Rossi-Blog Comment Discussion

  • But I also have a gut feeling toward Andrea Rossi, that he's an inquisitive, principled and disciplined man, an extremely competitive sort, and possibly a genius inventor.

    I just finished lunch, please refrain from such nauseating descriptions of a charlatan. You called him a genius? Uhhhhgggg!<X Great, now I have to clean my keyboard.

    Inquisitive (well if you mean into trying to take credit for other peoples work)

    Principled? (Admitting faking customers under oath, his lawyers say he is quarantined in Italy the same time he says he is not in Italy, screwing vendors, backstabbing partners,,)

    Disciplined (Never finishing anything he starts, never bothering to pay vendors, never allowing third party validation of his tech)

    Genius (Having ghost writers write his papers, never developing any theory explaining where his supposed energy comes from, unable to convert between Celsius and Kelvin, needing degrees from diploma mills)

    Yeah Mark, you described him to a tee.

  • Rossi's devices have had various degrees of exposure to engineers/scientists, and only Krivits (afaik) got offended enough by something to rant against Rossi. Maybe the rest are more of a wait and see attitude.

    When I first discovered LENR / CF and Rossi back in 2011, I too was a optimistic "Believer". My reasons were that I assumed no one could be so blatantly fraud..... also, like you, I was influenced by people who seemingly were supportive of Rossi. Surely these people were not fooled! But as time went on, I soon found out that there were VERY few people who Rossi ever let see or observe the eCat and he NEVER let anyone actually test it. Even the Swedish profs did not run their test, Rossi did the entire thing.... all the while stating that the test was "third party".... a lie as usual.

    So if you would care to list the people who have actually observed or tested the eCat and have not remarked on it, then please do so. Focardi? He was an early supporter of Rossi, but never actually tested nor saw the real "eCats" that we talk about today. Focardi is probably the biggest question but unfortunately has passed away and cannot have further input. The Swedish profs, scorning normal practice, have refused to issue any kind of statement or answer legitimate questions about their report. Their University has reportedly banned involvement with Rossi, however this is heresay and I do not have a link.

    Rossi has always kept people away if they ask questions or probe the slightest. He picks his audience just like an experienced scammer.....

    and of course we have IH. The ONE entity that had hands on testing, real control and resulted in a big zero. Once they looked closer at Rossi's testing methods, they found a non-fueled reactor gave the same readings as a fueled one, thus showing his measurement scams. What did Rossi do/... he claimed the Russians sabotaged it! Really? You put faith in this type of behavior? Behavior that committed proven fraud and lies, such as fake customer, fake invoices, fake engineer, fake heat exchanger and on and on.......

    We then have LF's own Allan Smith who attended the last public demo. Perhaps you could ask him of a report on what he witnessed, such as was the equipment that he saw likely to be putting out kilowatts of power, was the measuring techniques valid and verified. Was the overall mood of the attendees one that gave support to a real reactor putting out more power than in..... the invention of the century! One has to remember that this indeed would be the invention of the century! The demo surely would have been a block buster PR event if convincing. Surely, being a supporter and believer of Rossi, attendees can provide you with confirmation that the demo was the "real deal" and assuredly not a scam. If not, then.......what? True scientist report what the facts are.... positive or negative and surely there were those in attendance that would report anything positive! Yet we hear absolutely nothing!

    Other than that, I know of no engineers nor scientists that have actually observed the eCat nor tested it. Perhaps journalist Lewan? He has not followed up on any valid issues that have been questioned. So one cannot "wait and see" or keep silent if they have never actually observed nor tested. The last "dancing ballerina" was open for all to see..... and yet no PR blast on the invention of the century.... because it was absolutely ridiculous! And yet you still believe?

    Again, if I am incorrect, perhaps you can list these witnesses that give you hope? I know of none....

    If you remove this line of support, then what do you have left?

