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  • Strangely, Prof didn't include himself in the list. But I guess that would be a circular reference.

  • Don’t forget the various Travchenko’s.. (DT)

    2015-02-26 14:43 DTravchenko 

    Dear Dr Rossi,

    I am very sorry of the fraud made by “indiagogo”, the fraudsters that put fraudolently for sale youe E-Cats. They are not real Russians, believe me, they are trash.

    Continue your important job, we all sustain you.

    Warm Regards,


    2016-02-14 17:59 D,Travchenko 

    Dr Andrea Rossi

    What is your opinion about hte stop that the US Supreme Court imposed to the policy of Barak Obama to reduce the utilization of coal?

    Warm Regards,


  • "I'm Your Puppet"

    Okay, if we are doing 1960s classics . . . Here:

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  • My favorite puppets are the ones who profusely praise Rossi suggesting near sainthood.

    Then Rossi sheepishly complements his "Team", deflecting his self praise.

    2023-03-15 16:28 Jean Dupont

    Dr Rossi,

    The live streaming of the Ecat SSM is perfect. The Ecat incapsulated in the lamp surrounded by plexyglas screens is totally visible and it is clearly disconnected from any possible power source, while a battery would be out of service within a couple of days, the consume is zero W and the light is there: whatever the power of it, you reached infinite energy. Now you have to make more powerful assemblies, but it is just a matter of quantity of modules.

    I was sceptic, now I am enchanted. I also understand your minimalist approach: you are justly acting with caution to avoid to raise powerful hostilities before you find the necessary partnership: am I correct ?

    God bless you and your team,

    Jean Dupont

    2023-03-16 13:16 Germana

    Dr Rossi,

    I am assisting to a miracle: as of today, even assuming that all the setup of the Ecat SKLep SSM is a battery, a battery that has the same weight of the whole setup ( which is impossible, because a lamp of that model has itself a weight of 400 grams ), today the battery would be exhausted !!!

    By the way, when will be put also a seconds counter, to show that the image is not frozen ?

    God bless you and your team,


  • Heads up for a bump in the road..

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  • The more insidious ones are where something or someone in AR’s disfavour is strongly disparaged, and then AR tersely suggests that he cannot respond to such talk.

    2017-01-07 17:03 DT 

    Dear Andrea:

    I saw the last HHT of Brillouin, but it is just the copy of your old Hot cat, while their supposed “Q Pulse”, that pretends to be an invention, is nothing but a normal wave used in all the gensets of the world! It is a real bogus, not an IP!

    In the electronic jargon this is called a “rectified square wave”, because it is used in the gensets that from direct current they first get a square wave, then they pass to a rectified square wave, then by a series of integrals they recreate a sinusoidal wave.

    This smartasses have just invented a trade mark for a device that is one century old and that every electrician learns in his first year of school.

    The COP they got comes only after their agreement with Industrial heat. Before that agreement Brillouin was just losing his time with electrolitic bullshit, as it clearly appears from their publications.

    About what they call a “third party”: we have discovered that all the members of the “third party” that made their Washington test are members of their company…

    My suspect is that they are just trying to fool the investors of IH, like Woodford, with smoke in the eyes, after they lost your license.

    Godspeed, Andrea!

    From Russia, with love,


    2017-01-07 18:37 Andrea Rossi 


    I never comment the work of our competitors.

    Warm Regards,



    2017-02-01 19:31 DT 

    Dear Andrea:

    In some blog the puppets of IH are saying that the fact that the temperatures measured by the ERV are equal to the temperatures measured by their consultant Fabiani give evidence that the measurements were wrong; but if the probes were at a distance of few centimeters, as you described in past, it is obvious that the temperatures are the same, it is like to measure the fever of the same person with two different thermometers, provided the thermometers are both good. I wonder what they would write if the temperatures measured by their consultant Fabiani were different! The more I read what they write, the more I think they just lie.

    From Russia, with love


    2017-02-02 07:41 Andrea Rossi 


    I cannot comment on issues that have to be discussed in Court.

    Warm Regards,


    2017-02-04 16:08 Jo 

    Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:

    I love the comment of DT on 2017/02/01 7.31 PM

    By the way: reading all the papers published so far it seems you are winning.

    Fingers crossed,


    2017-02-04 18:55 Andrea Rossi 


    I cannot comment on issues to be discussed in Court.

    Warm Regards,


  • Does anyone know what happened to Carl-Oscar Gullström? He was at Uppsala and wrote his theories backing Rossi back in 2017. I found him on some paper shortly after in 2018, then "poof", he disappeared from the face of the earth. He is mentioned in Rossi's bogus SLRPI paper, but is not specified as an author. I can't find an active LinkedIn or other social media. I think this is odd for a PHD candidate to disappear like this.

