me356: Photos of AURA control unit

  • Interesting to see your interest in this test. Makes one think of the genuine will to get results that must have motivated you at the beginning of the Rossi/IH honeymoon. And it is frankly surprising that you don't dismiss this Rossi-inspired researcher as another deluded amateur, after what you have experienced.


    I agree. This shows a sensitive side of Dewey we have not seen before. Under all those insults apparently lies a tender, vulnerable person who just wants to save the planet like us. It almost brings tears to my eyes. Should go over well with the jury. :)

  • In my opinion, Me356 would not have invited MFMP to test his device unless he honestly believed it produced excess heat. Anyone who has run LENR experiments himself can fully appreciate what can go wrong and what does go wrong. I am certainly looking forward to seeing additional tests to demonstrate his device. This device may yet surprise us.

  • ", ME356 device seems to be out of order"

    Possibly it is the water control .. too much water quenches the reaction.

    Me356 will probably spend the morning fixing the control cable which wasfaulty before

    he's probably waking up now.

    Possibly he'll test run it 3 times to make sure

    test run it once more just before

    and then the Men-in -Grey will do their first test in 12 hours time.

  • The MFMP Team is back up and planning the day:


    27-05-17 Saturday

    Due to family reasons, Me356 has not been able to prepare the reactor as he had hoped for today’s test. We will drive over there about noon and insulate the heat exchanger. At that time we will assess with him whether he needs more time to get prepared for a higher chance of success. We have discussed the possibility of live blogging without video so we can allow him to sit at the controls for the pump and see if he can finesse it to full functionality. The data would still stream live, though.

  • This doesn't sound good...since me356 was fully aware of this MFMP visit and all efforts related to this important test, I am quite disappointed how he is dealing with this situation. He should have also noted that the test yesterday didn't go well and - if he would have taken his own work and this test seriously - he should have cancelled this event ahead of time or at least intervene and stop / recheck his reactor yesterday during the test run.

    Family resons are always important, but I think there was enough time and he was in constant communication with the MFMP team (my guess). If he has spent so much time and money - this fiasco sheds a bad light not only on him and his claims, but on the entire field of the new fire...

  • Reminds me somehow on Bob G's Parkhomov visit...

    Also in term of clamour and padding... followed by usual null result.


    We have discussed the possibility of live blogging without video so we can allow him to sit at the controls for the pump and see if he can finesse it to full functionality.

    It seems that it would work only if the "involved folks" keeps hidden his identity.
    Where did I already heard this last time? :-D

    JoNP means Journal of Null-Physics (the house of hoax,trickery, junk and psychopathological science).

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  • If he punts, which is possible, it will be case closed for me. Whatever happens, I appreciate all the hard work of the MFMP team. They put in an enormous amount of work to do a good test (even hand stirring the bucket for long periods of time). It will be embarrassing for me356 to allow the test to continue (assuming the results are null), but I think people would respect him for this regardless of the results. That is another reason why objectivity is hard--sometimes it hurts! Better to spend a couple more days being embarrassed than the next several years sinking money, time, and effort into something that doesn't work.

  • Its bad if they delete things. I undestand if they replace it for better quality one, optris readings was sometimes unreadable quality. Some livestream bandwith broblems, but orginals should have better quality and appear first then delete old ones..

  • Update from MFMP:


    We have arrived and started rearranging enough to allow us to wrap the heat exchanger and the steam lines with insulation.

    Me356 says the reactor is ready to go. We have to remove the water buckets, slide the table out, and then move the flow meter panel in order to get to the heat exchanger panel. Expect at least an hour. Maybe 1300 UTC before a meaningful update.