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    What is the point of proving of what and has been proven many times already. Every design is a departure from the previous one. I am concerned. Randy was and still is my favorite of all, but my faith is weakening.

    Conclusions about scientific matters and technology claims should never be about "belief" and "faith." Rather and obviously, it should be about facts, evidence, and good reasoning. Mills has never produced any device which did not require a huge amount of power to make some sparks or glow. Big deal. Mills promised power stations with his discovery, two decades ago. Why in the world would anyone believe Mills today? BTW, did you see the fat cables at the bottom of the current silly gas making kludge? I don't suppose they're structural support, do you?

  • I stopped being interested on BLP at the third cycle of reinvention, several years ago. Mills is much more worried of keeping the money flowing than of launching a product to market. Perhaps he is right, but he has zilch proof.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • You saw mechanical movement in most videos in the last year. When the process starts some valves switch and pressure rises in the connecting hoses. That causes some movement and shaking if the camera is mounted somewhere with a mechanical connection to these hoses. Your point is ridiculous: they showed videos of melting reactors and molybdenium rods with arm wide holes in it and you think they want to impress us with a shaky camery?? Sorry, but there are so many valid objections against BLP - I think you can make better than that.

    Yeah, maybe. But Do I need ? Look, I was riding through Vietnam, on a scooter, with my silly Z5 Compact mounted on a small adapter, mounted to the right mirror. It had a quite flexible arm to adjust it in 3 axis.

    So I expected to have a lot of clips, which, while driving, were shaken and blurred to the maximum .... but NOTHING.

    Sonys shake-minimizer is so well built, it erased shaking of the airflow against the device, shaking from unpaved roads, and so on.

    So. Here it is NOT. Cannot believe, they have a LAB but use crap as their main visual evidence-tool.

    This, dude, is ridiculous.