Demonstration of the E-Cat QX - 24 November - Summary thread

  • An investor who cannot or will not use Google deserves to lose his/her shirt

  • AA said: I remain reasonably optimistic as Rossi really needs to provide proof positive at this stage.

    That would be a reason for positivity under the complex and unlikely hypothesis that all of Rossi's failed ecat tests and investor relationships so far were somehow deliberate on Rossi's part. If his stuff does work he has been getting old not exploiting it when to do that would have been very easy.

    Much simpler: the tests fail because Rossi has never had anything that works, except a well developed capacity to convince others.

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    I am sure that Tom Darden will be delighted to hear that you consider him 'low, stupid, and common'. I expect Dewey will pass your judgement on to him.

    First, I doubt that Mr. Darden gives one tiny flying f**k what I think or consider him and I could not care less what Dewey, Huey and Louie tell him. Second, I said what I thought about the type of investing his ACTIONS suggest he carried out in the Rossi case. That is mostly based on the pretrial transcript. I do not know Mr. Darden nor his history. I can not speculate on his abilities or motivation and if anything I said in the past suggests that, I regret it and withdraw it.

    There are number of possible explanations for the obvious, exquisitely dumbass way Darden and company went about dealing with Andrea Rossi. One, as someone noted, was that he had incompetent advice. Surely, that has to be at least in part the reason. It could also be all sorts of things I would have no way to know -- a personal problem, illness in the family, too many things requiring his attention, burnout or PTSD, etc. etc. etc. I have no idea about his reasoning nor have I ever claimed to have. What I do know is he ACTED **IN MY OPINION** in a negligent and incompetent manner with respect to the dealings with Andrea Rossi and he did it for going on a full year. THAT is self-evident from the records. I know NOTHING ELSE about Mr. Darden or his abilities and do not claim to. I hope that is clear now. You, Alan, like Jed Rothwell, have an unpleasant way of imputing sentiments, actions and thoughts to people with insufficient reasons or simply wrong reasons. Your statement above is a florid example.

    Of course, if you take issue with my six points above, which I think are mostly objective, please make your best argument and refutation of them.

    I hope you have a smooth trip and lots of fun attending what is certainly going to be a meaningless Rossi show.

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    Much simpler: the tests fail because Rossi has never had anything that works, except a well developed capacity to convince others.

    Which says that Rossi is what, TTH?

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    You, Alan, like Jed Rothwell, have an unpleasant way of imputing sentiments, actions and thoughts to people with insufficient reasons or simply wrong reasons. Your statement above is a florid example.

    Or simply using the same words you did.

    He has to be looking for a very low common denominator of investor

    Darden comes to mind. He did several stupid things:

  • Alan Smith wrote "Or simply using the same words you did."

    MY wrote "

    "one tiny flying f**k .....

    . Your statement above is a florid example"

    I am looking forward to MY's book about Cold Fusion....when is it published?

  • Alan Smith,

    What do the recent comments have to do with the Nov 24th, demo?

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    I do not know who Mike Merlin of: is, but he reminds me of Gary Wright (Free Energy Scams)...who he quotes.

    This most recent article from 5 days ago, does a good job of chronicling some of Rossi's early lies. Even as far back as April 2011, which I somehow missed. Hopefully AA does not read it, as it may address some of his denials.

    Also, it is a good reminder for those attending the upcoming DPS, as it shows just a little of their hosts history of crazy claims.

  • I thought this comment from Bob Greenyer on DISQUS is pertinent to the demo and plenty more..…lease/#comment-3623870592

    Bob Greenyer3 hours ago

    My comments on youtube are now often shadow banned - it appears to be AI as it is instantaneous. By shadow banning, you can still see your comment on your account, but if I look at the video via someone else's account my comments are not there.

    Also, a good number of videos I have linked to have then been taken down. I have been posting into the steemit blockchain this year however, dragged and dropped images on steemit are currently uploaded to AWS and several of my articles have had certain sensitive images deleted from AWS. I will now have to start uploading images to another location I control.

    The internet is being broken.

    If you see a video that you think has important material in it, don't expect it to be there tomorrow, download a local copy using

  • I know that if the men in black were on the domain, I would have a car accident, as many of my contact, after the core LENR team we all identify is erased (the librarians and the scientists).

    Some people in the real decision making world are interested, and have the same position as Jed, maybe more openminded ... considering that some actors are maybe "the liar who believe in his own lies", but that there is work to do. Recently I've been surprised because they were sent to do something (research, collaboration) to develop their own territory, not too afraid of others opinion.

    There is no fear about LENR for PTB, because as soon as LENR is developed by one actor, it will be replicated and improved everywhere, and solve most problems of the PTB. Anyway, the MIB are made of lone people who are afraid to lose their suit ... some make reports, and they even put it public, then the report is read and kept for later.

    Don't worry Alain. You are providing enough uncertainties to the subject (especially Rossi) to survive :)

  • Alan, can you see if you find out out what the rated power of the ceramic resistor used for the previous test was, when you are at the demo? And please note the same for any in the upcoming demo.


  • I am going with the intention of finding out everything I am allowed to, and some things I am not. Will do my best. You never know I may get to meet Gullstrom, who can tell me more.

    Good luck! I somehow think that the most interesting part of the meeting will be talking with other attendees. In particular, will any of Rossi's team show up? By 'team" I mean the people who are, apparently, helping Rossi physically manufacturing his systems in Florida. He sometimes praises their hard work and I'd be interested to hear what they say. Perhaps you could even ask Mr Rossi who they are.

    I'd also be interested in anyone from the government/military side ... particularly anything that would aid in assuring us that really are who they say they are.

  • In six years of this eneterprise, has there ever been a member of Rossi’s “team” reliably identified? Even CIA field agents are outed from time to time. If half of what Rossi says about his facilities, relationships and personnel is remotely true, he has achieved levels of secrecy that no other organization of the planet has ever approached.

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