    Did he have a complete nervous breakdown after working with Rossi?

    Check into a monastery?

    Was he sucked into another EVO universe predicted by one of Axil's theories?

    Did Rossi lock him in his Rome dungeon, feed him moldy bread, and force him to write that SLRPI paper, 50 shades of gray style, with no acknowledgement?

    I'm actually only partially kidding to suggest someone should file a missing persons report, get him on some milk cartons, and notify Interpol.

    I wouldn't totally put it past Rossi to have his buddies "take care of the situation" if Carl had turned against Rossi.

    The swath of destruction of anyone associated with Rossi over the years is astounding. Just to mention a few:

    Carl-Oscar Goneström (evaporated)

    Mats Lewan (career near destroyed)

    Giuseppe Levi (reputation destroyed)

    James A. Bass (missing? virtual person?)
    Sergio Focardi (still seriously dead)

    Maddalena Pascucci (Tennis anyone? Not anymore)

  • I accept that Rossi is right, that cold fusion is a dead-end. The reason, polaritons can increase the EMF power in a cold fusion lattice by 20 orders of magnitude in a lattice, but that is the limit. If more polaritons are added to the reaction, a polariton population threshold is reached and the polaritons become a condensate. When this condensate begins to happen, a domain wall goes up around the condensate that cuts off any contact of that condensate with the outside world. The energy produced inside the condensate that forms transmuted material is lost to the world. That energy goes into forming a black hole which in turn forms a micron sized hollow crenelated ball. That black hole becomes invisible to the world as dark matter.

    Rather than a fusion based nuclear reaction as the source of energy, Rossi uses quantum energy that results when the condensate terminates and the electrons and photons that were components of the polaritons receive the energy from the transformation of bosons(from polaritons) to fermions (high energy electrons).

    This conundrum has befuddled LENR developers for over 30 years. They see some fusion indicators that vanish when they up the power density of their reactors. They begin to see holes forming on the walls of their reactors. Their electrodes begin to fail. They are forced to use liquid electrodes and plasma instead of a solid metal lattice.

    This stuff happens with the SunCell too.

    Yes, a COP of two or three is possible but that is the limit.

    Rossi did produce nuclear hallmarks in the beginning, before he switched to quantum energy production


    Rossi and Focardi LENR Device: Celani Report | New Energy Times - News Site

    <blockquote>Celani: I brought my own gamma detector, a battery-operated 1.25″ NaI(Tl) with an energy range=25keV-2000keV. I measured some increase of counts near the reactor (about 50-100%) during operation, in an erratic (unstable) way, with respect to background.

    I decided to change the gamma detector from “counts” to “spectra” mode. After a few minutes, Rossi realized that I was trying to identify something secret inside the reactor. I was forced to stop the measurements.


    A first person eyewitness account, here is how EVOs feed on the structure of a high powered LENR reactor from AnImpossibleInvention

    Rossi’s engineer: ‘I have seen things you people wouldn’t believe’
    A few days ago I had a conversation with Rossi’s closest technician and engineer since 2012, Fulvio Fabiani, which I will report on here. Let me first make…

    Talking about the validity of the E-Cat technology, Fabiani continues:

    “With the failures, I found myself having to believe in it. Why? Because when something fails, you see the behavior of the object. The next time you adjust it, then you see that it behaves very differently. And then you realize that it is something unique. We have it all filmed, which still cannot be disclosed. We have photographs of creatures that emit pure light that have completely melted the reactor down, all in a very quiet way. You just turn off the stimuli system and the reaction is switched off. It’s impressive.

  • Well, i think you eyes were never able to look behind the door 8)

  • Well, i think you eyes were never able to look behind the door

    I just have a simple question, was there ever a single LENR device that generated at least 1 kW of energy outside of Mills' hydrino stuff? Not just a sudden burst or unreproducible devices.

    Eyes are not needed, but logic is. Oleg is on center target. A high powered cold fusion system can never be. It's because of Mother nature, she just won't let it happen.

  • Something of a nonsequitur.

    a simplistic . 1KW question leads to an invisible black hole

    Something of a nonsequitur you say, it's about the same as a hollow crenelated ball of a mixture of unevenly distributed of metals and carbon, rare earths, titanium, all without melting, formed in water from aluminum foil cavitated in a cleaner, or formed downstream of the exhaust from a motor, without the production of any heat or radiation. Puzzle me that one batman.

  • Perhaps LF should say no to disinformation..

    intentional or not

    I have supplied references for all statements and theories. I have not invented anything, its all in the scientific literature. What is disinformation is protium fusion; that is impossible here on earth, find a reference to that type of fusion being performed outside the sun.

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