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  • Indeed. Do you suppose those wall-to-ceiling pipes are the ones in the bottom of the third photo (Photo 4) below?

    From Smith's Supplemental Report:

    The bottom photo is of the serpentine pipes inside the black shipping container at the Doral site. It think that these pipes are smaller in diameter than wall-to-ceiling ones. So not the same.

  • You forgot excess heat...

  • I do not know if you are interested anymore, but Gale thinks the Stockholm video was convincing. By her name, I would guess she is American, who flunked English class. :) :

    1. Gale October 11, 2018 at 4:10 AM

      Dr Andrea Rossi,

      I found on “youtube Ecat QX demonstration in Stockholm” the demo you made with the Ecat QX, which is very well done and convincing. Did that Ecat QX we can see in the video have an evolution? If yes, can you explain?



    • Andrea Rossi October 9, 2018 at 11:10 AM


      If the temperature is in the order of electronvolts the sole possible way is to use spectrometry , make T= 2900/Lambda,to get the T in K.

      Then use the equation of Boltzmann: T ( Celsius )^4 * Sigma * S (m^2) * Epsilon. This method is based on constants, therefore is very precise, not depending on conventional measuring systems. It depends only on numbers and there is not margin of errors due to phenomenological effects like, for example, efficiency, heat loss, etc.

      Warm Regards,


    Surely he means the Stefan-Boltzmann law not the Boltzmann equation.

    Of course (and he should know by now), T is in K, not Celsius

  • There have been a series of posts much like this which have the following factors in common

    - they are in slightly fractured English

    - the correspondent almost always goes by a single first name and this is their only post

    - the correspondent reports that they are "convinced" about the Stockholm demo or find it "convincing"

    - the correspondent doesn't just refer to the "Stockholm" demo, they often call it the "IVA" Stockholm demo

    - the correspondents often wish Rossi "Godspeed" at the end

    If you go to JNOP or the Rossi Blog Reader and search by the keywords quoted in any of these last 3 points you will be able to see a whole collection of these posts stretching back over almost a year. There are about 7-8 of them per month.

    Most entertainingly, by analyzing the times at which posts are timestamped on JNOP I have found that when Rossi's sleep/wake pattern changes (as, for instance, when he travels to Europe) the sleep/wake cycles of the "convinced" change in the same way!

    I have been assembling evidence for all this. It is not finished yet but I will post it when I am done.

  • Bruce__H funny I was trying to count how many time 'convincing' was used and then compare it to synonyms with respect to the ranking of most frequently used words.

    Definitely 'convincing' is most often used on jonp but on the other hand what would be a good synonym to use instead?

  • Bruce,

    Well, Rossi has always been his own best Sock Puppet

  • ... funny I was trying to count how many time 'convincing' was used and then compare it to synonyms with respect to the ranking of most frequently used words.

    Definitely 'convincing' is most often used on jonp but on the other hand what would be a good synonym to use instead?

    I can see that "convincing" or "convinced" would tend to come up in such conversations but not "IVA" or "Godspeed". These are unusual. terms and yet they frequently occur with mention of being convinced.

    The "IVA" is the conference centre at which the November 2017 demo was held ( I'm not sure how someone who casually stumbles on a video of the demo would know this. It isn't mentioned on any of the sites where the video is available.

  • Oh, you mean the wire is calibrated before sale to meet a certain standard. I thought you meant Rossi calibrated it. He is allergic to calibration.

    Rossi may have chopped off wire to specific lengths for his "reactors"... Or not. There is one description that shows that maybe not after all:

    (These may have been off-the-shelf heater elements, however)

    "The third component is a set of two 220 V resistors, total weight 2292.8 g; resistance values

    measured at the start of the test are 11.8 and 12.2 Ω. In parallel the recorded value was 6 Ω. Resistors were powered in parallel."

    - Penon 2012, High Temperature Energy Catalyzer Test, page 5

  • Once you have your eye in, it is easy to identify some of the posts on JONP that are definitely just Rossi writing to himself (as outlined in this post Rossi-Blog Comment Discussion).

    Here is a cracker that shows off Rossi's tender side ...

    March 25, 2018 at 3:26 PM

    Dear Andrea:

    I watched the whole 3 hours video of your convincing demonstration with the Ecat QX at the IVA of Stockholm on November 24th.

    I notice your body language: you appear shy, humble, most of time keeping low your head, while saying things of momentous importance and giving a strong demo in front of one of the highest scientific echelons of the world: this all has been born after more than twenty years of hard work of studies and experiments that made you the undisputed number 1 of the world in this sector.

    What a contrast between what you are and what you are doing and the shy attitude you show.

    Good luck to you and your team for your important job.


    Then Rossi answers himself ... sweetly, humbly ...

    March 25, 2018 at 3:55 PM


    I am always aware of all the difficulties of this work and of how thin is the space between success and failure in this field at this stage. Our job is very, very, very difficult. Sometime I have the sensation that the more I study, the less I know. At the IVA of Stockholm I was terrorized by the possibility that something could go wrong.

    Warm Regards,


  • At the IVA of Stockholm I was terrorized by the possibility thatsomething could go wrong.

    Warm Regards,


    Yes, and this after he claims to have achieved "sigma 5"! Although he never has stated what he supposedly achieved "sigma 5" on or even what it is!

    Most on ECW chimed that it was reliability. Well, if he actually did achieve "sigma 5" on reliability, why would he ever be "Terrorized" that something would go wrong?

    His device would have been 99.99999% reliable!

    Also, his audience was hand picked loyalist as well. No one there was going to utter one word in critique or scientific assessment of him or the demo! And they HAVE not done so have they? (As we all here know too well! ) ;)

  • Too bad he couldn't manage a sigma 1 result on the spectrometer in Stockholm...

    What an incredibly dissuasive demonstration at the IVA convention center !!

    The Secretary to the Academy, Executive Vice President of the IVA, said:


    IVA would like to announce that the Academy does not support the messages conveyed at the conference at IVA Conference Centre on 24 November 2017 attended by,

    among others, Andrea Rossi."



    In this case IVA would like to clearly state that the Academy does not in any way support the

    messages conveyed at the conference in question."…ns-den-24-november-2017/#