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    It is rather surprising that it is so actively being used in India - I would have assumed that the same central-planning would lead to any vaccine-competitor being dissuaded from use. In this video they advocate for mass prophylaxis in many situations (zones of high infection, healthcare) and state it is very potent and safe. They have some real-world experience which suggests that the first vaccines won't work very well, and that to continue Ivermectin et al prevention. I watched about half and most of the biopharma details are already available.

    You take a special interest in other peoples personal details, trying to label them crazy or conspiracy theorists. You rarely respond to facts, or you just spam the board with a link about why you think someone is crazy. You also are happy to freely lie - and nobody has the time or inclination to fix your lies (e.g. the physician referenced earlier doesn't have an MD etc)

    You have taken my likeness and contorted as a form of mockery.

    You may be breaking the law. I will talk to the board admins.

    Pot, kettle, black, Old Beaut. Implying that anyone who disregards your nonsense is stupid, or a criminal, or a child, or a sheep, are personal attacks in themselves.

    I didnt' take you face and post it. We can see you get very vindictive. And slip around - trying to stir and steer debate by manipulating other people.

    Since you think you are the big man on campus, why don't you tell us who you are, real name and credentials.

    Since you obviously are

    a) an erudite professional

    b) happy to speak about personal affairs

    First, your use of personal attacks has to stop. This is not scientific which leads to the next point...

    Second, everyone can note the main point of that video was to talk about the failure of psychiatry to even understand or treat the root causes of mental illness, and the scientific failure of an entire profession. Most if not all of this is published science, and well understood by many. Instead you want to smear the person's name. You've become so comfortable with this that you think it is normal behavior -- that's most of what you do on this board.

    As for germ theory - epigenetics and microbiome alone show us that germs alone do not cause illness but systems failures -- many people have the cold sore virus their entire lives -- but don't get the disease till stress (the simplest example of 'terrain theory" - which isn't even scientifically in debate anymore, we know that microRNAs exist). Your statement "Therefore, germs aren’t real" is meant to simplify and spin.

    Third, you posts are meant to dissuade people from looking at information. Everytime something interesting is posted, within minutes you hot trigger the reply button.

    Fourth, your use of shaming and calling people out. Sad. Mark. U should be ashamed. is a classic way of enlisting people's natural sense of goodness. Sociopaths and narcassists have no problem using these tactics. They enjoy it in fact.

    For many reasons on this post alone, I would think that the board admins Shane and Alan would give you a warning that you are a danger to the community. In real life, people like you would quickly be found out, but on here you get to dominate and stir the pot.

    For those of you who are confused, about vaccines (are they really a business?), Covid (do they really want us sick?) where everything fits -- this is a good origin story of two doctors coming to their senses.

    Spin-doctors and Dr. Googles - please skip this, we don't need your inane commentary. But for the rest of you, recommended.

    That, on the other hand, is mind reading. Navid cannot read Fauci's mind. He has no way of knowing that Fauci does not sincerely believe what he says. He has no reason to think that Fauci, Gates or I secretly agree with him. Navid would have to find some incriminating document, tape recording, or other evidence in which Fauci says, "vaccines don't work, and we are doing this to enslave humanity" or some such thing.

    If you consider a social credit score a long step towards, enslavement and what happens in China -- enslavement -- yes. I would argue though, that we are already there when they steal our wealth (through indirection) --- that is modern day enslavement. At least a third of our wealth goes to the War state. A third of our life.

    As it is this plague is with us for years now unless attitudes change.

    This sounds like you are reprimanding children. Criminality doesn't care about your reprimand. They know all of this (hcq, ivermecting). They ignore all of what you are saying, and they will lie in your face if you ever speak to them (e.g. Fauci). I think you know this but you want to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe x, or maybe y or whatever.

    Only a truly diabolical figure like Gates could see all of that malnutrition and talk about "the need to vaccinate" everyone as the "solution."

    Clearly, and without a doubt more people are doing to die by magnitudes from economic lockdown then would have ever died from this disease.

