ICCF-24 updates and other Anthropocene/ARPA-E news

  • Anthropocene Institute sponsoring the Student Program at the 2022 ARPA-E Energy Summit

    This year, Anthropocene Institute is sponsoring the Student Program at the 2022 ARPA-E Energy Summit. The event will take place May 23-25 in Denver, CO and will be a unique opportunity for student energy leaders to engage with companies looking for new talent, as well as learn about new energy initiatives. Student participants will also have the chance to P.I.T.C.H. (Propose Ideas for Technologies that Can Harness Energy Sustainably).
    Going to the Summit? Drop us a line. We will be there.
  • TechCrunch Climate Tech Conference

    Join us at TechCrunch’s climate-tech conference on June 14 at UC Berkeley. The single-day event features some of today’s biggest names, such as Impossible Foods founder, Pat Brown, SOSV’s General Partner, Pae Wu, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s Professor Bill Collins among many others. We secured 20 free tickets to the show, available on a first-come, first-served basis, book your free pass here.

    On the ICCF website the 'Heath and Safety' link takes you to the entry requirements- these are actually the same entry requirements of the location - the Computer History Museum. See below, While these conditions are themselves reasonable, few to zero overseas visitors will have a CDC vaccination certificate. I have one, but it is a UK health service one, no photograph and also the NHS is not a private company...

    COVID-19 Guidelines (Revised as of 4/27/22)

    Visitors ages six and above must provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination with a valid photo ID when entering the CHM during day-of on-site registration for the first day of attendance.

    Visitors who provide a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours are exempt from vaccination requirements.

    Valid forms of proof of vaccination include: An original, a copy, or a picture of your CDC vaccination card; or personal digital COVID-19 vaccine record issued by the State of California or by an approved private company.

    Masks are recommended but not required.

    Visitors should maintain physical distancing whenever possible.

    Please wash hands and use hand sanitizer regularly during your visit.

  • 72 hours is normal, but you can watch it on your iPhone or you need help....

    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr:

  • The first photo is of the Conference room. As you can see it’s large enough to allow for social distancing.

    In the second photo the front area is where the coffee and snacks will be during breaks. The posters will be in the rear area. The glass-walled room on the far right will be for demos.

  • Anthropocene Institute have invented yet another acronym for cold fusion...

    The case for Solid-State Atomic & Fusion Energy (S-SAFE)

    Richard Feynman was right. There is plenty room at the bottom and the quantum revolution has only begun. From transistors to superconducting materials, scientists have only begun to understand the behavior of matter at the nanometer level where quantum effects dominate. Can these properties be used to enable Solid-State Atomic & Fusion Energy (S-SAFE), a phenomena that is also referred to as cold fusion or low energy nuclear reactions (LENR)?

    Scientists from the US, EU, Japan, India, and China have independently observed the production of excess heat when nano-materials, made of metallic composites, react with hydrogen isotopes and controlled heat. While a consistent theory to explain this phenomenon has yet to be proposed, the coherent or collective effects at the quantum level are thought enable reaction pathways that are not explained with classical mechanics.

    S-SAFE - Anthropocene Institute

  • Strange that the EU Hermès project was put forward alongside other American or Japanese projects.

    Nobody knows anything about their team, where they come from when the other European project Clean HME was simply forgotten?

    It smells bad the lobbying...

  • U.S. Department of State

    No Status

    Application ID or Case Number: AA00AVN7X3
    Case Created: 02-May-2022

    Please contact the U.S. Consular office you believe is responsible for processing your visa application.

    For more information, please visit U.S. Embassy Nur-Sultan.

    What to do next, I call, they don't answer, who will tell me what to do...

    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr:

  • The staff was talking and as far as we know this ICCF will be the first with 2 live, running demos...BEC and Frank Gordon. Celani I think did one a few years back. Question is: will it be enough to change the mind of a skeptic, or attract investments?

    Another first; Peter Diamandis, the founder of the X-Prize will be a speaker. No doubt playing a role, if not leading, in establishing the already announced LENR X-Prize.