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    Not sure I'm understanding you. The E-cat SK has not been mass produced. Perhaps just a handful out there, in a pioneering phase, or field trials if you will. When the remaining bugs are worked out then Rossi could step up the manufacturing. So no abandonment, just evolution Rossi style. The Leonardo mod of the SK could totally replace the simple SK, or maybe not. Seems to me the Leonardo version's most important applications would be to gridless locations or else to provide unequivocal demonstrations of energy production.

    Don't discount mobile applications.

    I'm glad to see that my comment resulted in some interesting reply. Rather than respond individually, I would like to continue my suggestions of what needs to be done to have LENR accepted and applied. First of all, a HUGE amount of information about and support for LENR has now accumulated, most of which is ignored by everyone. Instead, people either accept the skeptical conclusion or they pick information that supports their favorite theory. As best as I can tell, the important questions are not being asked and the answers required to understand LENR are not being acknowledge. I say this after having read most of the papers (My library contains 5000 papers having an important relationship to LENR), after doing hundreds of experiments involving electrolysis, gas discharge, and gas loading of various materials, and after designing and building many different kinds of calorimeters. I do not say this to brag but to justify what I'm about to say.

    All of this experience clearly shows that LENR consists of two independent parts, one chemical and the other nuclear. For LENR to occur, a change MUST first occur within a material that involves a chemical process. This change must produce an unusual site that can attract hydrogen atoms and cause them to form a chemical structure. This structure has the unusual ability to experience a new kind of nuclear process, which is fusion but not the type of fusion commonly produced, which is called hot fusion. Because this is a chemical process, it must follow all the laws and rules known to apply to a chemical process. Once this unique structure forms, which I call the NAE, the nuclear process takes place automatically without any additional intervention. This description is basic to understanding the process. Unless this description is accepted and its consequences are explored, LENR will not be understood.

    The basic question is, "What is the NAE and how can we create it on purpose and in large amount"? That is the basic question that the field has failed to address effectively. I suggest, Mizuno has discovered a method that can produce the NAE. If anyone is interested, I will attempt to describe what I believe Mizuno has done.

    I am very interested. Please share.

    How about placing some hope on Industrial Heat and SAFIRE? The more eggs in your hope basket, the better. Hope springs eternal.

    The end for nuclear power is near. why build a $500 billion nuclear reactor when a power customer can plug their house breaker box into a E-Cat Leonardo.

    The energy of the Higgs particle CERN found can be exactly calculated by NPP2.0 and is a simple proton resonance....

    The Higgs boson is the excitation of the Higgs field. It has nothing to do with the proton as seen below.

    It is worth noting that the Higgs field does not "create" mass out of nothing (which would violate the law of conservation of energy), nor is the Higgs field responsible for the mass of all particles. For example, approximately 99% of the mass of baryons (composite particles such as the proton and neutron), is due instead to quantum chromodynamic binding energy,

    May be you should ask why they need 100'000'000C to get a few statistical fusion reactions when 50eV Linpinski, 0.000000001eV Holmlid or ambient T (Russ Georg) are enough to start fusion??

    There are always so called idiot paths to get the same results as clever people can achieve with brain power.

    How do you know fusion is occurring. Are you doing any SEM searches for transmutation or are your perceptions based on assumptions? In those experiments. how do you know that you are removing energy to get the results that you are assuming are occurring?

    So far we have science. Fringe science since it is a common view that the temperatures and pressures reached this way are just not high enough: and many attempts theoretical and experimental have been made to quantify this

    regarding: "the temperatures and pressures reached this way are just not high enough:"

    This is true. Increased "temperatures and pressures" are not a productive road to a gainful LENR reaction. The correct path is to be found in quantum mechanics. QM can gather and concentrate energy using a principle called superradience.

    Laser weapons demonstrate how coherent concentration of energy can reach any level of power projection.

    The key to the concept of superradiance is getting many small power sources together into a coherent singular large one.

    This whole "strange radiation" subject is too fringe/crackpot to take seriously for the google researchers. MFMP's reliance on examining pictures by eye for strange looking artifacts is not scientific. I'm sorry to have to mention the following but it is being ignored. Bob Greenyer's recent posts on ecat world about being telepathic or whatever wording he used, along with his o-day nonsense, make him a bad representative for LENR, if we (the Royal we LENR sort of believers) want to remain relevant. MFMP is spoiled at this point by association.

    Keith Fredericks has documents two dozen other researchers that have produce strange radiation... and that is not covering many Russian researchers. I am sure that CAN who has replicated the Alexander Parkhomov woodpecker would find it if he looks.

