Terra Hz.

  • - Terra hz generation

    Terra hz can be easily achieved with occilator settings of squares. In dual channel frequency generators. The effects in the Terra hz and above range. Look to be biologicly dangerous and radioactive. Photon particles. However fore safe testing and possibilities of extended functions to be done. Terra hz. Generated by two squares fase effects overlayering. Shorting A and B to conductor. Setting the smallest increments of the two squares together. Like 10.00 mhz with 9.999999mhz Will give you 10 times frequency pr new 9. In this excsample 100 thz. If setting fore instance 473 thz. Setting A to 10 mhz. B would be set at 9.999999473 mhz. Generation of this type of signals may be able to interfere with IR by modulation. Like the 400 thz. Global warming ionosphere IR block and frequencies. Also may generate Lenr thz effects. Fore imaging with thz. Cheap electronics will be capable. Because of electron volts are following increase in frequency. High t hz and p hz is dangerous. Meaning biologicly dangerous even at occ low volt. Resulting in radiation effects. Since two shorted wires fed A and B. Can be injected into a human. The high range p hz. May allow x ray treatment direct inserted into cancer cells. Because of x ray capable electron volt. Has potential to counter brain frequency capabilites . In mid 80s russian capabilities. To make possible continues signal at frequency. The two squares or two same waveforms must be restarted simultatiously. Fore not having the shorter pulse glude out if sync. Mayby or occilation of base frequency. Desinfectiom may be possible with UVC. Generated from radio. Virus resonance may be possible with peta hz at diameter. So on. Frequencies at virus diameter nm. Untested.

    Splitting of CO2. By setting oxygen diameter nm. With carbon atom diameter nm. NOTE CARBON ATOM DIAMETER LETHAL TO HUMANS AND ANIMALS. Splitting of H2O. Fore regeneration of atmosphere. By rf to cloads. Note ozon depletion potential.

    A set 10 MHz Square. B set 9.999 999 999 94. MHz square. Sine pairs or other may be used. Sync or no. Or set 10 MHz square. With 180 degree 9.999 999 999 941 MHz square. Simply explained. 9 MHz square with 180 degree. Red A plus B set together accurately on a long wire end or RF amp inlet pin. Will if set with 10 MHz square Generate 0 volt fore the duration of the square. When the shorter pulse ends. A volt spares fore the duration of the remaining of the longer. Making a 100 MHz pulse volt in the exsample. Add 9s 10 times frequency achieved. Fore CO2 reduction. By setting oxygen atom diameter. Nm size. To shake the oxygen out of CO2. Choose other hare frequency if it projects to much to ozone. It can split ozone too. May be able to split cfc. Fore later ozone rebuild.

  • 72 GHz. Applied using the high frequency trick.

    72 ghz magnetic manipulation. The 72 ghz range rf. Has the potential to reverbarate the magnetic field witht. This has application fore generation of this frequency inside radio electronics receiver circuitry. Since a band of fore instance 7 mhz. Can be set with the high frequency dual occ trick. With its frequency made. Not in the t or p hz range. However to 72 ghz. This results in an effect in fore instance am reception. Of a signal induced beyond the frequency generators range direct on transmission. Possibly allowing low watt transmission fore greater reception range.

    Modulation must be made onto the result 72 ghz reverberation intermittetet pulses. Fore audio. May interfere with receiver circuitry of unwanted type.

    72 ghz technology may be used fore spherical surface magnetic bubble field. Which may deflect or capture with two layers. Cosmic radiation onto space craft. A number of other patents may be taken. Fore direct gaussing capability. The effect may be interesting in Geo magnetic manipulation.

    A set 10 MHz square. B set 9.9972 MHz square. A plus B red clips set tight onto a coin or end long wire or RF amp center connector.

    Trains following downwards of magnetic witht mm. That fases in while apparing high up in the atmosphere. May drag the air that is expanding to vented and lost. Downwards to the ground. The frequencies are placed high. However not so high the air goes upwards. The frequency goes upwards. To a closer witht. Like lower down. Radiaion shielding may be achieved on tte planet. To shield from electrics. Strenghening the magnetic shield. This may be possible on a smaller scale. Around a spacecraft. Either with two layers or one. Either deflecting rays. Or deflecting and holding it between the layers. A central electromagnet provides the field inside the craft.

    Forward propultion. Pulsed trains of 72 ghz occilations. Sent at antagonist pointing right hand rule coil. Fore magnetic wave through the coil generating force direction. Without counterforce back at the emission antenna. Pauses inbetween pulse trains to allow the wave.