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  • This is in the lid to the water cap box... gasses may burn at the ball from the spark

    As a fiberglass nut I know what rust and MEK can do. i don't use powder for galvanic current.

    chips are better

  • Just a toy project

    How does a galvanic cell increase current?

    Abstract. The output voltage of a galvanic cell can be increased by insertion of two pairs of anodes and cathodes into a single volume of an electrolyte. The anode from the first pair and the cathode from the second pair are galvanically connected using external wire conductor.

    Boosting of the output voltage of a galvanic cell | Request PDF › publication › 325715616_...

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    Does electricity increase corrosion?

    The electric conductivity of the electrolyte: Corrosion involves electrochemical reactions, and an increase in the electrical conductivity of the electrolyte will therefore increase the corrosion rate.


  • This is geek humor, only slightly related to cold fusion. It is also kind of depressing. It took me several days to work this out so here it is.

    This is trivial, but it is the sort of thing programmers lose sleep over . . .

    Since 2004, I have collected 69,857,708 log file records at I converted them to MySQL records recently. This calls for some legerdemain because the desktop computer MySQL does not support that many records, and because sorting out what constitutes an actual download from a partial download or "just checking" by a robot is tricky. Anyway, after doing this I discovered a discrepancy starting in 2018. My ISP recommended that for security all websites convert to the https protocol, plus they should be checked and issued SSL/TLS certification, which costs $50 a year. So I did. You will see a small lock in your browser next to where it says ""

    That tells you the site is secure. You should think twice about visiting websites that do not have this. You can also tell by copying the URL: — A library of papers about cold fusion

    If it says "https," that's good.

    Anyway, since 2018, there have been tens of thousands of old programs accessing "http" instead of "https." The ISP automatically redirects, and all is well. This generates two records, which I knew, with status codes 302 and 200. But I did not realize that in some cases it generates more, separated in time, and in some cases it does not generate a 200 download, but my program thought it did. The status code for these misfires is "302 Found":

    302 Found (Previously "Moved temporarily")

    But it turns out that means "Not Found . . . Keep looking . . ." In the immortal words of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)

    302 Found
    The 302 (Found) status code indicates that the target resource resides temporarily under a different URI. Since the redirection might be altered on occasion, the client ought to continue to use the target URI for future requests.
    The server SHOULD generate a Location header field in the response containing a URI reference for the different URI. The user agent MAY use the Location field value for automatic redirection. The server's response content usually contains a short hypertext note with a hyperlink to the different URI(s).
    Note: For historical reasons, a user agent MAY change the request method from POST to GET for the subsequent request. If this behavior is undesired, the 307 (Temporary Redirect) status code can be used instead.

    Is that clear? Ask ChatGPT. It will tell you: "HTTP status code 302 means "Found" or "Moved Temporarily."

    As far as I can tell, a stand-alone 302 record means there was no download. So, anyway, I reduced the estimated number of downloads. One might as well know the truth. I have two commercial web log processing programs and they made the same mistake. So the total downloads at is depressingly smaller than I thought, but on the other hand the 6-degree polynomial trendline is going up, not down. Total Downloads

    To summarize, Status Code 302 means that if you are found, you are lost. Like in the movie Duck Soup:

    • Vera Marcal : Oh, for heaven's sake, whatever you do, don't make a sound! If you found, you lost!

      Chicolini : Oh, you craze. How can I be lost if I'm found?

  • Thinking about it..

    back in the day..

    I used polystyrene molds to make the plaster shape and then I used a paint brush with fiberglass to seal the plaster after removing the plaster from the mold

    it may have also acted like a capacitor but I never thought about it.

    it was just cheep...