• I don't know what Magicsound intends to do next, but if he continues to have negative results does that make his work unimportant? From what I can see, that seems to be how people intend to treat it.

  • In the course of my Mizuno replication work, I found that the cell (304 alloy) continued to out-gas after many days of bake-out at 250°C and ~1E-5 Torr vacuum. In the most recent test, after the bake-out, 300 Pa of D2 was added at ambient temp. The cell content was monitored with a mass spec and as the temperature rose above 250°C, a substantial mass=3 signal gradually appeared, at a rate increasing with temperature. No evidence of O or N was seen. This suggests that the out-gassing is mono-atomic H, which then forms HD (mass=3).

    The pressure did not stabilize with temperature but rose linearly above the equilibrium predicted by the standard gas law. My conclusion from this is that hydrogen is trapped in the stainless steel grain boundaries during manufacturing and is released when heating and expansion opens the metallic structure.

    The chart below from an excellent book on vacuum systems confirms that what I'm seeing is expected behavior. My concern is whether it may have a functional role in the Mizuno R20-type reactors. If the range of isotopic ratio required for activation of the NAE is narrow (high q) , replication becomes more difficult.

    This document suggests that substantial reduction in out-gassing can be achieved by extended baking at 400 C, which can be reached with the Mizuno-type external heater, without insulation: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5226402/

    However, such pretreatment of the cell is not mentioned in the Mizuno R20 recipe as posted by Jed, nor in the various documents published by Mizuno. If those descriptions are accurate, the presence of a substantial H fraction in the Mizuno cells must be assumed. So my question is what role the isotopic ratio plays in the success (COP>1) or failure of such cells. This issue is important enough that I have suspended testing until it can be resolved sufficiently to guide the experimental procedure.

  • Do you have in mind a particular report from the Hokkaido group? Jed Rothwell put up some isolated graphical results on this thread in the Spring, then linked to the following paper "Development of hydrogen energy heater using nano catalyst" which, however, is not very complete. They claimed COP ~ 1.4

    There was a bunch of plots in a Mizuno Supplement. It was short on details, but at least the displayed data seems to be self-consistent. Like the unadjusted calorimeter recovery was quite constant, that sort of thing.

  • Here are the RGA plots for MR4 Cal6, showing the appearance of mass-3 after the calibration heating. Note that residual water is more than an order of magnitude lower than the initial D2 detection, and there is no sign of free Oxygen or Nitrogen at the end of the test.

  • New webpage from MizunoTech



    Mizuno Technology, Inc. a Hokkaido based start-up, has now had its cold fusion results replicated independently, and more replications under way. Now we are developing a safe, controllable and powerful reaction to supply nearly unlimited heat to transform poor societies with alternative cooking fuel, heat for agriculture, space heating and clean water. We are moving from the lab to the commercial testing phase. Our mission is to use this technology to improve the lives of the poor and developed countries alike.

  • Great finding! Can this be confirmed by mizunotadahiko or JedRothwell please?

  • To be honest the website looks like a scam.

    Hope my impression is wrong.

    The site has no imprint, no contact form, not even one single name of a contact person. Just public information and some pictures you may find in the deeps of the internet.

    I have to agree the page looks amateurish on the first place, and suspiciously scant on details after that. I have seen similar pages taking the name of legitimate researchers to try and make a quick buck out of the unwitting.

    In this case it doesn’t look like a scam right away as they don’t ask for money but who knows what happens after attempting to contact them.

    It may also be a fan made page with good intentions, Can’t discard that, I also have seen that kind of pages, people fan of a researcher that use their name and take an unsolicited role of a sort of representative of them in an attempt to increase the chances of people investing in their favorite scientist.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • The "About" page at mizunotech.com shows the following credit for the lab photo used:

    "Photo used under Creative Commons from UC Davis College of Engineering"

    The lab setup may be LENR-related, and the vessel on the stand could be an electrolytic cell. Other images revealed by following the link above show the attached display and some other details of the setup. The site further identifies:

    Coleman Kronawitter Lab in the Department of Chemical Engineering. The lab conducts fundamental research in catalysis science and energy conversion applications. The research staff will be photographed operating catalytic reactors, advanced mass spectroscopy characterization instrumentation, and lab-designed reactors for operando Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. March 1, 2019. (Reeta Asmai/UC Davis).

    The individuals shown are definitely staff and students of the lab at UC Davis. Are they part of the Mizuno Tech team, or perhaps they did some research in association or on contract with Mizuno Tech.

    Use of the image by Mizuno Tech may not comply with the Copyrights policy of UC Davis:

    Photographs are not to be used in the promotion of any commercial product or in other publications without further permission. They are copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California.

  • I do not see anything different with the website Mizunotech. Last time we talked about this in May, I checked with Mizuno's business manager, and he said they did the bare minimum on it. Their priority was on patents, research and investors. The one reactor photo was genuine, while the others were from stock, so competitors would not see their equipment.

  • And if their focus is on investors, then their focus should be on presentation, too.

    If I’m an investor, how seriously do I take a business manager who can’t/won’t build a website?

    Years ago, somebody impressed upon me that ‘every job is a sales job’. It’s a crude thought, but there’s a truth there too.