Forum Software Update

  • Tom,

    I did not notice it happening. I am using Version 55.0.2883.87 m. But I do not have any extensions loaded. But I only use chrome to test pages.

    I only use firefox which I have heavily modified. So from blank chrome page it works on win10.

  • Zephir_AWT

    There's a button with a magnifying glass icon on the top right in user profiles which allows to list all comments and/or threads made by that specific user, similarly to Reddit. Quite handily, it even shows full comments. However users can decide to opt out from allowing this by restricting user profile access.

  • HI Barty,

    I never could get logging in via Facebook to work. Getting "App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions." message.

    I created a new account but it took three different attempts before I received an activation code.

    I'm using this site through my desktop. Just letting you know.

    Peter Metz

  • Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct place but there appears to be a couple problem with copy&pasting text into messages and "code" boxes. They seem to insert new white space between every line. This is is probably a bug. Here is an example, where both problems add up cumulatively:

    Here is an example made just by pasting text into the comment box here. The original text didn't contain empty lines:

    Pasted line

    Pasted line

    Pasted line

    Pasted line

  • When I try to [COPY] and paste into a post, the software inserts a bunch of gratuitous <li> and </li> tags causing unwanted indents and bullets in the quote. I have to remove them with the HTML option. What gives with that? And no, I don't use the built in QUOTE option because I am uncertain about what exactly it does. I prefer to COPY, PASTE and the use QUOTE from the command bar. That's when I get said <li> tags. <ul> also if memory serves. Why does the editor think a COPY/PASTE operation means I am trying to write a table? With bullets? Thanks. Oh... and it's not entirely reproducible. It's intermittent.

  • OK-- here is an example of an item I copied to put into a new post -- the indents and bullets are not in the original which is from here: Debate: Does LENR needs a good theory, or good lab-rat

    • As I recall doing the calculations about 15 years ago now, I used a much lower humidity because it was winter and as I recall there was supposedly snow on the ground. Likewise, one point I made back there was the lack of knowledge of ventilation. What Jed fails to mention is that the bucket was put in a hood in an abandoned lab. Even without the holes in the windows, what do you think the air flow over the bucket would be in a hood, even with no blower fan to suck air in? Your assumptions above are made to minimize the effect so you can claim "Aha! It must have been cold fusion!" I did the opposite, I investigated what it might take to conclude "It was just evaporation." To further complicate the issue, we really have no idea what temp the bucket was at. The reason Mizuno trotted across campus was that he thought the cell was going into thermal runaway. I always suspected thermocouple problems. I'm not even sure Mizuno was in Sapporo at the time? This is the problem with anecdotal stories, you never have any _confirmed_ information to base interpretations upon.

      BTW, Jed likes to claim that I ignored the issues he brings up. I did not. Jed just likes to make stuff up so that he can paint his 'crackpot' label on me.

  • barty I do not know if you are posting an update. But I appreciate your work, not easy, probably not paid and often not appreciated. It should be... The funny thing is I also like Mary Yugos posting as I ass ume you make an ass out of me. It was subtle. Old joke very old joke. 'When you assume you make an ass out of u and me'

    Anyway carry on. We sometimes take ourselves to seriously.

  • What Jed fails to mention is that the bucket was put in a hood in an abandoned lab.

    That's a quote from Shanahan. It is wrong. There was no hood, and the lab wasn't abandoned. Yugo has not read the description of the event, so she does not realize this is wrong. She will not read it, so she should stop making up stuff about it, and stop quoting nonsense and mistakes from other people.

    I suppose Shanahan forgot the details, and did not bother to read them again. As I have pointed again and again and again, they are here: