Tesla Battery Day - 22 sep 2020

  • I am happy to see Tesla as a company doing stuff that others have not wanted to. I see little relationship to LENR, or none at all. It will become relevant to LENR when and IF LENR comes up with a high density energy generator as a replacement for batteries.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • It has to be a miracle to justify current stock price. Maybe a battery without rare earth x10 cheaper than now

    I suspect that Tesla will continue to show marginal improvements in energy, power density, longevity, cost, safety etc.

    Also think they will show a path forward

    with newer chemistry’s, improving existing and developing new battery tech.

    September 23rd is not going to be a

    red letter day for some profound new battery development that changes the world, but I would not be surprised to see another bump in stock $.

  • Summary:

    - new type of battery production including new materials

    - 56% more capacity

    - about 50% more cost efficient allowing end customer prices of about $25.000

    - available in about 3 years

    This all has been said already months ago!

    Typical modern age nonsense meeting to promote a brand...

    As Tesla owns no stake (patents) in battery technology I expect that Tesla, within three years will be surpassed by at least 4 other car manufacturers and best case will rank world number 5 in selling electric cars.

    All Musk does is making as much money with with vapor ware (= paper only ideas) as is possible. The reality will get him soon and Tesla will remain a niche player for fancy sports cars.

  • I definitely see it differently. Here is an article below about what Tesla is trying to put together. Basically everything they do is focused on bring the cost of battery technology and manufacturing down. Yes, they make fancy sports cars, but their larger goal is to make a battery powered car that will sell for $25,000 in 3 years. To me that is ambitious and would be a great engineering achievement.

    I agree with you on the competition, and that Tesla still needs 3 years to pull this off. That means Volkswagen and Toyota will have three years to achieve the same thing.

    But Tesla has put a lot of money into its supercharging networks. They have a lead there, and that will come into play.

    While the larger tabless batteries that they unveiled yesterday are just a single engineering step forward, it's steps like these that get us slowly into the future.

    Musk made his bet on electric cars, solar, and batteries for grid level storage. Those are good bets right now. You could say he was right. They are the ones that are coming to fruition.

    I want an energy breakthrough like everyone else here, but until someone can commercially produce that breaktrhough, batteries and solar are some of the the best solutions we have.


  • They are luxury cars, not sports cars. They do make one sports car, with a top speed of 250 mph:


    For the sake of accuracy, they don’t actually manufacture the Roadster at this time. They’ve only shown demos to date. Maybe next year.

    As for the luxury car classification, the base Model 3 can be ordered “off-menu” for about $36,000. I don’t think that qualifies as a luxury car by any definition. That is roughly the average selling price of a new car in the US. Nevertheless, Tesla does not yet offer an low-priced car option. According to their presentation yesterday, they intend to do that in the next three years.

  • I had the opportunity to try a model 3, 1 year ago.

    Frankly I was amazed !

    silence of course, but especially the shock absorber comfort really a plus .. On the other hand, the engine power will be dangerous for most people, almost 500hp in electric, that's something amazing !

    As for autonomy, I have a friend who travels to Paris / Nice with a single loading, halfway, taking advantage of lunch. Also driving at 110km / h makes very more autonomy.

    About bad point, I don't have enough money, Lenr's sucked everything off me;

    Again billboard onto dashboard, really too big too US sized || !

  • As for the luxury car classification, the base Model 3 can be ordered “off-menu” for about $36,000. I don’t think that qualifies as a luxury car by any definition.

    That seems like luxury to me. But anyway, Tesla has been making inroads into the luxury market, and hurting brands such as BMW and Cadillac, not the Toyota Camry. So in that sense it is a luxury brand. What my mother would call "the carriage trade."

    I drove a Tesla belonging to to friend. It was by far the most advanced and luxurious car I have ever been in, or driven. It is the whole idea of a car re-engineered from the ground up (literally). It has features such as telling you where other cars are on the big screen, and automatically changing lanes, that no other car has -- luxury or Camry. Other luxury cars seem 20 years behind. Even other electric cars such as the Leaf have nothing like it. I saw a BMW (or Benz, or something like that) exhibited in a shopping mall. I wouldn't think of buying it. It is not even as good as 2010 Prius, which is what I drive.