Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • but don't forget, the trial in Miami is not over. After that, things may change.

    Are you stating that you believe Rossi is telling the truth and has a working plant? That the "Wabbit" exists and is yet to be released?

  • My guess is that first prototypes will be in the market more like 2020 rather than 2017, given that things take time, and schedules nearly always slip, but there seems to be a legitimacy in the air now for BLP more so than at any previous time.

    I would gladly accept 2020. However, I'm a bit more optimistic. Some have mentioned sublimation of the graphite dome leading to carbon deposits on the CPV as a potential show-stopper. Mills claims his supplier has guaranteed zero sublimation in the targeted operating range - we'll find out when Mills manages to run his device "closed". I'm also a bit worried about how the cooling will work and how Mills plans to keep the CPV at around 80 C while the dome (just a few cm away) is at 3000 C. I'm not at all worried about the control assembly or the CPV. That's known technology. However, Mills is talking about "recycling" light to increase the efficiency using gold foil on the back of the CPV. That could introduce a new set of variables that need to be worked through.

    Overall, I think the remaining challenges are all quite manageable. I was very much of a different opinion when he was rolling aluminum shots through a welder back in 2014. I could see the promise of the technology at that point, but it was pretty easy to see that generation wasn't going to cut it.

  • No. I am saying this forum is not the most important judge of who is right and who is wrong. That judge sits in a Miami court and not on the web.

    Again let me point out this is scheduled to be a trial by jury. So the judge has no say at all in who is right and who is wrong about matters of fact or technical issues. She can only rule on matters of law.

    If this were a trial with the judge only and no jury, she would use her judgement to evaluate technical claims.

  • IH have never boasted in an e-mail that they have lied to a prospective business partner and faked a test to get out of it, calling this behaviour "a magnificence".

    You really can say that IH is honest in accordance with this assertion?
    Did you ever read IH's emails??? Maybe Rossi has his own evidences about the IH deceptive attitude but he decided to show them just to the jury, instead of submit them during this phase.
    It is a long way till the end.....By the way......the word "magnificence" is not present in the email you are talking about.
    You can find this word in the message that Rossi left in his own blog the 8th of July (a message that IH didn't deny in any way):
    "......for the first time, an E-Cat module, entirely produced by our USA Partner in the new factory ( a magnificence), charged with the charge made by the Partner’s CEO, using the materials we teached to buy, prepare, manipulate, treat, to make the charges, assembled , insulated, has started its operation, and the results are the same of the E-Cats built by us."

    There is no doubt that Rossi wanted the test to be considered the GPT - though in the written evidence to get it started he certainly made clear that it was something quite different (a PR stunt with a "real" customer). I'm sure IH were well aware that Rossi would represent this test as a GPT to try to get his money. That does not mean they thought it was the GPT and they seem to have been quite careful to ensure that it was not.

    If IH knew from the beginning that this test was the GPT from Rossi's point of view (whereas they considered it just a test for which they would not pay a cent), why they accepted this situation?
    Why they did not put the record straight instead of carry investors around the plant? I can't believe how you can consider this behavior as a fair attitude!

    Whatever else you think, it is clear that the calorimetry (all under Rossi's control) would not be proper for any test of performance with $89M riding on the result. Regardless of what any contract said. There are rules about fairness etc and obeying the spirit of the agreement, which in this case was clearly meant to be a safe way to establish that Rossi's stuff worked, and equally clearly was not safe.

    What do you really know about the calorimetry? Have you ever read one of the four Penon's reports?
    You are jumping to hasty conclusion, following IH's words, which are not confirmed by any evidences.

  • With the admission in Document 93 by JMP that they have no parent company in the UK, thereby no product and no need for the steam, I would say this all but over.

    "Thereby"?? Why these things should exclude each other? We already knew that JMC was owned by “an individual or entity formed in the United Kingdom”, not necessarily a corporation. Much ado about nothing.....

  • It really is a puzzle to me why Johnson got himself involved in this mess. Of course AR promised him a huge chunk of money if he could get his hands on the $89MM.

    Maybe because he knew that there was nothing wrong about that? He would not exposed himself if he had not known it was all legal. After all he is a lawyer, isn't he?

  • MrSelfSustain wrote:
    Basically, I'm all but convinced JM Products Inc. was never a subsidiary of Johnson Matthey.

    I never thought it was. The header on the request for invoice never stated that. Rossi always denied that it was.

    That's true. Just an example from the JONP:
    “Andrea RossiApril 24, 2016 at 4:22 PMHank Mills:
    Your comment contains a big mistake: Johnson Matthey has nothing to do with us.
    We bought from them some materials but that is all.
    Please do not diffuse false information
    .No further comments.
    Warm RegardsA.R.”

  • This is so interesting. Another burst of propaganda from Planet Rossi in some kind of feeble and twisted attempt to maintain the narrative.
    Discovery is finally starting to trickle in and the truth is going to disgust you all. There is no chance of any kind of victory for Rossi in this legal case. Johnson is in a whole lot of trouble as well. Looks like the whole batch of them are going to be liable and that is going to include IH legal fees.

    Wondering who gets hung out to dry and left behind next?

  • This is so interesting. Another burst of propaganda from Planet Rossi in some kind of feeble and twisted attempt to maintain the narrative.
    Discovery is finally starting to trickle in and the truth is going to disgust you all. There is no chance of any…

    I do believe I am pre-disgusted.

    I admit I was taken in at first, until I understood the technical factors confounding the Lugano report - so I'm even a little disgusted with myself

  • I am confused. JMC couldn't (shouldn't ?) be owned by Rossi and Johnson.

    The initial suit documents have:

    “JMC is owned by an entity formed in the United Kingdom and none of Leonardo,; Dr. Andres
    Rossi, Henry W Johnson nor any cf their respective subsidiaries, directors, officers, agents. employees,
    Affiliates, significant others, or relatives by blood or marriage, has any ownership
    Interest in JMC “

    And it was signed by Johnson.

  • Anyone can Troll from behind an Avatar. You might regard it as inconvenient, but don't forget, the trial in Miami is not over. After that, things may change.

    Anyone who understands the capability of rampant hacking and the information correlation capabilities of BIG data, is well served to separate their internet life from their personal and private life. Even so, protection behind and avatar is still imperfect; it just slows them down, not stops them.

    • Official Post

    Discovery is finally starting to trickle in and the truth is going to disgust you all.

    This prediction will be confirmed even if you and me are wrong.

    What will be important afterward will be to get back to the job of developing LENR.
    If E-cat is real, there will be business to develop, improve and explain it.
    If IH is doing a sincere job to develop LENR by funding LENR research, there will be much job to get around the dead-end people recently explored... getting back to the library, rereading papers, reports...

    After you have vomited all your belly, you find yourself lighter and ready to fight again.
    I wish it will be fast and furious.

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