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  • This message seems to be addressed to me. Anyway, I am in Atlanta, not Austin. I have no idea where Forsley is, and I do not know what LENRGY is. Never heard of it.

    Just a load of BS, Yes? Grimshaw speaks with you... of you... or for you? What is your belief or denial? Once again... What are your thoughts about the claims and NASA contracts of GEC? No BS please.

  • As for arrogant: I feel your persistent hostile adjectives posted here about those with views different from you

    When an anonymous babbler, who has no known experience of LENR, says that respected scientists who have actually examined LENR reactors are fools for not detecting fraud and that he knows better, that is being arrogant.

    The critics take IH's word for everything as gospel and ignore scientists who have a better track record than IH. How many of the now hundreds who have witnessed a Rossi demonstrations, (apart from Krivit who Rossi reportedly caught trying to take a sample of the fuel) have complained or stated they were fraudulent?

  • Rossi claims to have an SK powered gas turbine running.

    This is a most important development for several reasons.

    1. Chuck Davis July 14, 2018 at 7:01 PM

      Dr Rossi:

      1- do you already have a gas turbine operating?

      2- if yes, which dimensions vs power?


      Chuck Davis

    2. Andrea Rossi July 15, 2018 at 2:39 AM

      Chuck Davis:

      1- yes

      2- the power density is the highest I ever reached. Premature to give numbers.

      Warm Regards,


  • But at least Rossi has learnt not to put a space before the question mark.

    Martin Fleischmann did that. It made it difficult to OCR his letters. I think it is an old-fashioned European thing.

    Arata, some elderly European professors with pre-WWII educations, and some Japanese magazines put units in square brackets. Like this: 10 [W].

    For the most part I stick to SI standards, except I use commas instead of half-spaces as a thousand separator in numbers. I do not know how to make a half-space and it looks terrible.

  • But assuming a real (independent but gullible) customer, not another Rossi-controlled set-up, Rossi wouldn't be trying to cheat the customer. He'd want them to get what was promised or at least definitely over unity results, so they can credibly say that his tech is real and he can reap the investments that would follow.

    Any serious investor would want to appoint their own management team, or at least a director or two.

  • He has nothing better to do all day.

    1. Fulco July 15, 2018 at 7:28 AM

      Dr Andrea Rossi,

      I am reading this blog, that I have discovered recently and have taken some numbers: more that 42 000 comments, 2 100 pages, plus 6 000 pages from the links to the comments: this is a veritable encyclopedia of the LENR. I think this opera has to be added to your achievements.



    2. Andrea Rossi July 15, 2018 at 7:52 AM


      You forgot to say that the real god of the JoNP blog are the Readers and their comments.

      I learnt a lot from them.

      Thank you for your attention to this blog,

      Warm Regards,


  • Why to discuss abt Dottore Rossi. Just ignore him.

    Well, he just won't go away...that is why. :) I sometimes wonder if he did not have his JONP, would he have disappeared off the LENR scene back after the 28 Oct 2011 customer acceptance test? or would anyone pay him any attention today? He has used it effectively as a propaganda tool that is for sure. I never thought he would get past the devastating revelations the court documents revealed, but by plugging away on JONP, he somehow has overcome (to some) his own deceitful words, and actions.

    And let us not forget, according to Alan he has a following within the LENR research community. Guess he will be a round for awhile, so better get used to it.

  • Quote

    42 000 comments, 2 100 pages, plus 6 000 pages ... is a veritable encyclopedia of the LENR.

    It means 42 000 comments, 2 100 pages, plus 6 000 pages ... of babble and chatters.

    If I were a LENR believer I was ashamed of him and his ridiculous sock puppets and ventriloquists.

  • If I were a LENR believer I was ashamed of him and his ridiculous sock puppets and ventriloquists.


    Hopefully the LENR field...those doing the real science, have enough distance from Rossi, that they are not lumped in with him. That they are judged by their own work, and merits, and not his. Rossi is an embarrassment to most, and those who stand by him after Doral, wisely remain silent as Alan points out.

  • Rossi claims to have an SK powered gas turbine running.

    This is a most important development for several reasons.

    What reasons please?

    One reason is this:

    1. Daniel De Caluwé July 16, 2018 at 10:59 AM

      Dear Dr. Rossi,

      As gas turbines (in combination with alternators) at the moment are used to deliver/cover the peak load of the electricity production (at the moment with a higher cost for the thus produced electricity), and as the need of these peak load units rises with the increasing use of renewable energy sources (like wind and solar), thus stabilizing the grid (maintaining the frequency to the wanted value), the use of the E-cat SK in combination with a gas turbine and an alternator is a very smart solution, also because you will deliver the peak load electricity with a much reduced price! Congratulations to you and your team.

      Kind Regards,

      Daniel De Caluwé


    Of course this is of no interest to the babblers who are more excited by pointless speculation about who writes the comments om JONP.

    Electricity from a LENR turbine should be cheaper than solar or wind as well as being available continuously.

    It also implies that the difficult problem of heat transfer from the SK has at least been partially solved.

  • I am thinking about getting t-shirts made. Here is one example logo, but this is for a company so we will need to design our own, with the LENR Forum prominently displayed. Can any of the mods get permission and are their any graphic artists that can help design the logo?

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