    Why not figure out a way with all your billiionaire friends to feed them since someone malnourished doesn't have the immune system to fight a virus very well.

    These people are criminals.

    Interesting that the director of the CDC saying mask wearing like a vaccine. In the video I posted yesterday the good doctor reasons that the push to wear cloths masks are intended to get to heard ammunity by people taking in smaller viral loads. Crazy but really when you think about it, it's genius

    LOL. What passes for genius these days is what a 9th grader could know in their basic science project. The WHO was clueless as to what was happening China. Yet, a 9th grader could have opened up the most basic textbook and said "hmm most likely like SARS" and followed the precautions any physician would take. Attached is a snippet from a medical review textbook - the most basic thing any physician should know.

    Yet, January 14th WHO is saying this:

    Yet, Fauci says on January 14th he began the vaccine effort.

    Even Encyclopedia Brown could solve this case folks. This is no accident. These people are criminals.

    There is no way to stop the truth.

    For those silent majority here, the questions we need to be asking is not "why did they do it" but "what inside us let them go this far?" (why are we afraid of them?)" They told you to lockdown because you are gonna die if you don't, and it was b.s.. They told you can't taken "unproven" drugs and continue to this day, and it was b.s. They will invent new distractions, a race war, a religious war, anything to distract us.

    If you want to talk about furin cleavage sites, rat backbones, and pengolin overlays -- happy to -- but other than that you all look foolish and everybody on the internet can see this. For those paid for FUD, you need to request better scripted lines to spew onto message boards.

    For those who care about science, give us one solid reason you feel this paper by Yan is fundamentally flawed. I'm not seeing it. Don't source your opinions from other people. Just look at the data and speak.

    Scientists have slammed the report published on Monday as 'unsubstantiated' and said it 'cannot be given any credibility.'…founded-Steve-Bannon.html

    Deep state under attack. Let's do the work of the dedicated-to-this-board members and call out the conspiracy theory.

    1. Dr Andrew Preston, an expert in microbial pathogenesis at the University of Bath, blasted her report as being 'reminiscent of a conspiracy theory'.

    Dr. Preston warned previously that "other threatening viruses will strike again in future and we need to be prepared - or face 'going into lockdown every three years'."

    How pleasant! More vaccine work or lockdown every 3 years!

    2. Dr Michael Head, a global health expert at the University of Southampton, said the conspiracy theory peddled by the report has been 'doing the rounds throughout the pandemic. If people are exposed to and then believe conspiracy theories, this will likely have a negative impact on efforts to keep Covid-19 cases low and thus there will be more deaths and illness than there needs to be.'

    Do a little digging on Michael: I lead on the Research Investments in Global Health (ResIn) study. This project has received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation... anti-vaccine activism.

    This guy studies money flows in healthcare. He is a tool.

    Note, they don't address a single line of the data. Just references on references that become stories.

    This paper states this: "increased from the 0-1-day to the 0-60-day interval following vaccination."

    This doesn't look protective to me.

    The death rate 1 or 2 months following vaccination was lower than that in the general US population.

    This looks specious. The death rate in the population in general is influenced by economics. How do you know that white people don't have the money and health plans to vaccinate, and that blacks are not vaccinating as much. The reason this is important is because you are mixing all signals (socioeconomic, race) and saying "vaccinated people have less death rate." So the question is, how did they control for these factors?

    Attached is death rate per 100,000 people for blacks vs whites but a similar table for socioeconomic groups would be similar if not worse.

    On the other hand, when you study thousands of people, and you find the mortality rate in the months following the vaccination is lower than the general population for every age group, for every common vaccine, that is proof the vaccines are not causing any measurable increase in mortality. What better proof can there be? That study proves beyond doubt that everything you have said here is wrong. I suggest you think about that fact, and then give it up. You have no case. (You will not stop and think think and you will give up any of your delusions, but you should. Facts mean nothing to you and other anti-science fanatics.)

    That is likely a specious claim. Why don't you provide such data and we can assess its credibility.

