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    The staff recently debated shutting down the Rossi thread to up the quality of the forum...which has been trending down in quality lately, but decided it's overall contribution is still positive. But it was a close call.

    Oh holy shit, what path has this forum taken???

    I got a ‘suspension week’ from Alan a year ago, voluntered to extend my time off for another 14 months, and now - because end of year is near - it came into my mind I should check if the ‘End of the Carbon Age is Nigh’ due to progress in LENR research.

    I hoped to read that Rossi has finally kicked off his ‘robotized e-cat production lines’, or - if this would not have happened yet (because Rossi needs again to reconfigure the robots for the superior E-cat X-Gen version) - then I at least anticipated reports that there is a breaktrough from other ‘promising LENR endeavours’.

    However, no breaking news of independent verification of excess heat from ‘knoted wires’, or from ‘palladium coated nickel meshes’,... and the ‘lovely gammas’ seem to have fallen from the stage at all.

    Instead of LENR, the most discussed topic on this forum appears to be Covid19 now.

    That’s understandable, since Covid19 affected all of us.

    But what I don’t get, how is it possible that LENR experts were able to become epidemologists, viriologists , M.D. ... in no time...?

    Self educated arm chair experts (probably trained by watching YouTube) believe that they know better how to treat Covid-19 than all the professional medicals who work daily on Covid-19 cases... and even give medical advice. Really???

    Well, @Shane - I guess you will have quite some work to do... but there is definetly a lot of room to raise the quality of this forum.

    Maybe I check in year-end of 2021 again and see if you have been successfull.

    Good Luck!

    This event is not 'only anecdotal'. Francesco Celani is a top-ranking nuclear scientist with a great deal of skill and knowledge who gave a detailed first-person account (above). So that is the authoritative version- other versions should be ignored.

    Ah yes, let’s take everything what Celani says as authoritive, like for example his conclusion about the MFMP test of the “Celani wires”:

    (Just as a reminder: This test was so obviously flawed, that any highschool graduate should have recognized that)

    I wish AR reply was A and not B

    ... the honest answer should have been C anyway.


    Do you really believe that there is any customer (other than a Rossi sham)?

    Hey, why are all this customers then so ethical irresponsible?

    They must know yet that that there is a new kind of enviromental friendly energy source available, which is so badly needed to stop global warming - but everyone of this “customers” keeps his mouth shut.

    What a shame, isn’t it?

    No discussions allowed in this thread, so comment (which is also a sort of statement) on Mats Lewan next presentation/promotion of the “impossible”...

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    I think the reason why Rossi says now that his e-cats aren’t related to LENR is just to avoid any more letters and visits from the bureau of radiation control.

    It’s not wise to claim the developement of ”nuclear reactors” in a condo in miami beach.

    So, just replace in the term LENR the “N” (for nuclear) by “M” (for magic), and the radiation inspector won’t care anymore what you do in your appartment.

    Rossi’s devoted followers anyway believe everything he says. - And when Rossi develops now a “Low Energy Magic Reaction” (LEMR) device, then this one is certainly more advanced than any other LENR reactor, and “keeps him years ahead” from his competition.

    And all the “Axil-types” are happy again, because they can construe even more wild theories how the Rossi magic reactor works.

    ...years to get to a device that heated his house. Rossi arrived there in 2011. He is ahead by years practically and by decades theoretically

    Hah, it took me only 1 hour to get a device (non LENR; like Rossi’s one) to heat my house: 20 minutes drive to Home-Depot, 20 minutes inside the store, and 20 minutes drive back home... So, I am substantially lightyears ahead of Rossi :D



    Hey, do you know that Rossi says now that CF / LENR does not exist :P


    Andrea Rossi
    August 22, 2019 at 2:11 PM


    No. I arrived to think that cold fusion does not exist.

    At this point of our theoretical and technological development, after 20 years of hard work, we think that cold fusion does not exist. I am sorry, but I feel us lightyears far from the LENR community, to which we, actually, never belonged. My effect depends on atom’s potentials that have nothing to do with cold fusion or LENR. This, by the way, is clearly put in evidence in my paper here:


    Let’s see how long it takes till he adds: “And btw, there is also no excess heat from the Rossi effect...”

    Yeah, totally agreed. But what is wrong with those people ?

    It’s their ego. They would have to admit that they have been taken for a ride.

    So, they rather hang on to some beliefs like “Rossi got some kind of LENR effects t his early days, but he just can’t stabilize and commercialise it”, or IH, Woodford, Big-Oil, the Bilderbergs and whoever conspire against Rossi.

    BTW: Woodford surely wouldn’t have any problems with his funds now, when IH would have been able to prove that the e-cat works.

    Guess they keep silent because they are ashamed since they were fooled by Rossi.

    A question to all who believe or speculate that Rossi might have seen/created LENR with his e-cats sometimes ago:

    What needs to happen in order for you to accept that Rossi’s e-cats are either a balant scam, or that Rossi is self-deluded and never achieved LENR / excess heat?

    Could it be that in no case you will rule out that Rossi developed a LENR device... because if you would do now, you have to admit that you got bamboozled by a former jailbird and his junk - and that’s too embarrassing?

    I am sure that even when Rossi would have lost a trial against IH, some people would continue to believe in Rossi and his e-cat claims.

    You say it is possible to unveil the E-Cat SK Leonardo maybe yet this year. WOW that would be a great moment in history!

    I think I lost track about the “e-cat ecology”...

    Perhaps sam12 can explain to me:

    The E-cat SK is the model which was “live streamed from 6 different angles” this year January and only produces heat, right?

    The E-cat SK Leonardo supposed to be the one which also produces electricity, isn’t it.

    Is this already that one, that doesn’t need any external power source, or would such one be another evolution e.g. the E-cat SK Leonardo DeLuxe?

    In he very near future, there might need to be created a thread called The New Beginning.

    Yeah, please create such a thread!

    But only after you get an e-cat delivered (which you have probably pre-ordered in 2012) from a the e-cat distributor (that poor guys who bought e-cat distribution licenses from Rossi in 2012, but haven’t been able to sell a single e-cat ever).

    Or wait with this new thread until you have pictures from home-depot shelfs filled with e-cats, or pictures from the “robotized production lines” for e-cats (the factories and staff which since years wait for the production of thousands of units per day).

    Or wait until Rossi hands over of a million dollar cheque to a “Children with cancer” charity.

    Or ...

    The continual use of the terms fringe science and pseudoscience with regard to LENR is poor behaviour,

    Damn, believe or not: I named the folder in which I keep all the bookmarks for Rossi/LENR/CF related website-links FRINGE...

    Mea culpa - Wasn’t aware that this is poor behaviour.