to the customer. They are already used to power real time clock chips. Perhaps he expects his reactors to spend a long time in his warehouse:-)

    Personally I doubt an AA cell would deliver enough energy to get LENR going.

  • The latest Rossi researchgate "paper" is based on the obsolete concept of zitterbewegung.

    In the highly popular and reliable wikipedia free encyclopedia zitterbewegung is defined in the talk section as

    "rather old-fashioned term that should be defined because it is of historical interest, and does appear in textbooks."

    "At this point, the term was set aside, and no longer actively "researched". Instead, it was pointed out to students first learning the Dirac equation, as a curious aspect of the theory of spin-1/2 particles. However, its nothing more than that; its a curiousty of the Dirac equation and its plane-wave solutions."

    "Although there were some suggestions in the past that zitterbewegung was responsible for spin this is no longer a mainstream view. An argument against this is found in the article itself. If zitterbewegung is the result of the interference between the large and small components of the Dirac wavefunction, a free particle at rest, which has no small component, should have no spin. But of course it does. The best explanation for the existence of spin seems to be that it is an intrinsic property of the Dirac equation."

  • According to A. P. Batra and T. Hubsch (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Howard University)

    It's important to avoid as early as possible in education the non-mainstream classical electron models used in Rossi paper

    On the Mirage of the Classical Electron

    The idea that the electron is an extended charged object the spinning of which is responsible for its magnetic moment is shown to require a sizable portion of the

    electron to spin at speeds very close to the speed of light, and in fact to explode within an unacceptably short time, ∼ 10−31 s. The experimentally well-established

    magnetic moment of elementary particles such as the electron therefore must be accepted as an intrinsic property, with no need for classical models based on spatially extended objects.

    Emphasizing these facts in education, as early as possible, is important to the framing of the proper mind-set.

  • Hi All,

    Even Franco Pirri likes Rossi's ideas. Why don't you?

    Dr Rossi,

    Good idea to put the control system of the Ecat SK inside a Faraday cage:

    1- it serves also as an antitheft

    2- it is a shield against reverse engineering attempts

    3- it is a shield against electronic attacks

    By the way: I am an expert in these fields.

    Congratulations for the impressive revolution you are carrying on.

    Best regards,

    Franco Pirri

  • Dear All,

    This is perhaps a nice assignment for the Rossi haters. Franco Pirri is a name that isn't very common. Even in Italy. Do you think the Franco Pirri that comments on Rossi's blog is this Franco Pirri (see below link)?

    Or do you think Rossi is creating sock-puppets again to add value to his blog. I think this is easy to find out. Franco Pirri is fluent in English and there are plenty of you whose hate of Rossi is bigger than your politeness.



  • First of all, don't call me a hater! Call me a "babbler", that's okay in memorial to Adrian Ashfield .

    Secondary: YES, Rossi is using sockpuppets on his blog!

    We've had here a good analysis by Bob. is a good source but does not work anymore.

    With and a PC "state of the art" and a >100MBit internet connection, you can (not) easliy browse all Dott. Rossi

    claims. And you could see all his contradictions. But(t) that's gone. No overall sighting of his claims and his "rubbish" (I'm german, is that the real expression) answers.