    When you feel compelled to tell others they are deluded or fanatics, and then uplift the dominion and flag of science, you are taking on far too much responsibility. You sound like the towne-crier of science.

    So, yes, 1 in 1,000,000 cases is awarded compensation. The total amount paid averages $800K per claim.

    No-one is claiming vaccines are risk-free. Nor are any of the medicines you regularly take. These probabilities

    are so low you are more likely to be struck by lightning.

    Trying to suggest vaccines are safe by hard-fought court claims data is not a sound method.

    If there are 400 deaths and 10,000 ER visits per year in a vaccine database, you can be sure that at least 10x++ or more in the real world (some estimates are much higher).

    That is sound reasoning because few believe or are aware of vaccine injury is even a real thing. They are the last place people look.

    Because the injuries are like toxification they need not be immediate onset. Brain injury can be subtle in a baby. Slight ataxia, slight motor delay, slight cognitive deficit --- these things are life-changing and serious, so caution "slight" means hard to detect at such a young age but still serious and life impacting. If I asked someone to lick dioxin and they were fine next week, it doesn't mean dioxin is safe even though dioxin injury may not be compensated. I hope that illustrates the concept by turning up the contrast.

    None of this is rocket-science stuff, there is nothing to even debate here. The statistics are vastly understated on first principles. No need to invoke Dr. Google.

    Injuries do not occur as delta-functions around a certain time window of hours after vaccine administration with none downstream (even months), and they don't occur as either death or severe disability with no lesser injuries possible.

    Billions have not been paid out. That's absurd. No one would pay billions for 432 deaths. Before you get a vaccine, you have to sign an agreement not to sue if you die. You have to acknowledge the risk. That's for their benefit, not yours. A handful of people do die, and the survivors are paid, but not much.

    The problem is not my beliefs. The problem is that I speak language. I understand arithmetic. I know what it means when they say most of these deaths were not caused by vaccines. You, on the other hand, apparently do not understand any of this. Either you are a fool, in which case you should stop making comments here, or you do understand and you are liar and a troublemaker, in which case you should stop making comments here.

    Vaccine courts have paid out billions. I already told you, injuries do not occur as delta functions around a specific timeframe and around a certain severity -- the injury is not zero everywhere expect a spike.

    If you want us to clap for your arithmetic ability and google search savy - the administrators can give you some stickers or something.

    432 is the number of people who died soon after getting a vaccine. In nearly every case, the death had nothing to do with the vaccine. This is clearly stated in the website and elsewhere. More to the point, as I showed above, the number of people who die after vaccines is lower than the general population which does not get vaccinated. So it would make more sense for you to conclude the vaccines magically protect people from heart attacks and automobile accidents.

    You don't want to believe, for whatever reason you are dead set against any negative evidence to your beliefes. All the billions paid out in injuries is a rouse. The deaths had nothing to do with the vaccine. Nothing to see here.

    Not me. You are saying the CDC and every other medical establishment in the world is in a dream world, and you alone know the truth. Plus, every news organization for the last 200 years has suppressed this truth that you alone know, even though hundreds of thousands of people are dying because of it. You must be in awe of yourself! You are legend in your own mind.

    VAERS database had 432 deaths reported in 2016. If we are generous and say that there are 50million kids in the US that is 1 in 100,000 roughly. The truth is, it is worse. Many deaths are not connected by anyone to vaccines. The top reason is few even believe vaccines could be source of injury! (e.g. SIDS)

    Who brainwashed you to reflexively support the CDC (i.e. the vaccine industry?)

    If true,

    “Group Think Blue” is not gonna be happy

    They have stolen trillions from people, have them locked in creating perhaps a depression greater than 2009, created wars of conquest across the middle east...there is no accountability. The story will go like this in the NY Times "HCQ - the challenges of doing science in a pandemic" or "Why healthcare needs an overhaul - their inability to respond to new therapies like Hydroxychloroquine in a pandemic." Everything will be spun. I'm not so good but we know some board members are solid at this artful dodging...