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    Sounds like contained water. Am I wrong? Water is very dangerous in some phases. With respect, Sir.

    There are plasmas at low pressure. The method sections of the paper talks about it. The water provides the fuel and the catalyst.

    Water vapor was generated by pumping on a reservoir(about 20 cc) of distilled, de-ionized water. The flow rate wasnot directly controlled, but rather a needle valve was adjustedto maintain the desired pressure, as measured by a MKSbaratron placed above the Welch two stage rotary vane oilsealed vacuum pump (Model 8920) with a rated capacity of218 l min1. This pump was attached to the chamber with a1 cm ID ultratorr fitting at the end opposite that at which gasentered. The entire system, except the spectrometer wasencased in a copper screen Faraday cage

    Challenges to LENR in water include the dangerous build of pressure.

    Dry systems evade this engineering hurdle.

    IMHO dry over wet. Barring the exposure of a new perspective.

    These are water plasmas, not electrolytic cells.

    I have yet to search for Gaia patents relating to Egely.

    Group thoughts on his presentation? Opinions?

    I'd like to watch it again, connectivity issues, but he mentioned that few scientists have brought together all the understanding, and yet he missed mentioning the most notable replication of energetic reactions in water plasmas in the history of the world by Jonathan Phillips (…abs/pii/S0360319908002607

    That's not easily missed. I'd like to talk to him about it, and for sure - I'm behind everyone who is fair and positive on this quest.

    His COP is a legendary 2.5.... far to low to make any business.

    But I hope he gets a nobel for producing/ describing H*-H* !

    One of the interesting, and in some ways proven, models is the energetic hydrino reaction - the catalysts he has used seems to match up with his hydrino model. Basically resonant transfer with a catalyst that accepts m ⋅ 27.2 eV.

    That's why water can be a catalyst for atomic hydrogen. Not intuitive till we have this model.

    What do you think about this chemical reaction?

    It seems to me that we really do not want solutions, just the chase to it, with a nice juicy pay for it.

    Good points Edo. I would like to say that, at the frontier it is very hard to build "we" -- think Mills vs Pons/Fleischmann.
    Also scientific minded people don't like history, so there is little institutional memory - things are forgotten and relearned a decade later.

    Transmutations are a good start, but even better is finding experiments that can be self-funded, that lead to a demo, that can lead to funding, that can lead to growing a modest business, that can create corporate learning, that can feed into new developments.

    Even modest-new energy tech like long duration storage takes years of small innovations...

    Anybody working on disruptive technologies knows or soon discovers that they are swimming in a pool of sharks.

    There are hundreds of solid VCs. The issue in this space as you say is that most of the startups aren't organized and structured in a way that a tech startup is. So none of the traditional VCs are coming out to play. And for sure angel investors need simple stories, strong communications, and timeframes to product that are realistic. Anything that looks like an R&D project is not an investment, but a lottery ticket. An experienced investor has seen more failures than you, so they have a feeling for teams that have a likely path to success. Remember, there are tens of routes to failure - not just the tech, but getting hit by a bus, or the team falling apart or, or, or. A positive attitude is a big tell.

    New energy is a controlled space, so surely many of the groups that come out to play financially are deep state. I already mentioned one. And there are board members on here who are clearly affiliated with deep state and people don't bat an eye.

    Quoted from Navid "In short, founders in the new energy space are irrational if they are afraid of venture capital, and we must beat their hard headedness with basic financial models."

    Really? Founders are indeed rational and fear not venture capital but only the venture capitalists. It feels a bit like an inexperienced player joining a poker game against card sharks. This distracts the founders attention from invention. Hard-headedness comes from single-mindedness of purpose and is required for invention. Karl Marx had a basic financial model...that has not worked out too well. In fairness Marxism may not be as foolish as modern monetary policy. You can print money while fighting inflation by raising taxes!

    If as an investor I found an inventor who thought I was playing poker with them, then I think its a good potential failure sign for the startup. There are many things you can distrust but people with money to invest in venture by far are looking for transparency all around.

    This isn't poker, its human relationships and investment. For some inventors learning how this style of investment may be had by finding angel investor groups and pitching them.

    Now if In-Q-Tel gives you a call, that's a different situation!

    Can you tell us the typical compensation conditions that GVC Partners would request?

    GVC Partners is an investor, not seeking compensation.

    Venture investors are pretty consistent, they price a round with an expected dilution of 20%.
    Investors are buying a part of the company. You should enter with the awareness that they are taking risk and have a high failure rate (most of their investments fail). You should aim that investors aren't just cheques, but help you in some way (connections, hiring, technical expertise, industry expertise, network, HR, design or marketing)

    In this space, people should not be afraid of venture capital if they find the right partners. The failure of a founder is trading so much of the company away, that the team walks away after a few rounds because they were diluted so much and don't have a big payday on IPO. In this space, if you can raise $20-30mil which might only take 2-3 rounds you may have huge potential income streams and even the technical team holding a small % would be a huge payday.

    In short, founders in the new energy space are irrational if they are afraid of venture capital, and we must beat their hard headedness with basic financial models.


    Some of you know me from being an advocate for Brilliant Light Power. Yes, but really I'm an advocate for new forms of transformational technologies.

    In my experience startups in this space have the following issues

    • failure to focus on external company building (fundraising, messaging, partnerships) which is the CEO job and it is full time
    • failure to build the team
    • failure to communicate with public and brand (at a later stage, but needed even early to build company and fundraise)
    • failure to forsee that the startup itself, is a fledgling invention of your creation and it is more likely to fail first unless careful consideration is given

    I am to available to help people avoid what is usually obvious failure. The very skills that make someone successful as a lone inventor or researcher, are antithetical to building a startup.

