Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • But if anyone else wants to wipe those spitballs off the wall, that's fine with me.

    I have no idea to who you refer. But I presume that insults and the idea of wiping somebody is against the freedom speech.

    Should I remind you the First Amendment to the United States Constitution ?

    Insults and trying to block somebody to speech are the last resource of the looser on my opinion.

  • So Murray is building his own stuff with differences, testing it without knowing what fuel is in it, whether it was prepared correctly, whether it was loaded correctly, and then when it doesn't work, declaring that the e-Cat doesn't work after a few months of trying. That doesn't strike me as particularly persuasive or conclusive

    Murray did the same thing when he made his "simulation" of the Plant but he didn't know where the flow meter should be positioned. He is quite a inaccurate expert!

  • SSC,

    So is there a problem with that?

    Sounds to me like Woodford went into the investment mainly for Rossi, and Rossi never came through. I miss where in that e-mail they blame IH for that? Looks to me, like many others before them, Woodford is now another victim of Rossi. Of course, a few here think that is another feather in his cap.

    Shane, I was just replied to Barty, who wrote " Maybe Woodford invested because of them [other LENR players], and not because the 1MW plant was so impressive." I think he invested because of Rossi, since he defined his technology the " core element of the initial investment". And I think that in his e-mail, Paul is blaming IH because he talks about "disappointment". Moreover, IIRC, Woodford gave 50 million dollars to IH when IH did not have any other technology. It was in February 2015, after a visit to the 1 MW Plant. So I repeat, Woodford didn't care so much about the portfolio and gave IH his money because of Rossi.

  • Rossi agreed to sell them the rights to half the world for $100 million. You say that is "almost for free."

    Jed don't try to write you are not understanding what is written.

    Almost for free was meaning paying just 11% of the contract fee and not the rest and of course collecting in the mean time about 250M$ from investors. Quite a "smart" move ! Unfortunately for them they haven't succeeded !

  • That's where you can find that 1) Murray was brought on subsequent to Barker as another tester with additional experience and skill

    Here about the high skills of Murray (A.) out of 215/3

    Q.· · How do you measure COP?· What is the formula ·to measure COP?

    A.· · Power in over power out -- I'm sorry.· Let me ·think about that.· Power out over power in.

    Q.· · Okay.· So --

    A.· · It could be energy in over, I'm sorry, energy ·out over energy in as well.· I mean it depends on -- I ·never saw the actual computational worksheets of ·Mr. Penon, so I don't –........

    Murray might be a good project manager, but even simple physics seems to be far away!

    I had absolutely no knowledge of Rossi's shenanigans with fake companies, invoices for pretend energy delivery, or invisible mezzanine heat exchangers

    I made (2015) one google query and found out, that JM was owned by AR's lawyer, way before the test ended. May be you were sleeping at that time...

    I agree about the fake invoices, that is great fairy tales! The same holds for any Energy > 300kW.

    Anyway, they tested several reactors for a lot longer than three months. I

    Can You please point us to the DOCK? We would like to understand!

    < Otherwise we must assume that you still repeat the FUD (DN40, low flow-meter, etc.) that you were fed by Darden/Murray. >

  • Anyway, they tested several reactors for a lot longer than three months.

    Yes, and were getting high COPs. In fact Dameron was still running one in the room adjacent to where Murray was getting set up in Dec/Jan 2016! Do you think Dameron liked to continue to run non-functioning reactors just for the kicks of it? He was giving hints to Murray on how Murray should build his own reactor, to try to figure out what was "going on" and even try to improve on it. Some say, oh, well maybe what was "going on" was nothing, and they were trying to improve on nothing. But that doesn't ring true to me. We have no email evidence that the Rossi/Dameron built reactor produced no results. (To the contrary, all of the email evidence we have suggests that it was.) We have Murray building his own modified version and testing it for a few months before the suit was filed and IH boxed everything up.

  • Murray did the same thing when he made his "simulation" of the Plant but he didn't know where the flow meter should be positioned.

    That was a simulation of the heat flows in the entire building, not the plant. The flow meter had nothing to do with it. Everyone knows where the flow meter should be positioned because Penon showed the position in the schematic. Do you or do you not believe Penon and Rossi?

  • Almost for free was meaning paying just 11% of the contract fee and not the rest

    They would have paid the rest if he had delivered what he promised. He did not. As I said, you cannot expect to be paid if you do not deliver.

    If you think the Penon report is valid and it shows he did deliver as promised, you do not understand anything about calorimetry. The report proves that he did not deliver.

  • No, they were not. You keep saying this, and saying it, as if saying makes it so. You are either misinformed or you are lying.

    I will not correct you again. I've had it with you. I will add you to my ignore list.

    Yes they were. The evidence on the docket shows this. You and others here can pretend it doesn't and try to explain it away, but a COP of 9 is a COP of 9. You can't dismiss a COP of 9 with a bad emissivity setting. You can't easily dismiss a COP of 9 with bad calorimetry. You can't easily dismiss a COP of 9 when IH built the reactors themselves. And by the way, if you can't easily dismiss a COP of 9, then you also can't easily dismiss a COP of 80+.

    And you know what? I'm glad you are placing me on your ignore list. Because all you spew here is nonsense, insults, and foul language.

  • However, as I said above, I.H. expressed doubts about Rossi's test to me while the test was underway. They told me this in confidence. They did not tell me the full extent of the problems. I do not know whether they grasped the full extent of the problems. But they expressed doubts for reasons I felt were well founded. I thought it sounded bad, but I hoped that Rossi would correct the problems.

    Let me repeat that they told me about some of the technical problems. Nothing about business or contracts, or the fake company. It would be unethical for them to tell me that and I am sure they would not. I do not want to give the impression that anyone at I.H. betrayed company secrets, or revealed anything about contracts with Rossi or anyone else.

    The discussion was strictly technical. My impression was that Rossi was once again doing a sloppy, inconclusive test. The problems I heard about could have been fixed. I sincerely hoped he would fix them. As I have said here before, that is why I signed up for Lewan's symposium, which Lewan assured me would only be held if the results were positive.

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  • Darden has been known to say that he wanted to "crush" the test, as quite a few IH supporters have pointed out over the years. What did he really mean by this? My guess is he was referring to Dameron's high COP results of the Dameron/Rossi built reactors. Dameron was still running at least one of these reactors as late as Dec/Jan 2016. We know because that is when Murray testified that he built and started testing his own modified version, and Murray refers to Dameron running tests of the Dameron/Rossi reactor in the same building near his own lab space.

    Now, given what we know, Darden was likely worried that things were going well for Rossi (might seem counter-intuitive, but keep reading). He had been granted a U.S. patent. The quarterly ERV reports were showing fantastic results. He knew he would likely be on the hook for $89 million. He had some doubts about Dameron's abilities, but the high COP likely worried him. He wanted to crush that. He wanted another mind on the problem. So (and here is the big mistake), he brought in Murray, an entrepreneur with no LENR experience. Murray had a total of about three months to build his own modified version of the reactor and test it, before IH closed up shop and declared the e-Cat unsubstantiated.

    Now, I don't care if you're Einstein, three months isn't enough time to conduct a proper replication or even gather the slightest amount of information. But IH could not risk letting Murray continue to do his testing at the risk that Dameron's results would be verified. Not after the lawsuit had been filed. Too risky. Had to close the lab and box everything up.