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    >If your hypothesis is correct that wind and solar are much cheaper sources of power then the regression should show a general decrease in retail prices as the share of wind and solar increase in a given country.

    If I have understood correctly in the UK, consumer electricity prices are pinned (artificially) to the oil price and therefore this isn't seen. Would be great if this was confirmed by someone more knowledgeable than me on the subject.

    >Terribly. I'm not impressed with my psychic abilities at all.

    Yeah, sorry that I and nobody I know so far fits the narrative.

    However, if it makes you feel any better, I didn't disclose that I sometimes take a vit d supplement. ;) Fm1 will be proud of me (or maybe not, as I don't think that will have had much of an impact although I can't be certain)!

    I'll guess your booster was hmmm, 3.5 to 4.5 months ago. But then I'm psychic and have an unfair advantage. The real kicker is what will happen when you get a fourth shot, if you do.

    Vaccine uptake in the UK is lower than in Canada. Perhaps the media there isn't so heavily utilized by the government/health agencies, or perhaps it's because the UK has more free thinkers and eccentrics. Bless their hearts.

    My booster was the start of Dec.

    My wifes was start of Jan.

    My daughter got covid mid-Feb (my wife and I did not catch it from her).

    my wife and I got covid mid-April.

    How does that fit with your predictions?

    I would speculate that Nar's last vaccination was fairly recent, and his immune system perhaps overly primed, so that when he got Covid his system might have over reacted, resulting in a rash. I assume his Covid bout was in the last month, because not only is it relatively rare to get a Covid rash as a symptom, it would be rarer still for it to last more than a few weeks. Gosh I love speculation. Probably all wrong, but still!

    What do you think my gap between booster and getting covid was? Apparently some sort of skin problem is seen in about 8% of cases I read somewhere on the interthingie.

    It is possible but highly unlikely that it was/is a tick I'm currently on antibiotics.

    A friend who is a nurse was also given IVM as part of the trial recently-ish....I need to remember to ask her about that next time I see her.

    Doesn't say anything much against them either.

    >What is weird to me is the blithe acceptance of the 'one size fits all' mentality of mandating vaccines on everyone

    That hasn't happened here in the UK. There was a "one size fits all" messaging but that's as expected for public health matters.

    My daughter will soon be 12 but had covid a few months ago. There is basically no medical reason for her to have the vaccine ...but it will likely be more convenient for travel. I will not pressure her to have it. If she hadn't had covid however I would recommend she have the vaccine.

    Personally I don't know anyone that has had adverse reactions to the vaccines apart from the obvious and expected mild symptoms and sore arms, etc.

    Interestingly I got a nasty rash coincident with getting covid (didn't from the vaccines) that is still being investigated (it may have been a coincidence).

    I know nothing about Italian law, but I suspect that paying for a "professional" evaluation which is then "withdrawn" would be laywer-fodder in the US. At the very least, a refund of all monies paid. "Clients" relying on the report ... possible libel ... UoB's got deep pockets, I suspect.

    I also know nothing about Italian law, but I suspect any possible liability would only go so far as the value of the contract. The contract will have been written (boiler plate) by UNIBO in the main part and of course they don't put themselves at legal/financial risk. This is just how these sorts of things work.

    Notice that Rossi did not demand/suggest a re-test fixing the issues (which are only the ones that Levi chose to mention). Given that any such re-test would, I think, not be allowed by UNIBO with Levi operating solo again (or possibly involved at all), we all know that it isn't going to happen.

    Interesting that Rossi is claiming a contract (or two) when the University says there is no relationship.

    Rossi's last sentence of his letter to UNIBO, sounds like a warning he may take legal action. That should liven up the story again.

    That letter is currently only Rossi-says though....has it really been sent to UNIBO?

    If we are talking anecdotes then here are some of the people I know vaxxed and unvaxxed and their experience with Omicron in order of severity

    Here is my anecdotal raw UK data (not faked) from my house.

    Daughter 11 (not vaccinated, very fit) got Omicron, headache and joint pains for about 4 days.

    Myself (Az/Az/Mod) and my wife (Az/Az/Pf), not very fit, didn't get it despite us all in the same house and sharing a bathroom, little ventilation, etc.

    None of us took IVM. I still take copious amounts of coffee which may have saved me from getting it, but not the wife (unless green tea also works?).

    I don't know anyone who has had any long lasting side effects from the vaccine, nor from covid though unvaxxed are by far the minority cohort.

    Indeed. Which is interesting in that they were not published in the usual sense.

    Which bodes well for a retraction of the Multi-Professor Lugano paper, which they would not defend from critics because (they claimed) it was not published (yet is available on the Unibo server).

    I thought it was odd (at best) that they weren't signed or anything. Is there a public link to the retraction?

    I would like to remind you that there are no stupid people here. There are only banned people, mistaken people, smart people and very smart people.

    Don't forget the dilettantes, clowns, children, F/M/Whatever Mafiosa,and my personal favourite "members of the antivax death cult".

    >I personally do not know of anyone who has contracted Covid previously that has came down with a second case.

    If we are comparing anecdotes....I personally know of several. Including people who have also been vaccinated as well as previous infection. The high levels of coffee intake I use as a prophylactic have still protected me (this is not medical advice - do your own research!).