  • Bob#2 : I for one didn't find the QuarkX demo convincing at all, nor did I feel it was it meant to be. One could tell that Matts knew this as well. He knew he was not privy to certain important details he wanted to know. It was what it was. More than anything it seemed like a venue where interested parties could discuss things later in person with Rossi, behind closed doors. If a potential investor made a decision based on that demo, I would be very surprised. I assume they arranged to see more privately and hands on at another place and time. This is the normal course of due diligence. Rossi doesn't owe me anything, and I'm in no position to demand anything from him. He's doing the work, not me. If a person or company has been wronged by Rossi, that's different. I don't think that applies to anyone on this board, but maybe I'm wrong.

    Regarding the non fuelled reactor, frankly I'm surprised that you take Rossi literally when he purportedly (by Darden?) exclaimed "the Russians stole the charge!" or something similar. In the past I've yelled out "Who stole the toilet paper!" from the bathroom when the TP bin in the bathroom is empty, and there's none left on the roll. Am I serious about someone stealing TP? Of course not, my yell is a combination of humour and exasperation. To conclude that Rossi actually accused the Russians of stealing a charge in one of the reactors is yet another example of 'facts' removed from context, in my estimation. (Wait. Maybe it was prophetic of the Russians stealing the last US election? The idea that Russians stole the last election should have been a joke, but ... people take it seriously! (Not me))

    I was quite intrigued by the dancing ballerina of the SK video demo. To each his own. I think it was RB who proposed it was plasma from a leaky mercury vapour lamp or some such thing. But I've seen no one try to replicate the ballerina. The closest I've seen was a dancing plasma in a microwave chamber, but it was still clearly not the same thing.

    No professional PR blast was required for that demo ; Rossi was looking for only a manageable size of customer base which would serve as hosts for Ecat SK field trials, and supposedly he got some. I don't know this is the case, but I believe it is. Yes I fully realize I could be wrong, and Rossi has fooled me and the rest of his fans. If so, it wouldn't be the first time I've misplaced my faith. But then, I've got lots of faith to go around. You lost your faith in Rossi and appear on the whole to be fine, if not a bit sore.

  • You lost your faith in Rossi and appear on the whole to be fine, if not a bit sore.

    I suppose one could say this, but I would like to believe my attention was not so much faith as it was a decision made upon sparse information. As I garnered more and more information, logic and data fairly quickly made it clear Rossi was a fraud and scam artist. Not just with the eCat, but going back to gold fraud, electronics fraud and spending time in prison for the Petrodragon fraud.

    Once I put my admitted strong desire for CF to be real aside and looked at facts, my vision became much clearer!

    Am I sore? No. I still believe that LENR is a likely real phenomenon. Rossi is giving LENR a very black eye. I truly believe he has done reputation harm and taken literally millions of dollars away that could have went to REAL scientist such as Bob Higgins. That is why I take time to call out support of Rossi. That is why I think people that have seen his demo or had other contact, are experienced and qualified researchers and DO NOT call him out, are willingly continuing the Rossi scam and the harm it is bringing. If I were an investment banker and knew what Bernie Maddoff was doing, and people asked me about his legitimacy and I said nothing to bring to light his crimes and even gave the occasional thumbs up to him, then I am in bed with that fraud as well. Plain and simple.

    So I am not sore, I want LENR to be taken seriously. Any reasonable minded researcher or investor will not take Rossi seriously. IH, per depositions, would not have taken Rossi seriously if the Swedish Profs and not written their positive report. That is why they will not say anything now. We know for certain they did not run the test and took data from Rossi, not from their own measurements. It caused millions in lost research money and lawsuits. Why else would they not speak up?

    So that is why I speak up about Rossi, the liar and fraud. He is not genuine nor legitimate. One day you too probably will realize this just as the many have supported Rossi and then eventually opened their eyes and disappeared. A few, such as Shane and I stay around and admit their past support was in error.

    One last note. No serous tech company would EVER go to or look at a Rossi demo and call him up the next day. Nor would Rossi EVER had to do such a demo to try and get potential customers. That line of reasoning is very faulty and shows a lack of understanding of how technology companies or companies in general work. Only scammers looking for the easy mark do this type of thing! Puppets and a song? From his condo? Even Frank was stupefied by that! I suspect you already know the truth "deep down". :thumbup: