4D optics lasers

  • My 4D/5D headache has abated somewhat.

    Now I know what neutron excess energy is...

    ..the mc2 equivalent of the neutron mass excess (NMX)

    (neutron mass = electron mass + proton mass + xs energy)

    Measured as 782,332.874 eV

    With his 4D Swiss knife, Wyttenbach whittled his (NMX) model

    from ~300 ev to 0.4 ev accuracy... now accuracy = 0.047ev .

    This challenges the accuracy that Prof Andre asserted in Nov,2018

    "In fact, accurate standard model predictions of

    both the proton and neutron mass

    have existed for a decade."


    These accurate standard model predictions 2008?

    proton = neutron = 936 ± 25 MEV!!!

    Supercomputers are not needed to estimate

    (NMX) = zero.... accuracy = ±50 MEV (50,000,000 EV)

    Fyodor et al are using a supercomputer blow drier.. not a Swiss knife!!!