The Exotic Vacuum Object (EVO) as the cause of the vacuum reaction.

  • That sounds amazing. Are you planning to try iy?

    I just wanted to present the idea in a public setting so that it remains open source and is not subject to patent. Egely's open approach is laudable and I hope it moves the field of LENR forward. For example, I hope that the comment in his ICCF25 video about the futility of using cracks in heat production turns LENR research toward plasma based systems. The next big move forward is to get LENR away from the fusion myth and toward the electron centric reaction modality.

    His idea that low energy neutrons are central to fusion initiation just does not make sense. LENR is all based on polariton formation. The polariton is a electron centric quasiparticle.

  • Regarding: lessons from the Papp engine; noble gases will produce EVOs which will in turn produce electric power.

    As Egely has shown, exploding electron clusters will produce electrical power and little or no heat. Transmutation is a undesirable side effect that is best minimized in any LENR reactor design.

    The Papp engine ran cool— only about 60°C (140°F) but it did produce abundant electrical power. The interior surfaces of the engine were polished to a mirror finish because of the need for photons to pump the EVOs that were produced by spark initiated EVO production in noble gases.

    Hydrogen plays no part in a nuclear energy based reaction. Its role is to support a dielectric surface EMF insolation cover for the production of polaritons. Any insolation gas will do the same function such as nobles gases. The Papp engine did not use hydrogen to produce electrical power; it used noble gases.

    The ignition spark not only produced the EVOs in a noble gas based plasma, but also pumped these EVOs so that they became unstable and exploded. This EVO explosion produced a shockwave that not only moved the pistons of the engine but also generated electrical power that would produce the next ignition spark.

    The use of noble gases especially xenon will produce orders of magnitude more "wolves teeth" then hydrogen does.

  • This thread is your soapbox but don't get too self-deceived. Data and analysis not your personal theories will move LENR forward. You do get somethings right, but it is my opinion that you are more wrong than right.

    Why should anyone believe you when you have the lack of sense to call fusion/fission via LENR a myth?

  • Why should anyone believe you when you have the lack of sense to call fusion/fission via LENR a myth?

    I explain how fusion occurs in the LENR reaction as a inconsequential secondary reaction effect in this post.

    Fusion has been seen in lattice assisted fusion where coulomb masking is a result that involves complex multi-body particle interactions. But this process is interfered with by those same quantum mechanical based interactions.

    In the other paths to the LENR reaction like spark initiation, no fusion indicators are ever seen such as neutron and gamma ray production.

    Transmutation has nothing to do with fusion; fusion and transmutation are two completely different processes. I ignore fusion as a useless secondary issue. The process that produces energy in LENR is the explosion of electron clusters.

    As I understand it, Ed Storms states that he always detects electrical production in his LENR experiments. Storms goes on to say that electrical generation is a sure indicator that the LENR reaction is active whereas gamma radiation and neutrons are never seen to occur.

  • I think you should read a few of Ed's papers before you tell us what he says.

    What Ed Storms needs to do to prove that hydrogen fusion is occurring by showing that the products of that fusion reaction is being produced.

    Paraphrased from Wiki

    The first step in all the branches of PP fusion is the fusion of two protons into a deuteron. As the protons fuse, one of them undergoes beta plus decay, converting into a neutron by emitting a positron and an electron neutrino The positron will annihilate with an electron from the environment into two gamma rays. Including this annihilation and the energy of the neutrino, the net reaction has a Q value (released energy) of 1.442 MeV.

    The experimenter needs to see positron analyzation producing two 512MeV gamma rays.

    The relative amounts of energy going to the neutrino and to the other products is variable.

    PP fusion is the rate-limiting reaction and is extremely slow due to it being initiated by the weak nuclear force. The average proton in the core of the Sun waits 9 billion years before it successfully fuses with another proton. It has not been possible to measure the cross-section of this reaction experimentally because it is so low but it can be calculated from theory.

    The temperature of the Suns core is 15 million degrees. The cross-section of the PP reaction goes down from 9 billion years with temperature. At room temperature, the PP cross section is forever or PP fusion can not happen.

    After it is formed, the deuteron produced in the first stage can fuse with another proton to produce the stable, light isotope of helium.

    The experimenter did not check for helium 3.

