Just for fun: Let's bet, what we can expect from Rossi in February... anyone interested ?

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    @Dewey Weaver: Stop writing such childish, provoking and unnecessary sarcastic comments!
    Call the users by their usernames and not by wannabe funny modifications. It's not funny anymore.

    The people will not take you serious.
    And we will ban you if you proceed that way.

    If you have to say something just be objective.

  • Barty - another fine example of the inconsistent and biased management that runs this place. You guys somehow manage to continue to make fools of yourselves when you muster your way over into admin mode.
    I had no idea that Rends ,another one of your biased LF moderators, was so involved in Rossi promotion - do you think that is all true?

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    Sometimes those who wish to see foolishness only need to look in a mirror. (Thomas Aquinus)

    We are attempting to maintain a certain standard of behavior in this space, behavior which is a little better than that appropriate in a tavern. Name-calling, doxxing, and lazy and contentless posts intended to provoke will be critiqued, and if the user concerned continues to ignore requests from moderators / admin...they will be eventually be banned. Anybody who thinks being banned from this forum adds gloss to their CV knows exactly what to do to achieve their ambition.

  • Dewey - I enjoy the information that comes with some of your posts, so I hope you don't get banned.

    You do bring up a sense of nostalgia... Ah, the good old times when we were young and gave each other disparaging nicknames or called each other gay/retarded! We were so free in high school.

    Probably some members of this forum do have Asperger syndrome. It's a bit inconsiderate to use their neurotype diagnosis as a way to denigrate a group of people (Rossi followers) you have already made clearly you don't like.

  • Over the last recent decades, the use of nicknames has become a tool to gain political advantage. This method first appeared during the administration of George W Bush who prided himself over the degree of wit that he exercised in creating minicars for the people that he worked with or dealt with.


    Now, the new POTUS uses disparaging nicknames to gain political advantage over his adversaries and in kind his adversaries use disparaging name against him.

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    As a example of the way American political discourse has descended to its current base level compare this:


    John Adams: "The deliberate union of so great and various a people in such a place, is without all partiality or prejudice, if not the greatest exertion of human understanding, the greatest single effort of national deliberation that the world has ever seen."

  • Over the last recent decades, the use of nicknames has become a tool to gain political advantage. This method first appeared during the administration of George W Bush who prided himself over the degree of wit that he exercised in creating minicars for…

    This is totally off topic and has no bearing to LENR. It is politically charge and relates a hostile and intolerant viewpoint.

  • You don't know how many people tried to replicate Rossi and how hard they worked. I know of several people who tried to when his patent first came out. I too tried for 2 years to make it work with what was given in the patent apps. But never got anything of merit.
    I would expect there were many out there that tried. With so much at stake I am sure they tried. Perhaps behind closed doors, and in foreign labs.

    There are people that have claimed to get Ni and H to work. Notably Thermocore that even got a NASA replication back in the early 90's. But I don't think Rossi has what he claims the way he has claimed it.

    Perhaps he has something but it seem clear that he did not transfer the IP that he sold to IH. If he has/had something he did not deliver it but just took the money. I am sure that if he transferred the IP as required, things would be very different and there would be massive activity at IH and not it apparent scalled back and closed and shuttered look.

    Did you use a potassium and/or lithium compound catalyst? Did you sinter the nickel powder that you used in a preprocessing step? Did any of your reactors fail from overheating? Let us get into the details of your failure. Oftentimes, failure is more instructive than success.

  • Did you use a potassium and/or lithium compound catalyst? Did you sinter the nickel powder that you used in a preprocessing step? Did any of your reactors fail from overheating? Let us get into the details of your failure. Oftentimes, failure is more instructive than success.

    I followed Rossi's original patent: http://appft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearch-adv.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&d=PG01&p=1&S1=20110005506.PGNR.&OS=DN/20110005506&RS=DN/20110005506

    He does not include Lithium so either it is not required or he did not fully disclose the "best embodiment" known by the inventor and the patent is then invalid.
    There is no mention of K except as a possible product.
    There is no mention of sintering the Ni.

    Ni used was: Powder nickel: Gerli Metalli--Milan
    others were tried. Vale, Hunter, and other carbonyl formed materials.

    Again, I have grave doubts that results can follow from his original patent disclosure. I think his original paten was a total sham without does not meet the requirements of a valid US patent of full disclosure. It was not until recently(US 9,115,913 in Aug 2015) that he he claimed LiAlH4. I would not doubt that he did not give IH full IP as he was required by agreement. That alone will likely destroy his law case.

  • Like Jed Rothwell in his great wisdom, we got to test the heck out of this LENR technology. No one is willing to do it. Not Rossi, or IH no one wants to find the fault that will turn LENR into a dangerous technology that must be tightly controlled from the ideal freerange world saver that all here assume it to be.

    How do you know this? Have you discussed this with I.H.? Are you sure they have not done safety testing?

    I believe you are wrong about that.

    It will be too late when terawatts of LENR power plants are spread all over the landscape. Let us find the problems now before this newborn get out of its cradle.

    That is not a problem. It would never, ever happen in the 21st century.

    If the reaction causes harm, that will be apparent as soon as it is scaled up. * People will be hurt. As soon as that happens, safety testing will go into high gear, and the nature of the danger and extent of it will be established. Standards will be set to prevent harm. The reactors will only be deployed in safe structures, similar to the ones used for fission reactors today.

    I am sure that before cold fusion reactors are deployed anywhere, tests with rats and other animals will be performed to look for harm. If there is harm, it will be discovered.

    As I mentioned, when x-rays were discovered, doctors soon overused them on a patient, and killed him. Edison severely hurt one of his co-workers who soon died. Edison abandoned x-ray research. Researchers, doctors and regulators quickly set standards for maximum x-ray exposure. It was not "too late" and it never would have been.

    The situation with radium was somewhat different. It gradually became apparent it caused harm. Before that was established, people sold radium drinks and they painted wristwatch batteries with radium, killing several workers. (Although one of them lived to age 107! http://www.npr.org/2014/12/28/…-radium-girls-dies-at-107)

    It took a while, but radium and other radioactive elements were soon restricted and people were protected from them.

    * FOOTNOTE Actually, the harm would be apparent already. The researchers at Toyota would have been killed by the 100 W reactions.

  • I agree.

    Even the recent patent is flawed because Rossi does not fully disclose the fuel preparation process.

    I have always suspected that a special form of nanoparticle is produced in a preprocessing step. A reactor meltdown might have been an indication of the formation of this special reaction active nanoparticle. I have suggested a fuel mix using an enriched lithium 7 isotope should be tried in the preprocessing step. People(Wizkid) who have used enriched lithium-7, have gotten reactor meltdowns. Ash from this type meltdown should then be used in an online test. In that ash, the special reaction active nanoparticle might have formed during meltdown.

    Regarding another issue, LiAlH is a reaction moderator which keeps the reactor from melting down. This moderator might not be good to use in a preprocessing step. In a preprocessing step, a high potency lithium mix that produces meltdown has the best chance of producing LENR active fuel.

  • The dose loading must be assigned to each type of LENR source. Most R&D applications seem to produce low dose loading. Very high powered reactors may produce high dose loading that could produce levels of exposure beyond safe limits.

    There are a score of experiments that show that subatomic particles are produced and leave the LENR reaction: Re. John Fisher, Dr. Richard A. Oriani, Leif Holmlid, Piantelli, Moss and others...

  • Apparently about 99.999 % of all the posters here simply do not get my point and are flooding this thread with nonsense over nonsense.

    @ Mods: Please close this thread, they do not get my intention.


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