    The referenced wiki page is many years out of date. The SK reactor design has advanced beyond the tech presented in that page.

    1. Samuel Snopek July 14, 2019 at 7:41 AM

      Dr Rossi,

      I noticed you never answer to the guys that disparage you in the blogs: why?


    2. Andrea Rossi July 14, 2019 at 8:02 AM

      Samuel Snopek:

      Thay do not affect us, on the contrary, their work gives evidence of the fact that they fear us, which gives evidence they recognize our importance. This is the subliminal message that actually they send to the public. Maybe among them there is myself… ( he,he,he )

      Warm Regards.


    Which one of you is actually Rossi?

    Rossi has said something useful


    June 27, 2019 at 3:36 AM

    Dr Rossi:Do you consider your effect a cold fusion?

    Andrea Rossi

    June 27, 2019 at 10:16 PM


    No. There are no fusions.

    Warm Regards,


    The Tokyo Tech study found that the size and orbit of the satellite systems of large TNOs are best explained if they formed from impacts of molten progenitors. They also found that TNOs which are big enough can retain internal heat and remain molten for a span of only a few million years; especially if their internal heat source is short-lived radioactive isotopes such as Aluminum-26, which has also been implicated in the internal heating of the parent bodies of meteorites. Since these progenitors would need to have a high short-lived radionuclide content in order to be molten, these results suggest that TNO-satellite systems formed before the outward migration of the outer planets, including Neptune, or in the first ~ 700 million years of solar system history.

    Tokyo Tech-led study shows how icy outer solar system satellites may have formed

    The relationship between the initial eccentricity of the formed satellites and the final eccentricity after 4.5-billion-year tidal evolution are shown for three cases. When planetary bodies are rigid for the whole time (right figure) or they behave as a fluid for the first 1000 years (middle figure), most of the eccentricities were not damped, which is not inconsistent with the observation. When they behave as a fluid for the first > 1 million years, the resultant eccentricities are consistent with the observation. Credit: Arakawa et al. (2019)

    Nature Astronomy

    Previous planet formation theories had suggested the growth of TNOs took much longer than the lifetime of short-lived radionuclides, and thus TNOs must not have been molten when they formed. These scientists found, however, that rapid TNO formation is consistent with recent planet formation studies which suggest TNOs formed via accretion of small solids to preexisting bodies. The rapid formation of large TNOs is consistent with recent planet formation studies; however, other analyses suggest comets formed well after most short-lived radionuclides had decayed. Thus the authors note that there is still much work to be done to produce a unified model for the origin of the solar system's planetary bodies.

    This rules out the decay of radionuclides as the source of liquid water inside TNOs.

    Will using palladium leaf work as a zero waste way to apply palladium to the mesh?

    Using Leaf might be a way to only buy what you need to avoid waste.

    Lay the palladium leaf over the mesh so that it covers the mesh, then use a burnishing tool to press the palladium into the surface of the mesh. Place another mesh under the mesh in process to collect any leaf that is pushed through the mesh.

    Palladium leaves are 3-1/8” square, available in both loose and transfer leaf, and are packaged in books of 25 leaves each, or packs of 500 leaves.

    Composition: 99.9% Pd

    3-3/8" x 3-3/8" Gold Leaf (Large Size), Palladium Leaf


    Divide the square meter coverage size in half to process both sides of the mesh.

    Use silver leaf to tryout the method before you spread lots of money.



    I did not know this. Without an electrolyzer, distilled water being an insulator will just boil. This setup should have worked or at least produce oxyhydrogen, it just lacked an alkali additive. It looks like the electrolyzer is the key to this oxyhydrogen generation method.


    Brad Pitt, Steve Jobs' widow, and Britain's fallen star investor reportedly backed a startup betting on 'cold fusion' — an idea scientists scoff at

    It's tougher to understand why Neil Woodford, who managed billions on behalf of mostly unsophisticated investors, would put so much financial support behind such an obscure start-up pursuing a wildly far-fetched, even discredited, idea.

    Woodford acknowledged "skepticism that has surrounded the theory and history of this branch of science" in one of his funds' latest annual report. However, "The potential disruptive implications of a new, substantially more efficient source of energy deem the various fields of neglected energy science worthy of further investigation," he added.

    His "further investigation" was hefty: Woodford Patient Capital Trust marked up the estimated value of its stake by more than 350% to $113 million last year, valuing Industrial Heat at $918 million, the Financial Times said