Demonstration of the E-Cat QX - 24 November - Summary thread

  • Thanks Zeus46.

    So it seems to me we have a cooled power supply that can provide 60W and a measured output from the QX of 50W??

    There are literally a hundred ways to fake this.

    You shouldn't confuse a demonstration with a validation ;)

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    To begin at the beginning. The Q-X is not in the white box, but in between the two toggle clamps. I only have time for a little as I am dining with some of the attendees tonight.

    But to answer some other questions that seem to be pressing.

    1. This demo could never be completely convincing because there were no truly independent checks. That said, it was certainly (for me and others) an intriguing look at something really new.

    2. There were at least 3 groups of investors there. 3 of long standing and one new one. The new one was kinda helping out. There may have been others

    3. Lugano authors were there. Hoistad, Essen, Petterson, Levi. All in very good spirits.

    4. The audience was approximately 2/3 scandinavian, i/3 rest of the workd.

    5. Rossi descibed this work as being in an R&D phase. Not ready for mass production yet. But he does intend -- with the right partner - who may well be Swedish from his comments

    6. I have around 10 minutes of video, but impossible to download here. It will be early next week.

    7. i will have more interesting news tomorrow afternoon, as I am going on a visit to another nearby laboratory.

    6. bye for now- the social stuff is very important - and I have exosted on miniature food all day!.

  • So the reactor now has a resistance of 800 ohms ? Seems more reasonable but I thought it was supposed to have no resistance?

    From ECW: "There were measurements taken using two different resistors across the QuarkX, a 0 Ohm resistor, and an 800 Ohm resistor. ECWreporter did not have the details of the calculations taken, but they will be in the video."

    So looks like the 800 ohm comes from an added resistor.

  • Let's see, we are expected to believe that a device containing a plasma, based on a nuclear reaction, is being demonstrated in a hall filled with people without the slightest safety equipment, shields, barriers, or radiation monitoring? Seriously? Maybe this is why this did not take place in the US! It would have been very illegal.

    I am very amused by the oscilloscope and laptop shown-- it is highly reminiscent of Steorn's Waterways "Scoposcopy" demo... people milling about, nothing actually happening, no clarity. no credibility, just the usual DPS. There is an overweight gentleman in a suit sitting nearby the device whose presence reminds me of Steorn's tachoman. I didn't see Vasella but if she's there, she'd be analogous to Steorn's Booth Babe or O-Girl. Wow.

    The real fascination here is trying to understand why any of the people attending bothered and why anyone still believes Rossi about anything. As for the device, it looks like the usual collection of meaningless junk that Rossi put together from cheap scrap. He must have an oversize junk drawer in his "factory."

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    And really..."paid internet trolls", that is getting very worn out.

    Not at all! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, tell me how I can get paid! pretty-P L E A S E??!!


    Rossi makes this story so intriguing, not necessarily the technology, as in 6 years his Ecats have never passed a valid independent test. And by the looks of it, we may have years to go (oh, boy) for this to play out, as he will not submit any of his Ecat products for verification, and the market looks a long ways off.

    Not only no "valid independent test" but not a single correctly performed calibration and until the hot cat, NEVER a SINGLE CALIBRATION WHATSOEVER. Six year and MILLIONS of investor dollars wasted in various manner and NOT ONE CALIBRATION.

    And about this demonstration-- did anyone think to calibrate the output power and energy measurement by using a blank reactor and a Joule heater in the usual manner of calibrating calorimeters which, as Jed Rothwell would be pleased to confirm, has been in use for centuries?? Did anyone bring their own measuring devices to rule out spoofing of input power and/or output measurements?

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    2. There were at least 3 groups of investors there. 3 of long standing and one new one. The new one was kinda helping out. There may have been others

    3. Lugano authors were there. Hoistad, Essen, Petterson, Levi. All in very good spirits.

    4. The audience was approximately 2/3 scandinavian, i/3 rest of the workd.

    Thx Alan,

    On top of you just giving MY 3 years worth of new material to work with, this kind of blows my mind. For one, I have not heard anywhere of "3 groups of longstanding investors" before. Are you talking about Ampenergo (Cassasrino), Hydrofusion, and another sub-licensee of Roger Green? If so, not surprising as they want a return on their money, and be in attendance.

    Now, a new investor waiting in the wings, and even helping with the chores there as you say, is news. Yes, Rossi has mentioned a new partner before on the JONP, but hey, he is Rossi. Guess we start all over again like with IH; did they do a legitimate DD (have you heard), etc.? I wonder what lessons they took from IH's experience with Rossi, and especially Doral?

    I am actually glad they stepped up to the plate (or took the bait :) ), take your pick, as that will speed up the process of getting to the end of this story, so we can finally see if he has anything, and what. But I will say to this new investor: do not come crying to me if this ends badly for you. That said, I truly hope Rossi does have something, and you make a fortune.

  • OK so, this image below sums it all up. Rossi's zillion degree hot plasma reactor is wrapped in plastic electrical tape, most likely the cheap vinyl variety you get at Radio Shack for a dollar. The reactor is made of dirty plastic parts. And some of you people believe him? Wow. Just Wow. (image cropped from Siffy's effluvia stream). I ask you, this is a nuclear reaction? There is a plasma within at thousands of degrees C temp? What happens if the coolant stream (ducted through junk parts wrapped with cheap tape) fails?


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