Saltx from Sweden

  • Seems like they are using dehydration as their energy storage mechanism. From the partial description on Reuters (…ompany-profile/SALTb.ST):

    "SaltX Technology Holding AB is a Sweden-based company that is engaged in the development of SaltX, a technology that stores energy in salt crystals and converts it into heating and cooling. The Company operates through its wholly owned subsidiary ClimateWell AB, which owns the SaltX patents and trademarks. SaltX can be applied in solar-powered heating and cooling in buildings, heat-driven air conditioning in heavy-duty vehicles and gas-fired water heaters, among others. The SaltX technology is based in two tanks connected in vacuum, the Reactor, which holds the salt crystals and the Condenser, where liquid condensates. To charge the crystals and chemically store heating energy in the salt crystals, a heat source, such as energy from the sun, excess heat from a gas burner or waste heat from an engine, is connected to the Reactor. "

    The idea would be to use heat to drive off waters of hydration from the salt in the reactor and collect the water in the Condenser, then later add the water back to the now dry salt, which would release heat. Apparently the 'nano' tech helps this.

    I don't see any earth-shaking physics or chemistry here, maybe some good engineering and materials science, if it is actually commercially viable. But I would be a little skeptical of that.

  • A little more info...…hot.asp?privcapId=2520438

    SaltX Technology Signs Agreement with Östfold Energi AS
    Oct 15 18

    SaltX Technology and Östfold Energi AS have signed an agreement regarding certain market- and distribution rights for EnerStore. At the same time, Enova - has approved a NOK 1.8 million grant to conduct a pilot project. The pilot plant will be installed at one of Östfold Energi´s customers during 2019. SaltX will deliver the salt material and related components and Östfold Energi will, with the support of SaltX, install and run the pilot plant. The purpose of the project will be to showcase the technology and system for potential customers.