me356: Reactor parameters [part 2]

  • Hanks, I don't think that me356 goal is commercialization, because Rossi has so many patents in preparation and one granted, that all other patents filed now will be denied, since there is prior art of Rossi, and no one except Rossi, will be granted to sell Nickel/Hydrogen/Lithium based LENR reactors...
    So don't be so mean with him... Probabily he is just busy with his life...

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    about Rossi's patent; given the difficulties of replicators, and reading the patents claims (there is more in the descriptions) his patents protect nothing.
    I believed at the beginning, seeing them so void (just a heater), but much better than before, that he have a smart patent strategy to circle the competitors with a network of detail patents, but as far as we see there is nothing.
    I'm very concerned from the scarce data that is public.
    My only reason not to be negative like Dewey is, is some vague not so negative buzz from not so insiders, who are anyway falcepalming .

    It is very hard to push LENR given the various unprofessional events recently. I'm afraid the domain have already been damaged and that what should have happened did not happen.

    I prepare the rope for the trial conclusion.

  • If someone does the engineering work to figure out how to make a marketable LENR device, they will be in a great position and will not be stopped by early patents filed by Rossi or others. If the Rossi patents do not disclose the secret sauce required to make it work, then those patents will either not be issued or will later be invalidated for lack of enablement. Even if the prior patents are later issued and valid, the patent holder would likely still have a strong incentive to cross license with the company making the useful device. The early IBM computer patents did not prevent others from entering the computer market, they just represented a tax on the later successful computer companies.

  • Hank, I agree with you on what probably happened, not so much on should he be blamed on that. If all what he said is real, he noticed at some point that he mastered technology better than Rossi and others and saw possibility to patent his further advancements.

    If so he could beat competition also in market place if he achieved better control of output power, fast startup high and adjustable cop (lower cop for consumer devices to keep harmful effects like posiible radiation away or something).

    Other possibility, on which my intuition leads to after revisiting his last posts before going silent, is that he learned how easy it was to modify technology to produce also harmful effects in levels that could be used also for bad purposes. I hope not, but that is what Nikolai Tesla did at the end. But in that case there is nothing to hope and speculate.

  • Hank

    me356 has said in his opinion Ross's stuff works and is real. Hold that thought for a minute!

    What has this forum done to Rossi? well not everyone but a significant element are setting out to discredit him. Look at what happened to TC! Officially this forum saw fit to replace a link to details about Tom he would rather not be discussed here. So what would you do in me356's shoes looking on at this, precisely and that is what he is doing.

    Leave him alone, he is the collateral damage in the war that is going on and shooting from the hip will not help. You are firing bullets for the anti LENR camp.

    Best regards

  • me356 has said in his opinion Ross's stuff works

    "me356 says" as evidence for "Rossi says"?

    me356 has unfortunately lost any credibility.


    You are firing bullets for the anti LENR camp.

    Here exists no anti-LENR camp. Only some people with a primary interest in finding facts.

    It should be totally comprehensible, that these people become more and more skeptical if huge claims are made without any substantial verification.

  • possibilities:
    1. me356 does not have the goods and is ashamed to admit it
    2. has the goods but now sees dollar signs, korunas, euros and won't divulge his secrets
    3. is still trying to prove to himself he has the goods

    Whatever the reason, that's real good what ya done me356, real good. Please comment. Don't wish us into the corn field. (see "It's a Good Life" episode of "Twilight Zone")

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  • IMO me356 is on correct track - but he is just one step ahead. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
    We should realize, the Earth is occupied with billions of people, but only few ones are doing experiments with cold fusion on their very own.
    We know about electric stimulation of LENR many years, even Defkalion has placed a spark igniter discharge into its reactor.
    Me356 is just first amateur, who finally used discharge in his experiments too - no less, no more.
    Everyone of you could do it too with me356 or without him.

  • I don't want anyone on this forum who will dangle carrots over our heads, claiming they will share the carrots, but in the end pull them away.

    I don't want anyone on this forum to bully anyone who will dangle carrots over our heads, claiming they will share the carrots, but in the end frighten them away.

    Best regards