    I do fundraising of seed rounds through GVC Partners.

    Feel free to pm me if you are thinking of fundraising, or just want to talk about what you are doing from a strategy point of view.

    Best regards,


    However, I would have thought that everybody in the power industry would 'come round' to seeing that LENR - dependent energy production should now and for our future, be realistically the only way ahead. Its a matter of time, and political intent.

    Essentially everyone has no idea what it is. Then if you told them about it they would do a google search and hit some confusion and retreat.

    That's who science works these days. The ones who go one level deeper, they meet some of the traps/"its fake" sites and they don't go further. Just think about the fact that every term physics students graduate and don't know the term either...

    Gerard McEk It is probably easier for Aureon to 'fill a void' by openly pursuing a technology (remediation) that offers serious environmental and possible commercial benefits to radioactive waste creators, rather than attempting to promote new energy technology to a mutually supportive cabal of existing energy suppliers. The fact that energy creation could be a 'side effect' of the remediation technology they get paid to work on is a bonus.

    Aureon made the right decision as many advised them about this. They remediation problem is so big, that they should outside the corp not even talk about the other stuff. It could be a decade away, and investors shouldn't be hearing two separate stories at this point.

    As expected, twisted the video contents whence Hill admits "it will just be a few more weeks" and that outside influence is determining the conclusion of his study. Effectively admits to scientific fraud of the highest order.

    We'd appreciate more skilled sleight of hand on this forum, right now it looks crippled to people with discernment. Try again to debunk the video, after you watch the video.

    What an embarrassment to himself and this forum is he. His job is to kick up dirt and have everyone running around. These people are the reason breakthrough energy remains a conspiracy and the startups get nowhere, or end up being so discredited that they bow out. The forum admins should consider that people who deceive and spin dirt, aren't here for scientific integrity and moving forward -- maybe they are here for social engineering?

    Zeus_46 go debate Tess Lawrie and Andrew Hill and let us know if this isn't relevant.

    A Letter to Dr Andrew Hill | Dr Tess Lawrie | Oracle Films
    In October 2020 Dr Andrew Hill was tasked to report to the World Health Organisation on the dozens of new studies from around the world suggesting that…

    Once you are done that let us know why the top Indian medical school has it on their treatment protocols.


    I assume we will see a bunch of blather, personal attacks, and the like from here on out in response....

    preface: I don't understand this man's theory, and have only watched this video 1x but I thought it was worth people here commenting on it. Either he's making an electrochemical battery and scamming us or
    I don't know if there's anything here. Magnetism is always a curious and mysterious place to think through, even if this isnt' real. I KNOW PEOPLE ON THIS BOARD CAN FIGURE IT OUT!

    At the beginning first 5mins he goes through some lame algebraic showmanship - just ignore that part. He claims he was attacked by the gov and if so, I give him some room.

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    As for how they make energy in a scaled up process? Nigels' not clear but a youtube thread talks about this.

    Magnetic compression or SIP (Synthetic Inertia Plane) the process of force to like fields of a magnet together and hold them in place. So where is the energy going? What material do you use to capture / harvest the energy? How do you process and or utilize the energy and how do you recycle it? [Lots of clues]..

    Other person:

    When you hold the magnets in this compression state ( like your cone device ) it creates a focussed magnetic field within the device. You then ‘fire’ electrons across this field ( via the collector antennae ) and the field accelerates the electrons.



    close!!! I'll give your that. You now using your mind to see something you cannot see, your using you senses to feel something you cannot touch. To "fire" something? And "electrons".... Use you mind a little more.

    Magnetic compression or SIP (Synthetic Inertia Plane) the process of force to like fields of a magnet together and hold them in place. So where is the energy going? What material do you use to capture / harvest the energy? How do you process and or utilize the energy and how do you recycle it? [Lots of clues]..

    Magnetic compression or SIP (Synthetic Inertia Plane) the process of force to like fields of a magnet together and hold them in place. So where is the energy going? What material do you use to capture / harvest the energy? How do you process and or utilize the energy and how do you recycle it? [Lots of clues]..

    Havent' been here in a while because it was getting annoying seeing Freemason or whatever club they are in, members try to swindle use with marketing lines.

    They are still advocating for masks so long after. And the vaccines are now essentially zero efficacy (to negative) in Omicron and adverse events. I got to see vaccine accelerated disease in a family member, not fun stuff.

    People usually have to sell their soul to work this hard! Some people I've found will argue to the end of the earth to support their "side."

    Keep at it W!

    PCR false positives rates are > 50% according the Rault study. In some countries that do more than 35 cycles its even more. In fact it is not exactly false positive. It simply was dead virus detected ...

    The false signal is not from other virus. Other virus could be parasitic secondary infections or priming infections. The table clearly shows the RSV signal all the other missed ....

    Many more children in ISU than from CoV-19...

    ya i get it - a false positive is a true positive for non replicating virus

    but i do wonder why really high cycle times give very very high false positive rate (does everyone really have a bit of dead virus in there?)

    A nice find from the Swiss Covid report!

    All phases with high a CoV-19 case load also show high load of rhinovirus (light blue). Since week 17 also RSV (yellow-brown)is strongly showing up. With alpha almost no other virus have been found. Influenza was just a tiny flash around week 6.

    Do you think it's PCR false positives coming from Rhino virus and others, juicing the case counts so that the Town Criers can wail?

    Should I assume they are coming to chop my head off? I'm a member of the local masons lodge and have posted against the mafia, or as I like to say, controlling iinterests. Sometimes you crack me up.

    The lower levels are just recruiting and many good people fall into it. Go deeper and see if there is truth here....

    I don't disagree but I think you are mistaken in they are doing this "just for making money".