    This process, mediated by the strong nuclear force rather than the weak force, is extremely fast by comparison to the first step. It is estimated that, under the conditions in the Sun's core, each newly created deuterium nucleus exists for only about one second before it is converted into helium-3.

    In the Sun, each helium-3 nucleus produced in these reactions exists for only about 400 years before it is converted into helium-4.

    The experimenter did see some form of high energy radiation but that radiation was not characterized. Was the observed radiation gamma or hard x-rays which can be produce in a electron cluster explosion through braking radiation.

    Bremsstrahlung, or "braking radiation", is a type of electromagnetic radiation. It is produced when a charged particle, such as an electron, is decelerated by another charged particle, such as an atomic nucleus. The word "bremsstrahlung" comes from the German words "bremsen" (to brake) and "Strahlung" (radiation).

    Bremsstrahlung is similar to X-rays produced by bombarding metal targets with electrons in X-ray generators. However, bremsstrahlung is also produced by high-speed electrons both from beta radiation and exploding electron clusters.

    The radiation emitted by the electrons is called bremsstrahlung. The radiation gives a continuous X-ray spectrum.

    I would have liked to seen that radiation characterized in a continuous spectrum.

  • The first step in all the branches of PP fusion

    Can Axil find where Storms wrote that the LENR reaction is" pp fusion"?

    as you paraphrased from Wikipedia "PP" fusion seems a tad different from LENR..

    and seems to be more like 'hot fusion"

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  • Can Axil find where Storms wrote that the LENR reaction is" pp fusion"?

    Ed wrote:

    "The palladium samples were prepared by reducing the thickness of stock

    palladium to a convenient value using a rolling mill. The sample was then heated near the melting point using a propane-oxygen torch in air. This treatment purified the surface and created a thin oxide coating. Heating to 200-280° followed by cooling in 30 psi H2 resulted in the sample coming to equilibrium with the H2 and acquiring a H/Pd ratio between 0.70 and 0.72.

    The radiation being emitted by the sample is proposed to result from a fusion

    reaction that produces coherent photons.

    Ed's proof of fusion is only based on uncharacterized photon radiation. That is not sufficient proof for a nuclear reaction.

    Any reference in a LENR experiment involving protium (H) cannot produce any energy from the PP fusion reaction. PP fusion can only occur in stars since gravity confinement is a necessary requirement for PP fusion to proceed. Furthermore, the energy density produced by PP fusion in the core of the sun is very low and is only equivalent to 25% of human metabolism.


    Pressure within the sun creates fusion reactions, but what powers the reactions closer to the surface, where the pressure isn't as extreme?
    Answer (1 of 3): Actually, it is temperature that creates fusion reactions in the core of the Sun, it is not pressure, and those reactions only take place way…

  • My reaction to Ed Storms video

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    As I posted above, nanoparticles form the seeds around which EVO growth proceeds. What Ed is doing is seeding the surface of palladium with nanoparticles which form sites where EVOs grow. This is standard nanoplasmonic theory.

    An experiment using gold nanoparticles on glass has produced Bose condensation when pumps using a laser. If pumped with EMF RF, microwaves, laser light... etc, the Bose condensate will grow until the condensate becomes unstable. As a result of its instability, the Bose condensate will then explode producing high energy electrons which Ed says he sees in his experimentation.

    Bose–Einstein condensate forms in a nanoparticle lattice – Physics World
    First ever BEC of light coupled with metal electrons might find use in information processing and imaging

    Generation of EVOs is what Ed Storms is doing in his experiments. Ed is producing Bose condensation using nanoparticles embedded onto a metal surface.

    Dr G Egely also produces this effect but in a microwave plasma using carbon powder. These experiments produce transmutation of very heavy elements which mark the presents of a vigorous LENR reaction taking place.

    By the way, if you want to produce a kick-ass LEC system, impregnate the surface of a glass rod with nanoparticles and pump it with RF. You will see abundant electrical production as a function of RF pumping.

  • I think you have blown it now. There is proof in abundance.

    As far as I could see, he did not present proof of hydrogen (PP) fusion in his paper per your reference. By the way, pp fusion is impossible.

    For one thing, I would like to see presence of 511KeV positron/electron annihilation gamma radiation as is predicted to occur for PP fusion