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    I can only suggest that if people don't like the topic they ignore the thread, that way it will sink and vanish, which would be a demonstration of intellectual Darwinism at work.

    Or it’s going that way:

    If people don't like the topic they ignore this forum, that way it will sink and vanish, which would be a demonstration of intellectual Darwinism at work.

    Please don't be unclear. This project has nothing to do with me at all. A distant acquaintance asked Frank Acland and myself to post it up here and on ECW. As for tired, maybe you should read these very short posts while lying down.

    Yildiz now, EM-Drive, Keshe etc. before.

    What will be announced next?

    Buoyant power plants? Anti-gravity devices? Reports of motorcycles which run on pur water? ...

    Do you really think you enhance the reputation of this forum / of LENR when you cover all kinds of “exotic free energy technologies” (as Allan called them)?

    That’s like an admin of a financial investing forum would also give “Nigerian Princes” the platform to offer their “money-making opportunities”.

    Yeah, definitely. NO real scientist would EVER dare to read Rossis nonsense, LET THERE BE liking it and recommending it to other real scientists. NEVER EVER.

    By the way: Why didn’t Rossi publish that “masterpiece of a paper” (the “most read nuclear physics publication of the world”) on his “peer reviewed” Journal of Nuclear Physics ?

    Unbelievable :D


    June 22, 2019 at 2:52 PM

    Dear Andrea:

    I read many times…nge_particle_interactions

    and watched in parallel

    and the more times I read and watch, the more I understand the genial background and synergy of those two publications. I’m not surprised that your paper is the most read nuclear physics publication of the world.



    Andrea Rossi

    June 22, 2019 at 3:08 PM


    I read now my stats on Researchgate:

    full readings 26095

    research interest index 565.6

    recommendations 1658 ( !!!!! These are peer reviewings !!!)


    Warm Regards,


    Google spent 10 million for the quest if there is any substance in claims of “excess heat” - and they got an answer (although not the one you like to hear)

    Darden spent 10 million out of pocket to find out if the e-cat works or not - and he got the answer (although not the one he liked to hear... and I could have given him the answer for a much cheaper price)

    ... and Rossi was able to use the money for buying condos at Miami Beach.

    Really funny, now the “prof-to-prof” comment, dated June 13, 2019 at 2:30 PM, disappeared from jonp.

    Rossi failed also managing sock puppets he created.

    His ”genius” is no more sufficient to cover all the lies published on jonp and this scam. He’s being ridiculous and age effects are evident.

    I also noticed this glitch - but I expected Rossi just to “correct” the sockpuppet-names.

    That’s why I took a screenshot:

    This will keep Rossi busy for some time.

    Now he not only has to download his “paper” 10 times a day from RG, he also needs to upvote the e-cats on Lewan’s poll.... ||

    "The bet is whether Rossi starts producing commercial E-Cats by 6/1/2019. That is the date I estimated he would. Proof will be either that the result is generally accepted at that date, or failing that, positive results are published in some journal (JONP doesn't count) or newspaper within the following three months. If not, it will be considered a failure. What Rossi says is not counted as proof. Also that the E-Cats have a COP >6 The amount of the bet is $50 from me vs. $500 from each of you.

    Time to ask @Adrian if it is yet a generally accepted fact that Rossi has started the production of commercial E-cats. - Or is Rossi just another ”babbler”? 8o

    And another star cat is born!

    So forget about all previous ones, (e.g. the e-cat LT, the Fat-cat, the e-cat HT aka hot-cat, the Gas-cat, the e-cat QX aka Quark-X, the e-cat SK ...) and celebrate the Ecat SK-Leonardo.

    To the ones who pre-orderd years-ago the original e-cat: Don’t worry, I am sure your pre-order isn’t lost but will be converted for a “Ecat SK-Leonardo”.

    However, it will take a bit more time till it can be delivered, because the robots needs to be re-programmed again, Home-Depot needs to print new leaflets, and well... there is also this nasty safety certification process, which needs to be restarted.

    me356 is not going on the list. He slipped back on here as another avatar, and ran us all in circles until we figured it out.

    Damn, does this mean that this Johnny tricked his hopeful followers all time long?

    Why didn’t you reveal this earlier?

    It would be a good starting point for a “lessons learned” thread: What can be learned from the me356 tale?

    THE WHO'S WHO OF COLD FUSION 2019 thread

    Question is: should Rossi be listed on the "Who's Who" list of LENR players? Some feel he should. Others like myself think it best he be left off.

    That is my opinion, although I am open to other ideas. Interested in what the Rossi friend, and foe alike think? For this one topic we will suspend kevmo's "Don't start nothing/won't be nothing" policy. You can let loose, but no strong profanity.

    Ah, let Rossi have his prime spot on the "Who's Who in LENR/CF” list!

    After all, still a lot of LENR-ist consider that his e-cats have merit - just see who all attended the Stockolm Stockholm presentation.

    As long as his claims get the attention from the LENR community, he reflects somehow the spirit of (part of) this community, and his influence can’t be ignored.

    How would one justify that Parkhomov is on the list, but not Rossi?

    And in case you mark Rossi as “controversial”, then you should check who else on that list should be called “controversiall (Just google the individual names together with the word “controversial”)

    Anyhow, you better mark also in the list what claims are just “hearsay” or rumours, and what is based on evidence.

    E.g From where does the info come, that Siemens is working (“silently”) on LENR?

    (I also read somewhere else the rumour that some escaped NAZI use LENR reactor at their hideout on the south-pole - or was it on the backside of the moon?)

    There is also no “Seashore” listed in the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” database of grantees.

    And why is the deceased Sven Kullander on that list, but not Martin Fleischmann?

    And why Ruby Karat, Steven Krivit, but no Jed Rothwell (and no Frank Acland)?

    And finally, why is the UK laboratory (that former milk barn, where the lovely gammas dance now) on the list, but not the Czech “wine cellar” lab (where the Quark-X style reactor was glowing)?

    I know, it became a bit quite about me356 now, and one difference is that me356 is anonymous for most of us, but not for all (e.g. not for Bob G. and other MFMP guys).