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  • What does the board of "ADVISERS" comment on using sockpuppets on something that is called "Journal of Nuclear Physics"


    The Journal will publish papers, in the areas of interest, without charge.

    All papers will be reviewed by our scientific council to ensure scientific rigor and compliance with copyright law.

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    Prof. Michael Melich (DOD – USA)

    Prof. Alberto Carnera (INFM – University of Padova – Italy)

    Prof. Pierluca Rossi (University of Bologna – Italy)

    Prof. Luciana Malferrari (University of Bologna – Italy)

    Prof. George Kelly (University of New Hampshire – USA)

    Prof. Stremmenos Christos (Bologna University – Italy)

    Richard Noceti, Ph.D. (

    Sockpuppets are OKAY!?

  • Hi Shane D. ,

    Is this lame enough?

    1. Judy July 23, 2019 at 1:12 PM

      Dr Rossi:

      I watched again the video on youtube of the November 24 2017 demo of the Ecat QX at the IVA of Stockholm: this too is a page of history.

      All the best,


    2. Andrea Rossi July 23, 2019 at 1:56 PM


      The QX is the father of the SK and the grandfather of the SK-Leonardo, that will be the first thing in the history to make energy without consuming energy from the grid or from any known energy source, obviously respecting the first principle of thermodynamic. Now, from today, I am convinced we are getting very close to it. We will get it.

      Warm Regards,


    "We will get it"? I have only seen him so brazen before events, presentations, etc.



  • WCG: Rossi has been poor meat for those of us who enjoy deconstructing his non-working demos. By that, I mean they don't even pretend to work so there is no work, or fun.

    Perhaps he has recouped his strength and will give us something more fun? But, alas, I think that unlikely.

    The opportunity he had from IH (were he for real) was quite extraordinary. He milked it for all he could, given he did not actually have anything, but having run that course I see but a slowly dwindling, though never zero, band of core believers and a blog as his reward.

  • "his non-working demos"

    Hi THHuxleynew ,

    His "Puppet Demo" was one the smartest things i have ever encountered. And it baffles me that so little people see the brilliance of it. His objectives were;

    1. Do not wake any sleeping dogs;
    2. Have fun while making fun of your enemies;
    3. Convince the more knowledgable of progress.

    His build-up, with the help of "you guys", made sure quite a few people saw his presentation. Yet, only the people with in-depth knowledge of Rossi picked-up the confirmation of their ideas on him. People that did not know Rossi probably thought he was pretty weird and an amateur and therefore harmless. But the presentation was not aimed at them anyway. Let the dogs sleep for a while.

    "The Haters", well aware of the Rossi story and impossible to convince anyhow, laughed and made fun of him. They did this in such a rigorous way that the biggest loser of the whole demo was Industrial Heat / Woodford. "How on earth was it possible that these self proclaimed pro's invested in this lunatic?" I can still not suppress a smile when i think of the face of Dewey Weaver / Thomas Darden / Woodford while watching the Rossi presentation. One of the biggest objectives of the demo was to make fun of them. And that objective was clearly met!

    The third objective was to let the more positive, more informed parties know that Rossi made important progress. This group saw through the form and focussed on the content. I am not sure how things worked out, but i have the feeling this objective was also met.

    So i do not agree with you that his demo's do not work. I think they work just fine and i am looking forward to another Rossi event.



  • Respect. Respect for making the effort of collecting so many flowers to cover that mountain of BS.

    But, it remains BS, no matter, how many other flowers You bring along.

  • So i do not agree with you that his demo's do not work. I think they work just fine and i am looking forward to another Rossi event.


    If there is such an event, it will showcase the direct electricity production I suppose.

    I'm one of those who remain hopeful that Rossi has at least something significant. The reasons are varied, but frankly a big one was the "ballerina" of the last video demo.

    The closest phenomenon I've seen to that 4 inch high, 4 inch diameter 'magnificence' is a youtube video of a microwave plasma, here:

    PS I thought the Ecat song was from earlier this year. Lo and behold I just saw there was a version as early as 2011!

  • A.R. Is optimistic that he will succeed.

    1. Frank Acland July 23, 2019 at 2:25 PM

      Dear Andrea,

      Can you explain more about why today you are more confident of achieving your goal of no-grid E-Cat energy production?

      Thank you,

      Frank Acland

    2. Andrea Rossi July 24, 2019 at 7:46 AM

      Frank Acland:

      Based on experimental and theoretical progress.

      Warm Regards,


    3. Gerard McEk July 24, 2019 at 5:25 AM

      Dear Andrea,

      Your last remark (to Judy), seems to exhibit high confidence the SK-Leonardo may actually work as hoped for.

      Are you actually testing it already using electricity generated in the reactor now?

      I hope with you for great success!

      Kind regards, Gerard

    4. Andrea Rossi July 24, 2019 at 7:44 AM

      Gerard McEk:

      We are working very hard, but it is soon to answer your question. I am optimist, though.

      Warm Regards,


  • How do we know how big the “ballerina” really is?

    Because Rossisays it’s so big?